Self Fulfilling Prophecies

In politics on March 10, 2017 at 5:34 am

The other day I stopped at the car wash to clean my car out. I was taking it in to be serviced. It’s a newly purchased vehicle and a flat out lemon. In any event I stopped to clean it out. While realizing my phone was dead and I needed to charge it I walked to the other side and locked myself out. I literally had nothing keys, phone, or handbag. It was all in the car. In that period of being locked out I took the time to ponder if that were my status in real life what would I do?

The two individuals at the car wash allowed me to use the desk phone where I called road side assistance which took about two hours to come so I pondered and pondered my fate and if this were my real status what would I do? So as I stood there I began talking to one of the attendants he stated to me that he thinks it’s really sad when people get locked out because of the cost. I said yes and I am grateful for roadside assistance. He then began to tell me a story of a woman who had gone to the locksmith down the street and run off eight keys so she would not get locked out of her vehicle. She came to wash her car and in an ironic moment locked herself out of the car with the eight keys in the car. At that moment I had a flashback of her pain and despair at that moment thought she was long gone. I commented wow she must have really been plagued by a fear of locking herself out to make 8 keys and then she turned around and locked herself out. I commented to the attendant that I had had a moment like that where my car battery would constantly die and as it continued to do this I started to perform actions that amplified the problem such as leaving the lights on in the car. I commented that it was almost as if I had the expectation and was willing my battery to be dead. I than had a light bulb moment that it’s the continuity of energy and the universe giving us exactly what we expect.

Realizing this was such an exciting moment for me. Though we were pondering on pain, I realized that the ironic moment of eight keys and being locked out the car was a way of demonstrating that the universe gives us exactly what we want and desire out of life. If we desire a negative out come and internalize negativity, this is what the universe will give straight back to us. The caveat is if we fill our lives up with positive thoughts and positive expectations the universe will manifest the good that we internalize immediately too. This is not just thinking positive this is tapping into the energy and the universal field of energy and the more we expect the more we get. Running off eight keys because of a fear of being locked out of one’s car manifested in being locked out again and manifested a fear. This woman could have had a million keys and she would have still locked herself out. So every day we must bombard the universe with positive thoughts with positive expectations and the universe will respond immediately to what we desire and what we want. So the next time you have a string of negativity turn it around and say everything will be OK. I’m so great at in my case turning my car lights off and believe. Every day we must believe mentally that we possess a million keys to the good the miraculous and the wonderful and it will manfiest. It’s a simple thing but the belief will manifest in wonderful things. O



  1. Everything happens to us to teach a lesson. Well, universe gives us according to our actions. Only pondering won’t help. Beautifully written ! Have a great day!

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