Meet Cissy

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Chapter One

Meet Cissy

They called her Cissy. Her real name was Cecilia but she ended up with being called Cissy because as a child she was so naturally happy and a joy to be around. She loved to laugh and her mom would say oh Cecilia you are so silly and as a two year old she would go ce ce ce silly. So her mom instead of calling her Silly which she wanted to called her Cissy. Mom was tempted to call her Silly but she kept having nightmares of people hearing her call Cecelia silly and thinking she was retarded so she settled on Cissy.

Cissy was not just a joy to be around. Her whole name was Cecelia Cherie (because she was conceived in Paris) X . Mom like Malcom X not because of Malcolm X changed her name and convinced her future husband to change his last name to X. So all of their birth certificates said X, the marriage license said X and any other document saying otherwise had a big X over it. Everyone’s Drivers license had the last name of X. Mom’s reasoning was I’ve done the research into slavery and when you look at the records black people are listed like animals, the slave record states they are slaves and lists first names only. Therefore since I list black on my vital records our last name is X. Never mind that the last thing anyone would call anybody in their family was black. They were viewed as some off form of Latin American which they were not.

It’s important to note that mom was color struck. Just like her grandmother she was color struck. Mom witnessed her grandmother being berated by a friend saying you are so color struck. It’s true Mom’s Granny’s husband was a black man that looked white.  Mom’s husband did not look white but as she’d like to say he was Gold and her nick name for him was Goldie. Mom would always reiterate that in a restaurant Goldie walked up to her and asked for her number.  She said of course she gave up her number because he was 6 feet 2 looked 180 and a law student at a very prestigious college but as she tells it she could have cared less about his credentials. You did not have to have an education for mom just be educated and able to carry on an intellectual conversation to impress her.  In any event just like her mom she liked tall men her dad was six foot two but brown. Mom would always say who ever said if you’re brown stick around did not know my dad, but he was good for child support and Alimony.

Mom would embarrassingly tell anyone that up to dad she preferred men of her exact color that carried the patina of black and native American but as she lay in bed with him the second night they met his skin glistening gold and her satiated by the blessing between his legs her kind immediately became that man 6’2 180 and Gold…….. She never looked back. Truthfully dad was interracial. It was not mentioned because their last name was X. It was also not mentioned because it did not fit the narrative of their life bla bla blacks who made it. They loved their white grandmother but Cissy did not know she was white until she was going through boxes in her grandmother’s house and saw a birth certificate. She never mentioned it just made note that the whole damn family was cracrazy. Everyone was walking around a hybrid of something acting radically black and her dad’s mother was not even black but white and the strange thing about that was her dad’s mom looked like her mom’s mom who was definitely black.

Mom told Dad numerous times prior to their marriage I’m going to trap you and marry you. She said he would laugh and say go ahead.  When Dad graduated from Law School and got his first job, a big money job mom and dad took a vacation to Paris and mom stopped using birth control. Cissy was conceived and mom and dad walked down the aisle pregnant. Mom made the decision to get married and they did. The conversation between the two was she said, I’m pregnant. He said when do you want to get married?  They were married after the waiting period for the license which was two days. Nine months later there was the fun, brilliant and beautiful Cissy.  West Coast Bay Area Cissy all the way.



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There once was a man named HA HA. He loved to play nasty jokes on people but the joke was really on him. He was a buffoon and like the Emperors new clothes no one ever told him. He always wondered why he never had real respect. He was blessed with a large golden rod so could always fucka someone so he could get ahead despite his bad behavior. However, as he became older and started a family and got older his kids became bufoons too. He was perplexed why is my daughter a bufoon too. That’s okay his buffoon of fool friends said our kids our bufoons too. The mans fucka skills were so good he became very powerful and his bufoonish ways began to affect the whole culture of his coven. The men of the race used to sing beautiful songs to their women but since the bufoona hated women he encouraged lyrics of hate towards women and the hate of women in general so he could fucka the men in the butt. He still pretended to like women though but evidently not by how he liked to prank them. He and his clanna would especially get mad when the kingdom asked men to take care of their kids then they would hunt down the women saying TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILD and prank them, pretend to like them and then share the conversations with the world. The women did not care. Everyone knew ha ha was a buffona not trying to get better like geve the other ha ha who was sometimes bad but worked to be a better person. The world worried for the soul of ha ha was he going to be a butt turning ha ha for the rest of his life? Anyway there was a woman he was obsessed with. Everytime she would go to blick blick he would walk up to her and pretend to be a different person like she did not know and than try to prank her cause she was like if you make a baby you are are going to pay for it. He could not leave her alone….. She thought he was cute but a total buffoon and laughed at his childishness but she wondered damn he’s half a century when is he going to turn into a man. Man he said I am I is a man I make money. Yeah she said but people make money robbing banks so anyone can make money from just being odious immoral and out right stupid. Unfortunately he never changed his ways he went from being a butt crack to chasing butt cracks and got old with a lot of money but still a buffoona till the end. People secretly laughed at him oh that buffoon they said what’s he going to do next turn himself into a monkey he did, fuck a goat on public TV he did, suck a dogs dick he did. But all he could holler is I GOT MONEY. Yes you do get money HA HA.



Self Fulfilling Prophecies

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The other day I stopped at the car wash to clean my car out. I was taking it in to be serviced. It’s a newly purchased vehicle and a flat out lemon. In any event I stopped to clean it out. While realizing my phone was dead and I needed to charge it I walked to the other side and locked myself out. I literally had nothing keys, phone, or handbag. It was all in the car. In that period of being locked out I took the time to ponder if that were my status in real life what would I do?

The two individuals at the car wash allowed me to use the desk phone where I called road side assistance which took about two hours to come so I pondered and pondered my fate and if this were my real status what would I do? So as I stood there I began talking to one of the attendants he stated to me that he thinks it’s really sad when people get locked out because of the cost. I said yes and I am grateful for roadside assistance. He then began to tell me a story of a woman who had gone to the locksmith down the street and run off eight keys so she would not get locked out of her vehicle. She came to wash her car and in an ironic moment locked herself out of the car with the eight keys in the car. At that moment I had a flashback of her pain and despair at that moment thought she was long gone. I commented wow she must have really been plagued by a fear of locking herself out to make 8 keys and then she turned around and locked herself out. I commented to the attendant that I had had a moment like that where my car battery would constantly die and as it continued to do this I started to perform actions that amplified the problem such as leaving the lights on in the car. I commented that it was almost as if I had the expectation and was willing my battery to be dead. I than had a light bulb moment that it’s the continuity of energy and the universe giving us exactly what we expect.

Realizing this was such an exciting moment for me. Though we were pondering on pain, I realized that the ironic moment of eight keys and being locked out the car was a way of demonstrating that the universe gives us exactly what we want and desire out of life. If we desire a negative out come and internalize negativity, this is what the universe will give straight back to us. The caveat is if we fill our lives up with positive thoughts and positive expectations the universe will manifest the good that we internalize immediately too. This is not just thinking positive this is tapping into the energy and the universal field of energy and the more we expect the more we get. Running off eight keys because of a fear of being locked out of one’s car manifested in being locked out again and manifested a fear. This woman could have had a million keys and she would have still locked herself out. So every day we must bombard the universe with positive thoughts with positive expectations and the universe will respond immediately to what we desire and what we want. So the next time you have a string of negativity turn it around and say everything will be OK. I’m so great at in my case turning my car lights off and believe. Every day we must believe mentally that we possess a million keys to the good the miraculous and the wonderful and it will manfiest. It’s a simple thing but the belief will manifest in wonderful things. O