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There once was a man named HA HA. He loved to play nasty jokes on people but the joke was really on him. He was a buffoon and like the Emperors new clothes no one ever told him. He always wondered why he never had real respect. He was blessed with a large golden rod so could always fucka someone so he could get ahead despite his bad behavior. However, as he became older and started a family and got older his kids became bufoons too. He was perplexed why is my daughter a bufoon too. That’s okay his buffoon of fool friends said our kids our bufoons too. The mans fucka skills were so good he became very powerful and his bufoonish ways began to affect the whole culture of his coven. The men of the race used to sing beautiful songs to their women but since the bufoona hated women he encouraged lyrics of hate towards women and the hate of women in general so he could fucka the men in the butt. He still pretended to like women though but evidently not by how he liked to prank them. He and his clanna would especially get mad when the kingdom asked men to take care of their kids then they would hunt down the women saying TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILD and prank them, pretend to like them and then share the conversations with the world. The women did not care. Everyone knew ha ha was a buffona not trying to get better like geve the other ha ha who was sometimes bad but worked to be a better person. The world worried for the soul of ha ha was he going to be a butt turning ha ha for the rest of his life? Anyway there was a woman he was obsessed with. Everytime she would go to blick blick he would walk up to her and pretend to be a different person like she did not know and than try to prank her cause she was like if you make a baby you are are going to pay for it. He could not leave her alone….. She thought he was cute but a total buffoon and laughed at his childishness but she wondered damn he’s half a century when is he going to turn into a man. Man he said I am I is a man I make money. Yeah she said but people make money robbing banks so anyone can make money from just being odious immoral and out right stupid. Unfortunately he never changed his ways he went from being a butt crack to chasing butt cracks and got old with a lot of money but still a buffoona till the end. People secretly laughed at him oh that buffoon they said what’s he going to do next turn himself into a monkey he did, fuck a goat on public TV he did, suck a dogs dick he did. But all he could holler is I GOT MONEY. Yes you do get money HA HA.




Atlanta Ladies Do Not Take A Date Here

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You know I had a favorite spot that I liked to go.  I liked to go there so much that when my black professional  group decided to change venues to a predominately white meeting place instead of going next door I canceled my membership.  The thing that I liked so much about this place was that it seemed to be like a movie set.

However, after taking a date to Club Circa I decided that the whole I-20 corridor is not date friendly.  I have written previously about taking a friend, a strong friend  to a restaurant in Conyers and having the waitress ask him, my close to four hundred pound friend lick the hot sauce off her arm.  Ladies, just because he’s with me this does not mean he is rich or has a big penis.  He may just be my friend.  I was slightly amused by the incident because he was not my boyfriend and not my love interest but it made me strongly concerned about the families in the Conyers area that were exchanging black wives for white wives considering this woman was white.   In any event I don’t know what happened between them, I encouraged him to go back  another time because he wanted  me to help him shop for presents for his toddler son in North Dakota.  It should be noted however that he had already asked me to marry him, move in with him, do whatever it took just to be special to me.  This would have never happened considering I had a friend years ago who dated him and loved him.  He’s extremely charismatic and a phenomenal friend.   If I need something even though I have not spoken to him in a year he’ll come through.

In any event I have never had much of a problem meeting men when I just walk out of the door , single eligible men.  To just give you an example of my past  I have met one Grammy award nominee in the grocery store.  I met a physical therapist in the grocery store.  I met someone who opened for an act that has won five grammys at Georgia State University, and I know one man who writes and performs for grammy and award winning acts all around the world who I met at Barnes and Noble in Buckhead who used to call me from London and Paris and other places every night.  The truth is I was not interested in any of the people I have mentioned except maybe the guy who called from London and Paris and he was too impatient meaning when he was in town I had to be ready to make a move immediately, as well as some other reasons that made him turn into just a plain rat.  In any event I have never looked for just a man, but a man that I liked and was compatible with.

The men I usually ended up dating in the past and liked very much were usually visual artists, or writers, or maybe a persistent engineer.  I just want to say that the particular engineer that built bridges that I met was the best.  I could say I want and he would not just bring me one he’d bring me thirty- phenomenal.  The one incident that I think defined me and let me know that I had it was when my friends in college dragged me to a fraternity party because the man I liked/loved who was supposed to be coming from D.C. did not show up and I was dragged to this Frat party.  I am not a dancer, except in the dark because I am extremely shy.  So when one of the frat guys jumped into my lap and said either you came here to dance or to fuck , if not get out. I left and so did every other woman in the place.  I always chuckle when I think about this incident.

In regards to men I would also like to add that the majority of men that have come up to me and I have dated extensively have been well endowed.  It was not until the end of my marriage while in my thirties  and I got back into the dating scene that I actually knew that the statement  all black men are well endowed was just a plain out myth and a lie.     I have never had much of a problem attracting a man, if any man would do I suppose I would have one.

In order to find the right man, I turned to the personal ads of craigslist.  I was looking for an intelligent man in the least, a person that I could hold a conversation with.  I was not looking for someone with the characteristics of my former husband a 6’2 dead ringer for Rick Fox who was extremely intelligent and profoundly gifted who produced our daughter who is a dead ringer for an Asian looking Hallie Berry.  And where do I fit into this star studded continuum, one night as I was leaving a political meeting at Manuel’s Tavern a man screamed out of the car Chaka as in Chaka Khan.  My mother told me that I should not be flattered because this meant he was calling me fat.  Oh Well!  In any event I turned to craigslist to find someone to talk to and possibly probably have a long term relationship with.

I went out on the first date with a man I knew I was just not interested in nor even for a friend, we went to Chilis in Lithonia and the waitress went into a long story about only getting paid a certain amount  an hour and how she had no one to take her out.  I watched as she flirted with my date the whole night and  I thought just in character, I think on my next date I’ll go to Atlanta and my date ended with him saying maybe we should have gone to Midtown.  I was not interested in this first date and it ended with her giving him a check that had come and see me again in quotations.  This basically characterizes the black Atlanta dating scene whether it’s date night for marrieds or date night for singles.  This is why I think Forbes rated Atlanta as one of the best places for singles because it’s so predatory and the advantage is for men.  The caveat is I have fielded stares and glances from men who were with other women, while taking my family out to a birthday celebration one man sat and stared at me until I left and his date probably wife was evidently oblivious to what was going on or did not care as long as she could keep purchasing her LV pocketbooks.  I suppose the women that I have had the misfortune to run into with a lot of exceptions may have winked and managed to get him his number, but that’s not me.   Since I have not begun to tell my Circa story I would like to add that I was sitting beside a man at Cafe Circa who was tall and good looking that I could have been extremely interested in but he had a date and I had a date so I tried not to look at him.  Maybe if I change my personality in my next life I’ll slip my phone number to him. As the date I was with is fond of explaining about parallel universes and the time continuum maybe this is what I did in a parallel universe slipped my phone number to him and experienced the pleasure of his extreme good looks and long body.

Anyway I’ve written so much backgrond to get into this story at Circa I’m sick of writing.  Circa is a place that I stumbled upon, for some reason the coffee shop that my professional group was meeting at was now consistently closed at the time we were supposed to meet there.  I think it was someone’s comment about her green or burgundy hair that shut us out of that venue, but she refused to open for us anymore.  I did manage to catch her open the first time I came to the meeting and in attendance was the African contingency of professionals who were lots of  fun to be around, the Ethiopians, Somalis and some others nice……… In any event at the next meeting the proprietor had shut the place down and we had to find another place to meet which ended up being next door but in the midst of Atlanta off of Auburn Avenue where the King home was located had the feeling of skinhead heaven.  We managed to meet at this locale despite the fact that the staff kept throwing us glances like they hated us and did not want our money because we were black.  Unfortunately at the next meeting the coffeehouse women did not show up  so we went to Cafe Circa two doors down and had a wonderful time.  I thought Circa was a great place.  I told my friends and family about it .

So I naturally assumed that Cafe Circa would be a great place to bring a date, a craigslist date that I liked that I talked to for ninety minutes at a time. I also assumed that it was safe because my dear single  friend who I think is one of the most honorable and greatest men I have ever met had recently given a private party there that I could not attend due to illness so I naturally assumed that this place would be a place where the wait staff knew how to act, some of the things that happened I am not going to get into because it seems so strange and surreal, like the singer singing Tyrone by Erykah Badu and when my date could not hear me he texted something on his phone and passed the phone to me and she started singing don’t even have no phone, have to use my phone to text.  At the time I thought the singer was irritated because we were not giving her all of our attention but when I got home and thought about it I was really offended.

In any event I have not gotten to the good part yet.  The waitress came and took our order.  My date orderedtwo drinks and water.  I ordered one Peach Martini.  The waitress came back and put each one of his three drinks on a coaster, meaning three drinks and three straws, for my one little drink I did not get a coaster or a straw.  The waitress then preceded to lay and rub on my date all night long and glare at me from the corner.  I noticed this because my date was asking me not to button up my sweater  so he could look down my cleavage and I jokingly said yeah I saw a psychologist on TV and she had a big necklace on in her cleavage which indicated to me that we were supposed to be looking at her cleavage and nothing else. I pointed to my cleavage and jokingly said you’re supposed to be looking at my cleavage and nothing else, as I looked up the waitress was staring straight down my throat.  It made me feel rather strange.  Suddenly she came up and jerked my plate off of the table and I was quite shocked.

I honestly did not think anything of it, until I went out with my date that I like very much the next night to the Real Chow Baby at the Galleria – excellent staff , my craigslist date commented on the trendiness of the staff and their attire.  He thought one waitress had a mohawk but I explained to him she had a really great perm.  She was cute, young, and free and that’s just how you should be at twenty- something not trying to glare someone down for being on a date.  The Real Chow baby was a totally different atmosphere, I know it’s more general audience oriented  but Christ even at a lounge the waitress should not be feeling and rubbing your date up unless they are looking for johns.  In any event we went to cafe Intermezzo in Dunwoody after the Real Chow Baby where I found out the date had given the waitress at Cafe Circa a 25% tip.  I think I could have swallowed twenty because I give twenty to most people even if the service is not great but twenty-five percent was a little hard to swallow, I’ve even been out with 50 and hundred dollar tippers but the waiter or waitress respected me and my date.  I was taken aback and offended that I could be treated so shabbily and my date preceded to give the woman a twenty-five percent tip. I was mad at him and this revelation made me really think that Cafe Circa does offer the services of women of questionable character, I know my date paid for a back rub and to get laid on.  Ladies if your married man tells you he’s going to Circa for business I would question if it’s monkey business compliments of the wait staff.

Finally I would like to say Cafe Intermezzo in Dunwoody was wonderful as usual.  It’s been a great date spot for years.  I have an affinity for Dunwoody, when I temped, the temp agencies in Dunwoody always made sure that I had a job and was working.  When I was in an executive training program and all of the participants had MBA’s Dunwoody still found a place for me in this program.  Dunwoody is a good place as well as my family has had other financial and banking needs that the 20 corrider could not take care of and the Galleria area  where The Real Chow Baby is located came through.  I suppose I say all of this to say that if I take the time to put an ad in craigslist.  I should take the time to suggest places to my date that exemplify the character and the values that I try to practice in real life.

The twenty corridor is not doing it for me and ladies Circa Cafe is an absolutely horrible place to take someone you like and cherish to.  I am trying to salvage even a friendship out of this craigslist person that I loved talking to but the shadow of a 25% tip when I could not get a coaster or a straw and had my plate jerked from under me is making me feel that my date just did not respect me as much as he should, he says he did not know.  We talk everyday for at least two hours but I’m still wondering about him. 🙂

Phillip Tracy Smith of Ellenwood Georgia Refuses to Pay Child Support again this Year(Fact) Part II

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You know I insist on airing my dirty laundry on this blog as it relates to Philip Tracy Smith. It is not how Philip Tracy Smith of Ellenwood Georgia has treated me it’s how he has treated our son in many ways.

As I stated in a prior post Philip Smith originally of Valejo California  called his mother and asked her to tell me he was a decent person because I did not have much interest in him.  Mrs. Smith told me a 23 year old woman the her son a 43   year old man was a decent person.  What she failed to tell me was that he had a daughter that he was not supporting, I had to find that out while going through his mail, mail he encouraged me to go through because he wanted me to know everything about him.  What she did not tell me was that when Phil was 17 he and his mother took his girlfriend to an abortion clinic and her parents never found out.  This is what he told me when I told him I thought abortion was disgusting.

His mother on his encouragment told me that he was a nice person and asked me to be decent to him and then he nor his family can be decent to my child.  I called and asked if they would relay a message to him that it was very important that he pay child support this Christmas since he has never paid child support in December he always skips November, December, January, and February and then we go to court in March.

Well, when I called his house because I have always been cordial to his family to ask that they tell him to pay his saster Karen said: Don’t bother my mother about this this is between you and Phillip.  Well I had not meant to bother anyone I just wanted a message delivered to my child’s father that he needed to pay child support for Christmas.  I was a little taken aback considering my parents are very generous grandparents and know that Philip Tracy Smith has not paid.  I suppose even though his mother told me that her son was “decent.  She did not care to deliver a message regarding her grandson to her very very decent son.

You know there are some other things that I may wish to say like that he was fond of wearing pink shorts to Piedmont Park and sitting where the homosexuals sit but I won’t say that.

Is there a Moratorium On Collecting Child Support “Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Meets In Atlanta”

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The other day a dear friend called me and said I’m coming to Atlanta for my fraternity meeting. We started to talk and I suppose he remembered that my sons father was in the same Fraternity he was in and he said I know he pays child support, he’s a Morehouse Alpha. I had to say no he does not pay child support. No one seems to want to make him pay child support and since Barack Obama has been elected he has not paid child support and probably won’t.

In Georgia we know that if there is a Democrat in office men are not going to support their children. I remember we had a Democratic Governor in Georgia and the child support workers were losing files, could not find a non paying father and were generally nonfeasent, misfeasent, and malfeasent.

In my case if anyone sees Philip Tracy Smith of Ellenwood, Georgia, a non-payer to at least two children one in Texas and one in Atlanta supposedly who owns a staffing agency and writes up mortgages and who’s license should be suspended please tell him to pay child support.

Furthermore if you want to know how I hooked up with him. I told him when we were thinking about dating that he just did not seem to be the sort of person I was interested in because he had a lot of problems. What did he do? He called his mother and had her tell me that he was a good person, he just had problems, but was a decent individual.

In addition I left him for talking about a woman who was just a friend too much. He slept outside of my door all night and asked for forgiveness. Who is he married to know? This woman. He is a certified rat.

Years later he’s not paying child support, though his Frat brother is sure that he is or should be and he’s not.

Finally as the senate looks to confirm Eric Holder as head of the Department of Justice who might also be a member of this fraternity, I’m not sure though my friend insisted on naming a long line of frat folks to me on the phone he did not mention Holder so he’s probably not; in any event all women should be mindful that Holder might be prepared to have the justice department look left while deadbeat dads refuse to pay child support.

Falsely accused of Shoplifting Alert: Protect Yourself

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As many of you may be aware of I was falsely accused of shoplifting at  Vision Works at Stonecrest  Mall in Lithonia Georgia  and accused and taken to jail for disorderly conduct instead.  If you want proof you can view what I was taken into custody for at . In addition I will be uploading other articles related to the subject as time permits.

In any event I had to write this post today because as I’m doing research on the issue I became afraid not just for myself but for everyone who walks into a shopping mall, place of business, or retail establishment.  I am certainly afraid for folks to go to the mall that I went to.  In this harsh economic environment one should ask themselves if they can afford the  loss of reputation and the innuendo that can be garnered from a false and  malicious accusation that can linger with you even if you have not done anything wrong.  One should seriously weigh this issue before entering a retail establishment.  The facts are in this climate shopkeepers can utter any amount of lies about you they choose to.    The facts are also in that you don’t know who’s behind the counter and what their morals and values are.  There are actually immoral people working as shopkeepers, police officers, and security guards who will tell lies just for fun and entertainment or just because they don’t like the way you look.

If you have places where you have shopped for years without incident and others have too.  It  is probably wise to stick to areas like this but if people are whispering about a location and it’s treatment of individuals is questionable, it’s probably wise to stay away from there especially if you have an employer, are young and have a future or just have dreams and aspirations.  Furthermore the emotional toll and stress of being falsely accused and harassed is not worth it.  Finally the parents of Teenagers should keep their children away from establishments that have a history and record of doing bad things.

While loss of reputation is something that most people can live with, the loss of life is something that no one can live with because they are dead.  As I’ve been researching the issue of the falsely accused.  I’ve come across disturbing incidents involving the not guilty and the guilty that have resulted in individuals being beaten to death in the back rooms of stores and malls, people being shot in the parking lot, and many deaths related to individuals being wrongfully and rightfully accused of shoplifting.  I suppose if a person is a shoplifter they should go to the backroom and try to work it out  but if you are minding your own business, have never ever been accused of stealing or shoplifting in your life, have never been convicted of a felony, and only convicted of misdemeanors related to traffic tickets like me you should really hesitate before you go into any back room with anyone or even leave the spot you are in, judging from what I’ve read and what’s been on the news lately in terms of officers shooting people in the back, and just plain killing people without cause.  “DO NOT GO INTO A BACK ROOM IF YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG AND FEEL THAT YOU ARE BEING MALICIOUSLY TARGETED YOU MAY NOT GET OUT OF THE ROOM ALIVE.”

As for honestly what to do I don’t know, in my case I told the security guard I did not want to get out of the car but he insisted.

I am wondering if trying to call an attorney is even possible when falsely accused in a retail establishment.  Isn’t it strange that as citizens of the United States we have rights and can not be detained without cause or proof  but as soon as we step into a retail location evidently by the many cases that I’ve been reading.  Individuals give up their constitutional and Miranda rights when accosted by a Security Guard in a retail establishment.  Illegal search and seizure is against the law but because I was in the parking lot of an establishment the security guard could insist that I get out of the car with a gun attached this hip.

The following are quotes from blogs and other sources discussing the above issues.

The following post is taken from a blog called Civil Rights Watch

Many big-box retail stores have come under fire lately for treating their minority customers in a discriminatory fashion. For instance, Macy’s East was sued by the State of New York for discrimination in the form of racial profiling in its New York stores. On January 14, 2005, Macy’s reached a settlement with the state, agreeing to pay a fine in the amount of $600,000 and to retrain its security forces to avoid racial profiling in the future.

However, next to Dillard’s, Macy’s looks like Jesse Jackson’s Shirts ‘n More. Since 1994, six people have been killed in Dillard’s. Five of them were minorities. The deaths occurred in Houston, San Antonio, Memphis, Arlington (TX), Cleveland and El Paso. None of the victims had weapons. Some were accused of shoplifting; some had the temerity to argue with Dillard’s security officers about unfair treatment and paid with their lives. Two of the victims had, in fact, stolen goods from Dillard’s (one stole a box of sunglasses, the other stole a beard trimmer). Those two people were shot in the parking lot, after having made it out of the store. Though criminal behavior, shoplifting is not a capital crime in the United States and security officers are not empowered to act as judge, jury and executioner. Furthermore, alleged shoplifting does not give the officer-cum-cowboy the right to endanger the lives of all the other people in the mall parking lot as he shoots at his suspect-bad guy.

Dillard’s employs off-duty and retired police officers as its security guards. Because Dillard’s views these officers as independent contractors, the company does not offer them any training or guidelines, they are not monitored and Dillard’s does not conduct any checks into their personal or professional backgrounds. These are the security guards who harass, beat, strip search and kill Dillard’s customers. Dillard’s stands alone as the only major department chain to use off-duty police officers. The company still maintains that using armed off-duty or retired officers for security is the best way to ensure the safety of its shoppers. You be the judge.

The killings that have taken place in Dillard’s stores are too numerous for me to describe in this brief column. However, I would like to elaborate on one of the most spectacular killings, that of Darryl Robinson, of Houston, Texas.

On June 1, 1994, Darryl Robinson went to a Dillard’s in Houston, Texas. Darryl was not suspected of shoplifting. A clerk accused Darryl of demanding $1 million from her and she called in Dillard’s security officers. Other witnesses and family members say Darryl asked for a $50 advance on his Dillard’s credit card. Instead of escorting Darryl out of the store for causing a disturbance, the security officers took him into a back room and beat him. The officers, however, were not finished with Darryl Robinson; after beating him, the officers hog-tied him. The security guards had already handcuffed Darryl’s wrists and his ankles. But that was not restraint enough. The officers bent Darryl in half and linked the wrist and ankle restraints behind his back. He was tied like a hog. Witnesses say an assistant manager was seen riding Darryl like a “bucking bronco” when he was tied up. Darryl died, in the hog-tied position, on a rolling flatbed dolly used to move boxes. There were two possible causes of his death: either Darryl died of a heart attack or of what is called “positional asphyxiation,” meaning he suffocated due to the hog-tying, fear, and the weight of the officers sitting on him.

Minority shoppers at Dillard’s are not always killed, most of the time the complaints come from people who have been harassed and humiliated. The law firm of Chargois & Ernster in Houston represents over 100 plaintiffs across the country who allege they were subjected to discriminatory treatment at Dillard’s stores. For information on the most recent cases, please see this article in

Finally, it is apparently as difficult to be an employee of color at Dillard’s as it is to be a shopper. For a class action filed in 1999, Dillard’s reached a $5.6 million settlement on behalf of African-American employees in their Kansas and Missouri stores.

Dillard’s is as dangerous for minorities as Iraq is for, well, everybody. For this, Dillard’s is the reprehensible first recipient of Civil Rights Watch’s first Retail Wil’ Out Award. I urge you to read the full story on the Houston Press about the retail catastrophe that Dillard’s has allowed itself to become.

The blog entry states that two of the killings involved people who actually had shoplifted something.  They state one man stole a box of sunglasses.  This by itself is believable but when you read the following it makes you wonder if items were planted on the individuals once they were dead.

The following is a shoplifitng rendition of a college student who was killed n Nashville and is at rest with the belief that he’s a shoplifter and a thief.  This account is going to be a lot skewed because it’s coming from the police department.  If you read my ticke at . You will find the officer used words to skew the ticket instead of  just stating the facts, he made statements that can never be proven.

Metro Nashville Police Department
* Media Releases

September 29 , 2006

The shoplifting suspect shot during a scuffle with a Tennessee State Trooper in the parking lot of Hickory Hollow Mall Thursday night is identified as a 21-year-old Tennessee State University student from Las Vegas, Nevada. Efforts are continuing to locate his next of kin in Nevada. He is in critical condition at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Trooper Aussie Thaxter, 41, who fired his state-issued gun one time, was treated at Vanderbilt for injuries sustained when he was dragged by the suspect’s car. He was released during the night.

Thaxter was working an off-duty security job at Dillard’s department store in a THP utility uniform when he was notified by an employee of a suspiciously acting man in the men’s department who was carrying several designer shirts and said he would be paying for them in another area of the store. While in Thaxter’s view, the man fled from the store to the parking lot carrying the shirts. Thaxter gave chase and ordered him to stop.

The man got into a Plymouth Breeze sedan that was backed into a handicapped parking space. As the suspect started the motor, Thaxter reached into the car through the open door in an effort to turn off the ignition. He was unsuccessful and the suspect put the car in gear and began to pull away with Thaxter still partly inside. Thaxter was dragged for about 20 yards before he managed to fire a shot. The suspect was hit in the neck and Thaxter fell to the pavement. The Plymouth continued on, entered a bank parking lot and came to rest against the bank building. A Metro officer who was in the mall was told of the commotion and rushed to the bank parking lot. He immediately radioed for an ambulance.

The investigation into the shooting is being headed by the Metro Police Department’s Homicide Unit. The THP’s Criminal Investigation Division, the TBI and an investigator from the District Attorney’s Office are assisting. The full investigative report will be forwarded to District Attorney General Torry Johnson for review when it is complete.


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The above incident is about a supposedly guilty shoplifter who did not live to tell the story.  However I was falsely accused of stealing.  I went to jail for disorderly conduct.  I was stripped down, I had to put on a smelly orange jump suit and was being watched every second by an attendant.  Not only did I pull all of my clothes off and put on others.  I was given a drug test, an AIDS test and had to give urine, and  finger printed.  I had to leave my car on the mall grounds.   Furthermore I had to give up my pocket book and everything in it had to be checked into the police locker.  I was stripped of everything. Finally I was released on my signature because I did not have a criminal history what so ever.

I say all of this to say that the circumstances surrounding the dead college student above are eerily similar to mine.  I was approached and accused of shoplifting while in my car, my keys were in the ignition and I was about to leave the premises.   The security guard was at my window what if I would have tried to just leave, though I could not because I was blocked in by a truck.  Would I have been shot and had a box of sunglasses planted in my car since it was a vision care place I went to and forever known as a shoplifter.

The parking lot killings are too similar I am wondering if anyone accused of  shoplifting and shot in a parking lot while in their car is guilty.   It’s too convenient.  In the first  quoted blog entry it’s stated that a man had a box of sunglasses and was shot in the parking lot with a “whole” box of sunglasses.  It’s beginning to look like people target individuals to kill and plant items on them after they reach their cars because one can not plant multiple items on a dead body in the middle of a store but someones car is definitely a good place to plant items.

Raising The Bar: Whatever You Do, Do Not Vote For R. Joy Walker Chief Judge of Recorders Court For Dekalb County For Superior Court Judge In Dekalb County!

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If anyone has read this blog in the past they may know that after taking my daughter’s glasses to vision works to be fixed last year after a few months of wear, I left the mall and was very falsely accused of stealing a pair of glasses.  I did not have and never have stolen any glasses.  I protested this at the time I was accused because I was afraid and I think if someone will falsely accuse you of stealing something they will do anything to you.  I was charged with disorderly conduct when I became hysterical because I was falsely accused.

Raising the Bar

There is a new show coming out called raising the bar.  I heard about it yesterday and it’s supposed to expose how justice in the United States has a bloody eye and why young attorneys do not want to continue to practice law.  I know what they mean because I have been through it personally, the injustice, and also being represented by a brilliant young attorney who I often think does not deserve the treatment meted out to her by recorders court in Dekalb County.

In the Court of Dekalb County Recorders Court essentially traffic court, there are many horror stories walking through there.  My mother was fined 600.00 for a cat.  I appeared in court years ago and told the judge I did not have the money to pay my ticket and she told me  I would be put in jail until I paid what amounted to a seventy dollar ticket.   I did not have the money. I explained to the judge.  She immediately sent me to jail.  My family came and paid the ticket within several hours and when I got out I wrote the Department of Justice on the Court.  I learned that later that year, they were no longer sending people to jail for not being able to pay their traffic fines.    These are just two of my and my family’s experiences that I thought were rather extreme in Dekalb County Recorders Court.  Here is a link to several blog entries about experiences in Dekalb County Recorders Court as presided over by R.  Joy Walker.

Average Life tells of hearing one fine on their automated system and being asked to pay another, Comments to this blog go into detail about their terrible treatment too.  One commenter talks about receiving a summons to appear at 8:00 pm.  The commenter also states he was carted off to jail for a ticket that he had already paid.

This blog talks about a ticket that could not be found in the system! You have to scroll to find it.

A Man Blogs His Experience with Dekalb County Recorders Court

Southern In-hospitality is self explanatory

Now that you have a true idea of what’s going on.  I’m going to tell you something so shocking that it will make you pull your hair out.  It will make you say, what is happening in the United States and make you seriously question whether some counties and states are bound by the constitution.  I have written the FBI and the GBI because what you will read here is just all out corruption and judicial misconduct.  I appeared before this court on a disorderly conduct charge.  The Chief Judge of this Court is running for Superior Court Judge we can not allow her to have power over people who may go to jail for years. We must preserve some semblance of justice in our court systems and further more we can not afford the embarrassment if she is investigated and found to be corrupt.  Do Not Vote For this Woman!

In any event this is what I want to tell you.  The last message I left for the attorney that represented me on the charge of disorderly conduct who went before the court and had the charges reduced to creating a disturbance, an ordinance rather than a misdemeanor  went something like this.  I’ve called the court and the court is claiming the charges were not reduced, am I crazy, did I just imagine the charges being reduced.  I know I spoke to the attorney that took your place, (the attorney that represents me now practices in a higher court.)  He told me that the judge had agreed that it was a mistake and would change it.  I went to get a disposition of the case  and the woman at the information desk told me that there were now two dispositions in the system, she did not know which disposition to certify.  I had to wait for the judge to get out of court. I waited and the judge stated the charges were never reduced.  Am I crazy I repeated.  I am quite confused now as I ‘m talking to the answering machine.  For them to treat an attorney this way, my brain is swirling, she might be in on it too, maybe she does not remember either.  I ask one more time because at this point I’m going to call the FBI and the GBI if she calls back and tells me that she remembers what I remember.  She calls back a day later and says yes the charges were reduced and the other attorney did speak with the judge about the reduced charges and she has the documentation.  I am floored OK, I am relieved I am not crazy.  The charges were reduced but the court had me plead guilty to reduced charges and then changed the charges back.  I suddenly realize that I am living in a banana republic.  I realize that in the United States blacks are allowed to oppress other people and not held to any sort of accountability because we were once slaves and segregated, and instead of holding certain blacks accountable they are allowed to do anything they want to do to assuage white guilt.  I should not be living in a banana republic.  I live in the United States.  Yet corruption and unfairness rule in my part and color of the world.  HELP I may as well be In Hussein’s Iraq!

“I Wondered Why they Didn’t Call Back” “Getting Butt F*&%$D by the University You Graduated From

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Let me start from the from the beginning like a writer that hopes to get paid for writing would.

I graduated from University X in the year 2000 married and pregnant.  How could they forget me?  I know if anyone tries to take my degree from me, and I’m to the point where I think people will try to do these things.  No one will forget the big fat pregnant women who walked across the aisle and received a degree in Political Science.

But obviously my university forgets to attenuate their databases and keep the name change that I submitted.  If you are tempted to say maybe I’m lying or maybe I didn’t change my name which the women in the registrars office implied.  On the same day I submitted my documents for a name change to the registrars office, I walked over to the Alumni office and changed my name too.  Guess what the Alumni office still has the information.

Why am I mad?

Do you know how many resumes I submitted?  Do you know how many interviews I had from just a resume only?  There were jobs that I just knew I was going to be hired for, like the job in D.C. because I was vibing with the interviewer we were alike one of a kind I know she’s going to hire me.  NO CALL BACK!

The Only Problem IS…………

I knew this was going to happen.  Based on my history I knew this was going to happen.   What is my history?  Well to beat a dead horse again and again.  I was suspended from a majority African American college for telling a parent your child will probably get a great job if he or she goes here but if you want them to learn some critical thing skills you might want to send them somewhere else. [  This does not apply to all black colleges, the most important thing is to look at the model they are following, if Booker T is their model they are into training you and it’s hard for them to teach you how to think critically they teach you how to kiss butt, if Dubois is their model you will come out being more of what you were before you went there and able to contribute to the world ]The Washington Post and Daily Press of Hampton Roads  covered the suspension as well as other newspapers.  The strange thing is whenever anything strange happens at the University like the confiscation of all student newspapers because they reported on rodents and roaches in the cafeteria of the University and their failure to pass a health inspection my name comes up in a newspaper article, or when a Time magazine editor left the school becuase of it’s atmosphere of oppression. My Virginia family and friends sent me an article from the Daily Press with my name in it, and my first thought was years and years later my name is still being mentioned.  I called the newspaper editor to ask them to stop using my name in articles related to oppression at the school.  In any event this has relevance to the University I graduated from.

I graduated from the second largest University in Georgia at the time that I did the majority of my coursework.  It boasted of having the largest chapter of student Republicans in the country.  When I went there I was appreciative of the courtesy the staff showed me in the business office and the registrars office, everything went smoothly.  I never had a problem.  At that time I did however have academic apprehensions.  I knew when I walked into a room and sat down that I could tell that a professor was going to give me a bad grade just by looking at me.  I learned to make the decision to stay or go based on my internal vibes, and in one case I called my father and asked him to send me the recruitment letter that I had gotten from the secret service because of my high test scores and I remember getting such a bad vibe from one professor I made a copy of the letter and accidentally slipped it in with my report to make sure he knew I may look dumb but I’m not.  If you want to know the type of dumb it is and how I am sometimes perceived, it’s the type of dumb perception that gets you into the secretarial pool versus the executive sales program.  It’s the type of dumb that I noticed when I worked in the financial industry all of the two female brokers would be in suits with breasts sizes no larger than a thirty-two and the secretarial pools requirement was 34. 36. and 38, as a temp I did observe the secretarial pool sporting egg like engagement rings and wedding bands so who’s to say that being perceived that you can only type  is bad.   In any event on one occasion I did believe the professor was treating me like I was dumb and submitted my secret service recruitment letter to ensure that I would not get such a bad grade.  In any event this was the atmosphere of the University I graduated from when I first got there.  It was an excellent business atmosphere with maybe slightly judgmental professors.

At the point I graduated, all of this had changed.  The way the university was physically run as it related to how people were treated had all changed.  The President had done just awesome things for infrastructure and grants and putting the university in a good place where you could be proud to say you went there but in the process of doing this we lost something.  We lost the courtesy and shall I say Southern charm and courtesy the University had once had.  When I took my marriage lic. to the registrars office and saw the person at the desk with the name of a black sorority that almost dominated the black college campus that I had had problems with and some man that was telling someone that he was in the Air Force.  I knew that they were not going to change my name.  Just like the creeps that I got when I knew a professor was going to try to give me a bad grade just by looking at me.  I knew they were going to mess up my records.

I suspected that they were going to mess me up badly.  I called for years to confirm that the name change was there.  It was.  I kept calling because I was sending out mad resumes and not getting any call backs.  I have to admit that my overall gpa was not high though my major gpa was a 3. something and my minor gpa was a 3.5 and I had an average in my psychology courses of a 3. something so I put this on my resume.  My major gpa was pretty different from my overall gpa because I almost did not graduate because of foreign language and my insistence on talking biology and failing those courses as well as one bad semester.

In any event because I was so creeped out by the people at the desk and I am always creeped out by people who wear gang signs in public places not related to their gang, and in Black Atlanta they wear their gang signs as everyday wear. .   I would call and say I want to see if you have me in the database and if you have me correctly.  They would say yes and confirm my name.  Eventually my fears were allayed and I stopped calling.  I suspected that the college was sending other people in my place to interview for the jobs I put in for but this was only a suspicion.  In any event because I could not find a job with my major I decided to take a hobby and get certified in that discipline I became a certified web developer.  Hold on wait a minute I still could not get a job.  I thought it was me, they did not like my designs, they thought I was a bad webs designer.  NOPE my college was now only verifying my maiden name.  I don’t go by my maiden name.  I go by my married name.  I would have never checked until…..

I went into my local bank and asked for a replacement card.  I have one of those little wallets and the wallet had bent every last one of my various cards.  I noticed on the wall a card for my college alumni association.  I went and signed my name to speak with a representative so I could order one.  I told the representative the card and looked at me like “you want that card” I said yes.  I never received it.  Finally I called customer service and they reordered it and I still did not get the card but this time a family member had taken it out of the mailbox and forgotten to give me my mail.  I went back to the bank to reorder the card and I was shocked to see they had taken the university signs down from the bank wall, maybe they had another promotion coming I don’t know.  The fact that they had taken the sign down made me feel rather strange.  I went in and spoke to the bank manager and reordered the card and the way she said that’s the one you want made me feel like she thought that I was trying to pretend that I was an alumnus. I realized that they had my social security number and all of my information and must have called to see if I was an alumni of the school.  I immediately thought back to who was in the office when I submitted my name change and thought they are not reporting that my name has changed or even they are not even reporting me as a college graduate.   I immediately called the school and tried to verify my information as my married name they did not verify it and I was floored all of the interviews and all of the resumes I had sent out and they had not even verified that I was a graduate.  At first I thought well it’s their word against mine and then I called the Alumni association because I had changed my name there at the same time and they had the information.   I finally realized what alumni associations are for and why they are separate from the university.  They are independent record keepers and no matter who’s in the registrars office they can’t take your degree or even your name.