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The Problem is not the Message; It is the Messenger

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I listened to congress today and many in congress seem to think that the American People do not know what’s going on.  Congress thinks that Americans are not listening to the fact that Small Businesses may not make payroll because their money market accounts are not FDIC insured and their banks may go out of business (take your money out know, it it’s in a non FDIC account, so this does not happen).  They do not know that we understand that parents may not be able to get student loans for their childrens’ educations’ (educational institutions should voluntarily defer payments until after the election is over, or the government should extend some of that obviously available 700 billion dollars to Federal Student Aid, I have yet to see a justifiable reason for giving Bush and Paulson a blank check with a maximum of 700 billion dollars).  In addition we understand that Banks are hesitant to lend to other banks because they are afraid they don’t have the money to pay them back.  Well if the banks don’t have any money they should not be asking for it and should not be trying to sell other banks a fake bill of goods.  A couple knows how much they can pay for a house, a bank knows how much money they can afford to borrow.  Banks should not borrow more then they can afford to pay. In this brief summation I have of the bailout situation and the reasons for giving Bush 700 billion dollars I hope I have shown some understanding of “What’s Going On”.

With that said,  I have to say that inherently I do not have a problem with bailing out Wall Street.  I think after 911 Wall Street needs a lot of breaks but I have a great big objection to giving George Bush and Paulson 700 billion dollars.  If you want to know the depth of my feelings, if you’ve read 1984 and remember the five minute hate scene where the enemy comes on TV and everyone screams at the TV in pure hate and disgust, then you understand how since Bush has asked for the 700 billion dollars how I feel about him.  This last blackmail, this last debasement has just made me as an American feel so debased and taken advantage of.  It’s creating flashbacks, first flash back – hanging chads, a statement my “brother” is Governor of Florida he’s not going to let me lose.  I remember a browser I had “opera” that would automatically reload every several seconds that I looked at the whole night wondering what was going to happen as the numbers were constantly updated, then hanging chads, recounts, a helicopter following a Uhaul full of votes, and finally a Supreme Court Decision, the second flashback 911, i don’t know if Bush is behind 911 but the same black mail that’s happening now to get us to pass the 700 billion dollar bill is the same blackmail that went on to nullify the constitution and get the patriot bill passed, the unifying cry for the passing of the patriot act was never another 911,  the third flashback; Iraq, the UN told George Bush over and over that their were no weapons of mass destruction.  Instead I had to see a bustling Iraqi economy with cars, fruit stands, and people strolling down the streets, reduced to a pile of rubble with little orphan children, this does not even begin to take into consideration the dead American troops. Even with the Iraq war years later after it started we learned that the Bush administration had falsified documents and lied so that we could go into Iraq.  The fourth flashback is a failure to pass a bill that would have given children medical care.  This was horrifying to me that the president of the United States did not pass a bill to help children.  This is why when bush says that he’s concerned about people losing their jobs, making payroll, and the American people I know that he’s lying like hell.  He does not care for the American people he never has.  If he cared for the American people if we are really in crisis he would find a way where he nor his representatives would never touch the money he’s asking for.

Finally I say the problem is not the message.  Months ago while in the grocery store many people using their debit cards were not able to pay for our groceries because because for no reason our cards were declined.    I was at the self checkout and we were saying our cards have been declined.  There was a problem then and their probably is a problem now but please do not give Bush a blank check of 700 billion dollars, he’s only going to steal it.  Please Congress find a way to administrate everything from the government until Bush gets the Hell OUT.  It’s the messenger not the message.


“Got Jokes” I did not support the War! I made a mistake when I supported the War; YEah Right Paulson Gets A Historic 700 Billion Dollar Golden Parachute As he leaves office!

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And he’s not even an economist; he majored in English in the college of Arts and Sciences very far from macro and micro economics.  Oh yeah he does have an MBA, the President of the United States probably thought this was enough of an “economic” qualification to make him Secretary of the Treasury. it’s not!  They school of economics is in the College of Arts and Sciences and MBA’a are in the school of business.  Take it from a Political Science person the school of business and the school of Arts and Sciences are Worlds away. It’s enough to have made him Secretary of Commerce but definitely not the Treasury.  From my point of view it looks like Pauslon needs to be fired or do what past market failures have done and


, instead of given 700 billion dollars and Bush needs to be impeached.


With that said according to a late night email and the Houston Chronicle; the democrats and George Bush have reached a historic deal to give 700 Billion Dollars to George BUSH and his “homey” Paulson.  The timing could not be more perfect close to 90 days before Bush and Paulson will be out of Office.  I suppose the I should not have voted for the war democrats led by I would not have voted for the war Barack Obama,  will have to  follow in the steps of embattled and reelected Louisiana Representative Jefferson who was caught with $90,000 dollars worth of bribery money in his freezer and go somewhere and buy a deep freezer or 10 for the bribes they received in exchange for voting for the 700 billion dollar bailout bill. 


Finally why is everything failing because Bush and Paulson are making them fail.  They are lying, suddenly they say everything’s going to fail and it does.  I do not have the knowledge and the resources of the I voted for the war congress but I do have common sense and any man that has created a fight and a war with every oil producing country in the world and his business is oil is a criminal and anyone who gets behind him is naïve or a criminal too.  This has essentially been Obama’s argument but he was the first to jump on the bailout plan, he also managed to give money to his former employer ACORN in the bailout bill.  I suppose anyone who thinks he was not working during this time has been misled.  He did work on the bailout bill, because Acorn is getting at least a billion of the money (my speculation) and I suppose ACORN and other community organizations will be distributing tax payer money to your local congressional persons home freezers’. 



Trust Me they Are Destroying the Economy for 700 Billion Dollars, This is making me a believer that 911 was an inside job and congressional memebers were probably in on it too!

Did Obama hear his Name mentioned by Bush? There is a name for people who are too OVERSENSITIVE and have to be Molly Coddled.

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Obama to speak out on Bush ‘appeasement’ charge – 2008 Presidential Campaign Blog – Political Intelligence –


You know there was a name that I found particularly offensive when I was a youngster and luckily it was never applied to me but my mother who is a teacher told me that it was a short term name used to describe special education students at the time. I suppose some child overheard this term being used and decided to bring it to the table of insults that children participate in. At this moment I am teaching myself a new skill for my business and apparently awaiting another news conference because Barack Obama and his cult of followers have perceived that he has been called a NAME by the Texas Talking president of the United States who I might add no one can ever forget how the fellow Texan Ann Richards murmured the words that Bush Senior walks around with the proverbial foot in his mouth. This was at a democratic convention and I think elder bush was a sitting President at the time. Fortunately for us Elder Bush did not think it needed a news conference. In addition has anyone ever seen the cartoon Little Bush, well fortunately their is not a news conference after every statement, or even episode of Lil Bush. “THANK GOD”

Finally, if the statement was referring to anyone it was probably President Carter who had met with Hammas, with according to President Bush Jr. no luck. As for Obama is he a SPED or something. I have never seen such codling in my life? Has he never been insulted before? The one thing I can say about the Republican Debate, it was funny. The one think I can say about the Republican race was it was a high stakes game with winner take all, there was no molly coddling here. You won or you lost. Evidently Barack Obama is not used to these types of competitions, he’s crying already. However even he is taking it to far to start crying over something where h is name was not even mentioned directly. What is he a punk or something, or even worst a SPED. I guess not, I guess he’s not a sped otherwise his momma Michelle Obama would be giving him the news conference then again she probably will write the speech and carRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL tell him what to say. However, she just could not hide the fact that she’s making the decision for Vice Presidential running mate. LITTLE MOMMA take care of the BOY !