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Michelle Obama Sends A Toast to Bethesda Softworks with her Gates From Hell Oblivion Dress

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Has any one heard of the Elder Scrolls?  Well it’s this totally awesome series of games from Bethesda Soft Works.  My personal favorite is Morrowind, but Oblivion is the latest elder scrolls game.  Due to this fact I could not help but instantly be reminded of the Oblivion Gate when I saw Michelle Obama’s dress.  The Oblivion gate is a gate to a hell like other world in the game Oblivion.  I tried not to mention the hell dress but Wonkette made the hell dress reference first and I’m just putting my two cents in.

In any event here is Michelle Obama’s Dress:

Gate of Hell Dress

Gate of Hell Dress

Here is the Video of the Oblivion Gate and the whole other world of Oblivion.

Here is a photo of Oblivion.

Oblivion Gate

Oblivion Gate

In Oblivion they have various Daedra or life forces.  One of the forces is the Golden Saint.  See Below

golden saint

golden saint

The Elder Scrolls has often used the names of various famous people to name objects, since Michelle Obama is wearing an oblivion dress maybe they’ll create some sort of Daedra named after her a female daedra dressed in black and blood red.

Halloween was several days ago maybe Mrs. Obama has been so busy she may have accidentally put on her Halloween costume to stand by the side of what will be the first Black President of the United States, maybe they were out of suits and ball gowns that night, hell since they were outside even some slacks and a nice blouse would have been appropriate.  Was she out of those too?

As for the dress in the first photo, the models are 20 Michelle Obama is 40+. In January she will officially be in her mid 40’s.  As Michelle Obama represents the United States in more conservative parts of the world such as North Korea she may want to start dressing like she’s in her mid 40’s.  You’re old enough to run for president baby and your figure knows it.  Palin and Condi have  much hotter figures but they have never abandoned their conservative looks as they represent the United States.  Finally, Michelle Obama may have thought Barack Obama had a good chance of losing so she wore the red blood of the people and the black skin of the people on her back.  Yeah I had that shirt too when I was much younger:


Finally we may never see Michelle Obama in a suit again because she may be protesting Western Culture and the White Man or if she’s like me when you buy a suit you have to face the fact of what your actual dress size is.  For me I am going to put Beyonces figure with my face on my dream board and use the secret to get my body in shape.

On the positive side Michelle Obama’s hair and makeup looked great and the children looked totally awesome, they had on great little dresses, and if a mother has to choose between herself and her children, surely the children come first and they did.   Finally Michelle Obama has to be admired.  She worked hard with Barack Obama to win the presidency.  I think that that’s so wonderful.  Love her or hate her Michelle Obama is a total winner.


Blogger on Daily Kos (Pro Obama Site) Reporting there is a Whitey Tape

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Booman on Daily Kos is confirming that there is a Michelle Obama “whitey” tape.  He seems to think the Michelle Whitey tape has been doctored or taken out of context.  He is providing text quotes as to the content of the video. You can link to his blog  here.

Fox Reporting Michelle Obama Used the Word Whitey

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According to No Quarter USA Fox is reporting that there is a video tape of Michelle Obama using the word whitey. 

Larry  Johnson is also asking you to visit his website tomorrow at 9am for details on the video.  He claims that Fox has possession of the Video. 

Major Radio Station also discussing Whitey Tape

"The Original Source for the Michelle Obama Ticking "whitey" Timebomb

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Obama Freakout Over Michelle Video: The Ticking “Whitey” Time Bomb : NO QUARTER#comment-258239

In the above link democratic politico, Larry is absolutely positively positive that the ticking whitey time bomb video exists. He offers proof that he thinks that the video exists because Barack Obama goes so far as to call people “low class” for releasing videos of Michelle Obama. However Michelle is relevant we can’t have her plotting with Bin Laden’s many wives on how to blow up whitey now can we.

In any event I have heard Barack Obama say personally that he likes to appeal to casual voters that may not vote or usually do not vote. Statistically, the people who hardly ever vote are by social scientists considered the low class or the underclass and are not in the position to spread a video around the Internet. These are just the facts. Because of this I have to ask since a large part of people who are considered statistically low class are his constituents, What’s wrong with being low class, and does he have a plan to eliminate the low and the underclass once he gets in office since they are obviously never far from his mind whether he’s referring to the rural classes or the poor. What is this guy Marx or something. He show’s an incredible class consciousness that is totally unamerican.

I am quite surprised that the media has not mentioned the “low class comment” but this shows their deep seated bias against honest and fair journalism.