Channeling Through Cats Diana And Camilla

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I try to patently ignore the goings on in England shunning, pedophilia, open and flagrant adultery and such OH MY. The bible says judge ye not so you may not be judged and I believe in that precept so that’s all I can say about that.

However, the grim reaper has literally come to me and looked at me almost threatening me if I don’t recount what happened in my house. I told my significant other I saw the grim reaper under the tree and he said describing him to me “did he look like this” and I said yep exactly.

Well here is the story that I have been procrastinating sharing.

Last year we spoke to a woman about getting a cat. She sent a photo and I chose the cat Camilla not his real name. As I had been looking around the internet I kept seeing information at the shelters about bonded pairs of cats. They are bonded they have to be together. I was brainwashed into this nonsense. In any event the woman brought Camilla and Diana and because I had read the information on bonded pairs I said I’ll take Diana too. Well actually I took to Diana and could have sent Camilla with the tough hair and pensive personality back but agreed to keep her because I had made a promise to this kitten.

Immediately I evaluated their personalities, Camilla’s personality was intelligent and suspicious and very mean spirited I recognized that but tried to recognize that maybe this cat acted this way becuase of jealousy of the prettier cat so I did everything to try to make it up to this cat but never could he kept getting meaner and meaner. Meanwhile Diana was blonde with unique designs and the kindest of cats. Diana always had a comforting presence for everyone and could always be depended on to comfort those in distress. Meanwhile if Camilla observed someone being to kind to Diana Diana was going to get it one way or the other.

In other words Diana was the perfect cat in every way. She used her litter box and had perfect behavior. Camilla to this day has litter issues he has decided to find items around the house and cover his litter box with these items and this is how it is for him. However I began to notice that if Camilla was admonished for something pretty soon Diana would be doing it the wrong way too even though he was perfect. Diana knew to use the litter box but I observed Dian not using it and Camilla looking at her making sure she did it the wrong way and there were other occasions like this.

I did not connect the dots or was not giving that this was a channel until the cat Diana died he was run over by a car. Essentially the message was Princess Diana was born perfect. She was raised to be a great Princess or Queen if necessary. However, she was deeply tormented by Camilla and if she did anything that looked inappropriate it was not her. It was Camilla manipulating her and the media. After all Camilla is the patron Saint of the Media.

As for Diana’s actions they were manipulated, actions were manipulated, lies were told and Diana as we all know was tormented to the point where she was miserable and death is better then life. My chanel is saying on the night she died something happened to make her flee from the hotel not because of the reporters. There is more to that night then we know.

This is how my cat aliased Diana died. Both male cats were in heat and I cracked my window = a tiny crack and Camilla pushed the window open and jumped out. Diana followed her and jumped out too. Diana came home and was put in the bathroom while we waited for Camilla to come home. Diana snuck out of the vent and left the house. This is what I have been told. Camilla came back and Diana never did. I thought Diana was such a beautiful cat that maybe someone had taken her and she was with another family. The man that lives with me said they both would go to the yard behind us and stay all day and when I went to get them I thought wow who could blame them. The woman literally has a cute little cottage perfect for a cute little kitty. However, no Diana was not there I found him run over in the middle of the street with his organs laid out. His liver popped out of him . I literally had to scrape his body off of the road. I loved that kitten so and every time I think of him I burst out into tears. Camilla is still with us hissing at my grandbaby cat when I have to babysit him and doing something to shame him into covering his litter box.

The man thing I am being led to say is some people say Diana was pregnant with Dodie’s baby. I don’t think she was. There may have been secret plans for a reconciliation between Charles and Diana or pressure for that to happen. My significant other loves Camilla the cat. I do not like Camilla and can hardly stomach being around her. One of them had to go Camilla or Diana and Diana went, This is new information as I write . I have been under duress to write this. If more comes I will write it. Again I am a non editor so if there are typos I am sorry. It is done.


Will Smith’s Role as King Richard Spurred on the Slap of Chris Rock

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Will Smith won the Academy Award for King Richard and was a changed man after playing the role of Venus and Serena William’s father. If any black person wants to develop a healthy respect for black women based on racism and discrimination the field of ladies sports is a place to do it. . For me it was not the William’s sisters and their experiences that made me aware of this treatment though I was familiar with the McDonalds commercials that portrayed them in a totally unlike them manner because they are both tiny in terms of weight if not height with Venus looking like she could break that commercial was disturbing.

My total outrage and despair against sports and women of color came with the treatment of Castor Semenya who was treated terribly, from the humiliation of looking under her clothes to confirm that she was female and when that was confirmed tested for too much testosterone not artificial testosterone but testosterone that occurred naturally in her body. Never mind, that black men have more testosterone then most other males and and they are still men which follows that a female child of a black man would have higher levels too. White organizations wanted to insist that Caster was a male and even made her alter her body to lower her natural female levels. Finally the most heartbreaking response was Semenya saying well my grandmother had my mother and she looks just like me……. I wrote about my feelings on this blog in this post long ago Semanya Just A Baby .

I can only imagine how I would feel towards the world especially the world of white people if I had to play the parent of Caster Semenya and relive all of the inappropriate treatment meted out to Caster by certain white organizations and even certain black men because they were mad because she was a winner. Well Will Smith had to relive all of the inhumane treatment meted out to Venus and Serena Williams as he played their father and I’m sure he was horrified and appalled at it all. When one looks at women’s sports one realizes what the world really feels about black women. When one looks at women’s sports one really realizes how the world feels about Black Women who win fair and square. When one looks at women’s sports and the horrible SPOKEN words that are said about them one realizes that words hurt. We have seen words literally take some black females out like Gabby Douglass and to some extent Naomi Osaka. However King Richard, the father of Venus and Serena knew somehow how to shield his daughters from those words to make them winners no matter what. In the words of Arthur Ashe when I played in South Africa, (prior to the end of apartheid), I knew I had to protect myself psychologically and I had to win. Unfortunately, for black female athletes they still have to protect themselves psychologically for the crime of being winners.

When Will Smith states he had to protect the actors in the movie, this is because playing the Venus sisters as they were small children was probably really painful as they experienced mind blowing discrimination and pain, but the sisters continued on. As the pretend parent of those black women and the husband of a black woman. The insult by Chris Rock to Jada Pinkett Smith, his wife probably overwhelmed him after knowing what is really thought of all of us after playing the father of Venus and Serena and knowing that some black men actively participate in the spread of hate against black athletes. Chris was too much.

I end with this quote by Maya Angelou “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

” Maya Angelou May 28, 2014

Finally what the Academy needs to realize is that celebrities’ are no longer cute little dolls to be dressed up by the studios and trotted out, they are hard working individuals who work and earn their livings. Not only do they earn their livings but they are open with their hurts and their problems and are vulnerable and targeted for being celebrities. Yes they are A listers but no one deserves or needs to be roasted by a comedian after living and experiencing a normal life.


Will Smith Resigns from the Academy = The Academy Prefers Sambo and Cooning then a BLACK MAN “Chris Rock A Simple Laughing Docile Black Man Child like and Content protected by the Academy, The Happy Sambo

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Imagine if you will an event where people dress up in fancy clothes to attend an awards ceremony, They dress to the nine and they think they look their best and feel their best. This is an awards ceremony for the hardest of workers and the leaders of the award make Sambo the host to make fun of attendees. An ignorant loud mouthed Sambo that has nothing good to say about anyone. They say the best comedians make fun of themselves but no this one make fun of the audience and his only goal is to make people feel bad. Well this is the Academy the organizations that hands out the Oscars.

In terms of real life this indicates a fatal flaw with everyone to have a favorite. To embrace a Chris Rock to the detriment of everyone else I suppose it’s called favoritism. However, in terms of race relations Psychological Studies say that white people have no appreciation for the very great performances of Jada Pinkett, Will Smith, or even Denzel Washington. The studies say that white people will only embrace people of color if they are perfect in everyway. The same rules do not hold for their fellow white people. The studies show their fellow white people can be flawed in several ways and have one great skill and they are still relevant to fellow white people. This is never so evident in the academies embracing of a literal buffoon Chris Rock in favor of everyone to host their event. If ever white people needed a spotlight on how they choose their blacks the academies embracing and promotion of Chris Rock is a spotlight.

This is played across workplaces everyday. There are people of color who are very qualified and skilled at what they do. However many workplaces hire the person of color who can bring weed and women to the leaders of the company. They hire they stereotypical black person who is rude and makes nasty jokes about fellow employees because that’s their boy.