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The Murder of American Idol Jennifer Hudson’s Mother and Brother in Chicago Neighborhood Sheds Spotlight On Barack Obama’s Fatal Flaws of Ineffectiveness and Egoism

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Obama’s presidential candidacy at a time when the district he represents has a murder rate that surpasses LA and New York, and some high schools have a drop out rate of close to 57%.;  indicate that since Barack Obama has not made a move or been able to solve the ‘basic” problems of his state, he’s not equipped to solve the most challenging macro problems as President.  It indicates that the economic problems that the United States is experiencing will not be solved by Barack Obama.  It indicates that if Obama wins, that he will not be able to or willing to make significant change in the lives of American citizens.

It indicates that Obama is a professional politician whose aims are not to build up a series of policy wins that lead him to believe that he can solve the bigger problems of the nation;  but for Obama the qualifications for being president is that he won his Senatorial race.  It is my opinion that the logical path to follow when running for higher office is to tally up a series of policy wins and state what you’ve done and how that makes you qualified.  For example, Obama should be able to say the following:   “I reduced the dropout rate in Inner city Chicago, the murder rate is down and I am effective”.   He can not say any of this.  He has not solved a hard problem, his answer is to run for higher office.  I suppose his next not move will be to run for Al Gore’s spot.  Oops, he can’t run for Al Gores spot.  Al Gore did not run for his new office he actually observed a problem and brought world wide attention to it without having to run for anything.  As a regular citizen Al Gore created momentous change for a big big problem.  As a State representative and a Senator, Obama has done nothing to significantly change the lives of inner city Americans, or as a Senator suburban and rural Americans either.  He has done nothing.

The obvious question is, Why are you running for President and running on a platform of change if you can’t even make change in your own state.  It’s just ludicrous, and now that we see Obama has hooked up with Colin Powell it is probably highly questionable whether the lives of inner city residents will ever get better.  An obvious observation is that Barack Obama has been a Senator for three years and running for President for two, with the murder of Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother, a national spotlight has been shone on the state of Illinois which shows that instead of being a Senator and trying to solve problems related to his state he decided to take the egotistical and irresponsible move of running for the U.S. Presidency in a time when his city and state needed him the most. Whether he wins or loses it indicates to me that he does not have the judgment to lead and anything that comes out of his mouth are not the “just words” saying as he used when quoting from Lincoln and others but:

Just Words:  as in words uttered without meaning or any intention of carry through, or saying what you want people to hear in order to get them to do something for you.

To me after witnessing such a glaring spotlight on Obama’s Illinois through the murder of Jennifer Hudson’s relatives, not Lincoln’s Illinois, I am convinced that Obama is one of the biggest con-men or best politicians  in history.


Did Romney (FLDS) Drop out of the Republican Race Becuase He Was Promised the Vice Presidency? Romney (FLDS) Member to Fill in For John McCain at Republican Texas Nominating Committee

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Romney (FLDS) was running a close second to McCain but he suddenly out of the blue dropped out of the race.  I personally want to know was he promised to be the vice-presidential nominee if he dropped out of the race? This question is looming harder and harder in my mind as I read that Mitt Romney will be filling in for John McCain at the Texas Republican Nominating Convention.  According to the Houston Chronicle,

“Presumptive Republican nominee U.S. Sen. John McCain is passing on the Texas GOP convention next week, but he has announced that former presidential contender Mitt Romney will speak in his place. Romney is believed to be on McCain’s short list for vice president. “

We all know the enormous amount of money Romney spent in the Republican Race and then how he just suddenly dropped out.  Maybe he saved his money so he could buy his way into the Vice Presidency.  Finally though I am putting FLDS behind his name I honestly don’t have a problem with is being a Mormon, I may have problems that he came from a polygamous household and wonder if John McCain chooses Mitt Romney what this means to little girls getting their menstrual cycles early becoming the prey of men as old and older than John McCain.  I caught Romney’s conservative speech on CSPAN and it sent chills down my spine as a woman.  I’m sure in private what he had to say about black people would send chills down my spine also. 

It is telling that Romney (FLDS) is speaking before the Texas State Republican Convention as a fill-in for Presumptive nominee John McCain at a time when the Texas State Supreme court is due to return 400 children to a Ranch teeming with child molesters and complacent and complacent adult women.  As a former FLDS member appears on Nancy Grace almost daily talking about the abuses to women and children suffered by she and other women almost daily by FLDS.  The Republican committee trots out FLDS to speak to one of the largest Republican delegations in the country.  Finally Romney is around fifty but polygamy was outlawed by the Mormon church 100 years ago, therefore to have come from a polygamous household, Romney must be FLDS,

I am not objecting to a Mormon in the White House.  I’ve been friends with Mormons who were just great people and I am really impressed with the Mormon Attorney General of Utah.  He is not afraid to stand up for the rights of women and children.  However, when I heard Romney speak I was so disappointed with his total self absorption and intolerance for anyone who did not believe the way he did.  It was shocking considering we would have to get over his coming from a polygamous lifestyle.   FLDS publicly espouses racism.  If Mitt Romney becomes the Vice President of the United States it will set this country back centuries in terms of women’s and minority rights. 

 Finally if McCain chooses Romney he will definitely bring into question whether McCain is a pervert and is making visits to the FLDS ranch in his free time.  We all are aware that Cindy McCain is a whopping twenty years younger than McCain.  Who knows maybe he’s ripe for a twelve year old now. 



Detroit Free Press Reporting “Deceit Big Obstacle in Sect Case” Sect Members Pathological Liars

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What is coming to light is that the folks at the Yearning for Zion Ranch and maybe all FLDS members are pathological liars.  I have heard on Nancy Grace about the torture of babies by a Former FLDS member, this is how indoctrination is started.  This is why it is so difficult to actually find out what’s going on at this ranch. 

According to the Detroit Pressquoting Mark Shurtleff,  Attorney General of Utah:

“These are people who have been taught from the cradle that outsiders are bad, that government is evil, until they fear us more than they fear their abusers,”

The articlealso highlights the tactics that FLDS members use to keep from being identified.

“In a filing to the Texas Supreme Court, lawyers for the Department of Family and Protective Services said collecting evidence was difficult. Girls routinely switched names and identified themselves as mothers of other women’s children.”

Finally, it the article also highlights the fact that FLDS members don’t consider their actions and words as lies but as a means to protect their family.  Mary Mackert a former FLDS member was interviewed and she indicated the following:

“That comes as no surprise to Mary Mackert, a former FLDS member who, as a child in a polygamous family, said she was taught that her behavior could determine whether her father ended up in jail.

Her mother, she said, rehearsed lies with her children: When her father spent the night at his other wives’ houses? “Daddy’s a traveling salesman.” Why didn’t the family attend the mainstream Mormon church? “Daddy’s a Catholic.”

By the time Mackert was married — at 17, to a 50-year-old — lying was second nature, she said. When her husband was in public with her, he would ask their children to “come to Grandpa.”

“You didn’t think of it as lying. It’s your duty and your responsibility to protect those who are living the principle,” Mackert said. “They’re going to lie to protect their prophet and the head of their family.”  “

Finally the article discusses the almost unlimited cash flow the Ranch has from what they claim are FLDS businesses but which I personally believe is a front for nasty old men to pay to have sex with little girls and the ranch is essentially breeding and selling children.  From what I have heard observed and read.  There is far too much of an emphasis on getting little girls pregnant and then turning aorund and getting their daughters pregnanat. 

This blogger is not condemong polygamy, she is condemning a lifestyle that appears to be based not on consensual, aware, contemplative adults, but elderly men purchasing an unlimited amount of little girls, raping and impregnating them and then sending them to the welfare office.  This is what I find problematic.  Warren Jeffs should be under the jail and never let out! 

Fed Will Review Crimes Associated with Polygamy

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According to the Dallas Morning News and the Associated Press:

“Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says a federal prosecutor has been assigned to look for ways to help tackle the problems associated with polygamy in Southwestern states. In a letter sent Monday to Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff and Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard, Reid says the justice department can strengthen efforts to combat crime within polygamous groups. “

The Nevada Democrat says he’s also asked top state and federal law enforcement officers in his state to get involved.





Utah Attorney General Threatens FLDS With Prison “There will be no Underage Marraiges in Utah”

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Johnny Glines of  KUTV is reporting that the Attorney General of Utah, the seat of Mormons has threatened FLDS with jail time if they bring their illegal activities to Utah.   Flines  Reports that the Attorney General has said the following:

In a live 2NEWS interview at 5 p.m., Shurtleff called Jessop a “liar” and threatened him saying, “we put Warren Jeffs in prison here, and as for the rest of them, we will too.”

“I’ve got a word for Willie Jessop, that lives in Utah, and is defending this, and says that it isn’t going on. He’s a liar,” said Shurtleff. “If you come here to Utah and think you can wed underage girls; you’ve got to think again.”

Furthermore, Jessop, one of the FLDSleaders says the nation is in agreement with their actions of marrying twelve year olds as revealed in pictures of another FLDS leader in an intimate picture with a yonggirl, and DNA tests may confirm that this leader has impregnated four girls when they were between the ages of twelve and fourteen.  Jessop said the following: “Clearly the nation spoke tonight,” said Jessop.  referring to the decision to return the children back to the FLDS ranch. 

I am a registered voter and last year I helped to register over  three hundred voters, while I am not allowed to discuss political issues while registering voters.  I seriously doubt that the majority of the folk that I registered  last year support spiritual marriages to young girls, incest, and rape.  I believe the attorney general of Utah, they are liars. 

FLDS Ranch Members Accessories to the Crime of Rape, Molestation, and Child Trafficking

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It seems pretty clear to me that the residents of the Zion Ranch are as guilty as HELL as it relates to these young women.  First of all if they were even on the Ranch when Warren Jeffs was separately and at different times marrying two twelves year olds, and two fourteen year olds they are guilty of a crime.  According to Kovach and Johnson of the New York Times,

“Investigators said family marriage records seized in the April raid of the group’s compound, the Yearning for Zion ranchin Eldorado, Tex., suggested that the sect’s leader, Warren S. Jeffs, had “spiritually” wed at least four under-age girls, two of them 14 at the time, the other two 12. “

This seems pretty clear to me that if a whole commune sits back and allows one man to “connect” with four underage children then this is crime.  The argument offered that parents and the courts can give permission for these marriages is bogus.  He’s already married.  Polygamy is illegal. So any other way he connects to these children is rape or statutory rape.  Since the admitted living situation is communal living where on the ranch no child belongs to the parent the belong to the ranch, then when spiritual unions occur on the Ranch then they are all accessories to the crimes of molestation, and rape. 

It has been reported that the men of the ranch go away and send money to the ranch for their child brides.  If this is happening across states lines this is trafficking in children.  This is clearly illegal under Federal statutes and I am seriously questioning in my mind whether FLDS receives money from men who want child brides, furthermore the very act of recruiting members who join  and pay for a child bride is human trafficking to me.  I don’t know what the supreme court of Texas calls it but it looks illegal if it’s not. 

Finally, in the  FLDS case I am heavily questioning the role of corruption in this case.  I am also aware that the FLDS has threatened political officials with some sort of massive voter takeover with their 300 votes and to overthrow and run the local government out of town which it has been reported they’ve done in other places.  Miguel Bustillo and Nicholas Riccardi of the Los Angelos Times write:

“The town also was abuzz over an anticipated mass voter registration by the FLDS. Hours after the court first ruled against the state, two members of the sect walked into the county clerk’s office and requested 300 voter registration forms, a potentially tide-turning number in a county with 1,800 voters.”

Everyone has the right to vote but when voting is used to intimidate a town because a commune is performing illegal acts.  This is reprehensible.  This is why the town, state, and Federal government must do their jobs in prosecuting these individuals for their acts against women and children. 

There is still a big question mark on what the role of corrupt politicians, corrupt judges is. I seriously suspect that certain men in Texas are receiving money or child bride favors for protecting this prostitution/mistress ring.  Furthermore, some media outlets are providing a platform for the FLDS which almost appears to be a commercial for this type of lifestyle.  I even observed on commentator trying to put words in the mouth of a FLDS women he was interviewing when she was about to get caught in a lie.  The lie was no members of the FLDS were not welfare recipients but he helped her clean up this lie.  It was totally awful.  I wonder if higher up in this media organization plan to take a trip to the Zion ranch soon or other FLDS locations and get a spiritual bride that their wife probably does not know about. 


Farmington Daily Times Nichols� sense of ‘mission� obscured by senseless shootings

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Farmington Daily Times Nichols� sense of ‘mission� obscured by senseless shootings: “DeWayneWickham(AT)”


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Jackson’s Junction: Exclusive: Gwinnett Police Radio-Nichols Capture

The Editor’s Blog: Death to Brian Nichols? I say no

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The Editor’s Blog: Death to Brian Nichols? I say no

Brian Nichols – 155 years in jail for an alleged 45 minute rape

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I recently received an email from someone I had referred to my blog. They admonished me for writing about Nichols in any positive way. This is what they said. He kidnapped her and raped her for three days.

Actually according to her “read below” he had the key to her house, opened the door and walked in and made her rub baby oil all over him and other stuf and then raped her for 45 minutes and left.

Furthermore she admits that when she was sick, he took care of her. Had never been mean to her significantly and she never put out a restraining order against him.

They both admit that he had gotten another girl pregnant. They both admit that their relationship was breaking up or under strain.

He claims that he told her that he was moving in with the other woman.

What would make you want to see a man you had dinner with, took vacations with, founded a church with, see him in jail for two life sentences plus fifty-five years which may have come up to 155 years.

A woman scorned. There is no wrath like a woman scorned. read the AJC article below