Semenya Just a Baby

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As a woman of African descent and the mother of a teenager, the plight of Caster Semenya has driven me to literal tears.  Semenaya, the South African athlete teased all of her life for being “boyish” but possessing female genetalia overcame the teasing and the digs by getting lost in an interest and a sport to become the best in her field.   Then after  breaking “WORLD” records jealousy and envy of women who were not particularly feminine themselves and probably had been called “boyish” also as they were growing up made accusations that Semaenya was not a female but a male.

In the so called Western Civilization an eighteen year old is still a teenager who is developing with extremely fragile emotions, however the same theories on child development reserved for children of Western Descent were not used when relating to a child of a third world country.  It is my understanding that brutal disregard was made for Semenya’s feelings and four hours before she was to compete, it was announced that she may not be a female but a male.  Instead of doing what the announcers expected her to do, walk off in embarrassment, proudly she competed and broke a world record like her male counter part Usain Bolt who literally left his competiters in the dust breaking his own record.  Many joked on twitter they say Semenya is a man, then Usain Bolt must be an alien, with the climate that we are in I’m surprised the  committee did not move to say that blacks were not quite human.

The case of Semenya brings up the question do Westernized countries really want to compete against third world athletes and world athletes or do they  want to make athletic competition a clubby club like affair for persons born in the western world.  As for Semenaya and her gender she believes that she’s a woman, she has even offered to pull her pants down and show she’s a woman, her birth certificate states that she’s a woman so on the World stage this should be enough.  There are places where people have no knowledge of x chromosomes and y chromosomes they just know what’s between their legs.  This should be good enough, furthermore if one woman is required to be certified as a woman all women should be required to be certified as women who wish to compe with this woman, bring them all in if what’s between apersons legs is not good enough. (crude but true)

In any event the C

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. The first I heard of Semenya was in today’s news. There have always been some people in our world population that were gender indefinite. Those I’ve read of before actually were Europeans, this is not something that occurs only in developing nations. Just God or nature chose to make some of us somewhere in the middle of a spectrum, not at one or the of extreme ends. So what do we do? Do we tell those folks they can’t participate fully as human beings because they don’t fit neatly into a niche, or because they have an advantage or disadvantage that we do not all possess? All I know is that I don’t want the world I live in to be one where people are excluded that way. I’d rather celebrate other’s abilities. I’d rather celebrate other’s differences. I am hoping Semenya finds lots of happiness, and a big community of people who show her loving acceptance for everything that she is.

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