I can’t Imagine

In politics on May 21, 2021 at 3:55 am

As a person who has always considered themselves kind who has literally given homeless people the coat off of my back and my former boyfriends back it always amazes me the hatred that is displayed towards me by law enforcement. It is a mindless psychotic hatred that I will never comprehend. They scare me. I think a lot of people are former veterans that fought in various wars and they treated the populace of various countries and they bring it back to the United States and treat poor and brown people the same way.

I will never understand why they have hated me. I will just ask God to protect me from demons because at this point I think of law enforcement as some sort of demonic brotherhood. I don’t even know how this country can get back on track and have law enforcement too. We want to be safe from each other but not at the costs of being dehumanized by people who are sworn by people who are supposed to protect us. .

Under the police the United States is living under totalitarianism. They are jerking people off the street at will and framing individuals because they can. The United States under the Police force is effectively a North Korea or Iron Curtain. We are not free in the United States, everyone should know that. We all of us regardless of race are imprisoned by a corrupt legal system. Pray for us, pray against the demonic forces in the United States Right now. Let a higher being prevail over evil.

I Signed over to my relatives 7k to pay for my mother’s funeral

In politics on May 9, 2021 at 11:56 am

Despite what you may hear everyone must know that I signed over 7k to pay for my mother mattie bullard’s funeral. You are perfectly welcome to call Hairston Funeral home and discuss it with them. Anything extra they did on their own but I personally paid for the majority of the funeral in cold hard cash. Don’t fall for a fake hard luck story that people may give you.

Startled at the Inauguration of Joe Biden

In culture, family, politics on January 21, 2021 at 9:36 pm

The biggest shock of my life at Joe Biden’d inauguration was that Kamala Harris had been the mother to teens. As the commentator said those are Harris’s stepchildren, I looked and saw young adults that had to have been teens when she married their Dad. I was like good for her, she actually was their mom. Because for dome reason i had thought her stepchildren were really old.

The next day on twitter, they were discussing her stepdaughters coat and how she was their mom. Slightly offended because I come from a divorced home. I said, I know they have a biological mother, so I googled her and found out that she was a supra liberal film director. This is when my mind bubbled out all into sitcom world and the lives the Harris family led. Two children with a liberal mother and liberal father get a black former female prosecutor as their mom. The world before, even at twelve, the kids walk out at ten pm and don’t come home till four am. Then enters a black strict step mom = that’s a sitcom I’d love to see. I am not knocking being that liberal. I was raised that liberal. I chose to work until early in the morning but at 16 I would not het home until 3am.