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Did I hear the Word Draft or am I Over Analyzing McCain?

In politicians, politics, presidential race on September 11, 2008 at 11:47 pm

Every time I hear Mc Cain speak for any length, I hear words coming out of his mouth that I know are quite wrong.  Mc Cains constant talk of war mongering and expanding the Armed Services when hardly anyone is volunteering now gives me pause.  How are you going to expand the armed forces when no one is volunteering, oh I know implement a draft.  I have a son who is twelve I do not want him drafted into the military.  If he chooses to join fine!

For the first six months of Barack Obama’s campaign his message was simply, I will bring the troops back home and I did not vote for the war.  With this message he became the front runner in the Democratic primary and eventually recieved the nomination to be the democratic nominee for president.  Is Mc Cain aware of any of this?  Is Mc Cain aware that a record number of people voted in the democratic primary and will vote in the general election not for him.  Mc Cains platform or lack of one is leading me to believe that the Republicans don’t believe tricks are for kids and have some voting tricks planned.

 At this point I can’t even see the most ardent racist voting for more of the same of what we just had.  I don’t think that most people have failed to realize that all of the wars and the trouble that America has been sticking it’s  nose in lately  has been in oil, drug, or both producing regions.  Georgia is an oil producing region and at the time of the conflict Americans were drilling for oil there.  Personally I prescribe to the precept that natural resources ought to belong to the region first and everyone else second.   The United States is most likely involved in the Georgian conflict because they want their natural resources.  Again all of these little wars that have been started since the Bush presidency have been essentially because of oil.  I am extremely disappointed that though Mc Cain is not from Texas he is turning out to be an oil man.  Furthermore his choice of an oil woman as a VP candidate solidifies this view.  

I saw a really nice interview done with McCain in 2005.  He seemed like a really nice man with great ideas for education and the enviornment.  Unfortunately these great ideas are sorely missing from his platform.  I am honestly  wondering if he’s senile or what.

As for Sarah Palin, I tuned into the Charles Gibson interview and honestly felt that Charles Gibsons questions were a little harsh and unfair.  I have never heard of a Bush model of Foreign Policy being spoken of before, I have heard the words “the Bush policy of preemptive strikes”.  For Sarah Palin’s part she did ask for clarification and Charles Gibson did not give it.  This was a high tech lynching of Sarah Palin and I can guarantee this if the media continues to go after Palin like this.  Mc Cain will win.  Did I tell you how I ended up voting for Bush the last time I believe, I walked in undecided, definitely not intending to vote for Nader, but all the same I wanted to see his name.  I had heard that the dems had went on a campaign to get his name off of the ballot because they felt he took votes away from them.  When I looked at my ballot they had successfully taken him off of my ballot, I therefore initiated my protest vote by voting for Bush.  If things continue they way they are with Sarah Palin, I might have to vote for Sarah Palin to show my disgust with the way she’s being treated.


Twice as Many Iraq War Vets Running for Elective Office Call Themselves Republicans Negates the Democrats Case for Iraq

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One of the rallying calls of the Democratic Party is that they need to hold office so that they can withdraw from Iraq and bring our troops back home but according to an article in USA Today twice as many Iraq Vets who are running for elective office consider themselves Republicans and do not want to with draw from Iraq.  USA Today says the following about the Republican Vets:

” Republican candidates are “pro-victory,” says Kieran Michael Lalor, a Republican candidate in New York and the founder of Iraq Vets for Congress, a group of Republican House candidates. “No good comes from a precipitous withdrawal and a lot of good would come from a stable functioning democracy in the Middle East.”

This blog has expressed the same sentiments.  Prior to 911 and Post 911 many articles have been writeen about the Middle East Terrorist threat.  I personally think that winning Iraq and putting military bases in Iraq is key to out interests so  that we can be aware when future radical movements are birthed and present a threat to the United States of America.

USA today goes on to quote Lalor as saying the following:

“This isn’t the people 40 years ago who came to Washington to protest. These are people who want to come to D.C. so we can take the fight to (Osama) bin Laden.”

The majority of candidates running this year are definitely “anti-move” and through first hand expereince beleive that the case has been proven to them for a continued presence in Iraq. 



The Verdict is In Black Hippy Chick thinks Barack Obama is a Lunatic; I am not opposed to the WAR

In barack obama, Democratic Primary, democrats, Hillary Clinton, politics, presidential primary on May 6, 2008 at 8:11 am

You know as I have revisited and reread about the 911 horror. I have increasingly come to the realization that in terms of strategic interests of the United States; the invasion of Iraq and I do mean invasion whether anyone wants to admit it or knows it or not was a good move. I think what people need to realize is that Al Qaeda is a terrorist organization made up of Muslims from all over the Islamic world especially the Middle East. While George Bush Jr. holds hands with the Saudis, their native son Bin Laden unleashed an unparalleled attack on the homeland of the United States resulting in more human losses, than Pearl Harbor that ultimately led to the dropping of the Big Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and people are still wondering why not Hitler and I have to add that this attack on Japan in my opinion was racially motivated. In any event a native son of an ally released an unprecedented terror attack on our homeland. What this says to me is that these particular allies were not looking out for the best interests of the United States. This was so heavily emphasized when the then newly minted national security advisor Condeleeza Rice stated on one occasion that intelligence for the United States in the Middle East was something to the effect of a nightmare. There were so many barriers in language, religion etc that finding comprehensive intelligence in the middle east was a literal impossibility. With this said I do know that Hussein was not responsible for 911, I do know that he did not have weapons of mass destruction, but I also do know that he was a tyrant and had no conscious when killing. He was a bad bad person. His weakness and his meanness presented a strategic opportunity to invade his country and we did it and this is one thing I do know without having to read about it, we have more intelligence resources that we had before 911. I suppose the critics of the post will say that we do not have enough intelligence to catch Bin Laden, no we don’t but Bin Laden is being protected by an international network of people who hate the United States. As witnessed by the comments of Obama’s minister in the wording of God Damn America, and Chicken’s coming home to roost, as spoken by Obama’s ivy league scholarship and state paid for education who has not been proud of America yet, these people might very well be United States Citizens who are assisting the worldwide harboring of a criminal and murderer. As acted on by Obama’s friends one a former member of weather underground who used to go around blowing up buildings, our enemies may just be within and from their actions and their words have an interest in bringing the United States to their knees. These individuals may have in some cases been privy to the secret knowledge that everyone knows that citizens had about the 911 incident. I say all of this to say that Obama is a lunatic, he has been since he would send away for the tapes of Reverend Wright and listen to them in his dorm room. Sure the young people are supporting Obama but ultimately it is up to older people to wake them up to 1. how good they really do have it in the United States and 2. to make them realize who these extreme wild eyed liberals really are and what they have done and tried to do to the United States in the past. We need to also need to make them read about 911, read about the lives that were lost, the children who are without parents, the parents that are without children, and the spouses without mates and it will become pretty obvious that Obama is a lunatic and hangs with individuals who very well could have connections to Bin Laden and probably at least one of them could tell you where to find Bin Laden. OBAMA HEll NO ! Finally I do want an African American president and it is unfortunate that all of the work done by Dr. Rice and General Powell were torn down in one egotistical narciccistic stroke by Obama’s trying to justify listening to a radical minister. It’s not Reverend Wright’s fault he is who he is, it’s Obama’s fault for following this guy and black people or white people do not have anything to do with this. This is not “our” problem, this is his and the lousy playing of the race card is low. Finally why won’t Obama go against the Oil companies, probably because he is looking to them to funnel some money into his campaign somehow. In closing, I went to church following 911 and the minister prayed for relatives from our church and former members who dies in the 911 tragedy. We ahd a moment of silence and the minsiter discussed how terrible it was that our country had been attacked. Their was no rejoicing in the black church I attended that Sunday.