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U.S. May Boycott U.N. Racism Conference Over Document – UN Accuses Israel of Being Racist

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U.S. May Boycott U.N. Racism Conference Over Document –

If the shoe fits wear it.  Israel has behaved terribly towards the Palestinians, kicking them off their land, out of their houses, bombing and killing them and creating an extremely unstable situation for their lives and the lives of their children.  In the least a dialogue should be had by the U.N. exploring the actions of Israel not just towards the Palestinians but towards Lebanon also. 

Everyone understands that the Palestinians have shot over a few harmless missiles over the fence with a minimal loss of life but nothing justifies the mass murder of hundreds of people that occured late last year.  I understand that the issues the U.N. wants to discuss are from before this year but surely the actions of Israel last year should be discussed and evaluated also.  Is the administration refusing to attend this conference because of the high net-worth donors in the Jewish community.  Even now some do not understand the Crucifixion of Christ, I personally do not understand the Crucifixion of the Palestinians.  Hopefully the United States will not stand by and advocate the annihilation and genocide of the Palestinians.


“Got Jokes” I did not support the War! I made a mistake when I supported the War; YEah Right Paulson Gets A Historic 700 Billion Dollar Golden Parachute As he leaves office!

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And he’s not even an economist; he majored in English in the college of Arts and Sciences very far from macro and micro economics.  Oh yeah he does have an MBA, the President of the United States probably thought this was enough of an “economic” qualification to make him Secretary of the Treasury. it’s not!  They school of economics is in the College of Arts and Sciences and MBA’a are in the school of business.  Take it from a Political Science person the school of business and the school of Arts and Sciences are Worlds away. It’s enough to have made him Secretary of Commerce but definitely not the Treasury.  From my point of view it looks like Pauslon needs to be fired or do what past market failures have done and


, instead of given 700 billion dollars and Bush needs to be impeached.


With that said according to a late night email and the Houston Chronicle; the democrats and George Bush have reached a historic deal to give 700 Billion Dollars to George BUSH and his “homey” Paulson.  The timing could not be more perfect close to 90 days before Bush and Paulson will be out of Office.  I suppose the I should not have voted for the war democrats led by I would not have voted for the war Barack Obama,  will have to  follow in the steps of embattled and reelected Louisiana Representative Jefferson who was caught with $90,000 dollars worth of bribery money in his freezer and go somewhere and buy a deep freezer or 10 for the bribes they received in exchange for voting for the 700 billion dollar bailout bill. 


Finally why is everything failing because Bush and Paulson are making them fail.  They are lying, suddenly they say everything’s going to fail and it does.  I do not have the knowledge and the resources of the I voted for the war congress but I do have common sense and any man that has created a fight and a war with every oil producing country in the world and his business is oil is a criminal and anyone who gets behind him is naïve or a criminal too.  This has essentially been Obama’s argument but he was the first to jump on the bailout plan, he also managed to give money to his former employer ACORN in the bailout bill.  I suppose anyone who thinks he was not working during this time has been misled.  He did work on the bailout bill, because Acorn is getting at least a billion of the money (my speculation) and I suppose ACORN and other community organizations will be distributing tax payer money to your local congressional persons home freezers’. 



Trust Me they Are Destroying the Economy for 700 Billion Dollars, This is making me a believer that 911 was an inside job and congressional memebers were probably in on it too!

In My School of Thought Paulson Gets A Great Big F A three page document in exchange for 700 billion dollars

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Every Time I think of how the country was asked to give 700 billion dollars to the Department of the Treasury from a three page letter I am incredulous.  As a Political Science Major who’s never worked in the field,  with extensive coursework in Public Policy, I know that if I had turned in 3 pages for any Policy Evaluation of an issue or Policy Solution, a three page prescription would have netted me a great big F.  I think the minimum for a decent grade not to mention 700 billion dollars was twenty pages.  As a former debater and a person with extensive experience with crafting public policy.  There is no way possible Paulson could have given any serious thought to why he needed 700 billion dollars with three pages.

As far as debate goes, you can’t even begin to debate adequately with three pages because your competition who has to be familiar with all basic aspects of the issue would tear you apart.  For instance if you were debating the overall aspect of the crashing economy.  You would have to know what industry’s were or would be affected, what would throw the country over the brink into a depression, what solutions were needed to solve the problem, statistics, justifications etc, all buttressed by noted authorities well respected in their field. Finally after the solutions were proposed there would be talk of cost.   The price of entry into debate is being able to SHIT, as one former debater coined it.  T – Topicality – Do you have the ability to even firmly grasp the over riding issues and what’s going on, I -Inherencey – What are the inherent barriers keeping the problem from being solved, ex.  Why is the U.S. facing a depression or in depression, and what is causing the depression?  HHarm – What will happen if we don’t solve the problem?  this is one Secretary Paulson did get, he skipped immediately to pushing our country over the brink.  Finally in debate your solution is called S-Solvency which includes a policy prescription and solutions to the problem.  You will lose if you say give me 700 billion dollars and that solves the problem.  You have to have step by step solutions. I’m sorry to say but a three page letter for 700 billion dollars would get you laughed at.

AS far as formal training in policy drafting and making the same applies.   One wonders with such a large staff why Paulson would deliver a three page document in exchange for 700 billion dollars.  Don’t the American people pay the salaries of policy wonks at the Department of the Treasury to examine broad issues of the economy, and render proposed policies that will provide the solution.  Heck even a computer simulation predicted Hurricane Katrina at least five years prior to it’s happening.  I’m sure their is a computer that Paulson could have used to get some statistics for why he needed 700 billion dollars.  The problem here is that Paulson did not even try to make his robbing of the citizens look good.  Furthermore, I am even wondering if this is his jurisdiction, yes he’s supposed to keep the economy going, but the Department of Commerce is supposed to be the governmental liaison between Wall Street and Main Street.  You know I have only one thing to say, when I graduated from college I sent out hundred and hundreds of applications to government looking for a position as a policy analyst, no one hired me.  It is a little disappointing to see a three page policy proposal for 700 billion dollars.  I can’t even get a micro loan of $1000.00 without a business plan.

Then again just like the Iraq War.,  this situation is just friends helping friends and I believe what the callers of C-Span believe that once the deal is done the money is going to the Caymans and to Dubai.  This is essentially a buyout of Wall Street and they don’t have to put it back into the U.S. economy.  I have to admit that if someone bought my business for 700 billion dollars and I had a nightmare experience of employees faking documents, clients lying about their worth etc.  There is no “way” I would try to come back and do business with the same types of people again.  I would take my loan money to China, and to places where I know the people would pay me back and the people processing the loans were honest. After getting my share of the 700 billion dollars I would leave the country.  The crisis that we are in is because we hire people who ask for 700 billion dollars because of three pages of documentation and “get it” because they threaten us or because we like them.  This is not just a depression this is a disaster with a massively undereducated population that are not assets to the U.S. anymore.  The one thing that Bush did get sort of right was a focus on education, however the high drop out rate is not good for the economy so he sort of got it wrong too.  I heard a speech that Mc Cain gave in 2005 where he had already figured out that we had a crisis in the United States as indicated by his words, he said something like  the following I went and talked to the President of Ireland and I asked him how he had turned his country around from being a place that people were fleeing from to a place where people were flocking to, McCain went on to say that the president of Ireland said that he committed himself to the education of the populace.  I understand that with our Mobile society it is impossible for us to control how long and how children are educated but we must, the health of our country is at stake.

Finally, I suppose since the Secretary of the Treasury can ask for 700 billion dollars with three pages, I have a right to offer my own suggestions in a couple of paragraphs.  First of all I think something like the WPA should be established to give people jobs in this crisis, second of all I believe that Loans and maybe buyouts should be given to Wall Street to firms that go through an application process with heavy documentation “required”,  since Paulson has demonstrated that he could not be objective with his non bailout of Lehman Brothers and possibly Merrill Lynch (Does anyone want to do business with Lynch after being bought by the thieving bank Bank of America, I had three bank accounts prior to Bank of America with Bank Cards only, I never had an overdraft, I had a bank card with Bank of America also and in the first month of use they had managed to charge me over $150 in overdraft fees for an amount less than $25. and no I did not balance my accounts but I did what I did with every other account i  called for the balance and evidently the balance was wrong because Bank of America fleeced me with overdraft fees just from a bank card, so as far as that buy out goes, ordinary individuals need to stay as far away from the New Merrill Lynch as possible, banks 1000 times smaller than Bank of America could manage to accurately reflect my account balance but BofA could not) In any event Paulson has demonstrated in his refusal to give equal treatment to Lehman brothers and Merrill Lynch while in a credit crisis, that he does not have the fairness and judgment to administer 700 billion dollars.  If I were congress I would ask Banks and Investment institutions to create proposals with justifications and needs asking for the money and  expedite the loan or purchase of securities to a day if necessary.  I will repeat this one more time, I would in no way or no how give a man who asked for 700 billion dollars on three pages any money “never”.

Finally I mentioned McCain, I have to mention Obama too, Obama  has showed great judgment in saying no, they can wait a little while longer, he also showed great judgment in actually consulting experts as in plural on the subject. I think our failure in leadership has come about because our leaders believe that they ought to know everything and do not consult or respect the knowledge of others.  As for Mc Cain he showed great judgment in suspending his campaign to work on this issue.  Evidently, he clued Obama in to the fact that he had to stay too, because CNN and Fox are reporting that Obama has not left Capital Hill.  I think even the suggestion that Mc Cain is trying to grandstand politically is ludicrous.   He has been a Senator for a very long time and several laws have his name on them.  He wants to be involved and objective politicians on both sides wanted him to be Involved. Kudos to both men!

Can We Calculate the Cost Of Intellectual Capital Evaluating the World Trade Center Disaster and It’s effect on Our Economy

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As we look at the soaring costs of goods and services in the United States, it is slowly maybe too slowly dawning on the overall population that the cost of goods and services are rising due to competition for scarce goods and services such as food and fuel. However,  the most dramatic cause of high prices in the Uriited States is due to the falling dollar.  All of our lives we have looked perplexed as we would hear about 1,000 third world dollars being the equivalent of one U.S. dollars, we never thought that we would be that person.  I watched as we calculated the dollars of Paul McCartney’s divorce settlement from British Pounds to U.S. dollars and at that time it was 2 British pounds was the equivalent of 1 U.S. Dollar.  We had suddenly become the first World Country with the embarrassing comical currency problem.

There are several reasons why the dollar has fallen, some of them are advances in technology, non taxation of the internet which turns into shipping dollars, world competition for goods and services, mismanagement of the economy, a credit based society, and of course no more of the genius Alan Greenspan running the Fed.  I ended with Alan Greenspan because I would like to speculate that the loss of a multgenerational pool of financial talent that the United Staes sustained during the World Trade Center Disaster could contribute significantly to the fall of the dollar.  If one person, Alan Greenspan can keep the United States Economy in check for close to twenty years than the loss of even 100 star financial analysts could have a devastating effect on the United States.  This is just a theory that I am putting out there, but to further explore it I am going to dedicate a couple of hours of internet research to finding out and linking to articles and profiles about the victims of the WTC holocaust.  I am speculating that this overview may shed light on why are economy appears to be the victim of an unbelievable disaster also.    The next couple of blog entries will examine this theory further.