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“Hill”ary Clinton “Female” Male Chauvinist Theme Song: Crazy In Love ,

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I had to think clearly on how I would craft my words to indicate that after learning that Hillary Clinton refused to appear at a rally with Sarah Palin, that I thought that Hillary Clinton was being chauvinistic towards Sarah Palin.  Hillary’s behavior  indicates that she wants no part of the  baking, dinner cooking, baby having, dish washing segment of women.  While I suppose Hillary Clinton defines a chauvinist as a man that expects a woman to cook and clean and have babies and wear skirts.  Others may define a chauvinist as a person who fails to appreciate cooking, child bearing, dresses, and the beauty of being a woman, and the fact that women have just as much power in heels, perfume, and a dress as men have in any power play they may think of.  Hillary would fall in the second category of folks.  Hillary Clinton through her treatment of Palin has indicated that she has no respect and appreciation for a woman being a woman, and her definition of equality is a woman in pants.  It is ironic that many of the women never actually picked up on Hillary Clinton’s scorn of regular women until Sarah Palin came along.  We with the exception of the majority of  black women [who suffer more from chauvinism and just bad treatment from their men more then any other group] were willing to support Hillary no matter what our backgrounds.  However Hillary showed her scorn of that support when she refused to attend the same event as a regular woman chosen to be the VP for the Republican party.  As women we were disgusted and angered by the jokes regarding Hillary Clinton’s pants and her male like attitude.  We thought that these jokes were aimed at Hillary just because she wanted to touch the the moon and the sky.  However with Hillary’s treatment of Palin we were shocked to realize that Hillary really thought like a man so much so to be a chauvinist towards women who baked cookies.

Arrange Palin’s last name in a different way and you get Plain, “plain old woman” with the hopes of a woman, the feelings of a woman, and the willingness to risk like the American Spirit.  The thing that most women really admire about Sarah Palin is that she was able to transcend the elitist garbage put out my women like Hillary that just because you actually love and want to be with your husband, that you don’t mind cooking dinner, that you are willing to put on a short skirt and makeup, that you actually have lots of sex as indicated by your five children, you can still be somebody in life, and have aspirations.  Unlike the democrats, the Republicans did not say oops being a normal woman is a mess up, lets put our hope in the youth, you’ve messed your life up.  The Republicans said bring it on, if you’re up to the job let’s do it.

Many people have indicated that Hillary Clinton is working so hard for Barack Obama becuase she hopes to win if he loses the next round.  Unfortunately, Clinton in her refusal to appear at a rally that Palin attended indicates that “no” she does not really want to be president because she does not want to represent all of us.  Hillary is essentially saying louder than any words that she does not embrace the diversity of women out there no matter who or what they represent.  I think the electorate is smart enough to realize that just because Hillary Clinton attends a rally with Sarah Palin this does not indicate an endorsement.  Hillary Clinton had the opportunity to say that American stood strong on an issue no matter what their political party and instead chose to renege on an agreement because she did not want to be seen with Sarah Palin.

There are many issues and events that I believe Hillary Clinton should have pulled back on that would have showed her solidarity with women and would have stood as an example to all women that we are not door mats and should be respected but instead she’s made herself a door mat and has created a Theme Song for herself that’s Beyounces “Got Me Feeling Crazy Right Now” . The refrain is:

“Got me lookin so crazy right now
Your love’s got me lookin so crazy right now
(your love)
Got me lookin so crazy right now your touch’s
Got me lookin so crazy right now
(your touch)

While normal women accept that all women have problems and subscribe that no woman should be judged or looked down upon. and continued to support Hillary, myself included.  She returned the favour by snubbing a women that more women relate to than they do to Hillary Clinton.  The majority of us want children, the majority of us want a husband that at least appears loyal, and most of us if we do have a loyal husband want more than one child.  We subscribe to Fairy Tales, and Rags to Riches and while Hillary has achieved a lot more than most and has even been the ultimate Princess, the First Lady.  I think the majority of us are more like Princes DI we are not going to stand for the *&%T, and our not going to stick around for fame and glory at the expense of our feelings, and our self respect.  Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton has not subscribed to that philosophy and has made herself a perpetual door mat.

We all know what she went through with Bill in the Arkansas Governors mansion, what is it they say he would pretend to go for a jog, and have the Arkansas State Troopers meet him and escort him to a sexual encounter, and let’s not mention Monica and others.  All of this is still OK, this is her personal life and it is nobody’s business what happens in her personal life, but in the least she should have announced a public separation from Bill for just a little while but instead she stuck around and who knows maybe it was worth it and maybe it wasn’t but the message she sent out by sticking with such a man is not a message I want my children to receive.   While this is enough to give Hillary the ultimate door mat status.  I think anything Bill did to Hillary can not come close to how she has been treated by the democratic party.  Michigan actually gave Obama the undecided votes which comprised of votes for Edwards, Richardson, and anyone else, as well as the write in vote, as well as gave him extra votes based on Exit Polls. “EXIT POLLS”  THEY TOOK HER DELEGATES AWAY BASED ON AN EXIT POLL.  In addition Hillary was promised a roll call vote at the convention and it was never given, “NEVER GIVEN”.  There are probably a lot more transgressions I can think of perpetrated against Hillary Clinton by the Democratic Party.  Yet Dear Old Hillary is now campaigning for Barack Obama and refusing to appear with the Republican female VP.  THIS IS A DOORMAT AND NOT THE WAY TO GET MY VOTE NEXT TIME>  I WOULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH MORE APPRECIATIVE OF HILLARY, IF SHE WOULD HAVE JUST DROPPED FROM THE SCENE.  I think the lesson that Hillary must learn is no matter what social class, no matter what educational level or income that a woman owes herself self respect first and self respect does not have a look, it  has a feeling deep inside of a woman that everyone recognizes.

While Hillary Clinton refuses to be seen publicly with a woman that exemplifies the old perfume  commercial “Enjoli”  everyone over thirty may remember the “Enjoli Lyrics:

“I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan. And never let you forget you’re a man. Because I’m a woman, Enjoli”

Hillary keeps campaigning for a man and a party that used back alley tactics to take away her chances of being president and refused to make her VP because he and they were not strong enough to do it.  Whether Obama wins or loses, I will now think of Hillary Clinton in the light of the lyrics in “Crazy in Love”.

Got me looking so crazy, my baby
I’m not myself lately
I’m foolish, I don’t do this
I’ve been playing myself
Baby I don’t care
Cause your love got the best of me
And baby you’re making a fool of me
You got me sprung and I don’t care who sees
Cause baby you got me so crazy


Did I hear the Word Draft or am I Over Analyzing McCain?

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Every time I hear Mc Cain speak for any length, I hear words coming out of his mouth that I know are quite wrong.  Mc Cains constant talk of war mongering and expanding the Armed Services when hardly anyone is volunteering now gives me pause.  How are you going to expand the armed forces when no one is volunteering, oh I know implement a draft.  I have a son who is twelve I do not want him drafted into the military.  If he chooses to join fine!

For the first six months of Barack Obama’s campaign his message was simply, I will bring the troops back home and I did not vote for the war.  With this message he became the front runner in the Democratic primary and eventually recieved the nomination to be the democratic nominee for president.  Is Mc Cain aware of any of this?  Is Mc Cain aware that a record number of people voted in the democratic primary and will vote in the general election not for him.  Mc Cains platform or lack of one is leading me to believe that the Republicans don’t believe tricks are for kids and have some voting tricks planned.

 At this point I can’t even see the most ardent racist voting for more of the same of what we just had.  I don’t think that most people have failed to realize that all of the wars and the trouble that America has been sticking it’s  nose in lately  has been in oil, drug, or both producing regions.  Georgia is an oil producing region and at the time of the conflict Americans were drilling for oil there.  Personally I prescribe to the precept that natural resources ought to belong to the region first and everyone else second.   The United States is most likely involved in the Georgian conflict because they want their natural resources.  Again all of these little wars that have been started since the Bush presidency have been essentially because of oil.  I am extremely disappointed that though Mc Cain is not from Texas he is turning out to be an oil man.  Furthermore his choice of an oil woman as a VP candidate solidifies this view.  

I saw a really nice interview done with McCain in 2005.  He seemed like a really nice man with great ideas for education and the enviornment.  Unfortunately these great ideas are sorely missing from his platform.  I am honestly  wondering if he’s senile or what.

As for Sarah Palin, I tuned into the Charles Gibson interview and honestly felt that Charles Gibsons questions were a little harsh and unfair.  I have never heard of a Bush model of Foreign Policy being spoken of before, I have heard the words “the Bush policy of preemptive strikes”.  For Sarah Palin’s part she did ask for clarification and Charles Gibson did not give it.  This was a high tech lynching of Sarah Palin and I can guarantee this if the media continues to go after Palin like this.  Mc Cain will win.  Did I tell you how I ended up voting for Bush the last time I believe, I walked in undecided, definitely not intending to vote for Nader, but all the same I wanted to see his name.  I had heard that the dems had went on a campaign to get his name off of the ballot because they felt he took votes away from them.  When I looked at my ballot they had successfully taken him off of my ballot, I therefore initiated my protest vote by voting for Bush.  If things continue they way they are with Sarah Palin, I might have to vote for Sarah Palin to show my disgust with the way she’s being treated.

Could McCain have a Woman VP up his sleeve After All Former HP President Fiorina Firmly in McCain and Republican Camp

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According to Bloomberg, Carly Fiorina, the former HP President with degrees in Medieval Studies who launched HP from what was known publicly as largely a printer only company to a multidimensional technological leader ranked second in technology; that still reaps extreme profits from her leadership years later;  is officially called the

“chairwoman of Victory ’08, the public face of, and force behind, Republican efforts to win the White House. ” 

While this is a great position and should make the democrats sweat.  It seems that John McCain might be better served by choosing Fiorina to be his running mate.  While Fiorina would bring her touted experience and success as President of HP, she also brings an experience and exposure to the international world early in her life .  While some say that Barack Obama’s Kenyan background and early life in Indonesia prepares him for the Presidency; Fiorina’s  attendance at five high schools across the world and Stanford Education would make her experiences a formidable vice presidential candidate with experience in the culture of foreign nations. 

In addition Fiorina’s experience with gender issues would provide a healthy outlet for Clintonites disappointed because Clinton did not receive the democratic nomination,  my first exposure to Fiorina’s unique approach to gender issues was by reading her commencement speech to the predominately Black College and University Nort Carolina A&T; she recounts in the speech how she dealt with being told by colleagues that she could not attend a meeting with a client because their meeting with him was customarily held at a strip club.  Fiorina recounts the following:

“In those early days, I was put in a program at the time called the Management Development Program. It was sort of an accelerated up-or-out program, and I was thrown into the middle of a group of all male sales managers who had been there quite a long time, and they thought it was their job to show me a thing or two. A client was coming to town and we had decided that we were getting together for lunch to introduce me to this customer who was important to one of my accounts.Now the day before this meeting was to occur, one of my male colleagues came to me and said, “You know, Carly, I’m really sorry. I know we’ve had this planned for a long time, but this customer has a favorite restaurant here in Washington, D.C., and they really want to go to that restaurant, and we need to do what the customer wants, and so I don’t think you’ll be able to join us.”
“Why is that?” I asked. Well, the restaurant was called the Board Room. Now, the Board Room back then was a restaurant on Vermont Avenue in Washington, D.C., and it was a strip club. In fact, it was famous because the young women who worked there would wear these completely see-through baby doll negligees, and they would dance on top of the tables while the patrons ate lunch.The customer wanted to go there, and so my male colleagues were going there. So I thought about it for about two hours. I remember sitting in the ladies room thinking, “Oh God, what am I going to do? And finally I came back and said, “You know, I hope it won’t make you too uncomfortable, but I think I’m going to come to lunch anyway.”

Now, I have to tell you I was scared to death. So the morning arrived when I had to go to the Board Room and meet my client, and I chose my outfit carefully. I dressed in my most conservative suit. I carried a briefcase like a shield of honor. I got in a cab. When I told the taxi driver where I wanted to go he whipped around in his seat and said, “You’re kidding right?” I think he thought I was a new act

In any event, I arrived, I got out, I took a deep breath, I straightened my bow tie, and went in the door – and you have to picture this – I go into the door, there’s a long bar down one side, there’s a stage right in front of me, and my colleagues are sitting way on the other side of the room. And there’s a live act going on the stage. The only way I could get to them was to walk along that stage. I did. I looked like a complete idiot. I sat down, we had lunch.
Now, there are two ends to that story. One is that my male colleagues never did that to me again. But the other end to the story, which I still find inspiring, is that all throughout lunch they kept trying to get those young women to dance in their negligees on top of our table — and every one of those young women came over, looked the situation over and said, “Not until the lady leaves”

Now this is the way to handle such a situation, no law suits, no screaming etc.  She won over the day and had a story to tell that all people could learn from.  This is the type of behavior most women can relate to.  In any event Fiorina would definitely serve to appease the radical Clintonites.

However, she would also serve to ally the fears of people who are concerned about John McCains age.  If anything happened to John McCain she would be ready to lead on day one.  A Fiorina Vice Presidency would also take the so called high end voters who are voting for Barack Obama.  While Firorina probably would not bring many black voters to the table, she has shown a commitment to diversity while President of HP by initiating a wide range of diversity programs. 

Hillary Clinton has a 30 million dollar or more war chest to run as an Independent in the General Election

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The Question: I thought Hillary Clinton was in Debt How can she have 30 million dollars for the election?

The Answer:  At the beginning of the election Clinton donors gave the maximum they could give and half went to the primary and the other half was put in reserve for the General election if she won.    If she runs as an independant the war chest for the general election is her’s.  If she goes as Obama’s VP.   the money is theirs, if Obama retires her campaign debt he will get it back with interest. 

With That Said!

It is pretty obvious that despite the fact that Hillary Clinton is smart, intelligent, and thoughtful and really concerned about the American People in terms of Healthcare and lowering gas prices that the democrats are looking for something a little or a lot different.  They are looking for a man who calls himself a Republican and a Democrat and has even has gone so far to suggest that he could possibly choose a Republican as a running mate.  This is all juxtaposed with a minister who hates rich white people and implies that the WTC victims deserved what they got because they were Americans, add to that a spouse that has never been proud to be an American (Why don’t they move to Kenya for Christ Sakes) and there is even a widely circulated rumor that his spouse is on a video talking about how much she hates whitey.  No one in the democratic party as far as super delegates go is willing to risk the wrath of the black populace by not voting for Barack Obama even though he may not be the winning or the right candidate.  Furthermore the spouse of Barack Obama has said that she is unwilling to see the former First Lady and Senator Clinton as the running mate of her precious husband.  What is Hillary Clinton to do?

No one can deny that Hillary in the last part of the campaign has found her voice and is experiencing great momentum and I have to add that her campaign manager at the time is a Black Woman.  Her prior campaign manager who absolutely positively did not know what she was doing or deliberately sabotaged the campaign “who knows” is poised to join the Obama team after the convention is over.  As far as Patti Sweetie working for Obama, good luck she’s just a sludge collecting a check.  She can turn gold into straw as she evidently did for Hillary Clinton. 

In any event what is a woman with an over thirty million dollar general election war chest to do.  If she is not chosen for VP by Obama and the Democrats should she just walk away or should she spend the money that she has earned in an independent run for the presidency.  Well Known’s that have gone ahead to run as independents in  general elections  and won are Joe Lieberman and Roosevelt even ran as an independent and won,   With a slate of a Republican and a Question Mark! or a Hillary Clinton, or even a Clinton.  I think the Clinton would win.  The polls have already shown that Hillary would win to John McCain and since the press and the democrats don’t like the way she does math in terms of how to win the Presidency she should take this math and use it in the general election and prove herself a winner.  Finally since the majority of Americans do not know what it is like to be part of a party and don’t understand how the rules can prevent their votes from counting because most people literally thought that democrats and republicans were practically parties that were the government and not parties that were private social clubs that could not be sued for counting their votes. 

Hillary Clinton if she runs as an independent can give them what they want an honest to God opportunity to vote for her and have their votes count.  Hillary if you leave the democratic party no one will think this is a desperate ploy to sabotage Barrack Obama.   We will think that you truly believe in your heart that you have what it takes to represent this country and I personally  thinkthat you would win if you chose a running mate of course that was male and not two women on ticket anything other than that,  would be two “bitches” on a ticket. 

 With that said Hillary please drop the cries of female discrimination, It smacks of Geraldine Ferraro and Gerri has led you down the wrong road before.  A winner always thinks that they have transcended whatever they are and you have, you have transcended gender and if you continue to talk about your gender problems you will not be able to run as an independent because you would have framed yourself as a bitter loser which you are not, you are not.  Patti’s the loser not you.   I’ve heard about the iron lady but you lost the previous races because frankly Patti did not give a you know what. 

 I personally had not heard about some of the things referenced about you until two days ago.   In the Washington Post article entitled The Sisters are Steamed ,  Howard Kurtz quotes Columnist Marie Cocco as being offended by the comments directed to Hillary Clinton.  She says the following: 

“I will not miss seeing advertisements for T-shirts that bear the slogan ‘Bros before Hos.’ The shirts depict Barack Obama (the Bro) and Hillary Clinton (the Ho) and they are widely sold on the Internet.

“I will not miss walking past airport concessions selling the Hillary Nutcracker, a device in which a pantsuit-clad Clinton doll opens her legs to reveal stainless steel thighs that, well, bust nuts. I won’t miss television and newspaper stories that make light of the novelty item.

“I won’t miss episodes like the one in which the liberal radio personality Randi Rhodes called Clinton a ‘big [expletive] whore’ . . .

“I won’t miss Citizens United Not Timid (no acronym, please), an anti-Clinton group founded by Republican guru Roger Stone . . .

“I won’t miss political commentators (including National Public Radio political editor Ken Rudin and Andrew Sullivan, the columnist and blogger) who compare Clinton to the Glenn Close character in the movie ‘Fatal Attraction.’ . . . The airwaves will at last be free of comments that liken Clinton to a ‘she-devil’ (Chris Matthews on MSNBC, who helpfully supplied an on-screen mockup of Clinton sprouting horns). Or those who offer that she’s ‘looking like everyone’s first wife standing outside a probate court’ (Mike Barnicle, also on MSNBC).”

I was truly shocked to hear of these comments and actions directed towards Senator Clinton but the obvious response in my mind was. She was women enough to be first lady, were you man enough to be the president.  She was woman enough to be the Governor’s wife were you man enough to be Governor.  Obviously the problem with people directing these comments towards Hillary Clinton is they suffer from don’t know what a penis is or how to use it disorder. 

Finally, I have to take massive quotes from the Kurtz article again to justify why Clinton should go for the gold and run as in independentKurtz quotes the New York Times as writing the following:

“Mrs. Clinton’s all-but-certain defeat brings with it a reckoning about what her run represents for women: a historic if incomplete triumph or a depressing reminder of why few pursue high political office in the first place. ” Senator Clinton you should not leave it at this, the same media mourning your defeat is the same media that worked tirelessly to see that you were defeated, show them that you are not “defeated” run the race through with the democrats and if you feel that they have given you a pocket full of wooden nickels, be an Indies. Indies are so popular these days why not in politics too.  “Be The Ultimate Indie

Finally what I would like to say is that a Clinton is a brand and I think that like Tide cleans our clothes well, I believe that Hillary Clinton has the will and the problem solving skills to clean up this country. I trust Hillary Clinton and that is so important in a presidential candidate.