CNN using Schizophrenic Reporting regarding Lebanon

In Uncategorized on August 6, 2006 at 12:54 am

As I sit and watch television news I am amazed at the attitudes taken towards the Lebanese by the media. The reporting goes something like this: Hezbollah has sent 200 rockets to Israel, naughty Hezbollah, see I told you they were dangerous and bad. Hezbollah has killed one woman on a bike with their rockets she was 28 and the mother of four, naughty Hezbollah, oh yeah we forgot to mention Israel started the war and has killed close to 800 people so far. Israel has destroyed the whole country knocked down precious bridges, bombed buildings and done everything they could do to destroy and retake Lebanon. Hey Israel if you bomb everything to the ground know its going to be easier to build your own structures in their place. Finally Israel does not care about those two kidnapped soldiers because over three times that many have died in their attack and they have not come to a cease fire. The bottom line is that they are after land and let me make this clear if the United States agrees to a cease fire and Israel refuses to stop I will be in the streets demanding that the Bush administration not send any more weapons Israel’s way. Furthermore the U.S. is currently breaking U.N. policy by sending weapons to Israel anyway.


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