If The Following Lyrics are not Degrading Usher You Answer this Question

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This blog posting is dedicated to the Usher the singer and his New Family!

Was your first child conceived under the following circumstances? 

Lyrical Highlights of Make Love In Da Club as Sung By Usher Raymond

Refrain Repeated over and over throughout the song is the following:

I wanna make love in this club eh
in this club eh
in this club eh
I wanna make love in this club eh.
in this club eh
in this club eh
in this club yeah

You see you searching for somebody that’ll take you out and do you right.
Well come here baby and let daddy show you what it feel like.

Above translated

“We’ve talked and you’ve told me that you want to meet a nice guy that will treat you decently”

You know all you gotta do is tell me what your sipping on (sipping on)? Eh
And I promise that I’ma keep it coming all night looooooooong.

Above Translated

“I’m pretending to hear you and will possibly make you think I’m a nice guy as indicated by “eh”but what I’m really going to do is get you drunk so that I can get in your panties.

Have you ever made love to a thug in a club with his sights on, 87 jeans and a fresh pair of nikes on. On the couch, on the table, on the bar, on the floor.
you can meet me in the bathroom, ya you know im trained to go.

“I don’t need to translate this”

You might just wanna give me a kiss, we can keep touching like this
I know you scared baby, because you don’t know what we doing.
It’s ok, you can touch right here, keep doing that girl and I swear.
I’ma keep doing it to you non-stop.
And I dont care, who’s watching watching watching watching watching Oooooh In this club on the floor
Baby lets make love

“No need for Translation”

In this club Ehh YeY Hey Hey
Thats right in the front in the front in the peak of the day Hey
In the back Hey In the side Hey
In the front Hey
Left, right Oh crank that Hey


”   ‘he words In this club Ehh YeY Hey Hey,’ indicate that someone is saying that this is ludicrous.  You can’t possibly mean have sex in a club , The following words indicate yes, whereever, whenever as well as describe what the singer plans to do with his penis with the women in question, personally I’ve seen the video and the women type casted for the video would not possibly do what’s described unless and a big unless there was an exchange of  money, that type of women in my humble opinion is not going to lay on the floor  in a club and give it away for free, even to Usher, Luda, or -50.   “

End of Lyrics

I have the following words for Usher Raymond just because you have ruined your life by getting a married women ten years your senior with four children pregnant which lead to the dissolution of her marriage and your marrying her resulting in your first born child and her fifth born child.  Definitely nothing close to a virginal birth for your child, this does not give you the right to sing lyrics that can result in unplanned pregnancies for  young women and responsible young men, I say responsible to indicate that there are some men who if they have sex with a stranger in a club who might give the women  he had sex with his real name, phone number, address, tell her where  he works, and where he was born etc. so that if  the women in question does get pregnant or an STD she knows where to find him.  However, I really don’t believe that this song was written or sung for this type of man.  This song is for men who want to get off and leave and never see the women again and not get caught.  This song is written for men who will give a women a fake name, fake phone number, and fake address.  Finally if the women is dumb enough to have sex in a club with a stranger, she’s probably dumb enough or drunk enough to end up pregnant and or diseased and have no clue as to who the father is of her child or what kind of disease she may have. 

Trust me if a young woman wants to know what will get a normal man and I’ve spoken to a lot of woman with wonderful marriages and I am not one of them.  The bottom line from every woman I’ve met with a good long lasting marriage is don’t sleep with a man before you are married.  This is true, I know from experience that if you don’t have sex with a man, if you barely kiss him but continue to date him and be nice to him he will ask you to marry him.  Unfortunately, men if a woman barely kisses you after dating for months , you should not ask her to marry you because the bottom is she does not really like you, and no I did not marry this person because I did not like him.  But it works!!!!!!

Finally I am an Atlantan and this artist hails from Atlanta this is essentially a southern worldview.   This is probably why the majority of men that I’ve dated and the man that I did eventually marry was from California.  Though Snoop Dog is from Southern California and we know it never rains in Southern California, give me a sensual seduction anyday over a roll in a nasty southern corner.  WEST COAST ROCKS

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