Self Fulfilling Prophecies

In politics on March 10, 2017 at 5:34 am

The other day I stopped at the car wash to clean my car out. I was taking it in to be serviced. It’s a newly purchased vehicle and a flat out lemon. In any event I stopped to clean it out. While realizing my phone was dead and I needed to charge it I walked to the other side and locked myself out. I literally had nothing keys, phone, or handbag. It was all in the car. In that period of being locked out I took the time to ponder if that were my status in real life what would I do?

The two individuals at the car wash allowed me to use the desk phone where I called road side assistance which took about two hours to come so I pondered and pondered my fate and if this were my real status what would I do? So as I stood there I began talking to one of the attendants he stated to me that he thinks it’s really sad when people get locked out because of the cost. I said yes and I am grateful for roadside assistance. He then began to tell me a story of a woman who had gone to the locksmith down the street and run off eight keys so she would not get locked out of her vehicle. She came to wash her car and in an ironic moment locked herself out of the car with the eight keys in the car. At that moment I had a flashback of her pain and despair at that moment thought she was long gone. I commented wow she must have really been plagued by a fear of locking herself out to make 8 keys and then she turned around and locked herself out. I commented to the attendant that I had had a moment like that where my car battery would constantly die and as it continued to do this I started to perform actions that amplified the problem such as leaving the lights on in the car. I commented that it was almost as if I had the expectation and was willing my battery to be dead. I than had a light bulb moment that it’s the continuity of energy and the universe giving us exactly what we expect.

Realizing this was such an exciting moment for me. Though we were pondering on pain, I realized that the ironic moment of eight keys and being locked out the car was a way of demonstrating that the universe gives us exactly what we want and desire out of life. If we desire a negative out come and internalize negativity, this is what the universe will give straight back to us. The caveat is if we fill our lives up with positive thoughts and positive expectations the universe will manifest the good that we internalize immediately too. This is not just thinking positive this is tapping into the energy and the universal field of energy and the more we expect the more we get. Running off eight keys because of a fear of being locked out of one’s car manifested in being locked out again and manifested a fear. This woman could have had a million keys and she would have still locked herself out. So every day we must bombard the universe with positive thoughts with positive expectations and the universe will respond immediately to what we desire and what we want. So the next time you have a string of negativity turn it around and say everything will be OK. I’m so great at in my case turning my car lights off and believe. Every day we must believe mentally that we possess a million keys to the good the miraculous and the wonderful and it will manfiest. It’s a simple thing but the belief will manifest in wonderful things. O



Democrats Just Don’t Understand

In politics on January 14, 2017 at 3:53 am

Prior to Cory Booker’s joining Republicans in voting down a bill to make prescription drugs more affordable daily I would think the democrats don’t get it. In the bible it states God does not want lukewarm essentially he wants hot or nothing. Meaning either you are for him or not hot or cold not lukewarm. The currrent animal of mainstream democrats have no clue what they are they claim to be democratic donkeys but have dressed up as rabid Republican elephants every chance they could privately and now since the outing of Hillary Clinton as purchased bought and sold by the corporate world openly.

Now that Donald Trump has been elected by republicans, Bernie supporters, and disillusioned democrats top level democrats as in  people like Cory Booker think it’s alright to embrace bad corporate policies.  Sure people who would normally vote democrat voted for Trump or did not vote at all based on the belief that someone who has run a business may be able to successfully run a country.  We all believe corporate America works had and they embody the excellence of  the United States . Talking about security and servers and Russians United States corporations hire people whose only job is to watch their servers for intrusions. Clearly the democratic apparatus from the President down to the mainstream media do not have the expectations that a democratic party is capable or should have to do this.

It is evident that the democrats have seen American’s embrace of corporate excellence and now think it’s okay to show their real selves as in accepting bribes and kickbacks from corporations and frankly not giving a damn that people can not afford to purchase their medication but could if they could order it from Canada. The problem with this is that democrats literally can not see the writing on the wall. They don’t have the house. They don’t have the Senate. They don’t have the presidency and may lose the Supreme Court. Instead of looking inward and seeing how they can change their ways the mainstream democrats vote against affordable medication.  They just don’t get it.

The only hope the democrats have is in the guise of Bernie Sanders and instead of rallying around him they stubbornly stay on the path of disrespecting Bernie and his followers which I am one.  Clearly even now the democrats don’t realize the power of the vote. They are in a bubble. During the primary the dem appeared to be in a communist bubble, ie the voters don’t matter the party does and they disenfranchised millions of voters to show party leader hegemony. This did not work well for them the quote unquote unimportant primary voters rebelled and showed they had real votes in the general election.

Now finally I want to end with the democratic belief that their vision is clear and the rest of the folks have blinders on. Nothing so emphasized this as the Affordable Care Act which is about to be repealed. I’m so blind I don’t know that I am being forced to pay $300 dollars a month for healthcare and I have been to the doctor only once in years and my bill was an emergency room cost of $1500 which can be paid off by paying that in five months. Now I can go another eons without the doctor. The democrats don’t see that I can’t afford that and have offered me nothing.  The only people who have benefited from the ACA to my knowledge are insurance companies who now cover our bodies like a car but if you don’t have a car you  don’t pay insurance there is no out with the ACA.  This to me was the epitome of democratic arrogance and emphasized they thought I was blind and did not know that $300 dollars was an amount that I would miss.


Hypothetical Bill and Hillary Clinton OOPS!

In politics on March 2, 2016 at 5:45 am

Bill and Hillary Clinton Passed the Crime Bill three strikes and you are out and took away benefits from families. Lets see how this plays out.

James and Lisa live in AnyBigCity.  James is 40 and Lisa is 36.  They have come a long way since their youth.  They had a rocky start but seem to being doing OK in the 90’s. They have five kids and after five years on cash assistance Lisa has a job where she does not have to receive assistance anymore especially combined with Jame’s income who works at a bread factory.  James used to be a drug addict/dealer and has been convicted of two felonies both for possession but has managed to kick the habit of using and selling.  They are doing OK they have managed under a government program to buy a small house and their children are doing well in school. One day a coworker who sees that James has made it out of his situation comes up and smacks James in the head for no reason just because his wife is attractive and he seems to have a good life. James turns around and knocks him out cold. James is charged with felony assault convicted and sentenced to life in prison because it’s his third felony.

Lisa is left with five children to raise on her own and has lost the income of James. The children have lost a loving father that tried hard and are in disarray.  Meanwhile Lisa in order to make up the income of James goes and applies for public assistance because she can’t pay the mortgage. She is denied. She has gone over the life time limit. They tell her to move into public housing and to try to get section 8 but they really don’t care about her desire to own a home.  In the meantime she has five boys and they need their father.  They eventually are foreclosed on and end up in a homeless shelter.  Lisa has three jobs. She has no time to supervise her children slowly she begins a downward spiral and the children too. Lisa can’t figure out why her husband is in jail for hitting someone who hit him first and feels that all the plans she made through several generations have gone down the drain all because of inhumane policies implemented by Bill and Hillary Clinton. She know’s it’s not because she’s black because many others are of different races are in her situation too.