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Meet Cissy

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Chapter One

Meet Cissy

They called her Cissy. Her real name was Cecilia but she ended up with being called Cissy because as a child she was so naturally happy and a joy to be around. She loved to laugh and her mom would say oh Cecilia you are so silly and as a two year old she would go ce ce ce silly. So her mom instead of calling her Silly which she wanted to called her Cissy. Mom was tempted to call her Silly but she kept having nightmares of people hearing her call Cecelia silly and thinking she was retarded so she settled on Cissy.

Cissy was not just a joy to be around. Her whole name was Cecelia Cherie (because she was conceived in Paris) X . Mom like Malcom X not because of Malcolm X changed her name and convinced her future husband to change his last name to X. So all of their birth certificates said X, the marriage license said X and any other document saying otherwise had a big X over it. Everyone’s Drivers license had the last name of X. Mom’s reasoning was I’ve done the research into slavery and when you look at the records black people are listed like animals, the slave record states they are slaves and lists first names only. Therefore since I list black on my vital records our last name is X. Never mind that the last thing anyone would call anybody in their family was black. They were viewed as some off form of Latin American which they were not.

It’s important to note that mom was color struck. Just like her grandmother she was color struck. Mom witnessed her grandmother being berated by a friend saying you are so color struck. It’s true Mom’s Granny’s husband was a black man that looked white.  Mom’s husband did not look white but as she’d like to say he was Gold and her nick name for him was Goldie. Mom would always reiterate that in a restaurant Goldie walked up to her and asked for her number.  She said of course she gave up her number because he was 6 feet 2 looked 180 and a law student at a very prestigious college but as she tells it she could have cared less about his credentials. You did not have to have an education for mom just be educated and able to carry on an intellectual conversation to impress her.  In any event just like her mom she liked tall men her dad was six foot two but brown. Mom would always say who ever said if you’re brown stick around did not know my dad, but he was good for child support and Alimony.

Mom would embarrassingly tell anyone that up to dad she preferred men of her exact color that carried the patina of black and native American but as she lay in bed with him the second night they met his skin glistening gold and her satiated by the blessing between his legs her kind immediately became that man 6’2 180 and Gold…….. She never looked back. Truthfully dad was interracial. It was not mentioned because their last name was X. It was also not mentioned because it did not fit the narrative of their life bla bla blacks who made it. They loved their white grandmother but Cissy did not know she was white until she was going through boxes in her grandmother’s house and saw a birth certificate. She never mentioned it just made note that the whole damn family was cracrazy. Everyone was walking around a hybrid of something acting radically black and her dad’s mother was not even black but white and the strange thing about that was her dad’s mom looked like her mom’s mom who was definitely black.

Mom told Dad numerous times prior to their marriage I’m going to trap you and marry you. She said he would laugh and say go ahead.  When Dad graduated from Law School and got his first job, a big money job mom and dad took a vacation to Paris and mom stopped using birth control. Cissy was conceived and mom and dad walked down the aisle pregnant. Mom made the decision to get married and they did. The conversation between the two was she said, I’m pregnant. He said when do you want to get married?  They were married after the waiting period for the license which was two days. Nine months later there was the fun, brilliant and beautiful Cissy.  West Coast Bay Area Cissy all the way.


123 Black Twitters or 123 African American Twitters 75 or more celebrity Twitter

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Afritwitter List

1.  @blackhippychick web developer,  social and political commentator,

2.  @Affrodite freelance blogger and journalist who twitters on culture current events and activsim

3.  @andipeters radio personality with 40,000 twitter followers

4. @maratriangle – Blogs On the Kenyan Landscape

5.  @blogdiva Tech blogger and web developer

6.  @warenmaye authour editor speaker

7.  @legalmaven corporate attorney and writer based in D.C.

8.  @braunmincher documentary film maker

9.  @allaboutgeorge Journalist

10. @donlemoncnn CNN  Journalist and documentarian

11. @Barack Obama close to 400, 000 followers

12. @fatbellybella Erykah Badus Blog named becasue she twittred when she was pregnant

13. @reverendrichie tech expert and reality shocker

14.  @larrymwalkerjr extreme conservative ans social critic

15.  kenjbarnes1 ivy league grad, republican and self proclaimed elitist

16.  @wordclock Funny and ontrack with the right oppinions

17.  @kevenjay God Country Family Conservative

18. @KhoriWhittaker Political economist, Former MC, and Communications Specialist

19.  @essencemusic updates on african musicians

20.  @atlantatribune Atlanta’s #1 Minority publication

21. twitter of BET TV

22.  @soulfulvibes twitter of hip hop e-zine

23. @laidbackchick Home Furnishings Designer

24.  @levarburton actor director educator

25.  @glamblacklife links and ideas and products for the glamorous life

26.  @waynesutton conservative tech blogger

27.  @tjholmescnn – TJ Holmes CNN anchor (He’s really Hot HAWT)

28.  @snoopdog 31, 510 followers

29.  @writeblack great resource with links for black writers

30.  @ToureX – Twitter without links worth reading

40.  @blindie Celebrity follower with the links to back her up

41.  @MichealSteele show some of that Republican hard work ethic even thouh blue states are carrying

the nation and twitter more .  There are still some of us against abortion.

42.  @zumbi808 musician headlining SXSW must be a tech Icon

43.  @MCHammer celebrity that actually updates

44.  @blackjew – broke the news that DL Hughley would be leaving CNN

45.  @jimstroud – Human resources professional and Tech Guru

46.  @LPT365 – great list of newsworthy links and retweets

47.  @writerbabe – writes on current events right now the recession depression

48. @TommyLockhart hip hop artist and link extrodinaire

49.  @RolandSMartin1 Roland MArtin of CNN is so lovable like a Teddy Bear we know he’s bled sweat and tears

to get on CNN

50.  @The_Real_Shaq – The Real B-Ball Superstar is a loyal twitterer. He is in his words very quotatious

51.  @ronaldlewis What’s it like in Denver? He’ll tell you

52.   @streetforce1 Culture Expert and fame follower

53. @teddyshabba – what ever your race teddy shabba is thorugh in his links on how to

pick up women and how to think about them.

54.  @iamdiddy The twitter of P Diddy I did not know they were using my house Diddy.

55.  50cent – The real get out my burnt down house fifty

56.  tavissmiley – THEEEEEEEEEEEEE TAvis Smiley

57.  @mrsocial – looks like Will Smith to me.

58.  @obamanews Updates on Barack Obama

59.  @mikepfs Conservative, Christian, Family Man

60.@larrylanier wants to help 52 people earn 20,000 dollars extra in 2009

61. @jim_turner Attraction Marketer

62.  realtalibkweli –  THE REAL TALIB KWELI

63. @LilWayne – Yes, but not updated since December

64.  jayelectronica He’s starving himself for 72 hours right now.  I’m a little confused but he has the highes hits.

65.  @dallasaustin The Grammy Producer

66. @TheeRealFDHC – He’s on Diddy’s and Austin’s list

67. @Redstarvip – Ruben Harris


69. @dawnrichard Several famous people are following her!

70.  @juneambrose Fashion stylist

71. @JanelleMonae –  Musician

72.  qoolquest – questo of the roots

73.  kaynewest – has not updated since December 2008

74.  @qtiptheabstract Q Tip the Absrtact of Course 🙂

75.  @jcarterallday – In the studio

76. @AndreBenjamin – Andre 3000 is telling us whats really going on but don’t talk about his sexual

life he’s currently upset it’s on the internet.  What’s the link so we can watch?

77.  @bossip –  gossip for the hard core

78.  @jbrotherlove – gay rights activist and web designer

79.  @necolebitchie – rt rt rt rt rt definitive source of gossip requoted obsessivley on twitter

80.  @epiphanygirl – Chrisette Michelle

81.  @nickcannon4real – Mariah’s Man

82.  @producedbyomen – hip hop producer

83.  @djjazzyjeff215 – Jeff Townes

84.  @solangeknowles The Little Sister of Beyonce

85.  @Krucial – Songwriter

86. lalahhathaway – Lalah Hathaway

87.  @RAHZELTHELEGEND Hooked up with my boy Rahzel sho hope my record sell – Erykah Badu

88. @NotoriousBIG – Elvis ain’t dead y’all,

89. @S_C_ _ Mr. Carter

90.  @hillharper of NYPD fame

91.  @beyonce – Beyonce knowles twitter site

92.  @common Common

93. @VibeMagazine – Black Music Mag

94.  @thatsludacris Is it Luda or Not?

95.  @blackweb20 Tech twitter geared towards minorities

96.  @globalgrind – source for todays media that matters.

97.@La_Shawn– Twitter for Political Blogger Lashawn Barber

98.  @bdpa – advances careers of African Americans in the IT industry

99. @villager – providing uplifitng advice to african american community

100. @amygrindhouse – entertainment news, now you all know I’m a fan of amy winehouse so I had to include


101. @souljaboytellem –  Soulja Boy

102.  @corvida – Social Media Specialist

103. @iluvblackwomen He loves  women.

104. @lemonytea She’s so nice to me.

105. mariahhbf – Mariah Carey

106. @serenajwilliams – The Real Serena Williams

107. Lil Kim – The Real Lil Kim

108. @johnlegend -John Legend

109. @princessSuperC – Princess Super C

110.  @ludajuice – The Real Ludacris

111.  @starjonesesq – Star Jones

112.  @danamo – editor and chief of Vibe magazine

113.  therealswizz – It’s Swizz

114.  @missfree Miss Free

115.  @tyrese4real – the real Tyrese Gibson

116.  officialbowwow – The Official Bow Wow

117.  Kim Davis _ Kim Davis

118. @RealLamarOdom

119. @Rfent –  Rihanna

120.  @IAMYUNGJOC – Young Joc

121. @TheRealBeyonce _ Beyonce  – unconfirmed

122. @KeriHilson _ Miss Kerry 13,000 followers probably the reall one

123. @songyuup – Trey Songz