Links discussing Obama’s Penchant for Abortion and Links Comparing Obama to Hitler

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I am not going to begin to write any commentary today.  The only thing I can say is I am truly afraid of Obama.  The more I read the more I am disgusted by his stance on abortion.  Add to that plans for a secret police made of citizens and it just smacks of Hitler’s Nazi regime.

If my memory serves me correctly Hitler had an almost pathological fascination with Youth, the youth, what the youth would do, he even went from village, province, and various other places organizing the youth.  The Obama machine has done the same thing.  Hitler also wanted to get rid of the undesirables.  Obama has said “why would a woman want to have a down syndrome baby” and advocates getting rid of babies with defects all the way up to nine months.  Obama has promised to knock down all laws against abortion as his first executive order.  All of the callousness towards little babies, the most innocent of individuals leads me to believe that in Obama’s heart he must have some pretty harsh feeling towards adults he feels are undesirable and might event create some sort of Hitler plan to get rid of adults.

In any event my heart is too heavy to even contemplate what an Obama world looks like right now. I hope the world will be there for us if he turns out to be a Hitler.

Articles Comparing Obama to Hitler

Lawmaker sorry about comparing Obama to Hitler

Barack The Black Hitler

Believers in Barack

Obama Babies

I find it almost strange that people are demanding that Obama be a Hitler.  Some one in the media, maybe TMZ has coined the term Obama baby which has now been added to the Urban Dictionary.  The urban dictionary defines Obama Baby as the following:
“A child conceived after Obama was proclaimed President by way of celebratory sex, or any baby born under Barack Obama’s term(s).”

I suppose that these Obama babies are going to have to meet several characteristics, judging by his crowd 1.”from young mothers” 2. “can not have birth defects” 3. at this point I’m willing to believe that Barack Obama is willing to kill them after they get here. There have been so many pathological actions related to babies this decade, I’m beginning to think that hating babies is endemic to our society.   Scott Peterson, and Casey Anthony are the first to come to mind. I think Casey Anthony the mother of Caylee Anthony fits the characteristics of a typical Obama follower, drug addicted, uncaring and pathological. The following video shows that Obama followers were participating in open sex and doing drugs on the ball room floor.

This is a concept advocated by Obama supporter Usher Raymond; Usher Sings Love in the Club a song about having sex with a person you’ve just met in the middle of a club.  Usher chose to give his 27 year old body to a forty year old woman, with five chidren  married her and had a baby with her. In the mean time he’s advocating through his illicit song love in the club that young women have sex with strangers they’ve just met possibly giving them the HIV virus or having an “Obama Baby” or an “Obama Abortion”.  I have full commentary on the song here: Personally I think people who knowingly have sex unprotected and then turn around and have an abortion are criminals. The Baby Killer President has just what they need abortion up to nine months:

Abortion Links

Jill Staneck Discussing Obama’s Opposition to saving Babies Born Alive

Obama advocating Nine Month Abortions

The above videos combined with the reckless behavior of Obama followers is disturbing.  Obama followers deliberately engage in behavior that could create a baby and then they go out and get an abortion as birth control.

Abortion Foes Mobilize Against Obama

U.S. Bishops Urged to Challenge Obama

Southern Baptists Urge Obama to Restrict Abortion

3 Showdowns to Avoid

Obama Election Shows Deep Racial Divide In Church

  1. Yep, he scares me too. I can’t get the comparisons to Hitler to stop coming into my mind, every time he stands in front of a flag with his symbol on it, or issues a gold commemorative coin…He isn’t Hitler in ideology; he’s Hitler-like in having totalitarian tendencies. I am not sure he has an ideology. I don’t know who or what he is. He hates gays, but he won’t say it–he let’s his associates say it. This way he is never responsible. He is pro-death penalty, despite the fact that the death penalty is racist and is not used in any western country. And the misogyny… I think your post brings out a lot that people just don’t want to see.

  2. I know this is a joke, because nobody could actually be stupid enough to believe the stuff you’re saying! Seriously, I can’t get through two sentences without chortling at the idiocy of it all!

    Great job, Peeps, maybe SNL will pick you up!

  3. I must say.. abortion isn’t a good thing, but you will never get rid of it. People will go and have illegal abortions. It will always be here. Obama wants women to have the right to chose. As a young woman, I agree with him. I myself would not chose to get an abortion, but I think other women should be able to chose if they can live with themselves. Late term abortions are wrong, but so are a lot of things. People need to realize NO ONE is perfect. The WORLD isn’t perfect. We have to make the best with what we have. McCain is for death penality.. so it’s ok to kill adults but not babies? True, some people are truly evil, but what about those who’ve been killed and are innocent?

    I do see your view point, but I am not inclined to agree.


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