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Why Barack Obama is having Polling Problems

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As the polls fall for our Golden Boy Barack Obama, it is tempting for his staunch supporters to argue that Obama is the victim of racists or that the reason things have not totally turned around is because of all the luggage left by George Bush. While these arguments may hold a little sway, the truth is that Barack Promised us change and what we essentially got was more of the same in far left clothing and shall I dare say in a less compassionate package than George Bush Jr.

After Barack Obama was elected it became extremely apparent that he was not going to diverge much from his predecessor George Bush. While some believed that when it was time to appoint cabinet members Obama would appoint cabinet members with the finest credentials Pulitzers, nobels, and other such folks Obama had another agenda on his mind, he made cabinet appointments of people who were his friends, acquaintances and yes men. He essentially used the spoils system when appointing staff just like his predecessor George W. Bush. For example he made the superintendant of Chicago Public Schools the Secretary of Education for all of our students despite the fact that Chicago had one of the highest dropout rate of students in the country; Tim Geithner could not figure out his taxes let alone be expected to solve the economic problems of the nation; a governor appointed to head Health and Services instead of a career professional within the organization made and makes the Obama presidency problematic and leads a rational human being to question his motives and common sense. The reason Barack Obama can not blame George Bush for the problems now affecting the United States is because President Obama left his A game at home failing to realize that his logic and common sense would not be enough. President Obama thought he could choose anyone for the very complex jobs of running the nation because he thought the President could do anything and make up for the short comings of his staff. Gomer Pyle came to town with his sergeant in hand because he was his friend.

This is where the Palin phenomena begins to come into play. Palin is definitely not very smart. This has to be said twice Palin is not very knowledgeable, but she may be smart enough to run a country in knowing the difference between what the country needs and what she may want. She may want Cousin May to be head of Health and Human services but she knows the country needs something more than cousin May, and this may seem a rather extreme comparison when juxtaposed with Palin’s rather basic rudimentary college degree with Barack Obama’s super elite circle Obama’s cabinet appointments boil down to appointing Palin’s Cousin May. As the American people observe this they begin to seriously doubt that change will happen under the Obama administration and look and wait for something different and hope it comes.

Like Bush enormous dollars go out of the United States treasury to various entities but people really believe that the money gets siphoned off to friends as in the Bush administration. I think what has set the last two administrations apart from other administrations are the excesses of money leaving the U.S. coffers and no one knowing where it ends up. The citizens of the United States see constant spending but no effective change, they are not experiencing the trickle nickel effect and are beginning to suspect those nickels are lost in the air. As public opinion starts to go against Barack Obama the folks of the United States are beginning to say they liked George Bush better. This is because many believe that Barack Obama would step on Granny to get across the street. This is because of the caviler treatment of babies, executive orders to continue using them for research, lip service to education, and all that money flowing out for new causes. As time goes on we begin to question if President Obama has a heart. Whereas innately the American people knew that on a personal level the former President George Bush could not face a wrong and let it continue, think the Iraq war was never real to him but a third term baby is real. This is what is lacking from President Barack Obama the human touch while he can recite lofty ideas one ultimately believes that if he saw ya being carjacked he’d keep driving.

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Congratulations Barack Obama and The United States For Your Nobel Prize Win

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Barack Obama has brought International prestige and acclaim to the United States with the winning of the Nobel Peace prize.  While the prize was shocking to many, if the citizens of  United States would close their eyes and remember why they voted for him they would realize that he deserves and earned the Nobel Peace Prize.  I can not say that I necessarily agree or even know clearly the rationale of the Nobel committee for awarding the Nobel Peace prize to Barack Obama but I can articulate why I think he deserves the prize.

Barack and Michelle  Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for first of all being able to transcend themselves.  In a world that frequently says you can’t and in a country that had never had a President of color The Obama’s said “Yes We Can”.   They said Yes We can and Did.  Barack Obama did not come from a two parent home with Daddy throwing him up to the sky every night,   Barack Obama even mentions that he comes from a home where people may have told him they were scared of black men because he was raised by his caucasian grandmother.    President OBama’s history and his subsequent accomplishments are a beacon of light to every child around the world who experiences controversies and problems in their lives.  The ability of Barack Obama to overcome himself and his environment is a world class accomplishment, Nobel Prize worthy because one of the hardest things for people to do is to overcome themselves.  Many great thinkers have written about this Napoleon Hill, recitations of the words of Jesus and others.

Barack Obama deserves the Nobel Prize by helping to prove to the world that the United States is not full of racists who hate black people and that the notion that an American Dream is possible for all is a reality not a notion for whites only.  In a sociology class I learned about the third generational theory that all European racial groups who come to the United States can meld into the fabric of the United States and eventually become white or plain American, whereas people of color Asians, Blacks, Latinos, were subsequently out of luck and could never really melt because of their race into an American characteristic.  Barack Obama and the United State shattered this myth by voting for him as President by actually implementing the words of Martin Luther King “not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”.  The various races of the United States gave Barack Obama a mandate.  Barack Obama was not a president installed by force, given to the United States by some International Super Power he was democratically elected by the American people who said that we don’t care about race anymore just someone willing to work for our interests.

As for the significance of Barack Obama post election we the American People seriously hope that he will use the slogan YES WE CAN to solve our problems as well as take the attitude of YES WE CAN to the world and help solve their problems.      As for what has gone wrong with the Presidency up to know, by and large Obama and the Democrats refuse to ignore the voices that did not elect them.  The only way Obama can keep his promises is to ignore the voices of dissension and keep a straight path and fulfill his promise.

Universal Health Care

Peace in The Middle East

Bill Clinton Nobel Peace Prize

Yes We CAN

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Playing the Michelle Card Michelle Obama and Black Women

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As we prepare for the announcement of a New Supreme Court Justice the writing is on the wall that though black women have been part of this country since it’s founding there will not be a black female Supreme Court Justice.  The major news outlets refuse to even consider that a black women will sit on the supreme court.   However the big signal that a black women will not be the definite choice for the Supreme Court is the huge cover article that the Obama propoganda machine has negotiated on Michelle Obama with Time magazine, hitting the stands the same week that everyone speculates that Barack Obama will announce a new Supreme Court nominee in essence playing the Michelle card to Black women and those who care for them. 

While it is refreshing to have a Black First Lady in the White House its becoming increasingly obvious that she has no or does not care to  have any sway or bedtime influence on her husband as it relates to black women and their position in the Obama administration.  The nonadvocacy of the aspirations of black females in the upper reaches in government have literally been squashed in the Obama administration.  For the first time in sixteen years a black women will not hold a cabinet position in a  presidential administration. 

Unofficially from the Obama administration the cabinet position a black woman holds in the Obama administration is first lady.  Never before has a first lady been trotted out and purveyed, what an example to black women, what an accomplishment she got married and managed to not be a welfare queen with ten children.  There is a black first lady which is a wonderful and groundbreaking but I think most people expect it comes with having a black president. 

The Michelle card has been played in many ways when it was pretty obvious that Barack Obama had no blood ties with the African American descendantsof western slaves, the connection of Obama to West Africa comparative to being Chinese versus Japanese or vice versa, the Obama supporters shouted out that Michelle was a descendant of West African slaves and his children would therefore carry on that legacy.  African Americans and those who cared for African Americans thought that Michelle Obama was the prescription to the fact that Obama’s descendants were never enslaved and Obama would essentially be stealing the legacy of African American heritage to become president of the United States and to indicate that there was a new Nirvana of racial love in the United States.

What Obama’s administration as indicated by his one black cabinet appointee a position held by this black at the beginning of the Bush II administration is that Obama of interacial heritage and  having gained the right to be president from his white mother’s U.S. citizenship does not identify in his mind, heart, or soul with black people.  Obama is black on the outside and white on the inside and feels no loyalty to blacks.  Blacks for Obama are a means to an end.  This has been a key trait of Obama as politician the strong tendency to bit the hand that feeds him.  This is strongly exemplified in the incident of Obama giving  a now convicted felon contracts to run a housing project in his disctrict  that lacked the very nesscessary ingredient of Heat in icy cold Chicago.  When Obama’s constituents called to complain their calls were never returned.  More on the Rezko deal can be found here.    Obama’s identification with his caucasion side comes out at time with an almost exageratted claim to blackness I have a black wife, I play basketball, I talk slang a self proclaimed wigger is what Obama’s exagerations shout. 

In any event the Times article on Michelle Obama at such an oppurtune time can mean only one thing a black women will not be nominated for Supreme Court Justice and if you don’t like it just read the nice Times article on Michelle Obama its so nice to have a black first lady is it not aren’t all of us black women lucky, be grateful for what you have and what you can get righto!!!!!!

First Lady Michelle Obama “Rocked” Last Night May Become a Fashion Icon

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I only had a brief glimpse of Michelle Obama’s dress as she walked across the stage but it was awesome.  The yellow on black was hip and sophisticated and made a wonderful statement.   I will look for pictures of the outfit and post but I honestly wanted to share with the world or even the world of one how wonderful she looked.

It was just a clip I think she wore it last night at some event for Kings birthday but I’m unsure.

Update The Obama Acceptance Dress: I can see Why She Bought it

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After reading this link,  I’ve discovered why Michelle Obama chose the Gate From Hell Dress:

Gate of Hell Dress

Gate of Hell Dress

Modifications Matter

Modifications Matter

Judging by the white dress in the first picture that’s leaving the runway in back of the runway model’s version of the Obama dress Narcisso designs for skin and body accenturer.  If you want to wear a Narcisso dress you have to be willing to literally let it all hang out.  Unfortunately Michelle Obama though willing to let her husband be a maverick and run for president was not willing to be a Maverick and wear the dress as designed.  This unwillingness not only made her a fashion horror but terribly compromised the designer.  I think what should be pointed out based on a higher resolution picture (the second picture) is that the dress Michelle Obama is wearing is not the runway models version, she is not wearing the dress as it was intended to be designed.  It’s not even a knock off of the dress, it’s a totally different dress.

First of off the dresss to the right is a little black dress with red accents. In my opinion the intent of the designer was to make the dress accentuate the positive charms of the wearer and not be just a cover up.   When I actually look at the dress, I’m thinking the designer is thinking about a Latino with silky thick luxurious long black hair with a curvaceous figure.  I’m not seeing Vogue I’m seeing playboy.  This is a very difficult dress to pull off as is , let alone modified.

First of all the dress has cleavage, the designer of the dress wants to see cleavage, whatever the flaws of the dress too many people will be busy looking down the wearers dress than concerned  with the design, especially if it’s wrapped around a playboy Latino’s body.

The designer has gone through pains to minimize the red.  The black portions of the bottom of the dress almost meet up with the red and then their are pipings of black that meet a small section of red.  Juxtaposed, Michelle Obama has basically a red dress on.   The black at the bottom of the dress stops way too early and should almost meet the sash at her waist with a tiny amount of red showing.

At the top the designer has a very minimal amount of red ,with black satin at the cleavage, and red and black fabric like a bra where a woman’s breasts should be. Finally the dress should end with straps. Obama has totally annihilated the cleavage and given the dress a strong helping of red with a tiny amount of black collar.  The critics argue that Mrs. Obama has covered up the straps.  There is no way this dress has straps.  It has a collar.

Finally the bottom of the dress is sheer accenting the theme that the dress is accenting the wearers female attributes rather than being just a dress.  In essence legs and cleavage are on display and it’s an invitation, however since Obama was unwilling to go with the spirit of the dress, she’s left with a horrific dress of mostly red and some black.

Michelle Obama Sends A Toast to Bethesda Softworks with her Gates From Hell Oblivion Dress

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Has any one heard of the Elder Scrolls?  Well it’s this totally awesome series of games from Bethesda Soft Works.  My personal favorite is Morrowind, but Oblivion is the latest elder scrolls game.  Due to this fact I could not help but instantly be reminded of the Oblivion Gate when I saw Michelle Obama’s dress.  The Oblivion gate is a gate to a hell like other world in the game Oblivion.  I tried not to mention the hell dress but Wonkette made the hell dress reference first and I’m just putting my two cents in.

In any event here is Michelle Obama’s Dress:

Gate of Hell Dress

Gate of Hell Dress

Here is the Video of the Oblivion Gate and the whole other world of Oblivion.

Here is a photo of Oblivion.

Oblivion Gate

Oblivion Gate

In Oblivion they have various Daedra or life forces.  One of the forces is the Golden Saint.  See Below

golden saint

golden saint

The Elder Scrolls has often used the names of various famous people to name objects, since Michelle Obama is wearing an oblivion dress maybe they’ll create some sort of Daedra named after her a female daedra dressed in black and blood red.

Halloween was several days ago maybe Mrs. Obama has been so busy she may have accidentally put on her Halloween costume to stand by the side of what will be the first Black President of the United States, maybe they were out of suits and ball gowns that night, hell since they were outside even some slacks and a nice blouse would have been appropriate.  Was she out of those too?

As for the dress in the first photo, the models are 20 Michelle Obama is 40+. In January she will officially be in her mid 40’s.  As Michelle Obama represents the United States in more conservative parts of the world such as North Korea she may want to start dressing like she’s in her mid 40’s.  You’re old enough to run for president baby and your figure knows it.  Palin and Condi have  much hotter figures but they have never abandoned their conservative looks as they represent the United States.  Finally, Michelle Obama may have thought Barack Obama had a good chance of losing so she wore the red blood of the people and the black skin of the people on her back.  Yeah I had that shirt too when I was much younger:


Finally we may never see Michelle Obama in a suit again because she may be protesting Western Culture and the White Man or if she’s like me when you buy a suit you have to face the fact of what your actual dress size is.  For me I am going to put Beyonces figure with my face on my dream board and use the secret to get my body in shape.

On the positive side Michelle Obama’s hair and makeup looked great and the children looked totally awesome, they had on great little dresses, and if a mother has to choose between herself and her children, surely the children come first and they did.   Finally Michelle Obama has to be admired.  She worked hard with Barack Obama to win the presidency.  I think that that’s so wonderful.  Love her or hate her Michelle Obama is a total winner.

For Mrs. Obama Fox Shows Her Best Side!

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All day I’ve been looking at FOX news as opposed to CNN.  The most striking thing about FOX news as it relates to the Obama’s is the really great video and pictures they have of Michelle Obama.  They have her looking like Jackie Kennedy Onassis.  They have great couple shots.  I am really very impressed.  As a woman I am very conscious of a photographers eye and how a person comes out based on the way a photographer feels about a subject.  Fox news really loves Michelle Obama.

Let’s See the Democrats took Votes in Michigan From Hillary Clinton; The Republicans Purchased Clothing for the VP Nominee Who Cares the Most About Women!

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You know all of the nonsense attacks against Sarah Palin in the last days of the campaign may backfire.  I am serving the media notice if you continue to attack Sarah Palin and her family in the last days of the election your darling Obama will lose.  I keep changing my mind on who to vote for because of the negative campaigning of the campaigners or their surrogates and the media is the surrogate of Obama.

As for the RNC purchasing Sarah Palin clothing, I say Kudos for the Republicans for recognizing what Palin needed and giving it to her.  Too many times money and clothing are barriers to a woman achieving.  I think the Republicans more so than the democrats have always showed a willingness to see beyond a lack of and work with it.  Case in point Suze Orman, and I ‘m not sure the people she dealt with were Republicans, but she said the following or something to the effect of the following (abridged version); I marched into Merrill Lynch after they had taken my money, and I demanded that they give me a job, the manager at the firm said OK and gave me some money to go and purchase some clothes because he said my clothes were inappropriate.  This is the Republican way.  They are not going to let a lack of keep a valuable team member from being the best she can be. I say Kudos to the Republican Party.

The second issue is Palin’s family traveling on Alaska.  The people of Alaska knew Governer Palin had five children when they elected her.   I love seeing her family together.  It’s so “American”.  I know every time she takes her family with her whenever she represents Alaska as Governor this helps the citizens of Alaska.  Finally most of the people reporting this most not realize that Alaska has a lot of money.  They treat their citizens very well.  I knew someone who came to Nashville to go to college from Alaska.  Alaska paid her full tuition, she also had enough money left over to pay for an apartment and still had extra.  I think the media needs to leave Alaska alone.  They have a good thing going.

Finally I would like to mention that early in the primaries, the Obama’s children were at some sort of coffee shop or coffeehouse in an early state and I saw the camera pan over to one of the Obama’s children and their hair was not combed and sticking straight up in the air.  I thought to myself boy if elected is this what we are going to send overseas.  This is going to get embarrassing, maybe some campaign money should have been used to comb their children’s hair.  I don’t think the world thinks that uncombed hair is self sacrificing, it makes the world wonder if America is too poor to get their leaders children’s hair hair combed. (I only saw this once, and it was flashed on very quickly)  The RNC made sure this never happened to them.  One could argue that we are dealing with different textures of hair but I had to give Cindy Mccain Kudos when she presented her obviously black daughter with her hair “laid”. Most people do not have the mind to know what to do with a “colored” girls hair but Mrs. McCain knew.  She also knew to dress every member of her family well and has maintained very high standards for herself in her appearance.  This is one example that every first lady I’ve ever seen has done, is maintain a decent appearance.  If Michelle Obama can not do this if her husband is elected;  I hope people don’t think that this is how the average black person maintains their appearance.  Michelle has been doing better lately but I think my example for how a high powered black woman maintains herself would be Condi Rice.  I know Condi has handlers but she looks great all of the time so I’m pretty positive she knows how to use a curling iron, and possibly put in her own perm, with Michelle Obama I’m not so sure.  I think she should learn to love wigs.

Obama Smoking Gun Video: He supports Infanticide- Scroll to the Bottom and Watch the Video

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Everyday I grapple with who to vote for in the upcoming Presidential election. As an African American far gone are the concerns that I am voting for someone because they are solely African American.  I know if I vote for someone, its because I think that they can best represent my interests and those of the country.  Personally I seek a reduction in mindless, ill conceived police and authoritarian harassment that I experience in my own community.  As noted in this blog I was falsely accused of taking a pair of glasses I purchased from Vision Works and took into the store to get fixed.  As I sit here now the receipt for these items sit beside me now.  In my heart I honestly believe that I was falsely  accused not because the store worker believed that I had taken the glasses but because she felt she had the power to intimidateme by having the store security block my car in and keep me from leaving the mall. 

 I say this to say that when I think of voting for a Republican their cries of law and order reek of a totalitarian regime where individuals can at will be stopped at the whim of anyone.  In addition the vast erosion of rights that have occurred under the current Republican  Baby Bush are appalling and have all but nullified the constitution.  It would seem pretty clear that Barack Obama would be the smart choice.

However, there are issues that I have with Obama.  It is being revealed that Obama is turning out to be an almost pathological liar, egomaniac, and backstabber.  Seeing the way the presidential election is playing out is like watching a beautiful woman (eva braun in the movie caligari) seduce a group of men with her flattering words when what really lies inside is an evil heart.    We are used to politicians lying but Obama has taken it to a new level. 

As I watched the past presidential candidate conversation, I was especially struck by one lie.  The lie was that Obama did not support partial birth abortion.  I knew that this was a blatant lie as I heard him utter the words.  I had read a letter by Michelle Obama calling partial birth abortion a simple medical procedure between  a woman and her doctor.  The letter is here.  When I spoke with a friend who is an Obama supporter about this letter.  Their response was that Michelle wrote the letter Barack did not.  “Whatever”

  In any event the portion of the presidential conversation that totally shocked me was when Barack Obama was asked to say something truthful that he wanted voters to know and he said essentially that there would be no reduction in energy costs and Americans were going to have to learn to conserve energy and basically swallow it.  This struck a sharp discord in my head because the main reason I am voting for anyone is to get some energy relief which John Mccain said that he would provide in some form or fashion and Obama may intend to provide it but still expects us to pay high prices which  I am sure the American people do not want to do.  After hearing this statement, I put Obama in the rich and climbing category and became convinced that the oil industry is going to arrange to get to him a mysterious cash donation.  However still I was not totally for Mccain, what kept me tuned in was the absolutely awesome clothes his wife wore , a shallow reason but it’s the truth.  What repelled me were the republican surrogates and thei9r extreme views.    I don’t care who marries who.  I do believe if anyone has sexual relationships with someone for years and lives in the same house and attends social events with this person they are entitled to legal rights like a spouse.  In the case of the dissolution  of a relationship assets should be equally divided and support should be paid if one person supported the couple.  There were some other issues that disturbed me about Republicans but they are too numerous to name.  Finally since I am prolife the deal breaker with me for John McCain came when I heard he was choosing a pro-abortion running mate.  I thought I may as well choose Obama. 

However Obama is rapidly fading as an option as it is being hammered into me what he did as it related towards babies.  A series of videos and articles that I’ve read have convinced me that I want  no part of Obama and while watching the video below, it almost looked like the people who were supporters were evil demons from hell and after viewing the video my first thought was I would be embarassed to see my face or my hand holding an Obama sign.  The video follows:

Michelle Obama to Keynote Convention!!!!!!!!!!!!! Monarchy on America King Kuba and his Queen

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I was not aware that we had a monarchy in this country.  I thought we voted for one president and he had a wife but she was not a co president or coruler.  Obviously things have changed.  The Jackie Kennedy analogy just ran out Jackie was willing to play in the background, she redecorated the white house.  I suppose Michelle will be the one answering the red phone now.

As for Michelle being a Hillary, Hillary ran for an office , Senator and won.  What a pity all of the talented women who actually hold an office in the democratic party have been knocked out so King Kuba can make his wife a keynote speaker, obviously  the same opportunities extended to Barack Obama when they chose a junior senator or was he a state representative at the time to speak at the convention will not be extended to others.

Oh I suppose it’s not a real monarchy, if  they win they will have to leave in four or eight years, maybe a modified monarchy.