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Let’s See the Democrats took Votes in Michigan From Hillary Clinton; The Republicans Purchased Clothing for the VP Nominee Who Cares the Most About Women!

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You know all of the nonsense attacks against Sarah Palin in the last days of the campaign may backfire.  I am serving the media notice if you continue to attack Sarah Palin and her family in the last days of the election your darling Obama will lose.  I keep changing my mind on who to vote for because of the negative campaigning of the campaigners or their surrogates and the media is the surrogate of Obama.

As for the RNC purchasing Sarah Palin clothing, I say Kudos for the Republicans for recognizing what Palin needed and giving it to her.  Too many times money and clothing are barriers to a woman achieving.  I think the Republicans more so than the democrats have always showed a willingness to see beyond a lack of and work with it.  Case in point Suze Orman, and I ‘m not sure the people she dealt with were Republicans, but she said the following or something to the effect of the following (abridged version); I marched into Merrill Lynch after they had taken my money, and I demanded that they give me a job, the manager at the firm said OK and gave me some money to go and purchase some clothes because he said my clothes were inappropriate.  This is the Republican way.  They are not going to let a lack of keep a valuable team member from being the best she can be. I say Kudos to the Republican Party.

The second issue is Palin’s family traveling on Alaska.  The people of Alaska knew Governer Palin had five children when they elected her.   I love seeing her family together.  It’s so “American”.  I know every time she takes her family with her whenever she represents Alaska as Governor this helps the citizens of Alaska.  Finally most of the people reporting this most not realize that Alaska has a lot of money.  They treat their citizens very well.  I knew someone who came to Nashville to go to college from Alaska.  Alaska paid her full tuition, she also had enough money left over to pay for an apartment and still had extra.  I think the media needs to leave Alaska alone.  They have a good thing going.

Finally I would like to mention that early in the primaries, the Obama’s children were at some sort of coffee shop or coffeehouse in an early state and I saw the camera pan over to one of the Obama’s children and their hair was not combed and sticking straight up in the air.  I thought to myself boy if elected is this what we are going to send overseas.  This is going to get embarrassing, maybe some campaign money should have been used to comb their children’s hair.  I don’t think the world thinks that uncombed hair is self sacrificing, it makes the world wonder if America is too poor to get their leaders children’s hair hair combed. (I only saw this once, and it was flashed on very quickly)  The RNC made sure this never happened to them.  One could argue that we are dealing with different textures of hair but I had to give Cindy Mccain Kudos when she presented her obviously black daughter with her hair “laid”. Most people do not have the mind to know what to do with a “colored” girls hair but Mrs. McCain knew.  She also knew to dress every member of her family well and has maintained very high standards for herself in her appearance.  This is one example that every first lady I’ve ever seen has done, is maintain a decent appearance.  If Michelle Obama can not do this if her husband is elected;  I hope people don’t think that this is how the average black person maintains their appearance.  Michelle has been doing better lately but I think my example for how a high powered black woman maintains herself would be Condi Rice.  I know Condi has handlers but she looks great all of the time so I’m pretty positive she knows how to use a curling iron, and possibly put in her own perm, with Michelle Obama I’m not so sure.  I think she should learn to love wigs.


Mrs. Sarah Palin Who are you Palling around with a. adulturers b. drug adddicts c. the beer queen d. all of the above!

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Hey Sarah since we are talking about who people are hanging with,  let’s see who you’re palling around with. 

Oh Sarah You’re palling around with adulterers.  Everyone knows that prior to marrying Cindy McCain, John Mccain was married to another woman and he cheated on her terribly until finally he cheated on her with an attractive millionaire and decided to marry this one.  It is also rumored that John Mccain even after he married Cindy did not change his cheating ways, it is widely rumored that he exchanged political favors for sex with a young blonde woman.  I suppose what you don’t know is that it is widely believed that you were “the woman” Mccain chose to be VP because he’s gotten a sexual favor from you or he’s expecting a sexual favor from you.  Enquiring minds want to know have you given up the cat yet?  In case you were unaware that you were palling around with an adulterer you can read more about it here, here – this one states your base does care about adultery and would be less likely to vote for a candidate who had extramarital affairs- let’s see by your logic Obama knew that Ayres did what he did therefore he is what Ayres is let’s pull this further you know that McCain is an adulterer and therefore Sarah Palin is an adulterer and should not get the support of her base.  You can also read more about McCain’s adultery here.

The message is:

Sarah Pallin is Palling Around with Adulterers.

Oh yeah who is is Palin palling around with, Oh she’s palling around with a drug addict. A Drug Addict no less.  Cindy Mccain falsified prescriptions for her own charity and instead of handing them out to the charity she kept the drugs in a suitcase and swallowed them down whenever she felt like it.  You can read about it here or here

Ok what do we have here:

Saring Palin is Palling Around with A Drug Addict! A Drug Addict!

I thought Sarah Palin was a Christian in most protestant churches that I’ve been too.  Drinking is a sin.  Cing McCain is known as the Beer Queen.  I wonder how many calamities have been caused by people drinking  her beer, wife beatings, people killed in drunk driving accidents you get the point.  Needless to say the Republican moral majority don’t care.

Sarah Palin is palling around with the Beer Queen, she’s promoting Sin!

Sarah is palling around with these types of people. Well let me tell you it’s not just a group of people.  This is one couple.  I wonder what her other friends are like.  I don’t want to know.

Tales from the Homefront: Blogging A Rabid Obama supporter’s Words!

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Lately I’ve begun to wonder if McCain is running against Obama or running for President of the United States.  It’s Like Barack Obama can’t utter a word without Mc Cain responding.  Even so Mc Cain seems to be running a schizophrenic campaign where on the one hand he says he represents the blue collar workers and on the other hand he say’s he represents people who earn over 250,000 dollars a year.  While everyone deserves to be represented, if you are running an honest campaign and want to win. The big question for Mc Cain is why would you alienate the majority of the electorate by saying their tax cuts will be welfare unless you plan on pulling  a Bush 2000 trick.  Do you think the real Joe the Plumbers are aware that they don’t make 250,000 dollars a year.  “That” Joe the Plumber may make 250,000 , but most plumbers don’t.  The great big question that just popped into my mind is John Mc Cain actually aware that the majority of people make less than 250,000 dollars a year or is he so insulated in his own world that he thinks the majority of people make a quarter of a million dollars a year or more.

As for calling a middle class tax cut welfare.  I’m going to have to take a page out of my mothers book, a rabid fighting hollering Obama supporter and repeat her words.

“Mc Cain and his whole family have always been on welfare, they’ve been on our tax dollars for generations, his father even had servants on our tax dollars.”

” If it wasn’t for his family Mc Cain would have never have been admitted into the Naval Academy.”

“Mc Cain would be nothing without Cindy McCain and her money.”

“She should just run away with Charlie Crisp.”

“McCain came in last in his class at the Naval Academy.  He’s the reason all of those men were captured in the first place.  he’s so stupid”

The point is while Mc Cain is saying Obama is seeking welfare for the middle class.  Those same middle class folks are taking their measure of him.  My mother,  a retired teacher sure is hollering about him  all day and the above is just a brief sampling of what she has to say.

Race, Gender, and Class is creating a Quandary for this Independent Voter

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I’ve said often on this blog that I’ve made a decision on whom I want to vote for but the truth is I have not and every time I decide definitely in my mind, a constituency of either presidential candidate makes me question if I actually want to cast a ballot for the candidate of choice at the time.

My quandary, not with McCain but with Palin is, Is she a racist or not.  I think at her first campaign stop there was a black man who really wanted to shake her hand and she refused to shake it.  Ever since my brief observation I’ve been wondering is she or isn’t she a racist.  The behavior of her followers, one who even used a racial slur against a cameraman is deeply troubling.  There has been evidence that she’s not a racist, the winner of Miss Alaska a black woman has said that Palin was cool and not a sore loser when she lost to her.

In addition Palin’s husband is partially Eskimo which does not point to a pure racist,  However, her base makes me wonder what she is.

You know as far as I am concerned the one thing Sarah Palin appears to be doing well is being a woman.  I thought it was awesome when Sarah Plain stepped off the airplane toting her baby after her campaign activities.  I thought it was wonderful that she actually went into Wal-Mart.  I think it’s wonderful that she actually married someone that she’s attracted too.  I think it’s wonderful that she has five kids and still manages to play the game.  I really like the image that Sarah Palin portrays.  I admit she did have a very rocky start with her first TV interview, but she pulled it together quickly.  As for Foreign Policy experience Condeleeza Rice, a woman that I deeply admire has said something to the effect that different skill sets can be used to address Public Policy.  The You Tube Video of What Condeleeza Rice thinks of Palin appears below.

In terms of Class and Sex I think Barack Obama does this rather badly.  Obama for me reminds me of a friend or a loved one that I argue with constantly and I always forgive because well because I care for them.  It’s like you see their faults but you love them anyway.  Obama as far as I’m concerned is extremely charismatic and seductive.  I think he knows this and takes advantage of it.   People have dropped out of the race for lesser things then what Obama has been known to actually do. Plagiarism, Biden dropped out of a Presidential race for it. Racism, I do believe that Obama knew that Reverend Wright was a racist.  If he’s that naive he does not need to run for President.  Churches have themes.  The whole Church is themed around evil whitey.  I’m sure of it.  They have speakers coming to the church talking about how the white man oppresses black people.  They have plays about it.  This is the unadulterated truth if anyone wants to  or cares to hear it.  White men who have been accused of a lot less then this type of racism have dropped out of the race, however it may not even be a race issue but a generational issue, Obama’s generation is Prince and Madonna.  They are used to controversy and are not dropping out because of it.  Earlier generations may have been embarrassed a little too easily.

The class issue,  Obama is an unadulterated elitist, small town people cling to their religion and their guns is a terribly elitist thing to say, unfortunately having roots in a small town I agree with this.  Though I often write positively about my parents small town roots, the roots sometimes try to follow you out of the country and wrap their tentacles around you creating a small town atmosphere of innuendo and bad feelings.  On my most recent visit a relative told me you don’t know what they say about you you should change your clothes,  I replied well I know what they say about you, you’re a rabid gossip.  In any event I’m not arguing with Obama’s impression of small town America because I used to be closely associated with one and more and more I’m thinking about getting lost from it.

Finally the sexism issue and Obama weighs heavily on my mind.  The way the the democrats and Barack Obama treated Hillary Clinton is just totally unacceptable behavior.  They literally took votes from Hillary and gave them to Barack Obama as written about here and here. While some may argue that this was not a chauvinist thing to do it was just winning, asking Hillary Clinton to just swallow the incident and campaign was chauvinist to me and though she has been married to the President of the United States and been first lady proving swallowing disappointment and unfairness is profitable, it’s a wooden nickel and makes me wonder if she’s a happy women.  Money and Power don’t mean much without self respect.  To emphasize how money does not matter, let me briefly tell a story when I was in San Francisco I saw this homeless couple, the male of the pair picked up his raggedly dressed companion and placed her in the basket with such love and gentleness that I instantly felt a twinge of envy.  If you can end life being loved and appreciated then power and money does not matter much.  In essence Obama treated Hillary wrong, the fact that he respects his wife and no one else is peculiar to me because respect of your colleagues is supposed to be a given.

Finally after all of this, one may wonder why Obama still ranks as a candidate in my mind.  The honest truth is he looks like a nice guy who will do the right thing.  I don’t believe that he’s a nice guy.  He believes in infanticide.  This will probably be the deal breaker for me.  I honestly don’t feel that he has a platform that he really cares about; for example when I think of Hillary Clinton I think of Health Care.  When I think of Barack Obama, I think he looks like a nice responsible human being.  He looks like he will do the right thing and he’s a democrat and maybe just maybe he will care about making things better.

Finally as far as Obama is concerned his base is so disgustingly smug that I really feel no affinity with them, though I do have the most basic of college degrees, I still like talking to Joe the plumber, and Mary the maid, and Sue the hairdresser.  As a matter of fact I would love to be their friends so I could get free and reduced services from them in exchange for my services as a Web  Architect.  The SNL skit of the McCain Palin supporter made me think of myself.  I am often wrong, I am often judgmental and may mispronounce a word but I don’t think that I should be made fun of.  When I see skits like this I think there will be no consideration of me in an Obama presidency and there probably will not  be because after all he refused to shake my hand.  🙂


The question pollsters should be asking is, Have you voted in early voting?  If not why?  If I knew who I was voting for trust me I would participate in early voting to avoid long lines.  I am going to narrow it down before the early voting polls close because I don’t want to wait in long lines.

In My School of Thought Paulson Gets A Great Big F A three page document in exchange for 700 billion dollars

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Every Time I think of how the country was asked to give 700 billion dollars to the Department of the Treasury from a three page letter I am incredulous.  As a Political Science Major who’s never worked in the field,  with extensive coursework in Public Policy, I know that if I had turned in 3 pages for any Policy Evaluation of an issue or Policy Solution, a three page prescription would have netted me a great big F.  I think the minimum for a decent grade not to mention 700 billion dollars was twenty pages.  As a former debater and a person with extensive experience with crafting public policy.  There is no way possible Paulson could have given any serious thought to why he needed 700 billion dollars with three pages.

As far as debate goes, you can’t even begin to debate adequately with three pages because your competition who has to be familiar with all basic aspects of the issue would tear you apart.  For instance if you were debating the overall aspect of the crashing economy.  You would have to know what industry’s were or would be affected, what would throw the country over the brink into a depression, what solutions were needed to solve the problem, statistics, justifications etc, all buttressed by noted authorities well respected in their field. Finally after the solutions were proposed there would be talk of cost.   The price of entry into debate is being able to SHIT, as one former debater coined it.  T – Topicality – Do you have the ability to even firmly grasp the over riding issues and what’s going on, I -Inherencey – What are the inherent barriers keeping the problem from being solved, ex.  Why is the U.S. facing a depression or in depression, and what is causing the depression?  HHarm – What will happen if we don’t solve the problem?  this is one Secretary Paulson did get, he skipped immediately to pushing our country over the brink.  Finally in debate your solution is called S-Solvency which includes a policy prescription and solutions to the problem.  You will lose if you say give me 700 billion dollars and that solves the problem.  You have to have step by step solutions. I’m sorry to say but a three page letter for 700 billion dollars would get you laughed at.

AS far as formal training in policy drafting and making the same applies.   One wonders with such a large staff why Paulson would deliver a three page document in exchange for 700 billion dollars.  Don’t the American people pay the salaries of policy wonks at the Department of the Treasury to examine broad issues of the economy, and render proposed policies that will provide the solution.  Heck even a computer simulation predicted Hurricane Katrina at least five years prior to it’s happening.  I’m sure their is a computer that Paulson could have used to get some statistics for why he needed 700 billion dollars.  The problem here is that Paulson did not even try to make his robbing of the citizens look good.  Furthermore, I am even wondering if this is his jurisdiction, yes he’s supposed to keep the economy going, but the Department of Commerce is supposed to be the governmental liaison between Wall Street and Main Street.  You know I have only one thing to say, when I graduated from college I sent out hundred and hundreds of applications to government looking for a position as a policy analyst, no one hired me.  It is a little disappointing to see a three page policy proposal for 700 billion dollars.  I can’t even get a micro loan of $1000.00 without a business plan.

Then again just like the Iraq War.,  this situation is just friends helping friends and I believe what the callers of C-Span believe that once the deal is done the money is going to the Caymans and to Dubai.  This is essentially a buyout of Wall Street and they don’t have to put it back into the U.S. economy.  I have to admit that if someone bought my business for 700 billion dollars and I had a nightmare experience of employees faking documents, clients lying about their worth etc.  There is no “way” I would try to come back and do business with the same types of people again.  I would take my loan money to China, and to places where I know the people would pay me back and the people processing the loans were honest. After getting my share of the 700 billion dollars I would leave the country.  The crisis that we are in is because we hire people who ask for 700 billion dollars because of three pages of documentation and “get it” because they threaten us or because we like them.  This is not just a depression this is a disaster with a massively undereducated population that are not assets to the U.S. anymore.  The one thing that Bush did get sort of right was a focus on education, however the high drop out rate is not good for the economy so he sort of got it wrong too.  I heard a speech that Mc Cain gave in 2005 where he had already figured out that we had a crisis in the United States as indicated by his words, he said something like  the following I went and talked to the President of Ireland and I asked him how he had turned his country around from being a place that people were fleeing from to a place where people were flocking to, McCain went on to say that the president of Ireland said that he committed himself to the education of the populace.  I understand that with our Mobile society it is impossible for us to control how long and how children are educated but we must, the health of our country is at stake.

Finally, I suppose since the Secretary of the Treasury can ask for 700 billion dollars with three pages, I have a right to offer my own suggestions in a couple of paragraphs.  First of all I think something like the WPA should be established to give people jobs in this crisis, second of all I believe that Loans and maybe buyouts should be given to Wall Street to firms that go through an application process with heavy documentation “required”,  since Paulson has demonstrated that he could not be objective with his non bailout of Lehman Brothers and possibly Merrill Lynch (Does anyone want to do business with Lynch after being bought by the thieving bank Bank of America, I had three bank accounts prior to Bank of America with Bank Cards only, I never had an overdraft, I had a bank card with Bank of America also and in the first month of use they had managed to charge me over $150 in overdraft fees for an amount less than $25. and no I did not balance my accounts but I did what I did with every other account i  called for the balance and evidently the balance was wrong because Bank of America fleeced me with overdraft fees just from a bank card, so as far as that buy out goes, ordinary individuals need to stay as far away from the New Merrill Lynch as possible, banks 1000 times smaller than Bank of America could manage to accurately reflect my account balance but BofA could not) In any event Paulson has demonstrated in his refusal to give equal treatment to Lehman brothers and Merrill Lynch while in a credit crisis, that he does not have the fairness and judgment to administer 700 billion dollars.  If I were congress I would ask Banks and Investment institutions to create proposals with justifications and needs asking for the money and  expedite the loan or purchase of securities to a day if necessary.  I will repeat this one more time, I would in no way or no how give a man who asked for 700 billion dollars on three pages any money “never”.

Finally I mentioned McCain, I have to mention Obama too, Obama  has showed great judgment in saying no, they can wait a little while longer, he also showed great judgment in actually consulting experts as in plural on the subject. I think our failure in leadership has come about because our leaders believe that they ought to know everything and do not consult or respect the knowledge of others.  As for Mc Cain he showed great judgment in suspending his campaign to work on this issue.  Evidently, he clued Obama in to the fact that he had to stay too, because CNN and Fox are reporting that Obama has not left Capital Hill.  I think even the suggestion that Mc Cain is trying to grandstand politically is ludicrous.   He has been a Senator for a very long time and several laws have his name on them.  He wants to be involved and objective politicians on both sides wanted him to be Involved. Kudos to both men!

Did I hear the Word Draft or am I Over Analyzing McCain?

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Every time I hear Mc Cain speak for any length, I hear words coming out of his mouth that I know are quite wrong.  Mc Cains constant talk of war mongering and expanding the Armed Services when hardly anyone is volunteering now gives me pause.  How are you going to expand the armed forces when no one is volunteering, oh I know implement a draft.  I have a son who is twelve I do not want him drafted into the military.  If he chooses to join fine!

For the first six months of Barack Obama’s campaign his message was simply, I will bring the troops back home and I did not vote for the war.  With this message he became the front runner in the Democratic primary and eventually recieved the nomination to be the democratic nominee for president.  Is Mc Cain aware of any of this?  Is Mc Cain aware that a record number of people voted in the democratic primary and will vote in the general election not for him.  Mc Cains platform or lack of one is leading me to believe that the Republicans don’t believe tricks are for kids and have some voting tricks planned.

 At this point I can’t even see the most ardent racist voting for more of the same of what we just had.  I don’t think that most people have failed to realize that all of the wars and the trouble that America has been sticking it’s  nose in lately  has been in oil, drug, or both producing regions.  Georgia is an oil producing region and at the time of the conflict Americans were drilling for oil there.  Personally I prescribe to the precept that natural resources ought to belong to the region first and everyone else second.   The United States is most likely involved in the Georgian conflict because they want their natural resources.  Again all of these little wars that have been started since the Bush presidency have been essentially because of oil.  I am extremely disappointed that though Mc Cain is not from Texas he is turning out to be an oil man.  Furthermore his choice of an oil woman as a VP candidate solidifies this view.  

I saw a really nice interview done with McCain in 2005.  He seemed like a really nice man with great ideas for education and the enviornment.  Unfortunately these great ideas are sorely missing from his platform.  I am honestly  wondering if he’s senile or what.

As for Sarah Palin, I tuned into the Charles Gibson interview and honestly felt that Charles Gibsons questions were a little harsh and unfair.  I have never heard of a Bush model of Foreign Policy being spoken of before, I have heard the words “the Bush policy of preemptive strikes”.  For Sarah Palin’s part she did ask for clarification and Charles Gibson did not give it.  This was a high tech lynching of Sarah Palin and I can guarantee this if the media continues to go after Palin like this.  Mc Cain will win.  Did I tell you how I ended up voting for Bush the last time I believe, I walked in undecided, definitely not intending to vote for Nader, but all the same I wanted to see his name.  I had heard that the dems had went on a campaign to get his name off of the ballot because they felt he took votes away from them.  When I looked at my ballot they had successfully taken him off of my ballot, I therefore initiated my protest vote by voting for Bush.  If things continue they way they are with Sarah Palin, I might have to vote for Sarah Palin to show my disgust with the way she’s being treated.

Ted Commented on this blog on May 28, 2008 that Sarah Palin Would be the Republican Nominee

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The link to the blog entry is the following :

Sarah Palin Will Walk in The Sun for The “REPUBLICANS”

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In a move that shows John Mc Cain’s respect for his wife, daughter and his mother.  NOT “Just Words”  Mc Cain chooses Sarah Palin as his VP nominee.

To quote Cyndi Lauper in “Girls Just Want to have Fun”,

Somebody takes a beautiful girl and hides her away from the rest of the world, (The dems took Hillary and are hiding her away from the rest of the world)

I want to be the one to walk in the Sun, (Hillary wanted to walk in the Sun,  (her beautiful Orange suit showed this”)

Palin will walk in the Sun for the Good Ol Party! This election year will break barriers!

Did Romney (FLDS) Drop out of the Republican Race Becuase He Was Promised the Vice Presidency? Romney (FLDS) Member to Fill in For John McCain at Republican Texas Nominating Committee

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Romney (FLDS) was running a close second to McCain but he suddenly out of the blue dropped out of the race.  I personally want to know was he promised to be the vice-presidential nominee if he dropped out of the race? This question is looming harder and harder in my mind as I read that Mitt Romney will be filling in for John McCain at the Texas Republican Nominating Convention.  According to the Houston Chronicle,

“Presumptive Republican nominee U.S. Sen. John McCain is passing on the Texas GOP convention next week, but he has announced that former presidential contender Mitt Romney will speak in his place. Romney is believed to be on McCain’s short list for vice president. “

We all know the enormous amount of money Romney spent in the Republican Race and then how he just suddenly dropped out.  Maybe he saved his money so he could buy his way into the Vice Presidency.  Finally though I am putting FLDS behind his name I honestly don’t have a problem with is being a Mormon, I may have problems that he came from a polygamous household and wonder if John McCain chooses Mitt Romney what this means to little girls getting their menstrual cycles early becoming the prey of men as old and older than John McCain.  I caught Romney’s conservative speech on CSPAN and it sent chills down my spine as a woman.  I’m sure in private what he had to say about black people would send chills down my spine also. 

It is telling that Romney (FLDS) is speaking before the Texas State Republican Convention as a fill-in for Presumptive nominee John McCain at a time when the Texas State Supreme court is due to return 400 children to a Ranch teeming with child molesters and complacent and complacent adult women.  As a former FLDS member appears on Nancy Grace almost daily talking about the abuses to women and children suffered by she and other women almost daily by FLDS.  The Republican committee trots out FLDS to speak to one of the largest Republican delegations in the country.  Finally Romney is around fifty but polygamy was outlawed by the Mormon church 100 years ago, therefore to have come from a polygamous household, Romney must be FLDS,

I am not objecting to a Mormon in the White House.  I’ve been friends with Mormons who were just great people and I am really impressed with the Mormon Attorney General of Utah.  He is not afraid to stand up for the rights of women and children.  However, when I heard Romney speak I was so disappointed with his total self absorption and intolerance for anyone who did not believe the way he did.  It was shocking considering we would have to get over his coming from a polygamous lifestyle.   FLDS publicly espouses racism.  If Mitt Romney becomes the Vice President of the United States it will set this country back centuries in terms of women’s and minority rights. 

 Finally if McCain chooses Romney he will definitely bring into question whether McCain is a pervert and is making visits to the FLDS ranch in his free time.  We all are aware that Cindy McCain is a whopping twenty years younger than McCain.  Who knows maybe he’s ripe for a twelve year old now. 



Could McCain have a Woman VP up his sleeve After All Former HP President Fiorina Firmly in McCain and Republican Camp

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According to Bloomberg, Carly Fiorina, the former HP President with degrees in Medieval Studies who launched HP from what was known publicly as largely a printer only company to a multidimensional technological leader ranked second in technology; that still reaps extreme profits from her leadership years later;  is officially called the

“chairwoman of Victory ’08, the public face of, and force behind, Republican efforts to win the White House. ” 

While this is a great position and should make the democrats sweat.  It seems that John McCain might be better served by choosing Fiorina to be his running mate.  While Fiorina would bring her touted experience and success as President of HP, she also brings an experience and exposure to the international world early in her life .  While some say that Barack Obama’s Kenyan background and early life in Indonesia prepares him for the Presidency; Fiorina’s  attendance at five high schools across the world and Stanford Education would make her experiences a formidable vice presidential candidate with experience in the culture of foreign nations. 

In addition Fiorina’s experience with gender issues would provide a healthy outlet for Clintonites disappointed because Clinton did not receive the democratic nomination,  my first exposure to Fiorina’s unique approach to gender issues was by reading her commencement speech to the predominately Black College and University Nort Carolina A&T; she recounts in the speech how she dealt with being told by colleagues that she could not attend a meeting with a client because their meeting with him was customarily held at a strip club.  Fiorina recounts the following:

“In those early days, I was put in a program at the time called the Management Development Program. It was sort of an accelerated up-or-out program, and I was thrown into the middle of a group of all male sales managers who had been there quite a long time, and they thought it was their job to show me a thing or two. A client was coming to town and we had decided that we were getting together for lunch to introduce me to this customer who was important to one of my accounts.Now the day before this meeting was to occur, one of my male colleagues came to me and said, “You know, Carly, I’m really sorry. I know we’ve had this planned for a long time, but this customer has a favorite restaurant here in Washington, D.C., and they really want to go to that restaurant, and we need to do what the customer wants, and so I don’t think you’ll be able to join us.”
“Why is that?” I asked. Well, the restaurant was called the Board Room. Now, the Board Room back then was a restaurant on Vermont Avenue in Washington, D.C., and it was a strip club. In fact, it was famous because the young women who worked there would wear these completely see-through baby doll negligees, and they would dance on top of the tables while the patrons ate lunch.The customer wanted to go there, and so my male colleagues were going there. So I thought about it for about two hours. I remember sitting in the ladies room thinking, “Oh God, what am I going to do? And finally I came back and said, “You know, I hope it won’t make you too uncomfortable, but I think I’m going to come to lunch anyway.”

Now, I have to tell you I was scared to death. So the morning arrived when I had to go to the Board Room and meet my client, and I chose my outfit carefully. I dressed in my most conservative suit. I carried a briefcase like a shield of honor. I got in a cab. When I told the taxi driver where I wanted to go he whipped around in his seat and said, “You’re kidding right?” I think he thought I was a new act

In any event, I arrived, I got out, I took a deep breath, I straightened my bow tie, and went in the door – and you have to picture this – I go into the door, there’s a long bar down one side, there’s a stage right in front of me, and my colleagues are sitting way on the other side of the room. And there’s a live act going on the stage. The only way I could get to them was to walk along that stage. I did. I looked like a complete idiot. I sat down, we had lunch.
Now, there are two ends to that story. One is that my male colleagues never did that to me again. But the other end to the story, which I still find inspiring, is that all throughout lunch they kept trying to get those young women to dance in their negligees on top of our table — and every one of those young women came over, looked the situation over and said, “Not until the lady leaves”

Now this is the way to handle such a situation, no law suits, no screaming etc.  She won over the day and had a story to tell that all people could learn from.  This is the type of behavior most women can relate to.  In any event Fiorina would definitely serve to appease the radical Clintonites.

However, she would also serve to ally the fears of people who are concerned about John McCains age.  If anything happened to John McCain she would be ready to lead on day one.  A Fiorina Vice Presidency would also take the so called high end voters who are voting for Barack Obama.  While Firorina probably would not bring many black voters to the table, she has shown a commitment to diversity while President of HP by initiating a wide range of diversity programs.