Fox Reporting Michelle Obama Used the Word Whitey

In barack obama, Democratic Primary, democrats, politics on June 1, 2008 at 8:27 pm

According to No Quarter USA Fox is reporting that there is a video tape of Michelle Obama using the word whitey. 

Larry  Johnson is also asking you to visit his website tomorrow at 9am for details on the video.  He claims that Fox has possession of the Video. 

Major Radio Station also discussing Whitey Tape

  1. If she did (obviously this depends on the context) one must ask, isn’t she becoming a bigger liability than asset for her husband’s campaign?

  2. I really don’t think that she’s a liability she’s been able to support his dreams. I think she met and married Obama when she was in her late to mid 30’s. AS a black woman this is the jackpot and makes her subscribe to the belief that anythings possible or miracles are possible so she probably just reinforces Obama’s dreams and is actually very good for him and the wind beneath his wings. Michelle believes in the impossible and miracles. She’s the reason he’s where he is now.

  3. The point is that her increasingly awakward public comments combined with her dour contenance and her seemingly entitled attitude are sure to turn off a large number of white voters. Whether right or wrong, her comments have created a perception that she is not patriotic, but she does have a sense of entitlement and a large amount of bitterness. Like I said, whether this perception is right or wrong, he awkward comments have fueled this view of her.

    Even if 99% of the black population votes for Obama, he can’t afford to turn of middle and working-class Americans. His wife’s actions on the campaign trail are creating just such a risk. With all his hard working seeking to win over Republicans and independents (essential to his claim of possessing the ability to unite Americans), she is creating a problematic situation. Such is apparent enough from his insitence that his wife and her comments were off limits in this campaign. Such an imperative directed at the press seems to on some level acknowledge the harm she is causing or has caused to his campaign.

    Regardless of how she makes him feel about himself, or even how he makes his supporters feel about him, he has to convince people who haven’t bought into his part rock star, part messiah image. Michelle is not helping him on that front, and in fact, she is causing him some level of harm.

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