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Oxymoron – Jews Committing Genocide in Palestine

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I refuse to recognize the state of Israel.  As I hear of people who have been displaced for sixty years, in extended concentration camps, their homes taken from them and their peace.  I am not recognizing the Jewish state and no matter what happens it will never exist for me.  The area the Jews inhabit will forever be Palestine to me.

The Jews have made an alter to the Holocaust.  The United States acts as if this is a carte blanche to let them do anything they want to whomever they want.  The “Jews” are going to war against the weakest people they can find weakend by their actions.

The Jews say thy will be going house to house to fight the Palestinians.  Yes they are going house to house and killing everything and everybody in sight.  They are first and foremost killing every male in sight.  They are performing the type of genocide written about in the bible.  However instead of killing every baby they may be killing everybody in sight.  Evacuation and safe houses have turned into places where the Jews bomb.  Therefore knocking out 40 to a hundred people at a time.

Little as it’s told this will be the second genocide in the Middle East in the twenty -first century.  The United States committed genocide in Iraq   and I am convinced when they went door to door fighting  they killed a sizable number of individuals.  However at least we were humane enough to protect the innocent.  If the United States sent individuals to a safe house.  It was safe.  The Jews are literally killing everything in sight.

The caveat is no matter how many people the Jews kill it will not make them feel empowered.   It will not erase the holocaust.  The Jews have become the fourth Reich in Palestine.

The land known as Gaza is definitely a concentration camp with gates, no one can voluntarily get out or get in.  The people are stuck.  The people have no weapons. Sure they have used tunnels since the Jews have cut off their supplies but the tunnels are very public and according to a recent NPR broadcast, broadcast before the genocide began, the tunnels were used to get such benign things to the Palestinians as washing machines and food becuase the jews were starving the people.  They could barely get bread let alone serious weapons. I have seen no evidence of weapons.  The bombs that are being shot at the Jews harm no one.   If this is all the Palestinians have a door to door fight is going to turn into a massacre of the Palestinians by Jews.

The one thing that will come out of this is the Jews will no longer be able to wave the  Holocaust in people’s faces.  They will not be able to say to Europe and the United States and Japan why didn’t you help us sooner  eighty years ago because their hands will be filled with the blood of Palestinians therefore nullifying the significance of the holocaust and placing what happened to the Jews in the realm of human nature.  People will say that though the Jews were victims of the holocaust they turned around and committed genocide against the Palestinians, they expelled the Palestinians from their homes and killed them and killed them, therefore I repeat putting the ability to commit genocide in the realm of human nature,in  essence the holocaust now means nothing and does not deserve remembrance because the descendants of the victims committed genocide themselves.

In all of this the one thing I can’t understand is how does Saudi Arabia and Egypt just sit their weakly and allow these things to happen.  They have  weapons and can defend and help the Palestinians and judging by the Jews defiance to the U.N. If a Middle East country interceded in the conflict the world would support them.  I suppose the Palestinians are feeling quite helpless right now.  I suppose they feel that no one cares about them and that their lives are helpless and useless.  They have tried to go about their lives and live but can not find peace and stability.  Someone some country needs to help the Palestinian, the UN needs to send in Peace Keeping forces to help these individuals.  The status quo can not stand.  As Jews sleep soundly in their beds, little children innocent women and men are terrorized by people who took their land.  The decision to wipe Palestine off the map and give their land to the Jews was a BIG mistake.  An International group needs to right this wrong.

Every one is gritting their teeth and waiting for Obama to be sworn in in ten days however the unfortunate fact is the Palestinians may not have ten more days.  The Jews may have killed them all by then.

As for the rest of the Middle East that’s watching and doing nothing.  The blood of the Palestinians will forever rest on the hands of the Middle East  This is worldwide.  The world is watching.  The Middle East is big and bold enough to come over to the United States and kill thousands of people in one swoop but they are too weak to protect their Palestinian brothers and openly go to war with the Jews.  It’s less than ten days until Obama gets in, go to war with the Jews for ten days and when the new President of the United States is sworn in make peace. Some country must help the Palestinians out.  The Middle East must unify to keep their brothers from being victims of genocide.


Race, Gender, and Class is creating a Quandary for this Independent Voter

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I’ve said often on this blog that I’ve made a decision on whom I want to vote for but the truth is I have not and every time I decide definitely in my mind, a constituency of either presidential candidate makes me question if I actually want to cast a ballot for the candidate of choice at the time.

My quandary, not with McCain but with Palin is, Is she a racist or not.  I think at her first campaign stop there was a black man who really wanted to shake her hand and she refused to shake it.  Ever since my brief observation I’ve been wondering is she or isn’t she a racist.  The behavior of her followers, one who even used a racial slur against a cameraman is deeply troubling.  There has been evidence that she’s not a racist, the winner of Miss Alaska a black woman has said that Palin was cool and not a sore loser when she lost to her.

In addition Palin’s husband is partially Eskimo which does not point to a pure racist,  However, her base makes me wonder what she is.

You know as far as I am concerned the one thing Sarah Palin appears to be doing well is being a woman.  I thought it was awesome when Sarah Plain stepped off the airplane toting her baby after her campaign activities.  I thought it was wonderful that she actually went into Wal-Mart.  I think it’s wonderful that she actually married someone that she’s attracted too.  I think it’s wonderful that she has five kids and still manages to play the game.  I really like the image that Sarah Palin portrays.  I admit she did have a very rocky start with her first TV interview, but she pulled it together quickly.  As for Foreign Policy experience Condeleeza Rice, a woman that I deeply admire has said something to the effect that different skill sets can be used to address Public Policy.  The You Tube Video of What Condeleeza Rice thinks of Palin appears below.

In terms of Class and Sex I think Barack Obama does this rather badly.  Obama for me reminds me of a friend or a loved one that I argue with constantly and I always forgive because well because I care for them.  It’s like you see their faults but you love them anyway.  Obama as far as I’m concerned is extremely charismatic and seductive.  I think he knows this and takes advantage of it.   People have dropped out of the race for lesser things then what Obama has been known to actually do. Plagiarism, Biden dropped out of a Presidential race for it. Racism, I do believe that Obama knew that Reverend Wright was a racist.  If he’s that naive he does not need to run for President.  Churches have themes.  The whole Church is themed around evil whitey.  I’m sure of it.  They have speakers coming to the church talking about how the white man oppresses black people.  They have plays about it.  This is the unadulterated truth if anyone wants to  or cares to hear it.  White men who have been accused of a lot less then this type of racism have dropped out of the race, however it may not even be a race issue but a generational issue, Obama’s generation is Prince and Madonna.  They are used to controversy and are not dropping out because of it.  Earlier generations may have been embarrassed a little too easily.

The class issue,  Obama is an unadulterated elitist, small town people cling to their religion and their guns is a terribly elitist thing to say, unfortunately having roots in a small town I agree with this.  Though I often write positively about my parents small town roots, the roots sometimes try to follow you out of the country and wrap their tentacles around you creating a small town atmosphere of innuendo and bad feelings.  On my most recent visit a relative told me you don’t know what they say about you you should change your clothes,  I replied well I know what they say about you, you’re a rabid gossip.  In any event I’m not arguing with Obama’s impression of small town America because I used to be closely associated with one and more and more I’m thinking about getting lost from it.

Finally the sexism issue and Obama weighs heavily on my mind.  The way the the democrats and Barack Obama treated Hillary Clinton is just totally unacceptable behavior.  They literally took votes from Hillary and gave them to Barack Obama as written about here and here. While some may argue that this was not a chauvinist thing to do it was just winning, asking Hillary Clinton to just swallow the incident and campaign was chauvinist to me and though she has been married to the President of the United States and been first lady proving swallowing disappointment and unfairness is profitable, it’s a wooden nickel and makes me wonder if she’s a happy women.  Money and Power don’t mean much without self respect.  To emphasize how money does not matter, let me briefly tell a story when I was in San Francisco I saw this homeless couple, the male of the pair picked up his raggedly dressed companion and placed her in the basket with such love and gentleness that I instantly felt a twinge of envy.  If you can end life being loved and appreciated then power and money does not matter much.  In essence Obama treated Hillary wrong, the fact that he respects his wife and no one else is peculiar to me because respect of your colleagues is supposed to be a given.

Finally after all of this, one may wonder why Obama still ranks as a candidate in my mind.  The honest truth is he looks like a nice guy who will do the right thing.  I don’t believe that he’s a nice guy.  He believes in infanticide.  This will probably be the deal breaker for me.  I honestly don’t feel that he has a platform that he really cares about; for example when I think of Hillary Clinton I think of Health Care.  When I think of Barack Obama, I think he looks like a nice responsible human being.  He looks like he will do the right thing and he’s a democrat and maybe just maybe he will care about making things better.

Finally as far as Obama is concerned his base is so disgustingly smug that I really feel no affinity with them, though I do have the most basic of college degrees, I still like talking to Joe the plumber, and Mary the maid, and Sue the hairdresser.  As a matter of fact I would love to be their friends so I could get free and reduced services from them in exchange for my services as a Web  Architect.  The SNL skit of the McCain Palin supporter made me think of myself.  I am often wrong, I am often judgmental and may mispronounce a word but I don’t think that I should be made fun of.  When I see skits like this I think there will be no consideration of me in an Obama presidency and there probably will not  be because after all he refused to shake my hand.  🙂


The question pollsters should be asking is, Have you voted in early voting?  If not why?  If I knew who I was voting for trust me I would participate in early voting to avoid long lines.  I am going to narrow it down before the early voting polls close because I don’t want to wait in long lines.

Why Did You say that Hillary? Clinton Raises Concerns that Obama Could be Assassinated “one of the Reasons She’s staying in the Race

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and one big reason Clinton should not be VP to Barack Obama.  In justifying why she should stay in the race until June. Clinton did a recitation of candidates that stayed in late and won and then she said something to the effect “Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June” she, says she meant no harm, and it was not directed towards Obama, but let me tell everyone this, I heard Obama’s name and it was not even mentioned.  Hillary you are married to the former president of the United States and I’m sure he still has assassination contacts who are from your perspective trying to get the job done.  In addition Huckabee’s public plea for someone to kill Obama by jumping on the ground like he was trying to dodge a bullet is proving that maybe Michelle Obama might have to reserve her pride in this country for the day her husband leaves the office of the president alive and well.  From an International perspective this is so embarassing, I was seriously doubting whether the UN needed to go forth with their plan to do a study of racism in the United States but now I am assured they must.  Finally, Hillary you have been jumping on so many peoples bandwagons, the white supremacists argument, the feminist argument I am seriously beginning to think that you have totally lost it.  It is my full belief that any human who runs for president is a crazy egomaniac but the past field of presidential candidates are getting their egos bruised because they have lost, are losing or will lose to a man that is the color brown.  The Clinton and Huckabee attitudes prove that there is no blood argument for who should be first in the white house a person of slave descent or a person of native Kenyan descent with a white American mother.  The threshold for the rich white people who want to have power and keep power is that they just don’t want a man who is the color brown or black to be in the White House.  I was born after the sixties and have gone through many election cycles and I have never heard a political candidate threatened as much as Obama, I have never even heard of  any one even implying that a political candidate could be assassinated.  I don’t think I ‘m going to change my mind again this time, I don’t think there is anything Hillary Clinton can do to make me want to support her anymore.

This is the one thing I do know Obama will not be assassinatedeven though there seems to be this massive racists call for someone to do something about it.  I have realized that Obama’s is winning because he’s an Eagle he flies higher.  The thing he, his family and his supporters  need to do is  not give off the energy that something could happen to him, know that he will live that nothing will happen and believe it.  The media has to stop reporting this stuff because they are stirring up some primal call that is not going to happen.  Hillary I think you may seriously need to retire to your rocker because it’s looking like you will do anything to be president and that’s not good.  I think at this point I’m going to have to let you go, and wear my Obama T-Shirt tomorrowt to indicate my solidarity with a movement that insists upon change.  At this juncture I have no choice but to be an Obama supporter.  There is no where else to go. 

Bill and Hill: Black People a Means to an end

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You know people discuss all that Bill Clinton did for black people.  The truth is that as evident in how they are fighting to get in the white house.  Black People did an awful lot for Bill and Hill they voted for them.  This is why they were able to do something for black people.  It is pretty evident that black people were a means to an end for Bill and Hill.  If they really cared deeply for black people as they claimed to Hillary Clinton would drop out of the race and let black people have a black president.  They were cheated out of having a black vice presidential nominee of Jesse Jackson in the eighties and obvioulsy the democrats lost.  Neither democrat will get the “real” evangelists or values voters who seem to be making the difference for the republicans because of they both are heavy supporters of abortion.   In addition black people are not the only ones sho support Barack OBama, Everybody supports him.   I have come to the conclusion that Barack Obama played the game fairly, he played the game to win.  This is generational change.  This generation is not afraid of color.  If Hillary Clinton gets the nomination, I will be a very public protester.    Bill and Hill need to leave the dirty tricks at home.  We all know that the popular vote will not win an election, it is the number of delegates you have.  At this point Hillary Clinton needs to leave gracefully, no elected super delegate is going to risk their office to see Barack Obama cheated out of what is rightfully his.  White people say they hate affirmative action, Hillary Clinton should stop asking for it.