Update: False Imprisonment by Vision Works @ StoneCrest Mall

In politics on April 3, 2009 at 7:14 am

I am suing Vision Works for False Imprisonment as related to the accusation of shoplifting. To reiterate the facts
1. I took my daughters glasses to vision works to be repaired.
2. I left the store and walked directly to my car, pulled my coat off threw it in the back seat, got in the car stuck the key in the ignition, shifted into reverse, by that time an armed security guard knocked on the window and told me he had a video of my shoplifting a pair of glasses at vision works. I knew this was a lie because I had not taken any glasses> I told him I did not take anything. I looked back and was horrified to see that two security trucks had blocked me in.  He insisted that I get out of the car. I was horribly afraid considering I knew that I had not or have never shoplifted anything in my life and I was told it was on video, if there was a lie of this magnitude being told anything could happen. I was extremely fearful. I had been blocked in and prevented from leaving the premises of stone crest mall and told that I had taken something that I clearly knew had not been taken.

I did whatever I could think of to show that i did not have anything because the concept that there was a video of me taking something and I had not taken anything made me afraid for my safety. I knew a couple of cases where people had been beaten and killed in shopping malls by security and I did not want this to be me.

I showed that I did not have their possessions, for this I was charged with disorderly conduct, not only was I charged with disorderly conduct but the very security guards who had made the false accusation and had been shown I did not posses anthing proceeded to take my picture and ban me from the premises for disorderly conduct. If this was not enough after about an hour of sitting around the manager of vision works came out, the police man went into my car without permission and went into my coat pocket where my child’s glasses were and the vision works manager had to admit that I had not stolen glasses.

Even after all of this I was taken to jail for disorderly conduct. The mall security and vision works had the ability to intervene and apologize for the accusation but did not.

The indignities persisted, I went to court and the charges were reduced but when I came months later to get a disposition the charged had been changed back to disorderly conduct. However my attorney had explained the circumstances to the judge and he did not assess a fine and my four hours in jail was the payment and I had been  released on a signature bond because I had no criminal history . If he had not reduced the charges this court would not have agreed to waive payment. The dispositions were criminally changed.

The attorneys who represented me withdrew from the case after from my perception writing interrogatories that did not take into consideration all that had happened to me.

I was supposed to have ten days to appeal the withdrawal of the attorneys from my case. The judge signed off on it after two- three days. What is happening? The United States is about to become fond again of proselytizing about human rights violations perpetrated by others yet at every stage my rights have been trampled on and I am a United States Citizen

It started with lies and false imprisonment by Stonecrest security guards literally terrorizing me on the word of a vision works employee with a lie that they had me on tape taking something. I have an education. I don’t have a criminal record. The lie part ended with the Vision Works employee stating I did not have anything and walking away.

The court system violated my rights by changing the disposition of my case/ The court system is still further violating me without giving me proper time to answer to paperwork regarding my case. Ten days and the judge signed off in three days how horrible. At this point I cringe whenever I hear anyone from the United States talking about the violation of human rights. I live in the United States and I can tell you that I did not have a fair trial because the disposition was changed, my fourth amendment rights against illegal search and seizure were violated because I was told by an armed guard to get out of my car and I had put all of my things in the car. If I would have had anything there could have been no way of proving it by having me walk back into the mall because I had no pocket book just a coat and a wallet that were off of me at the time. This was clearly an illegal search and seizure if I’m in my car.

In any event I will keep you updated,

  1. You sir, or mmma, are an idiot

  2. Cool site, love the info.

  3. That really sucks for you.

  4. visionworks sucks. I hate them with a passion and you should know that they always try to rip people off. They have horrible customer service, and always lie to customers. They will tell you to “protect your investment” to buy their stupid lens cleaning kit, which is only alcohol. They do this because it makes them tons of money. Also, they will pretend you get a free lens cleaning kit if you look like you wont buy one, and then just charge you. Keep causing trouble for vision works. i hate them too

  5. You should go back there with a 9mm, walk in the door, and start blasting those punk ass turd bags.

  6. the wicked will not go unpunished..try contacting the mayor..etc shows someone will hear your cry they need the bad publicity…be strong and of good courage ..

  7. I consider Vision Works to be unethical in its business dealings. I have had bad experience with Vision Works.

  8. rofl visionworks is bad but you should have asked to see the tape and not done anything without first calling the real police.

    You won’t win you’re case because you willingly did all those things without contacting the proper authorities.

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