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Berkeley Students Protest Massacre in Gaza : Indybay

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Berkeley Students Protest Massacre in Gaza : Indybay.

70 Palestinian Civilians were killed March 1, 2009 by Israeli soldiers


Berkeley Students Protest Massacre in Gaza : Indybay

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Berkeley Students Protest Massacre in Gaza : Indybay.

U.S. May Boycott U.N. Racism Conference Over Document – UN Accuses Israel of Being Racist

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U.S. May Boycott U.N. Racism Conference Over Document –

If the shoe fits wear it.  Israel has behaved terribly towards the Palestinians, kicking them off their land, out of their houses, bombing and killing them and creating an extremely unstable situation for their lives and the lives of their children.  In the least a dialogue should be had by the U.N. exploring the actions of Israel not just towards the Palestinians but towards Lebanon also. 

Everyone understands that the Palestinians have shot over a few harmless missiles over the fence with a minimal loss of life but nothing justifies the mass murder of hundreds of people that occured late last year.  I understand that the issues the U.N. wants to discuss are from before this year but surely the actions of Israel last year should be discussed and evaluated also.  Is the administration refusing to attend this conference because of the high net-worth donors in the Jewish community.  Even now some do not understand the Crucifixion of Christ, I personally do not understand the Crucifixion of the Palestinians.  Hopefully the United States will not stand by and advocate the annihilation and genocide of the Palestinians.

Oxymoron – Jews Committing Genocide in Palestine

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I refuse to recognize the state of Israel.  As I hear of people who have been displaced for sixty years, in extended concentration camps, their homes taken from them and their peace.  I am not recognizing the Jewish state and no matter what happens it will never exist for me.  The area the Jews inhabit will forever be Palestine to me.

The Jews have made an alter to the Holocaust.  The United States acts as if this is a carte blanche to let them do anything they want to whomever they want.  The “Jews” are going to war against the weakest people they can find weakend by their actions.

The Jews say thy will be going house to house to fight the Palestinians.  Yes they are going house to house and killing everything and everybody in sight.  They are first and foremost killing every male in sight.  They are performing the type of genocide written about in the bible.  However instead of killing every baby they may be killing everybody in sight.  Evacuation and safe houses have turned into places where the Jews bomb.  Therefore knocking out 40 to a hundred people at a time.

Little as it’s told this will be the second genocide in the Middle East in the twenty -first century.  The United States committed genocide in Iraq   and I am convinced when they went door to door fighting  they killed a sizable number of individuals.  However at least we were humane enough to protect the innocent.  If the United States sent individuals to a safe house.  It was safe.  The Jews are literally killing everything in sight.

The caveat is no matter how many people the Jews kill it will not make them feel empowered.   It will not erase the holocaust.  The Jews have become the fourth Reich in Palestine.

The land known as Gaza is definitely a concentration camp with gates, no one can voluntarily get out or get in.  The people are stuck.  The people have no weapons. Sure they have used tunnels since the Jews have cut off their supplies but the tunnels are very public and according to a recent NPR broadcast, broadcast before the genocide began, the tunnels were used to get such benign things to the Palestinians as washing machines and food becuase the jews were starving the people.  They could barely get bread let alone serious weapons. I have seen no evidence of weapons.  The bombs that are being shot at the Jews harm no one.   If this is all the Palestinians have a door to door fight is going to turn into a massacre of the Palestinians by Jews.

The one thing that will come out of this is the Jews will no longer be able to wave the  Holocaust in people’s faces.  They will not be able to say to Europe and the United States and Japan why didn’t you help us sooner  eighty years ago because their hands will be filled with the blood of Palestinians therefore nullifying the significance of the holocaust and placing what happened to the Jews in the realm of human nature.  People will say that though the Jews were victims of the holocaust they turned around and committed genocide against the Palestinians, they expelled the Palestinians from their homes and killed them and killed them, therefore I repeat putting the ability to commit genocide in the realm of human nature,in  essence the holocaust now means nothing and does not deserve remembrance because the descendants of the victims committed genocide themselves.

In all of this the one thing I can’t understand is how does Saudi Arabia and Egypt just sit their weakly and allow these things to happen.  They have  weapons and can defend and help the Palestinians and judging by the Jews defiance to the U.N. If a Middle East country interceded in the conflict the world would support them.  I suppose the Palestinians are feeling quite helpless right now.  I suppose they feel that no one cares about them and that their lives are helpless and useless.  They have tried to go about their lives and live but can not find peace and stability.  Someone some country needs to help the Palestinian, the UN needs to send in Peace Keeping forces to help these individuals.  The status quo can not stand.  As Jews sleep soundly in their beds, little children innocent women and men are terrorized by people who took their land.  The decision to wipe Palestine off the map and give their land to the Jews was a BIG mistake.  An International group needs to right this wrong.

Every one is gritting their teeth and waiting for Obama to be sworn in in ten days however the unfortunate fact is the Palestinians may not have ten more days.  The Jews may have killed them all by then.

As for the rest of the Middle East that’s watching and doing nothing.  The blood of the Palestinians will forever rest on the hands of the Middle East  This is worldwide.  The world is watching.  The Middle East is big and bold enough to come over to the United States and kill thousands of people in one swoop but they are too weak to protect their Palestinian brothers and openly go to war with the Jews.  It’s less than ten days until Obama gets in, go to war with the Jews for ten days and when the new President of the United States is sworn in make peace. Some country must help the Palestinians out.  The Middle East must unify to keep their brothers from being victims of genocide.