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Hypothetical Bill and Hillary Clinton OOPS!

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Bill and Hillary Clinton Passed the Crime Bill three strikes and you are out and took away benefits from families. Lets see how this plays out.

James and Lisa live in AnyBigCity.  James is 40 and Lisa is 36.  They have come a long way since their youth.  They had a rocky start but seem to being doing OK in the 90’s. They have five kids and after five years on cash assistance Lisa has a job where she does not have to receive assistance anymore especially combined with Jame’s income who works at a bread factory.  James used to be a drug addict/dealer and has been convicted of two felonies both for possession but has managed to kick the habit of using and selling.  They are doing OK they have managed under a government program to buy a small house and their children are doing well in school. One day a coworker who sees that James has made it out of his situation comes up and smacks James in the head for no reason just because his wife is attractive and he seems to have a good life. James turns around and knocks him out cold. James is charged with felony assault convicted and sentenced to life in prison because it’s his third felony.

Lisa is left with five children to raise on her own and has lost the income of James. The children have lost a loving father that tried hard and are in disarray.  Meanwhile Lisa in order to make up the income of James goes and applies for public assistance because she can’t pay the mortgage. She is denied. She has gone over the life time limit. They tell her to move into public housing and to try to get section 8 but they really don’t care about her desire to own a home.  In the meantime she has five boys and they need their father.  They eventually are foreclosed on and end up in a homeless shelter.  Lisa has three jobs. She has no time to supervise her children slowly she begins a downward spiral and the children too. Lisa can’t figure out why her husband is in jail for hitting someone who hit him first and feels that all the plans she made through several generations have gone down the drain all because of inhumane policies implemented by Bill and Hillary Clinton. She know’s it’s not because she’s black because many others are of different races are in her situation too.







Ben Carson Time and Place

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Let me caveat my post by saying that I am a Bernie Sanders supporter and I will be voting for him.  Just like Kanye West plays the race card for Kim Kardashian and how her dad was the lead attorney on the OJ Simpson case.  Let me say, I think he’s not guilty, just read a little to find out who did it.  I play the Bernie Sanders race card for all who will listen.  While I am not a supporter of the Israeli state. Taking people’s land and putting them into an apartheid state is not cool. I do know that Jewish people were on the buses that were bombed when blacks fought for civil rights.  When there were dead bodies found of civil rights protesters a Jew was among them.  When Bernie Sanders stated that he had been a civil rights protester in the 60’s he had my vote by fiat (let it be). In all seriousness outside of Bernie the relationship between blacks and the democrats is outright pathological.  Vote for a democrat and you will get to smoke pot until you don’t know your name, and your sperm count is low. Vote for a dem and you get to kill the baby in your stomach at nine months. Vote for me and I will arrange for all the bad kids to go to the Ivy League, good kids fuck off.  Cough never mind about the job, as for Bill you don’t need welfare or a job.  Hmm maybe I can get the pretty unwed mothers a job as a hooker…. says Bill.

In any event, BEN CARSON….. A liberal abortion paying for reporter has started to delve into Dr. Ben Carson’s background and call him a liar.  I even heard one pundit say something about well they don’t give scholarships to West Point it’s free.  It’s free.  Well i suppose a scholarship is a paid for gift, it’s free. I think if you are accepted to any military academy you receive a scholarship.  It’s pretty desperate of the Hillary supporters to say that a scholarship is not a scholarship even if every one in the school receives one.  It’s down right sickening, next….

Ben Carson said he was admitted to West Point.  He spoke to someone and they said he’s in.  That’s how they did things in the 60’s with a promise and a handshake and a make it happen. That’s not how they do things today……. Does the current media know the difference between then and now and how culture has changed. NOPE

If they don’t let’s work in their Paradigm Dr. Ben Carson graduated from Yale which has a current acceptance rate of 3 percent. West Point has an acceptance rate of 9 percent.  Wow itty bitty media figure that out.

Next, he lied about hitting his mom….. Oh really, Why would he do that? I don’t think that when he wrote the book he was aware that democratic constituents were pot smoking, baby killing, mother/wife beaters…. very desperate what are you trying to say about YOUR constiuents

I can’t wrap my brain around anymore minutae.

Dr. Ben Carson is a hardworking black man who wants a better world through his perspective and I have no problems with this.

Trump Update: He’s learning a softer side and it’s impressive. Watch out!

ei: Did Clinton sabotage a Palestinian reconciliation?

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ei: Did Clinton sabotage a Palestinian reconciliation?.

Clinton has just stated the U.S. wil not recognize the elected Government of Palestine.  This is very disturbing Hammas is not going to back down, what is this saying? The U.S. will support a civil war in Palestine.  This appears to me to be nonproductive saber rattling to me.  The Obama administrations seems to be advocating more of a pro-israeli attititude than the Bush administration evr advocated.  I don’t know maybe they paid her campaign debts off.

What the Middle East Needs From Hillary Clinton – TIME

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What the Middle East Needs From Hillary Clinton – TIME.

Barack Obama’s Administration’s top Contender for Treasury Secretary Continues on with the thread of Sexism of the Obama Campaign

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I have a friend who used to go around quoting Ravi Batra.  It was a mantra. Every conversation was injected with his economic theories and beliefs.  I was so inundated with talk of Batra.  I finally read the book my friend let me borrow.  I liked this book because every idea was fresh and it was full of theories I had never been exposed to. Batra talked about economic cycles and the types of groups that would control the cycle.  Some economic cycles were controlled by what he termed aquisitors, people from the business cycle, and others were controlled by other types of groups it’s been a long time so I don’t exactly remember all the groups.   However there was one theory about a particular group that made me catch my breath in shock and think “say it isn’t so”.   This was the theory that when economic cycles are controlled by intellectuals sexism and discrimination rises and the life chances of women are more challenging.  I had not given this theory much of a thought until I observed how the Obama campaign and now administration in waiting has treated women.  I would use the term short.  The Obamites treat women short.  They make a crazy comment and then act like its no big deal.  However it is.

Obama’s embrace of various characters who have been mean and rude and put women down is actually quite disappointing.  For a man who’s awfully committed to abortion rights even saying that if a baby lives during a third term abortion to seek medical care for a child born alive that you can touch, feel, has all of his toes, and fingers, etc. would interfere with a woman’s right to choose.  He has shown a lack of indifference for men who say nasty things about women.  His associates and his choices indicate that his passion for abortion is not particularly for women but for men who don’t want babies.  While I love his family and think they are beautiful, his passionate support of abortions always makes me question how many babies did he abort to get to this family ten, twenty, thirty, one hundred.  His passionate support of abortion at any costs casts his beautiful family into the farce category for me.  In other words the one area where Obama says he supports women seems to be awfully self serving.

The areas where Obama could have made a significant impact and difference in the lives of women in doing something symbolic and life changing for women such as choosing Hillary Clinton for the VP slot was not done and by not choosing Hillary Clinton he showed a remarkable callousness towards the feelings of women.  While some would argue that they had a rather nasty primary fight, if the goal is to be as successful as the Clinton Administration who were rumored to have despised Al Gore but chose him anyway because they thought he would help them win the presidency then Obama is not headed in the direction of compromise for the good of the contry.  Even though Obama did win the election the choice for VP of a man who dropped out of the election first show’s a startling unwillingness to do what’s best for the country, but to do what’s best for his ego.  In other words the woman Hillary Clinton was the best qualified for the slot but Obama chose Biden who dropped out of the race early for his ego.   Not only did he choose Biden a man who stroked his ego for VP.  He chose Biden a man who had shown a remarkable animus towards women.  [see my blog entry on Biden, I remeber how he treated Anita Hill].

As I read about possible Treasury Secretary candidates, I was a little taken aback to see that Larry Summers was leading the list considering that he said  “women were not genetically equipped to excel in Science and Mathematics. I was not particularity surprised that Obama would put this man as a major adviser on his campaign with his views towards women because I had given up on Obama after seeing the Palin wink commercial.

A commercial that I equated to the equivalent of a Willie Horten ad.  Willie Horten was a criminal that the republicans used in an election to scare people into voting for George W. Bush in 1988.

Willie Horton Ad

After seeing the Palin ad, a Horten ad with different names and different circumstances. An ad that was directed to a woman with five children and was the leader of a state.   I was pretty convinced that Obama and his administration will not be woman friendly so hearing the news that Summer’s a top Obama adviser  thought women were not genetically disposed to math and science was not surprising.

As I began to think about Summers I remembered also that he was also that guy who could not get along with the Harvard University Faculty and had to resign as President of Harvard.  I felt a strong sense of deja-vu as I read this and thought about one person I read about who kept being shuttled from the presidency of one company to another and being let go with a multi million dollar parachute.  This analogy fits Summers.  When you hang around with people from a certain group they are going to keep giving you high level positions whether you are emotionally equipped for them or not.

It is ironic that the first “Black” President of the United States is a sexist.

“Hill”ary Clinton “Female” Male Chauvinist Theme Song: Crazy In Love ,

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I had to think clearly on how I would craft my words to indicate that after learning that Hillary Clinton refused to appear at a rally with Sarah Palin, that I thought that Hillary Clinton was being chauvinistic towards Sarah Palin.  Hillary’s behavior  indicates that she wants no part of the  baking, dinner cooking, baby having, dish washing segment of women.  While I suppose Hillary Clinton defines a chauvinist as a man that expects a woman to cook and clean and have babies and wear skirts.  Others may define a chauvinist as a person who fails to appreciate cooking, child bearing, dresses, and the beauty of being a woman, and the fact that women have just as much power in heels, perfume, and a dress as men have in any power play they may think of.  Hillary would fall in the second category of folks.  Hillary Clinton through her treatment of Palin has indicated that she has no respect and appreciation for a woman being a woman, and her definition of equality is a woman in pants.  It is ironic that many of the women never actually picked up on Hillary Clinton’s scorn of regular women until Sarah Palin came along.  We with the exception of the majority of  black women [who suffer more from chauvinism and just bad treatment from their men more then any other group] were willing to support Hillary no matter what our backgrounds.  However Hillary showed her scorn of that support when she refused to attend the same event as a regular woman chosen to be the VP for the Republican party.  As women we were disgusted and angered by the jokes regarding Hillary Clinton’s pants and her male like attitude.  We thought that these jokes were aimed at Hillary just because she wanted to touch the the moon and the sky.  However with Hillary’s treatment of Palin we were shocked to realize that Hillary really thought like a man so much so to be a chauvinist towards women who baked cookies.

Arrange Palin’s last name in a different way and you get Plain, “plain old woman” with the hopes of a woman, the feelings of a woman, and the willingness to risk like the American Spirit.  The thing that most women really admire about Sarah Palin is that she was able to transcend the elitist garbage put out my women like Hillary that just because you actually love and want to be with your husband, that you don’t mind cooking dinner, that you are willing to put on a short skirt and makeup, that you actually have lots of sex as indicated by your five children, you can still be somebody in life, and have aspirations.  Unlike the democrats, the Republicans did not say oops being a normal woman is a mess up, lets put our hope in the youth, you’ve messed your life up.  The Republicans said bring it on, if you’re up to the job let’s do it.

Many people have indicated that Hillary Clinton is working so hard for Barack Obama becuase she hopes to win if he loses the next round.  Unfortunately, Clinton in her refusal to appear at a rally that Palin attended indicates that “no” she does not really want to be president because she does not want to represent all of us.  Hillary is essentially saying louder than any words that she does not embrace the diversity of women out there no matter who or what they represent.  I think the electorate is smart enough to realize that just because Hillary Clinton attends a rally with Sarah Palin this does not indicate an endorsement.  Hillary Clinton had the opportunity to say that American stood strong on an issue no matter what their political party and instead chose to renege on an agreement because she did not want to be seen with Sarah Palin.

There are many issues and events that I believe Hillary Clinton should have pulled back on that would have showed her solidarity with women and would have stood as an example to all women that we are not door mats and should be respected but instead she’s made herself a door mat and has created a Theme Song for herself that’s Beyounces “Got Me Feeling Crazy Right Now” . The refrain is:

“Got me lookin so crazy right now
Your love’s got me lookin so crazy right now
(your love)
Got me lookin so crazy right now your touch’s
Got me lookin so crazy right now
(your touch)

While normal women accept that all women have problems and subscribe that no woman should be judged or looked down upon. and continued to support Hillary, myself included.  She returned the favour by snubbing a women that more women relate to than they do to Hillary Clinton.  The majority of us want children, the majority of us want a husband that at least appears loyal, and most of us if we do have a loyal husband want more than one child.  We subscribe to Fairy Tales, and Rags to Riches and while Hillary has achieved a lot more than most and has even been the ultimate Princess, the First Lady.  I think the majority of us are more like Princes DI we are not going to stand for the *&%T, and our not going to stick around for fame and glory at the expense of our feelings, and our self respect.  Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton has not subscribed to that philosophy and has made herself a perpetual door mat.

We all know what she went through with Bill in the Arkansas Governors mansion, what is it they say he would pretend to go for a jog, and have the Arkansas State Troopers meet him and escort him to a sexual encounter, and let’s not mention Monica and others.  All of this is still OK, this is her personal life and it is nobody’s business what happens in her personal life, but in the least she should have announced a public separation from Bill for just a little while but instead she stuck around and who knows maybe it was worth it and maybe it wasn’t but the message she sent out by sticking with such a man is not a message I want my children to receive.   While this is enough to give Hillary the ultimate door mat status.  I think anything Bill did to Hillary can not come close to how she has been treated by the democratic party.  Michigan actually gave Obama the undecided votes which comprised of votes for Edwards, Richardson, and anyone else, as well as the write in vote, as well as gave him extra votes based on Exit Polls. “EXIT POLLS”  THEY TOOK HER DELEGATES AWAY BASED ON AN EXIT POLL.  In addition Hillary was promised a roll call vote at the convention and it was never given, “NEVER GIVEN”.  There are probably a lot more transgressions I can think of perpetrated against Hillary Clinton by the Democratic Party.  Yet Dear Old Hillary is now campaigning for Barack Obama and refusing to appear with the Republican female VP.  THIS IS A DOORMAT AND NOT THE WAY TO GET MY VOTE NEXT TIME>  I WOULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH MORE APPRECIATIVE OF HILLARY, IF SHE WOULD HAVE JUST DROPPED FROM THE SCENE.  I think the lesson that Hillary must learn is no matter what social class, no matter what educational level or income that a woman owes herself self respect first and self respect does not have a look, it  has a feeling deep inside of a woman that everyone recognizes.

While Hillary Clinton refuses to be seen publicly with a woman that exemplifies the old perfume  commercial “Enjoli”  everyone over thirty may remember the “Enjoli Lyrics:

“I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan. And never let you forget you’re a man. Because I’m a woman, Enjoli”

Hillary keeps campaigning for a man and a party that used back alley tactics to take away her chances of being president and refused to make her VP because he and they were not strong enough to do it.  Whether Obama wins or loses, I will now think of Hillary Clinton in the light of the lyrics in “Crazy in Love”.

Got me looking so crazy, my baby
I’m not myself lately
I’m foolish, I don’t do this
I’ve been playing myself
Baby I don’t care
Cause your love got the best of me
And baby you’re making a fool of me
You got me sprung and I don’t care who sees
Cause baby you got me so crazy

Boston. Com Discusses How Michigan Delegates Were Allocated

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This blog reported yesterday about the extremely strange way Michigan Delegate votes were allocated to Barack Obama yesterday.  The published post discussed how Obama would get the results of two places on the ballot uncommitted and the write in vote.  Obama asked the voters of Michigan and even passed out handouts suggesting to people who wanted to vote for him to vote uncommitted.  We all assumed he would get uncommitted for Michigan.  We did not assume he would get the write in vote also which according to Michigan is uncounted if a candidate has not formally declared that he would run for office in Michigan write in for the candidate can not be  tallied or recorded the machine ignores them and no one knows who the write ins were for.  Since it is illegal to look at ballots, Michigan says they relied on exit polls in determining the votes Obama should have for write in.  In other words Michigan gave Obama votes without votes.   

In any event I thought I was crazy and must have imagined the above because out of over 50 articles I’ve read about the “big” compromise, no one has written about it.  It’s like Michigan did not do a dirty deal to give Obama votes.  However one truth seeking newspaper is reporting how the Michigan Obama delegates were allotted also.  Joseph Williams and Bryan Bender of the Boston Globe are reporting :

“Mark Brewer, chairman of Michigan’s Democratic Party, told the panel the best solution was a compromise, based on an assessment of exit polling and other data. Brewer said Obama was entitled to 59 pledged delegates to Clinton’s 69, “a far fairer reflection of the Democratic preferences in Michigan.”

Exit polls are not the same things as votes.  Michigan did not hold an exit poll caucus.  Honestly Obama should not have been given the write in vote, and technically he should have been made to associate the uncommitted with his campaign by asking uncommitted to come forward. 

Democrats Give Obama Write In Vote and Uncommitted in MI Primary

In politics on May 31, 2008 at 7:32 pm

The democrats are going on the assumption that the American people are stuck on stupid.    Everyone has been aware that Obama campaigned on the uncommitted vote in Michigan.  However today the credentials committee voted to give him the uncommitted votes and all of the write in votes.  If someone wrote in Mickey Mouse it went to Obama.  If someone wrote in Donald Duck it went to Obama.  MIchigan does not count the write in votes of undeclared candidates, therefore they have no idea who write in voters voted for, therefore they are using exit polls to allot Senator Obama his delegates.  This seems to be highly illegal and strange to give someone delegates based on no votes but an exit poll.  If this is how Democrats plan on running the White House. Count me OUT.  Be warned dear people the news will only give you the result and tell you Michigan will get a half vote for each delegate, but some of Obama’s delegates were not even votes.  They were given to him based on exit polls.  This has to fall into the category of ultimate affirmative action.  I predict a white backlash because of this that will result in a stunning loss by the democratic party unless Hillary Clinton runs as an independent which she very well should after the madness that I’ve just witnessed by the democratic credentials committee.  THIS ELECTION IS LOOKING VERY STRANGE AND IF INDIVIDUALS CAN OPENLY BE UNFAIR< IT”S MAKING ME WONDER IF THE VOTES THAT HAVE REALLY BEEN GOING TO OBAMA ARE TRULY HIS BECAUSE I KNOW EVERY BLACK WOMAN I SPOKE TO EXCEPT OBAMA SUPPORTERS SAID THEY WERE HILLARY CLINTON SUPPORTERS. 

If a State Says Vote and You Don’t Vote Who’s Fault Is It?

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IF a state says vote and you don’t vote.  It’s the fault of the voter  for not voting.  It is not the fault of the state, they offered you the chance to vote you should have voted.  Furthermore, it’s the right of the citizens of a state to have their vote counted.  They voted, they thought it would count.  If your candidate takes his name off the ballot, that’s his problem.  IF he knows there is going to be a ballot he should not take his name off of the ballot.  If we are debating these issues we may as well think about them. 

Obama’s Florida Man Does not Have a Clue

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 If  Representative Robert Wexlar is an example of the type of people who would be helping to run the country during an Obama presidency.  We are in for Bush two.  Wexler could not tell the truth, could not answer questions asked because he was so determined to hide his real motives of trying to preserve Obama’s delegate lead and pretend that he was concerned with the people of Florida.  He was not concerned with Florida but with Obama.  He literally thought the people interested in the issues had their eyes closed and were stupid.  He argued that Clinton should be happy with the 19 out of 40 delegates that Obama was willing to concede.  He further said that 19 delegates was what she received from two states combined so Florida and Clinton should be happy with this.  When asked about fair reflection  “proportional representation” he looked like and acted like he did not know what this meant. 

Honestly,  an Obama election is looking like a Bush 2, Mccain may be Bush 2.  What are we going to do?  Prepare for Katrina 2 and pay ten dollars at the pump because the people selected are wide eyed and unaware of how to run this country.  I am so  afraid at this point.  Clinton really should consider and Independant run.  The time is now. 

On the flip side Clinton supporters were very articulate, clear, and aware, and did not lie!