Racism in the United States HMM

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There are people always eager to tear down black people and the black race sometimes even me.  However as you think about the actions of white people in America you know why modern day black people want to confine themselves to being entertainers.  The quiet fact is that white people just don’t want people other then themselves to be anything.  There are even white women challenging black women for skin and butts at this point in the history of the U.S. and white people and black people are letting them win.  I saw one white woman who was caught while pregnant and she is white as a sheet and maintains a tan that keeps her looking like a latino with black roots. ANYWAY

I have spoken in this blog before about the Atlanta Race Riots of 1906, when white people thought that blacks were so affluent that they killed and burned down everyone and everything they could in a jealous rage.   It is rumored but not confirmed that Charles Drew the inventor of blood plasma died in a whites only hospital because whites refused to work on him. This has been refuted but his treatment was probably delayed until they realized who he was. There have been numerous black inventors of things like peanuts, the filament for the light bulb, traffic lights many items that are essential to everyday functioning.  As far as Africa goes it is not deepest darkest Africa and metallurgical work pioneered  by the Yoruba used for centuries was not figured out by the west until the mid to late part of the twentieth century.

I say all of the above to say I really don’t understand the racism in the air. Honestly, in Atlanta I can really feel hate for me emanating from some whites and a lot of people who are immigrants.  It’s like they want to take a knife and stab me in the back.  Ironically, there is one race of people where I felt their scorn and rage and something happened to one of their race.  I was appalled one day when one rolled her eyes at me snapped her back at me and than the next day I turned on the news and one of her race had been run over by a dump truck.  I felt guilt, but I am illustrating the palatable hate in the air towards black people.  It is almost psychic and there is something psychic going on with me guided by my obsession with karma and trying to be a good person and not negative. When I was falsely accused of taking my daughters glasses at visionworks and even after this was proven wrong the police took me to jail anyway for disorderly conduct two officers were killed the next day at an apartment complex.  So when I say this woman had an almost how dare you walk into this farmers market attitude and it was followed up with an unexplained tragedy to her race I know by the karmic actions that happened that I was not paranoid and the ugly attitude she showed was real. ANYWAY

Back to the Atlanta Race Riots and a little history, as stated earlier blacks have been intimidated into being anti-intellectual because whites don’t like it and all of those blacks are not going to be hired if they were not…. Well with the advent of the millennium under President Bush in the government it looked like the tide had changed for black people who had persevered and networked.  Under a republican there appeared the first black secretary of state and the first black national security adviser. The republicans had shown a willingness and an openness to give people what they earned.

As a result in the next major election cycle meaning after President Bush finished with his two cycles.  The democrats “managed” to find and I mean managed to find an articulate, handsome, very educated black man to run for president.,  He ran. He won, but not without the first quote un quote black president Bill Clinton who was really white telling him he was living a fairy tale for running.  He won!

This is when we come to the Atlanta Race Riot moment from republicans. In the twenty first century we have white individuals whose envy of one man is pathological.  For the record there have only been 44 presidents it is highly unlikely that President Barack Obama took their spot and for them to think so is truly ludicrous. The pathology and the Atlanta Race Riot moment can be pinpointed to the night President Barack Obama was being inaugurated and these individuals pledged that they were going to make sure the president got nothing accomplished and would be a one term president. Fortunately it did not work out for them that way.

In any event this outrage has spread to all black people fueling the koch brothers to pass legislation where it is literally legal to kill a black person without punishment. Any police officer can kill a black person and no one particularly cares. It is open season on black people and even the immigrants know it.  Someone from Texas told me that signs for the klan in Northern Georgia are open about klan meetings and THEY were shocked.  White people are operating in pseudo segregation it’s there, it’s happening.  The insidiousness of it all came when a fraternity was splashed all over the TV talking about a nigger would never be admitted into their fraternity. I am vaguely familiar through attending two black college campuses on what black fraternities do and I seriously doubt that most black men don’t want to get drunk and sleep in the snow all night what one friend long ago told me happened at her campus.  She said you don’t believe how drunk white people get, they get so drunk they fall asleep in the snow and wake up in the morning and go about their business.  I asked her don’t they get hypothermia. No she replied emphatically and we all laughed.  For me as a college student I remember greeks as stepping and performing. I remember marveling at how high one jumped even though when I arrived on campus everyone whispered to me that he was gay and they had hid his girlfriend in a closet to see him being done by another man. In any event he could still jump.  ANYWAY

As we watched these guys chant they did not want a nigger in their fraternity, I tweeted wow these are UT rejects and trust me Texas has created a unique talented tenth option that is really wonderful if you graduate in the top ten percent of your class you are automatically admitted to flagship Texas universities.  So they are not the best Texas has to offer.  But as I tweeted this the NEWS said oh well they do this at other fraternities even in Texas at UT.  At that moment I began to think that televising frat guys talking about niggers was some coded way of telling other white people it’s OK to be racist. We are moving to a new error of white supremacy.  As far as other fraternities using the N word if you can’t prove it it never happened and I hope they stick to this story so we will not usher in a new age of racism in the U.S.

I never edit… hopefully it’s readable.

Oh yeah one more thought one of the guys hollering about Niggers was jewish… honestly though black people in america have never been slotted to be exterminated wholesale. White people lynched blacks and vented on blacks but knew and know they could not at one time live without our labor and did not want to live without our culture.  All modern music genres in the United States have come out of an African American tradition, modern casual clothing in the U.S. is highly influenced by black people. We are america! If you don’t think so look at this a productive greek sorority practicing a black tradition of stepping much more productive than getting drunk and sleeping in the snow….

Zeta Tau Alpha FULL LENGTH Sprite Step Off WINNERS

SAE White College Students can do something besides calling people niggers and getting Drunk “GROW UP”

Michael Brown

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As a mother and a parent I watch the events Micheal Brown with amazed horror.  My inclination to speak the truth and say well Michael Brown was not a nice guy competes with my guilt that by saying this I may jinx my kids to death or some act that would make me so upset and dejected surrounding the events of my children so on and twitterverse I just bite bite my tongue.

However as an African American and a person who cares about my race am proud of the great parts of being black and love the black community I feel that I must speak for the greater good.  I’m not calling any names but to batter, steal, and smoke weed is not the purpose of black people.  When I look at the incidents in Ferguson surrounding who the protests are about someone on video beating an old man and stealing.  I am a lot disgusted. Not only am I disgusted but it makes me question the whole civil rights history of blacks and I don’t like doing that.  Were the males of the past that are lauded as heros essentially bad people becomes my question?  I understand from past readings that in the south when they organized and chose an icon they chose very very carefully.  What was the reputation of the person who would be the test case? Were they good?  Were they smart? Were they clean?

There is something a little belle curvish about the protests surrounding Michael Brown.  Are black people incapable of logically seeing that Brown was a criminal too. Instead of burning down a store, Can they see that this kid had problems?  No he did not deserve to die.  No one does.

As I’m writing this I am gaining what writers get “catharsis” but I’m wondering what was the reputation of the officer? Did he have a history of police brutality?  So I google it and read the New York Times article ( that states that it is alleged that Wilson pulled Michael Brown into the car and attacked him which seems plausible to me.  Was Officer really officer friendly did he hear that Michael Brown had battered, stolen from and harassed a store owner and just wanted to beat him up like any nice guy would and forgot that he was a police officer and it went too far.This could be an answer.

Or could it be that Michael Brown was on a drug fueled rampage that caused him to steal cigars, batter the store owner, and swagger in the middle of the street, and attack an officer we don’t know.

There is a thread that’s never been explored and that is the relationship his mother has was a presidential staffer.  Of course Brown told the world his mom was friends with a presidential staffer. He was just that type of guy.  Could he have been targeted and killed for that?  Did he rob and fight the police officer because he thought he was an untouchable my mom is obviously friends with a presidential staffer judging by the posthumous reaction of the masses probably assisted by the CIA to bring discord to Ferguson, MO for a person of questionable character. Eric Holder did you smoke pot before getting on a plane and making this GUY your issue or did the president of the United Stated demand you go to Ferguson because of friendship.  Michael Brown did not deserve to die, but Mr. Attorney General going to Ferguson does not put you in the same category as your wifes sister.  Was she a criminal? Did she have a record like it’s whispered Michael Brown had?  Was she a thief? Do these questions make you mad for me to suggest these things about your dear sister in law?  Well when you do not carefully choose people to represent the “MOVEMENT” and it’s always a movement this is what it turns in to.  It turns all of the past civil rights work to dust because people wonder “is this what black people are about?” beating and stealing from shop owners?

Finally, I could not say all what I’ve said above without saying the following.  It is not OK to be a bad egg. This is what kids need to know.  This is what kids need to hear. It is not OK. It’s not OK to disrespect women and just do bad things.  There was a white man in NYC shot for fighting the police just for fighting the police he’s dead. Everyone has moved on.  I just don’t understand why blacks want to continually rerun the past.  I understand that there are lots of black males in jail. I understand that a man was choked to death in NYC for no reason, a white cop in N.C. stopped a black man for a seat belt and just shot him.  I understand THESE things but I don’t understand Micheal Brown. The only thing that justifies this reaction based on his character is that his mom is friends with a presidential staffer and that’s not a good enough reason for me.

I don’t even understand what’s happening with the mom. She’s taking pictures with some guy draped over him like Marilyn Monroe.  Is this YOUR claim to fame your kid is dead and you are on the news.  Going to Geneva, what do you say my kid robbed someone and the police shot him in the least it was self defense and at most the policeman was trying to seek vengeance for a man who came to the United States to pursue an american dream and was attacked by a 400 pound black guy over cigars not even food.  “If that story is true”.

Your son is dead I understand that but did you ever take the time to teach him right from wrong.  If he would have brought you a cigar would you have smoked it or read him the riot act about where the hell he got the cigars from? People you have to use moral principles to raise your children.  “Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 

The UN Refuses to Fix a Problem it Created By Giving Palestinian Land Away

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I’ve written before about the Palestinian issue and to repeat myself my view on the Palestinian issue boils down to this.  I turned n the TV, was watching PBS and there stood a forlorn elderly lady in front of a house discussing how she had been living in her house and one day she was told to leave.  She had a deed, showed us, her family had lived there for at least a century and now she had nothing.

At this point the issue of the occupation of Palestine became real to me.  These individuals were not objective savages who were not worthy of consideration.  They were and are real people.  These are people who just on the word of a small group of people were told to leave their homes and their lands.  This is disgraceful and as the occupiers get on TV and try to sell the American people – me the fact that they are a legitimate country it only makes me sick and disgusted to my stomach.

Ultimately neither side on Palestinian lands is responsible, it is the UN that behaved responsibly.  They should have never annexed Palestine in the first place.  It was the wrong thing to do.  It was and is a policy fail.  What makes it so shocking and appalling is the UN and the world refuses to look out for the rights of the people that were occupied.  They are doing nothing for them.  There are so many policy measures that could be put into place to alleviate the pain of the Palestinian people but it’s not being done.

As a person who spent a great part of my teenage years and college years studying the Holocaust the behavior of the Jews in their treatment of the Palestinians is disgraceful.  As I watch the bombings, am exposed to the propaganda of certain folks who put Jewish leaders on TV who talk to justify the bombings of Palestine.  The only thing I see are wings being pulled off of butterflies and an old woman crying for her house.  As for the Jews it always seems to me that their behavior towards the Palestinians  is in some way revenge for the Holocaust.  It’s a concentration camp on a strip of land.  My only answer to that is pick on someone your own size if you want get back for the Holocaust be a man bomb Germany not the Palestinians.

It is ironic people were wronged in Germany people were killed yet that’s not dealt with, the Jews are sophisticated they can go and have coffee with people from a whole country who hunted them down and exterminated many of them, yet the Palestinians are savages who deserve to be bombed because  they want to keep their homes.  I repeat the Palestinians are not the ones who killed millions of Jews the Germans were maybe before killing innocents the jews need to deal with that.


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