From Jury Duty to Private Prison Fodder

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Two years ago I was called for jury duty. My group was a little odd though. All of these folks were the companions to elderly people or had kids at home. It literally was a rag tag of folks and my crystal vision told me these people including me were being set up and evaluated to be put in private prisons. Individuals who are vulnerable and giving their very beings to be there for loved ones may be targeted by the court system as prison fodder.

I have also heard of hospital fodder during the pandemic, ie send any folks with a condition such as asthma and get a kickback. The world is weird the world is strange. Believe it or not.

Everyday People

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I am sitting in the audience on clubhouse listening to this man say he’s the perfect person, with the perfect family and the perfect life. He goes to church and does not mess with anyone so he can’t understand the dissatisfaction people have with the system. Hmm 🤔 I think I’m sure no one can beat me for good citizenship. I have a stack of letters and awards from K-High School saying I’m a good person, actually as one art teacher said the only good person in the class. Or as one teacher whispered to me, you are so good you need to run away from these black people. ‘They will destroy you”….. years later they as in ‘the black people are on the way to doing that and southern whites too.

But back to this quote un quote perfect guy on clubhouse who is not so perfect where he speaks standard English which is a plus in black society. As I said my professional teachers always said I was THE BEST. However, as time goes on and you reach adulthood people see you on your grind and want to hurt you even those who have the duty to protect. Furthermore, those people the art teacher said you were nicer than are now the majority and in control. If you live in a black community run by black people you may wonder as I did why must they try to push the teacher out the window? Why are they putting thumbtacks in the teachers chair? etc etc etc. This is because their pay taxes and will get them a job no matter how they act. One police officer told me her kids behavior and her behavior was so bad the principal required her to leave her gun before talking to the kids teacher yet this kid is now in law enforcement too.

This is where it gets good😌 Any old connected relative or policemen in my black community can harass the hell out of you if they choose. My kid was 16 and a half and making straight A’s when a relative named Beverly reported my kid to the authorities for having a dirty room. Now the social worker knocked on my door and asked to see the room of a 16.5 year old who when 17 was no longer under the jurisdiction of social services and I said no. The social worker went to my kids school five times speaking to her until my kids grades and concentration slipped and has not been regained at twenty one she is still a nervous anxiety filled wreck due to mean mischievous relatives. The caveat is that this Beverly left her fourteen year old daughter alone in the house for months until my aunt took some custody of her and they called my son to talk to her and now she’s making straight up flipping A’s meanwhile these relatives and a system have damaged my daughter who attends a big 10 school but since COVID-19 refuses to go back. Phew 😌.

Now we are back to the police, I was a college student who worked at a research center and I met these two gay guys and one was always telling me about their overwhelming problems and if you tell me your problems even now my heat goes out to you. Well one night as I’m on my way to class he comes up and asks me for money. I said I don’t have any I have money in the bank since I had just gotten my student loan check but no cash on me. He gives me a sob story about no money to get home and I said here you can use my transit card. He uses it and starts screaming his boyfriends name. I am no where in the mix. The cop comes to talk to him and I am called over. I am then accused of throwing this man a transit card off of a balcony and he catches it yet how can that be I’m outside the MARTA station. I say that’s stupid. The police officer handcuffs me and throws 120 pound me to my knees where somehow my heel hits his knee and I am charged with assault on a police officer. A college student is destroyed, I am put through a pretrial program where I am told the record would be expunged to this day it has not been expunged and I only found out in the last several years this charge was on here. A really good person got a real bad deal and it could happen to anyone.

Now flashback to I am pregnant and my husband and I are on public transit and this female transit officer is really acting homicidally gay towards this woman with a baby she is literally leaning over this woman and breathing over her with her fists clenched. I can’t take it anymore and say do you have to lean over that woman like that? I guess she got a reaction from someone she calls backup and has us escorted out of the train station for those words, but wait a minute as my husband is walking behind me she lies and says my husband touched her in front of three male officers. They know it’s a lie and ignore her. However the point is she lied and these are the people patrolling our streets. It’s to the point now where you needn’t bother calling if someone beats you, up, destroys your water line, puts a car in your yard that’s not yours, oh you have to call for that one cause you can’t leave the house, but if a woman screams outside your house all night every night that’s okay cause you don’t matter to the police.

So back to the perfect guy with the perfect life, I tried being good. I am still good, but the world does not want me or Kaepernick they want sickeningly bad. I can send my kid multiple magnet schools that I have to drive her too yet a woman who leaves her fourteen year old at home alone can and not have any consequences. I can take care of a woman close to all of my life I began cooking thanksgiving dinners in fifth grade cause no one else would and yet I am a villain. This is a cruel country where the liars win and the truth seekers are destroyed.

That Was Me Olivia Walker

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Today I was the first to blow that a dog had fallen out the window and was running after his owners car being being dragged by a leash. Ironically, I am always the one who sees those things. If your small child is in the street as was the case for several neighbors I’ve had and they are in the street I have been the one to find the parent or shoo them out of the street. If a hurt deer is in the middle of the street I am the one who has gotten out the car and stopped traffic to allow him to cross safely. When the superintendent has said those poor people are no good, I have been the one to confront him and say those poor people did not steal the book money that got our counties accreditation lost, the rich school board did that. When the rich school had no volunteer positions for our no child left behind students I arranged for the kids to volunteer at a garden for volunteer credit and to this day they still thank me.

‘She would sit in the bed all day and put lotion and perfume all over her all day. She always thought nivea was not for people of color but found out she loved it”

“There were things she began to expect even though she had never purchased them herself like paper towels and hot dog and hamburger buns. Her daughter remembered begging her to buy hot dog buns when stubbornly she said no because loaf bread was good enough, now the mother demanded that everything be there for her. “

As for my mother I just wanted her to be happy being the eldest of eight children, there were some things she said she never had that I started to give her every year like clockwork like an Easter Basket, like after my dad she never received valentines balloons and boxes, and Christmas became her favorite Holiday because of the huge tree and chocolate candy I made sure she had. These are little things but they meant a lot to her. And to her family you asked what she wanted for Christmas, I told you Dolce and Gabbana perfume. You never purchased it because you thought I her daughter wanted it. She looked at the commercials and would ask for dolce and gabanna all day. Funny how folks who would visit once every three years can try to destroy my life and my mothers legacy of me when they did not even know her. Funny how folks who blackmail my mom in a hospital by saying if you don’t do what I tell you to do, you will never see me again and my mom said goodbye and the nurses on duty saw and heard this.

She said GOODBYE leave her alone, yet my county is allowing these same people to come in and try to destroy a person who has only tried to honor an old woman’s wishes because she was a thinking individual who got released from the hospital after telling the nurse at rockdale hospital, a tiny blonde at the time wipe my ass wipe my ass now and right several days after a stroke becuase the doctor did not hear her when she said I am allergic to clonodine, just like her family did not hear her when she said I want dolce and gabanna perfume.

The whole time I assisted my mother, I took classes really to make money. I received checks every three months one even purchased a dining room table that again she had asked her dad for who worked in a furniture factory to get her one and she ended up with a small rickety table where the legs fell off. Though I fell in love with this table, before my mom died I wanted her to see with her eyes that she lived with a real table and she loved it I have receipts documenting it was my money that purchased it. Again I wanted to make my mother happy and to listen to her.

Finally, I don’t like Chanel perfume, and I’ve never smelled dolce and gabanna, I do make candles so I have paid 65 dollars for 16 ounces of fragrance oil and I do love Fiji. I have since I was a small child and I would beg my mom to get a tester and she lovingly would every time. I loved Fiji so much I looked up the history of it and the creator was born on my birthday now that’s amazing and source filled. Source bless me, Jesus walk with me protect me because demons really exist.