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Embodying the Already Believing Concept “The Law of Ferrari”

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The Already Believing Concept

Ernest Holmes writes throughout the book Creative Mind and Success that positive thinking is not enough when individuals try to live a life of happiness and prosperity.  They must actually subscribe to the concept of already believing.  You must not pray that you obtain something.  You must thank God and the Universe for giving it to you and actually believe that you already have it, this could be called the Ferrari concept.

The Ferrari Concept

David imagines himself as rich successful person with a Ferrari.  After reading about the already believing concept, the concept of actually almost pathologically believing that you already possess what you desire.  David gets into his 1972 Pinto and imagines that it’s a Ferrari.  David really believes that he’s drving a Ferrari.  As he’s drivinhg his Ferrari down the street he sees a beautiful woman in a cherry red convertible and knowing that he’s in his Ferrari and what girl can resist a Ferrari he manages to catch up with her at a stop sign and asks confidently out of his Ferrari if  he could have her phone number.  She looks at David like is this a joke but confidently David gives her a gleaming I’ve got a Ferrari smile and she sees how cute and adorable he is and gives him her phone number.  After this triumph, David decides to get himself a little breakfast, he thinks to himself I can’t possibly drive my Ferrari through McDonalds I’m going to have my breakfast somewhere where my car won’t stick out so much, so David drives his Ferrari to the Ritz Carlton and orders the continental buffet.  As he is sitting thoroughly enjoying the continental buffet David looks around and sees a major director/producer for a movie.  He overhears the director talking about an editing problem with the script and how he can’t find anyone to translate the script from the foreign language it was written in.  Well the director is talking so loud the lady two tables down from David  says shush.  The director guy looks at David and smiles, David smiles back and says I’m sorry I overheard your conversation but I am fluent in the languages that you spoke about, the director is thrilled and says if you can do what you say you can do I’ll pay you $300,000 dollars if you can do it in three days.  David is now officially Ferrari guy, as he walks to his car it wont start the Director happens to be walking out as David is going back in to the Ritz to retrieve the phone he left and David mentions his car won’t start Director guy in a trusting spirit says I’ll take you where you need to go the Valet pulls up with director guys red Ferrari and promptly takes him to his date with convertible girl who is overwhelmed and takes David home..  THE END

The above is Ernest Holmes illustration that it is not enough to hope you must actually have the already believing attitude because with that attitude comes the benefits of already having, people are not always responding to what others have but the attitude that they embody because of having.

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Expounding on the Energy Redirection Technique (When Bad Things Happen to Positive Thinkers)

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When discussing the law of attraction sometimes it’s sold as a Manna from Heaven concept that if one absolutely positively controls their thoughts only the sun will shine.  The truth is bad things happen to all people even the fabulous and the successful.  Kornack in expounding on the Science of Getting Rich has written about a concept called energy redirection.  According to Kornack bad things will happen to good people and people engaged in the Law of Attraction must redirect their actions to deflect and compensate even over compensate for the bad.  When people are faced with the loss of loved ones, insurmountable natural disasters and other incidents it may seem odd to tell people to redirect their energies even if it is the right path to take for the sooner energy is redirected the sooner one can continue to live a wholesome and positive life. 

If one has any doubt that it can be done under even the most trying circumstances, one should look at the holocaust survivor Victor Frankl author of the book Mans Search for Meaning.  Frankl writes about his experiences in a Nazi concentration Camp.  One of the key lessons to be learned from Frankl that supports the concept of the Law of Attraction is that positive thinking in the most trying circumstances is enough to make amazing miracles happen.  Frankl states that he believes he was a holocaust survivor because of his ability to redirect his thoughts and constantly focus on what his ideal life would be.  He would actively see himself teaching classes before students in a university, he would imagine himself seeing and doing things outside of the concentration camp and amazingly he watched others marched to the gas chambers but never him.  Frankl states in the book that he felt the main difference between holocaust survivors in his camp versus those who went to the gas chambers was their mind set or in current day terms their use of the law of attraction.  Frankl gives an example of people who would set dates in their minds for when they would get out of the concentration camp, these individuals would be happy and upbeat saying I know we are going to be out by this date, they would stay safe and not be led to the gas chambers but inevitably when the date came and went and the individuals had given up they would be chosen to go to the gas chambers.  Frankl implies that even in impossible conditions the thoughts of these individuals determined whether they would live or die.  Frankl did survive the concentration camp to go and live the mental vision he developed inside the concentration camp. 

Sometimes individuals find themselves in impossible conditions and must use the concept of transmutation or energy redirection.  Victor Frankl has proven that energy redirection can be done successfully in even the most difficult of situations.

Congratulations Barack Obama and The United States For Your Nobel Prize Win

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Barack Obama has brought International prestige and acclaim to the United States with the winning of the Nobel Peace prize.  While the prize was shocking to many, if the citizens of  United States would close their eyes and remember why they voted for him they would realize that he deserves and earned the Nobel Peace Prize.  I can not say that I necessarily agree or even know clearly the rationale of the Nobel committee for awarding the Nobel Peace prize to Barack Obama but I can articulate why I think he deserves the prize.

Barack and Michelle  Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for first of all being able to transcend themselves.  In a world that frequently says you can’t and in a country that had never had a President of color The Obama’s said “Yes We Can”.   They said Yes We can and Did.  Barack Obama did not come from a two parent home with Daddy throwing him up to the sky every night,   Barack Obama even mentions that he comes from a home where people may have told him they were scared of black men because he was raised by his caucasian grandmother.    President OBama’s history and his subsequent accomplishments are a beacon of light to every child around the world who experiences controversies and problems in their lives.  The ability of Barack Obama to overcome himself and his environment is a world class accomplishment, Nobel Prize worthy because one of the hardest things for people to do is to overcome themselves.  Many great thinkers have written about this Napoleon Hill, recitations of the words of Jesus and others.

Barack Obama deserves the Nobel Prize by helping to prove to the world that the United States is not full of racists who hate black people and that the notion that an American Dream is possible for all is a reality not a notion for whites only.  In a sociology class I learned about the third generational theory that all European racial groups who come to the United States can meld into the fabric of the United States and eventually become white or plain American, whereas people of color Asians, Blacks, Latinos, were subsequently out of luck and could never really melt because of their race into an American characteristic.  Barack Obama and the United State shattered this myth by voting for him as President by actually implementing the words of Martin Luther King “not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”.  The various races of the United States gave Barack Obama a mandate.  Barack Obama was not a president installed by force, given to the United States by some International Super Power he was democratically elected by the American people who said that we don’t care about race anymore just someone willing to work for our interests.

As for the significance of Barack Obama post election we the American People seriously hope that he will use the slogan YES WE CAN to solve our problems as well as take the attitude of YES WE CAN to the world and help solve their problems.      As for what has gone wrong with the Presidency up to know, by and large Obama and the Democrats refuse to ignore the voices that did not elect them.  The only way Obama can keep his promises is to ignore the voices of dissension and keep a straight path and fulfill his promise.

Universal Health Care

Peace in The Middle East

Bill Clinton Nobel Peace Prize

Yes We CAN

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ei: Did Clinton sabotage a Palestinian reconciliation?

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ei: Did Clinton sabotage a Palestinian reconciliation?.

Clinton has just stated the U.S. wil not recognize the elected Government of Palestine.  This is very disturbing Hammas is not going to back down, what is this saying? The U.S. will support a civil war in Palestine.  This appears to me to be nonproductive saber rattling to me.  The Obama administrations seems to be advocating more of a pro-israeli attititude than the Bush administration evr advocated.  I don’t know maybe they paid her campaign debts off.

What the Middle East Needs From Hillary Clinton – TIME

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What the Middle East Needs From Hillary Clinton – TIME.

Interpol issues an Arrest Warrant for 15 Israeli War Criminals

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Press TV – Iran asks Interpol to arrest Israeli war criminals.

It is my understanding that a warant has been issued by Interpol.

U.S. May Boycott U.N. Racism Conference Over Document – UN Accuses Israel of Being Racist

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U.S. May Boycott U.N. Racism Conference Over Document –

If the shoe fits wear it.  Israel has behaved terribly towards the Palestinians, kicking them off their land, out of their houses, bombing and killing them and creating an extremely unstable situation for their lives and the lives of their children.  In the least a dialogue should be had by the U.N. exploring the actions of Israel not just towards the Palestinians but towards Lebanon also. 

Everyone understands that the Palestinians have shot over a few harmless missiles over the fence with a minimal loss of life but nothing justifies the mass murder of hundreds of people that occured late last year.  I understand that the issues the U.N. wants to discuss are from before this year but surely the actions of Israel last year should be discussed and evaluated also.  Is the administration refusing to attend this conference because of the high net-worth donors in the Jewish community.  Even now some do not understand the Crucifixion of Christ, I personally do not understand the Crucifixion of the Palestinians.  Hopefully the United States will not stand by and advocate the annihilation and genocide of the Palestinians.

Rush Limbaugh Study to Show Yourself Approved

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You know I was sitting here thinking about Rush Limbaugh and his attitudes towards liberals and their efforts to in the least give lip service to helping American citizens in need and at most provide assistance and relief to United States Citizens of all income groups and I could not help meditating on Limbaughs profound misunderstanding of National and World Affairs. 

The first thing that  kept going through my head was the international food crisis that is factually sweeping the world and how smart our government has been to plan for the poor, for the poor are always among us and always will be among us.  I also thought about the base of the Republican party blue collar religious individuals who are in desperate need of the programs and resources that the Democrats are proposing to help them.  Rush’s solution that tax cuts will create jobs and resources for this blue collar base is frankly ludicrous.  What Rush is failing to realize is that the world is increasinglya competitive world, an increasingly capitalist world, and captalists’ are playing on the international playing field not the National Playing field.  The only way to attract capital and capitalists to any Nation or society is to have a skilled workforce .  However according to several sources the quality of the United States Educational system is not competitive, is not even in the top ten of best educations in the world.  According to U-wire:

” The United States is falling when it comes to international education rankings, as recent studies show that other nations in the developed world have more effective education systems. “

” In both studies, Finland, Australia, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Netherlands and the United Kingdom beat the United States, while the Asian nations of South Korea, Japan and Singapore ranked first through third, respectively. “

Now Rush is so fond of the word capitalism, in an increasingly technological world surely a smart capatalist survival of the fittest corporation is not going to bring his capital to the United States for complex jobs when all sources show that this is not the best place to get smart capital.  He’s going where the best capital is and it’s not the United States.  This is what smart legislators and a president realize.  If your human resources lack the skill to compete world wide, a smart government provides assistance so that they can eventually be able to compete. 

Finally I don’t know who Rush represents surely he does not represent blue collar workers becaue there jobs have been gone for a long time and the job losses we are dealing with are the stragglers,  surely Rush is not talking about the middle class becasue they are in need of help too.  Is Rush Limbaugh representing the Very wealthy.  Bill Gates has a foundation that provides food aide to hungry people all around the world and says that he’s grateful to public education and libraries for helping him to reach his full potential.  Surely he’s not talking about Warren Buffet because he says he believes in helping also.  I am a little confused as to who rush is representing.  The only people he seems to be representing so far are the virulent racists who are so prejudice that they will work against their very own interests. 

While yesterday Rush Limbaugh bragged on the fact theat he did not need a prompt to speak and could go on and on maybe Rush should do less talking and more studying  the bible and world affairs.  Below is a little bible lesson for Rush.

Hating On Obama – Hating for No Reason

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Man I got summer hating on me cause I’m hotter than the sun
Spring hating on me cause I ain’t neva sprung
Win-ter hating on me cause I’m colder than ya’ll
And I will neva I will neva I will neva FALL
I’m being hated by the season
So fuck ya’ll who hating for no reason

Lil Wayne (WeezY)

For the first time since maybe the constitution was written we have a President that actually cares about the people.  We have a president that actually wants to make the United States “ideal” of Liberty and Justice for All, real.  While I have wavered and waned on my support of Barack Obama during the election.  Since he has been elected the only behavior I’ve seen from Barack Obama is a caring and concern for the American people that is unprecedented.  The haters coming out of the woodwork have literally stunned me.   I can honestly say that I was unaware of the hate that certain white people felt for blacks until Barack Obama was elected.  I would have never dreamed that so many self proclaimed Republicans and Caucasians associated Blacks with watermelon and fried chicken.

The two incidents that I’ve heard about involved individuals on the government pay roll. This is really a cause for concern that in the first case,  a mayor of a town sent  an email with the following picture to his list:

The Mayor says the President Will Not have an Easter Egg Hunt But A Watermelon Hunt this Easter

The Mayor says the "President" Will Not have an Easter Egg Hunt But A Watermelon Hunt this Easter

stating there will not be an Easter Egg hunt this spring at the White House but a watermelon hunt.   The second incident involved cops who stated on their face book pages that:

“the rose garden will be turned into the watermelon garden” that there will be a “KFC set up right in front of the white house”

The scary part about these comments is that these individuals interact with the public.  We will never know how many people have not been hired, who’ve been falsely accused and arrested, and wronged just because of racists in the woodwork.

Meanwhile the conservative Republicans are meeting and they don’t have a clue why they lost the White House and a large number of congressional seats.  This is really quite funny that they fail to realize that the reason they  lost is because of their lack of concern and ignorance of the needs of ordinary people.  Instead of utilizing a strategy of how can we show that we are concerned and how can we win in 2016.  They are insulting the President of the United States.  They are using the same tactics that caused them to lose the White House by close to double digits. “Pathetic”  The only people who are fooled are the racists. WAKE UP REPUBLICANS!


I been  in and out the bank bitch
While ya’ll asshole niggas been on the same shit
I flush em and watch em go down the drain quick
Two words you neva hear WAYNE QUIT
Cause wayne win and they lose
I call them April babies cause they fools
And while they snooze we UP


(Lil Wayne)

Oxymoron – Jews Committing Genocide in Palestine

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I refuse to recognize the state of Israel.  As I hear of people who have been displaced for sixty years, in extended concentration camps, their homes taken from them and their peace.  I am not recognizing the Jewish state and no matter what happens it will never exist for me.  The area the Jews inhabit will forever be Palestine to me.

The Jews have made an alter to the Holocaust.  The United States acts as if this is a carte blanche to let them do anything they want to whomever they want.  The “Jews” are going to war against the weakest people they can find weakend by their actions.

The Jews say thy will be going house to house to fight the Palestinians.  Yes they are going house to house and killing everything and everybody in sight.  They are first and foremost killing every male in sight.  They are performing the type of genocide written about in the bible.  However instead of killing every baby they may be killing everybody in sight.  Evacuation and safe houses have turned into places where the Jews bomb.  Therefore knocking out 40 to a hundred people at a time.

Little as it’s told this will be the second genocide in the Middle East in the twenty -first century.  The United States committed genocide in Iraq   and I am convinced when they went door to door fighting  they killed a sizable number of individuals.  However at least we were humane enough to protect the innocent.  If the United States sent individuals to a safe house.  It was safe.  The Jews are literally killing everything in sight.

The caveat is no matter how many people the Jews kill it will not make them feel empowered.   It will not erase the holocaust.  The Jews have become the fourth Reich in Palestine.

The land known as Gaza is definitely a concentration camp with gates, no one can voluntarily get out or get in.  The people are stuck.  The people have no weapons. Sure they have used tunnels since the Jews have cut off their supplies but the tunnels are very public and according to a recent NPR broadcast, broadcast before the genocide began, the tunnels were used to get such benign things to the Palestinians as washing machines and food becuase the jews were starving the people.  They could barely get bread let alone serious weapons. I have seen no evidence of weapons.  The bombs that are being shot at the Jews harm no one.   If this is all the Palestinians have a door to door fight is going to turn into a massacre of the Palestinians by Jews.

The one thing that will come out of this is the Jews will no longer be able to wave the  Holocaust in people’s faces.  They will not be able to say to Europe and the United States and Japan why didn’t you help us sooner  eighty years ago because their hands will be filled with the blood of Palestinians therefore nullifying the significance of the holocaust and placing what happened to the Jews in the realm of human nature.  People will say that though the Jews were victims of the holocaust they turned around and committed genocide against the Palestinians, they expelled the Palestinians from their homes and killed them and killed them, therefore I repeat putting the ability to commit genocide in the realm of human nature,in  essence the holocaust now means nothing and does not deserve remembrance because the descendants of the victims committed genocide themselves.

In all of this the one thing I can’t understand is how does Saudi Arabia and Egypt just sit their weakly and allow these things to happen.  They have  weapons and can defend and help the Palestinians and judging by the Jews defiance to the U.N. If a Middle East country interceded in the conflict the world would support them.  I suppose the Palestinians are feeling quite helpless right now.  I suppose they feel that no one cares about them and that their lives are helpless and useless.  They have tried to go about their lives and live but can not find peace and stability.  Someone some country needs to help the Palestinian, the UN needs to send in Peace Keeping forces to help these individuals.  The status quo can not stand.  As Jews sleep soundly in their beds, little children innocent women and men are terrorized by people who took their land.  The decision to wipe Palestine off the map and give their land to the Jews was a BIG mistake.  An International group needs to right this wrong.

Every one is gritting their teeth and waiting for Obama to be sworn in in ten days however the unfortunate fact is the Palestinians may not have ten more days.  The Jews may have killed them all by then.

As for the rest of the Middle East that’s watching and doing nothing.  The blood of the Palestinians will forever rest on the hands of the Middle East  This is worldwide.  The world is watching.  The Middle East is big and bold enough to come over to the United States and kill thousands of people in one swoop but they are too weak to protect their Palestinian brothers and openly go to war with the Jews.  It’s less than ten days until Obama gets in, go to war with the Jews for ten days and when the new President of the United States is sworn in make peace. Some country must help the Palestinians out.  The Middle East must unify to keep their brothers from being victims of genocide.