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Racism in the United States HMM

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There are people always eager to tear down black people and the black race sometimes even me.  However as you think about the actions of white people in America you know why modern day black people want to confine themselves to being entertainers.  The quiet fact is that white people just don’t want people other then themselves to be anything.  There are even white women challenging black women for skin and butts at this point in the history of the U.S. and white people and black people are letting them win.  I saw one white woman who was caught while pregnant and she is white as a sheet and maintains a tan that keeps her looking like a latino with black roots. ANYWAY

I have spoken in this blog before about the Atlanta Race Riots of 1906, when white people thought that blacks were so affluent that they killed and burned down everyone and everything they could in a jealous rage.   It is rumored but not confirmed that Charles Drew the inventor of blood plasma died in a whites only hospital because whites refused to work on him. This has been refuted but his treatment was probably delayed until they realized who he was. There have been numerous black inventors of things like peanuts, the filament for the light bulb, traffic lights many items that are essential to everyday functioning.  As far as Africa goes it is not deepest darkest Africa and metallurgical work pioneered  by the Yoruba used for centuries was not figured out by the west until the mid to late part of the twentieth century.

I say all of the above to say I really don’t understand the racism in the air. Honestly, in Atlanta I can really feel hate for me emanating from some whites and a lot of people who are immigrants.  It’s like they want to take a knife and stab me in the back.  Ironically, there is one race of people where I felt their scorn and rage and something happened to one of their race.  I was appalled one day when one rolled her eyes at me snapped her back at me and than the next day I turned on the news and one of her race had been run over by a dump truck.  I felt guilt, but I am illustrating the palatable hate in the air towards black people.  It is almost psychic and there is something psychic going on with me guided by my obsession with karma and trying to be a good person and not negative. When I was falsely accused of taking my daughters glasses at visionworks and even after this was proven wrong the police took me to jail anyway for disorderly conduct two officers were killed the next day at an apartment complex.  So when I say this woman had an almost how dare you walk into this farmers market attitude and it was followed up with an unexplained tragedy to her race I know by the karmic actions that happened that I was not paranoid and the ugly attitude she showed was real. ANYWAY

Back to the Atlanta Race Riots and a little history, as stated earlier blacks have been intimidated into being anti-intellectual because whites don’t like it and all of those blacks are not going to be hired if they were not…. Well with the advent of the millennium under President Bush in the government it looked like the tide had changed for black people who had persevered and networked.  Under a republican there appeared the first black secretary of state and the first black national security adviser. The republicans had shown a willingness and an openness to give people what they earned.

As a result in the next major election cycle meaning after President Bush finished with his two cycles.  The democrats “managed” to find and I mean managed to find an articulate, handsome, very educated black man to run for president.,  He ran. He won, but not without the first quote un quote black president Bill Clinton who was really white telling him he was living a fairy tale for running.  He won!

This is when we come to the Atlanta Race Riot moment from republicans. In the twenty first century we have white individuals whose envy of one man is pathological.  For the record there have only been 44 presidents it is highly unlikely that President Barack Obama took their spot and for them to think so is truly ludicrous. The pathology and the Atlanta Race Riot moment can be pinpointed to the night President Barack Obama was being inaugurated and these individuals pledged that they were going to make sure the president got nothing accomplished and would be a one term president. Fortunately it did not work out for them that way.

In any event this outrage has spread to all black people fueling the koch brothers to pass legislation where it is literally legal to kill a black person without punishment. Any police officer can kill a black person and no one particularly cares. It is open season on black people and even the immigrants know it.  Someone from Texas told me that signs for the klan in Northern Georgia are open about klan meetings and THEY were shocked.  White people are operating in pseudo segregation it’s there, it’s happening.  The insidiousness of it all came when a fraternity was splashed all over the TV talking about a nigger would never be admitted into their fraternity. I am vaguely familiar through attending two black college campuses on what black fraternities do and I seriously doubt that most black men don’t want to get drunk and sleep in the snow all night what one friend long ago told me happened at her campus.  She said you don’t believe how drunk white people get, they get so drunk they fall asleep in the snow and wake up in the morning and go about their business.  I asked her don’t they get hypothermia. No she replied emphatically and we all laughed.  For me as a college student I remember greeks as stepping and performing. I remember marveling at how high one jumped even though when I arrived on campus everyone whispered to me that he was gay and they had hid his girlfriend in a closet to see him being done by another man. In any event he could still jump.  ANYWAY

As we watched these guys chant they did not want a nigger in their fraternity, I tweeted wow these are UT rejects and trust me Texas has created a unique talented tenth option that is really wonderful if you graduate in the top ten percent of your class you are automatically admitted to flagship Texas universities.  So they are not the best Texas has to offer.  But as I tweeted this the NEWS said oh well they do this at other fraternities even in Texas at UT.  At that moment I began to think that televising frat guys talking about niggers was some coded way of telling other white people it’s OK to be racist. We are moving to a new error of white supremacy.  As far as other fraternities using the N word if you can’t prove it it never happened and I hope they stick to this story so we will not usher in a new age of racism in the U.S.

I never edit… hopefully it’s readable.

Oh yeah one more thought one of the guys hollering about Niggers was jewish… honestly though black people in america have never been slotted to be exterminated wholesale. White people lynched blacks and vented on blacks but knew and know they could not at one time live without our labor and did not want to live without our culture.  All modern music genres in the United States have come out of an African American tradition, modern casual clothing in the U.S. is highly influenced by black people. We are america! If you don’t think so look at this a productive greek sorority practicing a black tradition of stepping much more productive than getting drunk and sleeping in the snow….

Zeta Tau Alpha FULL LENGTH Sprite Step Off WINNERS

SAE White College Students can do something besides calling people niggers and getting Drunk “GROW UP”


Oxymoron – Jews Committing Genocide in Palestine

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I refuse to recognize the state of Israel.  As I hear of people who have been displaced for sixty years, in extended concentration camps, their homes taken from them and their peace.  I am not recognizing the Jewish state and no matter what happens it will never exist for me.  The area the Jews inhabit will forever be Palestine to me.

The Jews have made an alter to the Holocaust.  The United States acts as if this is a carte blanche to let them do anything they want to whomever they want.  The “Jews” are going to war against the weakest people they can find weakend by their actions.

The Jews say thy will be going house to house to fight the Palestinians.  Yes they are going house to house and killing everything and everybody in sight.  They are first and foremost killing every male in sight.  They are performing the type of genocide written about in the bible.  However instead of killing every baby they may be killing everybody in sight.  Evacuation and safe houses have turned into places where the Jews bomb.  Therefore knocking out 40 to a hundred people at a time.

Little as it’s told this will be the second genocide in the Middle East in the twenty -first century.  The United States committed genocide in Iraq   and I am convinced when they went door to door fighting  they killed a sizable number of individuals.  However at least we were humane enough to protect the innocent.  If the United States sent individuals to a safe house.  It was safe.  The Jews are literally killing everything in sight.

The caveat is no matter how many people the Jews kill it will not make them feel empowered.   It will not erase the holocaust.  The Jews have become the fourth Reich in Palestine.

The land known as Gaza is definitely a concentration camp with gates, no one can voluntarily get out or get in.  The people are stuck.  The people have no weapons. Sure they have used tunnels since the Jews have cut off their supplies but the tunnels are very public and according to a recent NPR broadcast, broadcast before the genocide began, the tunnels were used to get such benign things to the Palestinians as washing machines and food becuase the jews were starving the people.  They could barely get bread let alone serious weapons. I have seen no evidence of weapons.  The bombs that are being shot at the Jews harm no one.   If this is all the Palestinians have a door to door fight is going to turn into a massacre of the Palestinians by Jews.

The one thing that will come out of this is the Jews will no longer be able to wave the  Holocaust in people’s faces.  They will not be able to say to Europe and the United States and Japan why didn’t you help us sooner  eighty years ago because their hands will be filled with the blood of Palestinians therefore nullifying the significance of the holocaust and placing what happened to the Jews in the realm of human nature.  People will say that though the Jews were victims of the holocaust they turned around and committed genocide against the Palestinians, they expelled the Palestinians from their homes and killed them and killed them, therefore I repeat putting the ability to commit genocide in the realm of human nature,in  essence the holocaust now means nothing and does not deserve remembrance because the descendants of the victims committed genocide themselves.

In all of this the one thing I can’t understand is how does Saudi Arabia and Egypt just sit their weakly and allow these things to happen.  They have  weapons and can defend and help the Palestinians and judging by the Jews defiance to the U.N. If a Middle East country interceded in the conflict the world would support them.  I suppose the Palestinians are feeling quite helpless right now.  I suppose they feel that no one cares about them and that their lives are helpless and useless.  They have tried to go about their lives and live but can not find peace and stability.  Someone some country needs to help the Palestinian, the UN needs to send in Peace Keeping forces to help these individuals.  The status quo can not stand.  As Jews sleep soundly in their beds, little children innocent women and men are terrorized by people who took their land.  The decision to wipe Palestine off the map and give their land to the Jews was a BIG mistake.  An International group needs to right this wrong.

Every one is gritting their teeth and waiting for Obama to be sworn in in ten days however the unfortunate fact is the Palestinians may not have ten more days.  The Jews may have killed them all by then.

As for the rest of the Middle East that’s watching and doing nothing.  The blood of the Palestinians will forever rest on the hands of the Middle East  This is worldwide.  The world is watching.  The Middle East is big and bold enough to come over to the United States and kill thousands of people in one swoop but they are too weak to protect their Palestinian brothers and openly go to war with the Jews.  It’s less than ten days until Obama gets in, go to war with the Jews for ten days and when the new President of the United States is sworn in make peace. Some country must help the Palestinians out.  The Middle East must unify to keep their brothers from being victims of genocide.

Christmas Hell

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This has been one of the strangest Christmases for me.  Instead of riding around buying video games this year I actually had to go into another section and buy other things for my children this year.   This has created an untold crisis   in my life hah hah, not really funny though, when my daughter requested a bike I went into Toys R Us in Lithonia and purchased a simply gorgeous bike for her that had to be assembled.  I asked the  counter lady well can I leave it here until Christmas Eve, an adamant no I received, so instead of picking the bike up in 24 hours I picked it up in 48 hours and boy was I glad I did because I did not bring the bike home.  As they brought the bike to the floor the first thing I noticed was that the tires were dirty, then as I got closer I noticed that there was dust all over the bike and the tires were flat.  I told the man who brought it to me, this bike is used.  No he said it’s not used.  I looked at the handle bar and the black plastic part of the handle bar had a dent in it.  I then looked down and the place between the kick stand and bike chain had some terrible gook in it, it had so much gook in it that I reached my finger in it and could rub it all over the toys r us counter. Oh no I said you’re going to have to give me a new bike not an old one.  Just to make sure that I was not  loco I walked to the back of the store and looked at the display bike, the tires were hard and not soft and the tires were clean.  The mystery was clearly solved,they were not giving me a new bike; they were trying to give me an old and groddy bike to take home and put under the tree.  This was a cruddy take back bike.  The man who brought me the take back bike and had told me the bike was new came up to me and told me that he realized that the bike was old and that he could not tell the difference because he was raised by his grandparents and only knew what a used bicycle looked like but for some reason he know knew what a new one  looked like since I had walked to the back and saw a new one.  He agreed to assemble a new bike immediately unfortunately this did not happen because the man who assembled the bikes walked up to me and told me that he was “not” going to assemble another bike because it was time for him to get off.  The bringer of the bikes guy then asked me to come back the next day and gave me a ten dollar refund for the assembly fee.   When I returned home I saw my daughter  had been taken out by her grandmother to get her hair fixed.  My mother had taken her to Ricks Styles and Cuts.  My mother and I had a conflict I was partial to Dominican hairstylists because of the texture of my daughters  hair, but my mother had a thing for Ricks.  As I walked in the door I started screaming, my daughters hair which is passed her shoulders when straightened from her curly box of hair was straightened to an upper neck bob.  I also noticed that it looked mighty thin.  When the Dominicans fixed it, it was fluffy and full. The one thing the Dominican said to me when I left her to fix my daughters hair is I will treat her like she’s my own daughter and she did.  As I looked at my daughter who had gone to Ricks   I continued to scream not talk but just screamed.  I had braided my daughters hair for three years so when she hit middle and high school her hair could be down to her elbows.  I would take it out for two weeks at a time in three month increments so that it could rest, it was in the resting period and my mother took her to a hairstylist who had just cut it off.  Well my cousin came to pick up my daughter and they returned home the next morning and I started screaming more because my daughters hair had reverted to it’s curly state and the reason my daughters hair had appeared so thin when I first saw it was because the hairstylist had chopped off all of the back of my daughters hair and let the top hang down over the back of her head.   I was floored.  I was in Christmas Hell.    At this point my daughter could not get all of her hair in a bow to the back of her neck.  Honey I said it’s going to be a doo rag day for you and wrapped her head up in a scarf.  Luckily she has a very beautiful face and looked great.  She looked so great that while we were in Wal-Mart an apparently mildly retarded patron walked up and said that ones a girl, you don’t even have to look for her earrings.

As for the bike I had tossed and turned all night and made the decision that if Toys R Us gave us a wrecked bike we really could not trust them to assemble a bike for us.  We went to Target, they were out of bikes, then we went to Wal Mart and though the first Wal- Mart did not have a bike we could use. They were sold out of 20″ bicycles for boys and girls.  We went to our Lithonia Super Center Wal- Mart and they had a bike a wonderful bike that was already assembled that we took off of the rack.  Less Christmas Hell but still mournful of my daughters hair, I think the hairstylist at Ricks Styles and Cuts needs to be put in jail, she’s done worst to my daughter than Micheal Vick ever did to a dog, but Hey That’s Life.

Technology Threatens to Bring Down Christmas for Christians

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Was Christ born from a Virgin Mary or did he have two parents?  A simple DNA test will tell ya?  Technology can clear up the conspiracy.  Was Mary a virgin or was she expelled from her village for having pre-maritial sex?  Enquiring minds want to know?