Startled at the Inauguration of Joe Biden

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The biggest shock of my life at Joe Biden’d inauguration was that Kamala Harris had been the mother to teens. As the commentator said those are Harris’s stepchildren, I looked and saw young adults that had to have been teens when she married their Dad. I was like good for her, she actually was their mom. Because for dome reason i had thought her stepchildren were really old.

The next day on twitter, they were discussing her stepdaughters coat and how she was their mom. Slightly offended because I come from a divorced home. I said, I know they have a biological mother, so I googled her and found out that she was a supra liberal film director. This is when my mind bubbled out all into sitcom world and the lives the Harris family led. Two children with a liberal mother and liberal father get a black former female prosecutor as their mom. The world before, even at twelve, the kids walk out at ten pm and don’t come home till four am. Then enters a black strict step mom = that’s a sitcom I’d love to see. I am not knocking being that liberal. I was raised that liberal. I chose to work until early in the morning but at 16 I would not het home until 3am.

Mattie Bullard Obituary

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On January 21, 2020, the lord came down and brought his angel Mattie Bullard to be by his side. Activist, Mother, Wife, Teacher, Sister, and Friend, she excelled in everything she did.

Mattie Bullard was born to Alfred and Olivia Johnson Pilson on November 3, 1943. She would be the second born and first girl of eight children. Her childhood in Basset, Virginia was a happy one with memories spent with her brothers and sisters, best friends Paulette Copling and Nannie Ruth Johnson Young. She was a member of the 4H club and voted friendliest at George Washington Carver High School. She graduated from George Washington Carver in 1962 where she was awarded a scholarship to attend Virginia Seminary where she attended for two years and then transferred to Hampton University where she studied education under the acclaimed educator Martha Dawson. She overcame tremendous odds to be a first generation college student coming from a home where her mother and father only graduated from elementary school, but she she overcame and became the first in her immediate family to graduate from college.

While at Hampton University, she married at his highest rank SMSGT John W. Bullard, a member of the United States Air Force, of Ridgeway, VA. Her husband showered her with diamonds and fur coats, priceless furniture and trips around the world. They had one child, Industrial Organizational Psychologist, Olivia Walker of Atlanta, Georgia who was taught by Mattie Bullard to be loyal, kind, and honest.  

One aspect of Mattie’s life that she was extremely proud of was of her life as an activist. Mattie and her cousins Chuck and Anne (who would also be the first to graduate from college in their families) jointly participated in sit ins and demonstrations as part of the 1960’s civil rights movement and went to the 1963 March on Washington together.  where they were blessed to see Martin Luther give his famous I have a Dream Speech. Mattie’s activism did not stop at the March on Washington, she was also a member of the Clayton County Education Association where she assisted in working for higher teacher salaries for Georgia Teachers. She was at the capital when Clayton County superintendent Luvenia Jackson demanded that Georgia Teachers not be in the bottom tenth of earners and as a result they received a raise that put them among the higher earners of states which continues to this day.  She served the CCEA for years as the special projects coordinator where she coordinated the retirement banquets to give retirees a grand and wonderful transition to retirement.

Mattie began her educational career at Campbell Court Elementary in Hampton, VA. She also taught at the USAF school for dependents on Aviano Air Force Base. While offers were made for high ranking civil service positions while in Aviano. Mattie Bullard maintained that she was a proud educator who loved to teach and continued to teach. She was a permanent substitute teacher in Washington, D.C. while she served as mother and wife to her family while her husband with top secret clearance worked at The Defense Mapping Agency.  

Her final workplace was Clayton County where she worked for nineteen years. 

She was a member of St Philip AME church until her illness whereby she was sent a letter from Rev. Whatley saying give money, come to church or you are no longer a member. Even so she cherished her membership at St. Philip under Rev. George Moore and First Lady Nettie Moore, whom she felt developed her as a leader. At St. Philip she served as a class leader and solicited for bequeaths to the church.

She leaves behind to mourn her a daughter I/O Psychologist Olivia Walker (Anthony), a grandson White House presidential intern in communications under Donald J Trump David Smith, a granddaughter Lia Walker Computer Science and Biopsychology major, beloved and special nephew Marlon Pilson(son of her deceased beloved older brother John Pilson (Katherine) (Leola) ), and his wife Sylvia. Beloved Brothers and Sisters in order of birth, Gloria Pilson, Harry Pilson(Olivia), Larry Pilson (Lisa), Oscar Pilson(Eleanor), Joan Pilson, and Nathan Pilson.

Mattie you will be truly missed you knew how to love everyone. People would ask me your daughter how and why did I work so hard to keep you alive ten years post stroke. It was because you meant so much to me and you are truly missed. Mattie Mom, Grandma, Sister, Aunt, Cousin Friend, Teacher you knew how to love

Written by the Dear Daughter of Mattie Bullard Olivia Walker

Mattie Bullard was born on November 3, 1943 see her DL.

Capital Officer Dies of Suicide

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