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Democrats Just Don’t Understand

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Prior to Cory Booker’s joining Republicans in voting down a bill to make prescription drugs more affordable daily I would think the democrats don’t get it. In the bible it states God does not want lukewarm essentially he wants hot or nothing. Meaning either you are for him or not hot or cold not lukewarm. The currrent animal of mainstream democrats have no clue what they are they claim to be democratic donkeys but have dressed up as rabid Republican elephants every chance they could privately and now since the outing of Hillary Clinton as purchased bought and sold by the corporate world openly.

Now that Donald Trump has been elected by republicans, Bernie supporters, and disillusioned democrats top level democrats as in  people like Cory Booker think it’s alright to embrace bad corporate policies.  Sure people who would normally vote democrat voted for Trump or did not vote at all based on the belief that someone who has run a business may be able to successfully run a country.  We all believe corporate America works had and they embody the excellence of  the United States . Talking about security and servers and Russians United States corporations hire people whose only job is to watch their servers for intrusions. Clearly the democratic apparatus from the President down to the mainstream media do not have the expectations that a democratic party is capable or should have to do this.

It is evident that the democrats have seen American’s embrace of corporate excellence and now think it’s okay to show their real selves as in accepting bribes and kickbacks from corporations and frankly not giving a damn that people can not afford to purchase their medication but could if they could order it from Canada. The problem with this is that democrats literally can not see the writing on the wall. They don’t have the house. They don’t have the Senate. They don’t have the presidency and may lose the Supreme Court. Instead of looking inward and seeing how they can change their ways the mainstream democrats vote against affordable medication.  They just don’t get it.

The only hope the democrats have is in the guise of Bernie Sanders and instead of rallying around him they stubbornly stay on the path of disrespecting Bernie and his followers which I am one.  Clearly even now the democrats don’t realize the power of the vote. They are in a bubble. During the primary the dem appeared to be in a communist bubble, ie the voters don’t matter the party does and they disenfranchised millions of voters to show party leader hegemony. This did not work well for them the quote unquote unimportant primary voters rebelled and showed they had real votes in the general election.

Now finally I want to end with the democratic belief that their vision is clear and the rest of the folks have blinders on. Nothing so emphasized this as the Affordable Care Act which is about to be repealed. I’m so blind I don’t know that I am being forced to pay $300 dollars a month for healthcare and I have been to the doctor only once in years and my bill was an emergency room cost of $1500 which can be paid off by paying that in five months. Now I can go another eons without the doctor. The democrats don’t see that I can’t afford that and have offered me nothing.  The only people who have benefited from the ACA to my knowledge are insurance companies who now cover our bodies like a car but if you don’t have a car you  don’t pay insurance there is no out with the ACA.  This to me was the epitome of democratic arrogance and emphasized they thought I was blind and did not know that $300 dollars was an amount that I would miss.



The Strange Career of Alien Labor in the South

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As I attempted to drive into City Hall East for business.  I came to the realization that I would not be going into the building because an impromptu slave market had been created in front of city hall and I was not comfortable walking through a throng of men to get to the other side of the street.  It was a slave market made up of individuals who appeared to be Hispanic and I assumed illegal immigrants but maybe not.

I was shocked to see this, in the fair city of Atlanta.  I had seen numerous scenes of cops literally standing over black and white men who dared to stand in the corner of a door.  As a former Atlanta college student who racked up  parking tickets as students do,  I had witnessed numerous vagrants black and white going to jail for standing on the street too long.  I had even witnessed one female judge give the vagrants their rights and tell them they did not have to serve jail time because their rights had been violated.  One vagrant preferred to go to jail, I suppose jail served his needs for food shelter and clothing.  However most individuals do not want to go to jail for loitering or harassed for loitering and it is not tolerated in this fair state unless you are Hispanic.  Atlanta even has signs that say talking to a stranger on the street is illegal.

As I turned to leave the parking lot of the slave mart I saw a black man and said I was shocked at what was going on.  He responded that the immigrants were standing there because there were no jobs.   I went around the corner and spoke to a lady at a stop light and said I was shocked at what I saw, a literal slave market.  She like the black man before her seemed a little peeved that I would ask about the slave mart and said the immigrants are looking for work and the neighborhood was about to go through “big changes” and they were renovating.  I did recall seeing a Sothebys real estate sign when driving up from North Avenue in Atlanta but could not put together a slave mart with a Sothebys sign. I suppose it was an unsaid understanding in this neighborhood of the openly gay, vegan, any thing goes community that American men and women do not deserve a fair wage and illegal aliens did not have any human rights .  Everything prior liberal individuals had fought for was being thrown out the door for a Sothebys commission.  I suppose this is the advent of a new liberalism, an antithesis to the me generation when me literally means the individual and not the overall society in general, me means prosperity not concern for the weaker man.  Yes, this is my generation fortunately my mother was slightly older when she had me so I was raised by a 60’s radical not a disco duck.

As I thought about this and also thought about another slave market that I knew about further North of town, it suddenly dawned on me that while Obama had been comparing himself to Lincoln, ironically Obama is facing the same economic pressures as Lincoln did involving labor,  literal human bodies, that Lincoln did.  I will never forget a passage that I read about in a book called The Strange Career of Jim Crow the passage said something to the effect when slavery was over, white men and black men held hands and jubilantly ran down the hill in joy because they knew that labor was no longer an issue and they both would get paid for their work.  Ten years into the millennium the United States has a labor problem again.  Republicans are not just undercutting the government by sending their jobs over seas but openly gay, vegan, yoga folks are undercutting the government too by refusing to hire individuals who are willing to work for an honest wage or hire a renovation company with skilled artisans. I suppose it could be said if democrats are getting theirs and republicans are getting theirs why should anyone be concerned, it seems like there is some mystical gravy train that is open to anyone who has half of a brain.

As I returned the next day to take pictures of the slave mart which I did not becuase I did not get their until 10:30 and it had thinned out. I went into the whole foods market and had such a great time at their restaurant.  I felt maybe I was being oversensitive to the issue and everything was cool.   While sitting at the whole foods restaurant I did notice that every race was hopping on the cheap immigrant labor bandwagon. I  watched trucks move in and out of the area with ladders, building materials, windows etc.  Again it was accepted that immigrant labor had replaced the labor of men who had not hopped on the capitalist or educational ladder.  There is a new slave class in town and they want it.  How ironic for the south to completely embrace a new form of sharecropping or slavery.  Some things will never change.

While this may seem like a benign issue a way of getting your before someone else does.  The honest truth is that this immigrant labor not bound by minimum wage or other  requirements can only remake the United States into a third world nation.  Either U.S. citizens will join them on the slave mart or they will be in bread lines.  The media is toting that more women than men are working this can partially be blamed on illegal immigrants.  I am not a racist, I am a realist and based on historical factors if one group undercuts another in terms of what their labor is offered for, the other group seeking an honest wage will be eating dirt at the bottom of a bridge.

There is a Sothebys sign on the one side of city hall and a slave mart on the other side, this is a conflict someone is going to pay a Sothebys price for a home but unfortunately just like the mortgage flippers they will not be paying for the quality of labor or for the honesty of labor.  They will live in a house full of negative energy without the knowledge that their home has been renovated by exploited laborers and contributed to honest men enjoying the taste of dirt in their mouths at the bottom of a bridge.

Rush Limbaugh Study to Show Yourself Approved

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You know I was sitting here thinking about Rush Limbaugh and his attitudes towards liberals and their efforts to in the least give lip service to helping American citizens in need and at most provide assistance and relief to United States Citizens of all income groups and I could not help meditating on Limbaughs profound misunderstanding of National and World Affairs. 

The first thing that  kept going through my head was the international food crisis that is factually sweeping the world and how smart our government has been to plan for the poor, for the poor are always among us and always will be among us.  I also thought about the base of the Republican party blue collar religious individuals who are in desperate need of the programs and resources that the Democrats are proposing to help them.  Rush’s solution that tax cuts will create jobs and resources for this blue collar base is frankly ludicrous.  What Rush is failing to realize is that the world is increasinglya competitive world, an increasingly capitalist world, and captalists’ are playing on the international playing field not the National Playing field.  The only way to attract capital and capitalists to any Nation or society is to have a skilled workforce .  However according to several sources the quality of the United States Educational system is not competitive, is not even in the top ten of best educations in the world.  According to U-wire:

” The United States is falling when it comes to international education rankings, as recent studies show that other nations in the developed world have more effective education systems. “

” In both studies, Finland, Australia, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Netherlands and the United Kingdom beat the United States, while the Asian nations of South Korea, Japan and Singapore ranked first through third, respectively. “

Now Rush is so fond of the word capitalism, in an increasingly technological world surely a smart capatalist survival of the fittest corporation is not going to bring his capital to the United States for complex jobs when all sources show that this is not the best place to get smart capital.  He’s going where the best capital is and it’s not the United States.  This is what smart legislators and a president realize.  If your human resources lack the skill to compete world wide, a smart government provides assistance so that they can eventually be able to compete. 

Finally I don’t know who Rush represents surely he does not represent blue collar workers becaue there jobs have been gone for a long time and the job losses we are dealing with are the stragglers,  surely Rush is not talking about the middle class becasue they are in need of help too.  Is Rush Limbaugh representing the Very wealthy.  Bill Gates has a foundation that provides food aide to hungry people all around the world and says that he’s grateful to public education and libraries for helping him to reach his full potential.  Surely he’s not talking about Warren Buffet because he says he believes in helping also.  I am a little confused as to who rush is representing.  The only people he seems to be representing so far are the virulent racists who are so prejudice that they will work against their very own interests. 

While yesterday Rush Limbaugh bragged on the fact theat he did not need a prompt to speak and could go on and on maybe Rush should do less talking and more studying  the bible and world affairs.  Below is a little bible lesson for Rush.

Hating On Obama – Hating for No Reason

In politics on February 28, 2009 at 2:42 pm

Man I got summer hating on me cause I’m hotter than the sun
Spring hating on me cause I ain’t neva sprung
Win-ter hating on me cause I’m colder than ya’ll
And I will neva I will neva I will neva FALL
I’m being hated by the season
So fuck ya’ll who hating for no reason

Lil Wayne (WeezY)

For the first time since maybe the constitution was written we have a President that actually cares about the people.  We have a president that actually wants to make the United States “ideal” of Liberty and Justice for All, real.  While I have wavered and waned on my support of Barack Obama during the election.  Since he has been elected the only behavior I’ve seen from Barack Obama is a caring and concern for the American people that is unprecedented.  The haters coming out of the woodwork have literally stunned me.   I can honestly say that I was unaware of the hate that certain white people felt for blacks until Barack Obama was elected.  I would have never dreamed that so many self proclaimed Republicans and Caucasians associated Blacks with watermelon and fried chicken.

The two incidents that I’ve heard about involved individuals on the government pay roll. This is really a cause for concern that in the first case,  a mayor of a town sent  an email with the following picture to his list:

The Mayor says the President Will Not have an Easter Egg Hunt But A Watermelon Hunt this Easter

The Mayor says the "President" Will Not have an Easter Egg Hunt But A Watermelon Hunt this Easter

stating there will not be an Easter Egg hunt this spring at the White House but a watermelon hunt.   The second incident involved cops who stated on their face book pages that:

“the rose garden will be turned into the watermelon garden” that there will be a “KFC set up right in front of the white house”

The scary part about these comments is that these individuals interact with the public.  We will never know how many people have not been hired, who’ve been falsely accused and arrested, and wronged just because of racists in the woodwork.

Meanwhile the conservative Republicans are meeting and they don’t have a clue why they lost the White House and a large number of congressional seats.  This is really quite funny that they fail to realize that the reason they  lost is because of their lack of concern and ignorance of the needs of ordinary people.  Instead of utilizing a strategy of how can we show that we are concerned and how can we win in 2016.  They are insulting the President of the United States.  They are using the same tactics that caused them to lose the White House by close to double digits. “Pathetic”  The only people who are fooled are the racists. WAKE UP REPUBLICANS!


I been  in and out the bank bitch
While ya’ll asshole niggas been on the same shit
I flush em and watch em go down the drain quick
Two words you neva hear WAYNE QUIT
Cause wayne win and they lose
I call them April babies cause they fools
And while they snooze we UP


(Lil Wayne)

That Gremlin Soledad Obrien is Attacking Black People Again She must have Just Rafted Over From Cuba (Soledad Subs for Anderson)

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Erykah Badu Sings Southern Gurl – Every Black Girl Has A Vote and Every Black Girl Deserves to Be Respected Despite what CNN and Newsweek says

I have learned something about Anderson Cooper, whenever the producers of his show decide to air something controversial or distasteful that he does not want to be associated with he manages to not be on his own show Anderson Cooper 360 and hands the dirt bag to Soledad Obrien who as far as black people go will say anything distasteful, stereotypical or just plain out rotten about black people that she thinks will make her career.  Well the last Anderson Cooper showed Soledad at her best in stereotyping Black Women. I also had to wonder as I watched the piece if Soledad had just swam across from Cuba, as she seemed totally unaware of the strides that black women have made outside of being someones wife.   I had to wonder if Soledad had ever heard of Dr. Condeleeza Rice, on leave from Provost of Stanford University and current Secretary of State.  The world has, but alas poor soledad must be suffering a  language barrier.  I am still wondering why she hasn’t done a piece on Hispanics yet, I think Latin America is having a really rotten drug war that’s resulting in a loss of lives.  I would be interested in seeing this issue covered.  I am concerned that the drug war may come over the border.

In any event, last night the gremlin resembling Soledad Obrien did a piece on black women and how Michelle Obama will elevate black women and how they the world sees black women and how they see themselves.  As a women maybe ten years younger or more  than Soledad Obrien, I had to think that her piece was hackneyed and not very current. As usual Soledad Obrien’s information was totally biased and badly researched.  The miltimedia headlights included “Medea” and some other man who dresses as a woman in the piece, big fat women rolling around the screen, and children hollering.  Evidently the producer of the piece is not aware that Medea is a man. The producer is also not aware that Tyler Perry tries to highlight Medea’s positive qualities and Medea is a satire on African Americans. It’s not a stereotype but almost a look at the past and maybe while some of us may not be like that “anymore” or have ever been like that, we may need to be like this in some ways is Tyler Perry’s message is.   If anyone is familiar with the literature of Lindon Hills by Gloria Naylor who writes fiction on black class and status issues, they will notice the thread of Linden Hills a book by Naylor in Perry’s Work.  Naylor essentially says in Linden hills by having the rich people live at the bottom of the hill and the poor at the top the higher they (Striving blacks) climb, the further they fall in terms of morals, family life,relation to God etc.   I think Tyler Perry tries to draw the same parallel. Unless you have an extremely low IQ I don’t think that Perry expects viewers of his movies to think that his movies are real life and MEdea is a real woman.

Soledad had one Newsweek pundit saying society stereotypes black women as street walkers and drug addicts.  The show also gave statistics on black women and obesity.  She also conveniently mentioned blacks and skin color and how Michelle Obama’s dark skin would raise the esteem of dark skin people.   She mentioned Beyonce and Hallie Berry as sex symbols and said we had no dark skin sex symbols.  I think Angela Basset, Janet Jackson, Alliyah, Erykah Badu and Rihanna qualify for me as women who are brown or do not have traditional European features. I think girlfriends, produced by Kelsey Grammar who was a McCain supporter presents a multi colored cast of sexy African American women.  Finally Soledad did an interview with Faye Waddeldon and said that Michelle Obama elevates the possibility of what black women can do. Personally while having a law degree and a job is commendable, as a woman I respect women who go to the top of their professions not who just perform the act of acquiring , for Barack or Michelle Obama even a brief before the Supreme Court would have earned a tremendous amount of respect from me.  As for Faye Waddledon I remember Faye Waddledon from when I was ten years old, Pre-Cosby.   The world has changed a lot in those years.  Has she done any new research in twenty years she’s still saying the same thing she said twenty years ago.     HUH”””””””””””” I suppose Condoleeza Rice was not the first female National Security adviser and the first Black Female Secretary of State.   Black Women have already been elevated and the Republican Party did it.  The same people attacking black women are the same people who attacked and are attacking Sarah Palin.  They hate women.  They do not love Michelle Obama, they are attempting to compensate for her lack by attacking black women.  They are attempting to build her up by comparing her with a social problem.  All I want Michelle to do is comb her hair, put on a suit, and keep her children’s hair neatly combed and done at all times.  This is not rocket science, the women who are the targets of CNN’s piece do it well all the time, maybe they would be more suited to the role of First Lady rather than a Harvard trained Attorney.  Michelle’s job is First Lady (WIFE)  lets just pray she can take care of her ceremonial duties without a hell to Oblivion dress on, let’s hope she knows how to be a good wife and mother if she can do this she would have met the criteria for the job of First Lady.  There is no degree requirement for First Lady!

In the the year 2009 America will be celebrating a ground breaking event, it’s first Black President.  Unfortunately what CNN has failed to realize on a recent report on  Michelle Obama and how she breaks the mold of Black women is that this historic election of a black man in the white house was done step by step and partially shattered by the positive media examples of black women and men in the media.  Personally I believe the presence of a smart articulate black woman such as Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice was critical to Barack  Obama becoming President.  When the United States had no idea what was happening in the Bush Administration Condi, Secretary of State was able to explain to us in a graceful, feminine, kindly way what was going on in the world.  In the Bush administration Condi was our light.

In any event the most ground breaking thing that a black women did this year for me was make a video.  I am a horror buff.  I just love the movie Silent Hill as well as Hostel.    So when I saw the following video by Rihanna since I rarely see black people in a horror genre I was thrilled.

This is ground breaking to me (it says something about please click on a link thanks, I have not clicked on the link and do not know where it leads, as far as this blog is concerned please do not click on anything other than the youtube play icon.):

Let’s See the Democrats took Votes in Michigan From Hillary Clinton; The Republicans Purchased Clothing for the VP Nominee Who Cares the Most About Women!

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You know all of the nonsense attacks against Sarah Palin in the last days of the campaign may backfire.  I am serving the media notice if you continue to attack Sarah Palin and her family in the last days of the election your darling Obama will lose.  I keep changing my mind on who to vote for because of the negative campaigning of the campaigners or their surrogates and the media is the surrogate of Obama.

As for the RNC purchasing Sarah Palin clothing, I say Kudos for the Republicans for recognizing what Palin needed and giving it to her.  Too many times money and clothing are barriers to a woman achieving.  I think the Republicans more so than the democrats have always showed a willingness to see beyond a lack of and work with it.  Case in point Suze Orman, and I ‘m not sure the people she dealt with were Republicans, but she said the following or something to the effect of the following (abridged version); I marched into Merrill Lynch after they had taken my money, and I demanded that they give me a job, the manager at the firm said OK and gave me some money to go and purchase some clothes because he said my clothes were inappropriate.  This is the Republican way.  They are not going to let a lack of keep a valuable team member from being the best she can be. I say Kudos to the Republican Party.

The second issue is Palin’s family traveling on Alaska.  The people of Alaska knew Governer Palin had five children when they elected her.   I love seeing her family together.  It’s so “American”.  I know every time she takes her family with her whenever she represents Alaska as Governor this helps the citizens of Alaska.  Finally most of the people reporting this most not realize that Alaska has a lot of money.  They treat their citizens very well.  I knew someone who came to Nashville to go to college from Alaska.  Alaska paid her full tuition, she also had enough money left over to pay for an apartment and still had extra.  I think the media needs to leave Alaska alone.  They have a good thing going.

Finally I would like to mention that early in the primaries, the Obama’s children were at some sort of coffee shop or coffeehouse in an early state and I saw the camera pan over to one of the Obama’s children and their hair was not combed and sticking straight up in the air.  I thought to myself boy if elected is this what we are going to send overseas.  This is going to get embarrassing, maybe some campaign money should have been used to comb their children’s hair.  I don’t think the world thinks that uncombed hair is self sacrificing, it makes the world wonder if America is too poor to get their leaders children’s hair hair combed. (I only saw this once, and it was flashed on very quickly)  The RNC made sure this never happened to them.  One could argue that we are dealing with different textures of hair but I had to give Cindy Mccain Kudos when she presented her obviously black daughter with her hair “laid”. Most people do not have the mind to know what to do with a “colored” girls hair but Mrs. McCain knew.  She also knew to dress every member of her family well and has maintained very high standards for herself in her appearance.  This is one example that every first lady I’ve ever seen has done, is maintain a decent appearance.  If Michelle Obama can not do this if her husband is elected;  I hope people don’t think that this is how the average black person maintains their appearance.  Michelle has been doing better lately but I think my example for how a high powered black woman maintains herself would be Condi Rice.  I know Condi has handlers but she looks great all of the time so I’m pretty positive she knows how to use a curling iron, and possibly put in her own perm, with Michelle Obama I’m not so sure.  I think she should learn to love wigs.

Race, Gender, and Class is creating a Quandary for this Independent Voter

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I’ve said often on this blog that I’ve made a decision on whom I want to vote for but the truth is I have not and every time I decide definitely in my mind, a constituency of either presidential candidate makes me question if I actually want to cast a ballot for the candidate of choice at the time.

My quandary, not with McCain but with Palin is, Is she a racist or not.  I think at her first campaign stop there was a black man who really wanted to shake her hand and she refused to shake it.  Ever since my brief observation I’ve been wondering is she or isn’t she a racist.  The behavior of her followers, one who even used a racial slur against a cameraman is deeply troubling.  There has been evidence that she’s not a racist, the winner of Miss Alaska a black woman has said that Palin was cool and not a sore loser when she lost to her.

In addition Palin’s husband is partially Eskimo which does not point to a pure racist,  However, her base makes me wonder what she is.

You know as far as I am concerned the one thing Sarah Palin appears to be doing well is being a woman.  I thought it was awesome when Sarah Plain stepped off the airplane toting her baby after her campaign activities.  I thought it was wonderful that she actually went into Wal-Mart.  I think it’s wonderful that she actually married someone that she’s attracted too.  I think it’s wonderful that she has five kids and still manages to play the game.  I really like the image that Sarah Palin portrays.  I admit she did have a very rocky start with her first TV interview, but she pulled it together quickly.  As for Foreign Policy experience Condeleeza Rice, a woman that I deeply admire has said something to the effect that different skill sets can be used to address Public Policy.  The You Tube Video of What Condeleeza Rice thinks of Palin appears below.

In terms of Class and Sex I think Barack Obama does this rather badly.  Obama for me reminds me of a friend or a loved one that I argue with constantly and I always forgive because well because I care for them.  It’s like you see their faults but you love them anyway.  Obama as far as I’m concerned is extremely charismatic and seductive.  I think he knows this and takes advantage of it.   People have dropped out of the race for lesser things then what Obama has been known to actually do. Plagiarism, Biden dropped out of a Presidential race for it. Racism, I do believe that Obama knew that Reverend Wright was a racist.  If he’s that naive he does not need to run for President.  Churches have themes.  The whole Church is themed around evil whitey.  I’m sure of it.  They have speakers coming to the church talking about how the white man oppresses black people.  They have plays about it.  This is the unadulterated truth if anyone wants to  or cares to hear it.  White men who have been accused of a lot less then this type of racism have dropped out of the race, however it may not even be a race issue but a generational issue, Obama’s generation is Prince and Madonna.  They are used to controversy and are not dropping out because of it.  Earlier generations may have been embarrassed a little too easily.

The class issue,  Obama is an unadulterated elitist, small town people cling to their religion and their guns is a terribly elitist thing to say, unfortunately having roots in a small town I agree with this.  Though I often write positively about my parents small town roots, the roots sometimes try to follow you out of the country and wrap their tentacles around you creating a small town atmosphere of innuendo and bad feelings.  On my most recent visit a relative told me you don’t know what they say about you you should change your clothes,  I replied well I know what they say about you, you’re a rabid gossip.  In any event I’m not arguing with Obama’s impression of small town America because I used to be closely associated with one and more and more I’m thinking about getting lost from it.

Finally the sexism issue and Obama weighs heavily on my mind.  The way the the democrats and Barack Obama treated Hillary Clinton is just totally unacceptable behavior.  They literally took votes from Hillary and gave them to Barack Obama as written about here and here. While some may argue that this was not a chauvinist thing to do it was just winning, asking Hillary Clinton to just swallow the incident and campaign was chauvinist to me and though she has been married to the President of the United States and been first lady proving swallowing disappointment and unfairness is profitable, it’s a wooden nickel and makes me wonder if she’s a happy women.  Money and Power don’t mean much without self respect.  To emphasize how money does not matter, let me briefly tell a story when I was in San Francisco I saw this homeless couple, the male of the pair picked up his raggedly dressed companion and placed her in the basket with such love and gentleness that I instantly felt a twinge of envy.  If you can end life being loved and appreciated then power and money does not matter much.  In essence Obama treated Hillary wrong, the fact that he respects his wife and no one else is peculiar to me because respect of your colleagues is supposed to be a given.

Finally after all of this, one may wonder why Obama still ranks as a candidate in my mind.  The honest truth is he looks like a nice guy who will do the right thing.  I don’t believe that he’s a nice guy.  He believes in infanticide.  This will probably be the deal breaker for me.  I honestly don’t feel that he has a platform that he really cares about; for example when I think of Hillary Clinton I think of Health Care.  When I think of Barack Obama, I think he looks like a nice responsible human being.  He looks like he will do the right thing and he’s a democrat and maybe just maybe he will care about making things better.

Finally as far as Obama is concerned his base is so disgustingly smug that I really feel no affinity with them, though I do have the most basic of college degrees, I still like talking to Joe the plumber, and Mary the maid, and Sue the hairdresser.  As a matter of fact I would love to be their friends so I could get free and reduced services from them in exchange for my services as a Web  Architect.  The SNL skit of the McCain Palin supporter made me think of myself.  I am often wrong, I am often judgmental and may mispronounce a word but I don’t think that I should be made fun of.  When I see skits like this I think there will be no consideration of me in an Obama presidency and there probably will not  be because after all he refused to shake my hand.  🙂


The question pollsters should be asking is, Have you voted in early voting?  If not why?  If I knew who I was voting for trust me I would participate in early voting to avoid long lines.  I am going to narrow it down before the early voting polls close because I don’t want to wait in long lines.

Obama and the DNC Pimping the Color “Black” on Radio Ads

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As has been written about before on this blog, the one thing that blacks of the diaspora meaning for the most part descendants of  West African blacks transplanted by the Trans Atlantic African Slave trade in the 17th and 18th century need to realize is that Barack Obama does not share that Ancestral Legacy with Blacks of the Americas.  Barack Obama is not the descendant of a slave and does not share this heritage and to put it bluntly does not have the right to claim a legacy that is not his. Barack Obama is African and not African America. Barack is East African and not West African.  Barack Obama is about as related to the descendants of West African slaves as are people in China that have black skin, India who have black skin, the Middle East who have black skin, etc.  “Attention” people just because you have black skin and are from Africa this does not mean that you automatically inherit the legacy of African American blood sweat and tears.  This does not mean that your ancestors fought in all of the United States wars, this does not give you the right to claim Crispus Attucks, the black guy who ran through the streets hollering the British are coming the British are coming. In actuality, the truth regarding Africans currently in Africa is that their Ancestors actively participated in the Transatlantic slave trade, many of them went deep into the interior of Africa and all along coastal Africa capturing other Africans to sell them to slave traders.  This is a fact that most native Africans admit to.  The only people who seem not to know this are African Americans which sometimes makes me wonder how long will their stupidity last, their ancestors were dumb enough “including mine” to be captured and placed into slavery and now the madness continues with their pushing to elect a “slave capturing” African as their first African American president.  Oh the Irony…………, Isn’t it Ironic!  If anyone doubts my words about the role of Africans in the Transatlantic slave trade, they may want to view the following movie or read the movie synopsis,

The above reminder was prompted by ads that are being run by the Obama campaign and the DNC which I heard yesterday on the Micheal Baisdan show that appeal to black peoples sense of heritage, that say that “our ancestors fought for this”, elect Barack Obama.  Honestly the person who wrote these ads should review the transatlantic slave trade, should view a movie and relive my ancestors being chased by Obama’s African ancestors to put my ancestors on a brutal slave ship that resulted in my ancestors having to be freed by the Republican Abraham Lincoln, that caused my ancestors to have to fight in the civil rights movement for equal education, equal employment etc. and the right to vote.  While I am not against Obama, these commercials are only pimping black people and playing upon ancestral connections that are not there. As for Micheal Baisdon, I am not surprised that these ads are being run on his show, this is the same man who regularly has strippers and pole dancers on his BET television show and discusses topics such as women should get surgery to tighten up their vaginae.  This is why Baisdon is comfortable running these ads because essentially “literally” he is a pimp himself and has no problems pimping descendants of African Americans.  STOP THE IRONY!!!!! STOP  THE LIES!

Sarah Palin Will Walk in The Sun for The “REPUBLICANS”

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In a move that shows John Mc Cain’s respect for his wife, daughter and his mother.  NOT “Just Words”  Mc Cain chooses Sarah Palin as his VP nominee.

To quote Cyndi Lauper in “Girls Just Want to have Fun”,

Somebody takes a beautiful girl and hides her away from the rest of the world, (The dems took Hillary and are hiding her away from the rest of the world)

I want to be the one to walk in the Sun, (Hillary wanted to walk in the Sun,  (her beautiful Orange suit showed this”)

Palin will walk in the Sun for the Good Ol Party! This election year will break barriers!

Could McCain have a Woman VP up his sleeve After All Former HP President Fiorina Firmly in McCain and Republican Camp

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According to Bloomberg, Carly Fiorina, the former HP President with degrees in Medieval Studies who launched HP from what was known publicly as largely a printer only company to a multidimensional technological leader ranked second in technology; that still reaps extreme profits from her leadership years later;  is officially called the

“chairwoman of Victory ’08, the public face of, and force behind, Republican efforts to win the White House. ” 

While this is a great position and should make the democrats sweat.  It seems that John McCain might be better served by choosing Fiorina to be his running mate.  While Fiorina would bring her touted experience and success as President of HP, she also brings an experience and exposure to the international world early in her life .  While some say that Barack Obama’s Kenyan background and early life in Indonesia prepares him for the Presidency; Fiorina’s  attendance at five high schools across the world and Stanford Education would make her experiences a formidable vice presidential candidate with experience in the culture of foreign nations. 

In addition Fiorina’s experience with gender issues would provide a healthy outlet for Clintonites disappointed because Clinton did not receive the democratic nomination,  my first exposure to Fiorina’s unique approach to gender issues was by reading her commencement speech to the predominately Black College and University Nort Carolina A&T; she recounts in the speech how she dealt with being told by colleagues that she could not attend a meeting with a client because their meeting with him was customarily held at a strip club.  Fiorina recounts the following:

“In those early days, I was put in a program at the time called the Management Development Program. It was sort of an accelerated up-or-out program, and I was thrown into the middle of a group of all male sales managers who had been there quite a long time, and they thought it was their job to show me a thing or two. A client was coming to town and we had decided that we were getting together for lunch to introduce me to this customer who was important to one of my accounts.Now the day before this meeting was to occur, one of my male colleagues came to me and said, “You know, Carly, I’m really sorry. I know we’ve had this planned for a long time, but this customer has a favorite restaurant here in Washington, D.C., and they really want to go to that restaurant, and we need to do what the customer wants, and so I don’t think you’ll be able to join us.”
“Why is that?” I asked. Well, the restaurant was called the Board Room. Now, the Board Room back then was a restaurant on Vermont Avenue in Washington, D.C., and it was a strip club. In fact, it was famous because the young women who worked there would wear these completely see-through baby doll negligees, and they would dance on top of the tables while the patrons ate lunch.The customer wanted to go there, and so my male colleagues were going there. So I thought about it for about two hours. I remember sitting in the ladies room thinking, “Oh God, what am I going to do? And finally I came back and said, “You know, I hope it won’t make you too uncomfortable, but I think I’m going to come to lunch anyway.”

Now, I have to tell you I was scared to death. So the morning arrived when I had to go to the Board Room and meet my client, and I chose my outfit carefully. I dressed in my most conservative suit. I carried a briefcase like a shield of honor. I got in a cab. When I told the taxi driver where I wanted to go he whipped around in his seat and said, “You’re kidding right?” I think he thought I was a new act

In any event, I arrived, I got out, I took a deep breath, I straightened my bow tie, and went in the door – and you have to picture this – I go into the door, there’s a long bar down one side, there’s a stage right in front of me, and my colleagues are sitting way on the other side of the room. And there’s a live act going on the stage. The only way I could get to them was to walk along that stage. I did. I looked like a complete idiot. I sat down, we had lunch.
Now, there are two ends to that story. One is that my male colleagues never did that to me again. But the other end to the story, which I still find inspiring, is that all throughout lunch they kept trying to get those young women to dance in their negligees on top of our table — and every one of those young women came over, looked the situation over and said, “Not until the lady leaves”

Now this is the way to handle such a situation, no law suits, no screaming etc.  She won over the day and had a story to tell that all people could learn from.  This is the type of behavior most women can relate to.  In any event Fiorina would definitely serve to appease the radical Clintonites.

However, she would also serve to ally the fears of people who are concerned about John McCains age.  If anything happened to John McCain she would be ready to lead on day one.  A Fiorina Vice Presidency would also take the so called high end voters who are voting for Barack Obama.  While Firorina probably would not bring many black voters to the table, she has shown a commitment to diversity while President of HP by initiating a wide range of diversity programs.