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New Vaginal Gel Stops AIDS Virus

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New Vaginal Gel Stops AIDS Virus.


Obama Smoking Gun Video: He supports Infanticide- Scroll to the Bottom and Watch the Video

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Everyday I grapple with who to vote for in the upcoming Presidential election. As an African American far gone are the concerns that I am voting for someone because they are solely African American.  I know if I vote for someone, its because I think that they can best represent my interests and those of the country.  Personally I seek a reduction in mindless, ill conceived police and authoritarian harassment that I experience in my own community.  As noted in this blog I was falsely accused of taking a pair of glasses I purchased from Vision Works and took into the store to get fixed.  As I sit here now the receipt for these items sit beside me now.  In my heart I honestly believe that I was falsely  accused not because the store worker believed that I had taken the glasses but because she felt she had the power to intimidateme by having the store security block my car in and keep me from leaving the mall. 

 I say this to say that when I think of voting for a Republican their cries of law and order reek of a totalitarian regime where individuals can at will be stopped at the whim of anyone.  In addition the vast erosion of rights that have occurred under the current Republican  Baby Bush are appalling and have all but nullified the constitution.  It would seem pretty clear that Barack Obama would be the smart choice.

However, there are issues that I have with Obama.  It is being revealed that Obama is turning out to be an almost pathological liar, egomaniac, and backstabber.  Seeing the way the presidential election is playing out is like watching a beautiful woman (eva braun in the movie caligari) seduce a group of men with her flattering words when what really lies inside is an evil heart.    We are used to politicians lying but Obama has taken it to a new level. 

As I watched the past presidential candidate conversation, I was especially struck by one lie.  The lie was that Obama did not support partial birth abortion.  I knew that this was a blatant lie as I heard him utter the words.  I had read a letter by Michelle Obama calling partial birth abortion a simple medical procedure between  a woman and her doctor.  The letter is here.  When I spoke with a friend who is an Obama supporter about this letter.  Their response was that Michelle wrote the letter Barack did not.  “Whatever”

  In any event the portion of the presidential conversation that totally shocked me was when Barack Obama was asked to say something truthful that he wanted voters to know and he said essentially that there would be no reduction in energy costs and Americans were going to have to learn to conserve energy and basically swallow it.  This struck a sharp discord in my head because the main reason I am voting for anyone is to get some energy relief which John Mccain said that he would provide in some form or fashion and Obama may intend to provide it but still expects us to pay high prices which  I am sure the American people do not want to do.  After hearing this statement, I put Obama in the rich and climbing category and became convinced that the oil industry is going to arrange to get to him a mysterious cash donation.  However still I was not totally for Mccain, what kept me tuned in was the absolutely awesome clothes his wife wore , a shallow reason but it’s the truth.  What repelled me were the republican surrogates and thei9r extreme views.    I don’t care who marries who.  I do believe if anyone has sexual relationships with someone for years and lives in the same house and attends social events with this person they are entitled to legal rights like a spouse.  In the case of the dissolution  of a relationship assets should be equally divided and support should be paid if one person supported the couple.  There were some other issues that disturbed me about Republicans but they are too numerous to name.  Finally since I am prolife the deal breaker with me for John McCain came when I heard he was choosing a pro-abortion running mate.  I thought I may as well choose Obama. 

However Obama is rapidly fading as an option as it is being hammered into me what he did as it related towards babies.  A series of videos and articles that I’ve read have convinced me that I want  no part of Obama and while watching the video below, it almost looked like the people who were supporters were evil demons from hell and after viewing the video my first thought was I would be embarassed to see my face or my hand holding an Obama sign.  The video follows:

New York Times Article on Virginia’s ban on Partial Birth Abortion

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Here is the link to the New York Times article concerning partial birth abortion.  Apparently it is now OK to dismember a baby in the womb as an abortion procedure in Virginia. 

Virginia Ban on Partial Birth Abortion Part 2, Reuters Offers a different Perspective

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According to Reuters the Virginia Ban on abortion still makes the procedure known as extraction and dilation illegal which is the procedure where the baby is delivered vaginally and then killed.  This is still illegal in Virginia. Reuters is stating that the law is designed to enable a women to still have an abortion during the second trimester without penalizing the woman having the abortion and the doctor giving it.  In addition reuters is emphasizing the word procedure and implying that the supreme court decision banning partial birth abortion did not exactly apply to the third trimester but applied to the procedure of extraction and dilation.  Personally there is serious word play going on in this decision.  A doctor could give a woman medicine that will kill the fetus inside of her, then it will be dead and then it can be extracted.  The Reuters reporter is obviously engaging in serious word play that the 4th circuit must have agreed to.  In other words the 4th circuit is saying if you can kill a fetus in any other way besides delivering it or make it dead before it comes out of the womb then  even the ninth month of delivery  can be legally aborted.  This is my take on the issue. 

Virginia strikes down partial birth abortion ban “this shows that it will never be OK to Vote for Obama”

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Virginia Strikes Down Partial Birth Abortion Ban

You know I am not a member of the religious right.  I was raised Christian and my most vivid experiences with religion are in the rural Virginia  community of my grandparents at vacation bible school and Sunday School. What I remember most is not bible verses are endless Gospel Songs, but what is most vivid in my mind about this rural Virginia Community and religious experience is that people were just good to each other, they were good to me and they taught me to be kind.  My Grandparents had the type of house that I could consider a lighthouse, anyone in pain or in trouble could count on my grandparents and their children to be the helping hand.  Likewise in Georgia our house has become the house that people “strangers” come to when they are in trouble, when they need food, when they are evicted, when they need money, when they need to use the phone, and one night when a man was mugged on the street next to mine a man said he knocked on over ten doors for help until he reached our house and we opened this door.  As I said at this point in my life I am not particulalry religious, I am not a loyal church goer and may never become one but from my early experiences with goodness I have come to the conclusion that there is a circular nature of right and wrong and my moral code is basically what goes around comes around, if people are mean to you be good to them because it will all comes back to you.   This is why I am against abortion, because literally for me it does not feel right, it feels evil.  In order to ascertain if my feelings are shared by persons of different backgrounds I have had the “abortion” discussion with people of different backgrounds.  I have spoken with muslims and hindus who believethe practice is horrible.  The muslim woman I spoke to was especially vehement that Allah was against abortion.  After speaking with a couple of folks I realized that my abhorrence to abortion was legitimate and probably is anti to most world religions in the world with the exception of  a satanic cult. 

Virginia has stroke down the ban on partial birth abortion.  According to this Washington Post blog.   Virginia has deified a Supreme Court decision banning late term abortion,  which upheld the following and stated the following:

Under this law, “Any physician who, in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, knowingly performs a partial-birth abortion and thereby kills a human fetus shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 2 years, or both.” The law was enacted in 2003, and in 2007 its constitutionality was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, in the case of Gonzales v. Carhart.    

The federal law defines partial birth abortion as the following:

  “An abortion in which the person performing the abortion, deliberately and intentionally vaginally delivers a living fetus until, in the case of a head-first presentation, the entire fetal head is outside the body of the mother, or, in the case of breech presentation, any part of the fetal trunk past the navel is outside the body of the mother, for the purpose of performing an overt act that the person knows will kill the partially delivered living fetus; and performs the overt act, other than completion of delivery, that kills the partially delivered living fetus. (18 U.S. Code 1531)”

The Washington Post has a past article that defines partial birth abortion as the following: 

“It involves partly delivering the fetus and then crushing the skull to make removal easier. It is this procedure that Congress made a crime. Opponents say it is a form of infanticide, because the fetus could be viable at the time. It made doctors who perform such surgery subject to up to two years in prison.”

While the states may not prosecute a physician for performing a partial birth abortion.  It is my assumption that if a physician performs this procedure they may not go to state prison but they will go to Federal prison because it is against Federal Law. 

The presidential candidate Barack Obama and his wife have raised funds and even sent out an “abortion letter” highlights of the letter discussing a procedure that makes up less than ten percent of overall abortions were that women need to have the right to partial birth abortion because, denying them such a right affirms societies right to pay women less, beat women and give them substandard   all around the world.  You know Catholics are against ll forms of abortion but their good works all around the world are legendary.  Barack Obama in this run for president does not even support Universal Health Care for all women, does not support lowering the gas tax for families and women so they can support themselves and their families.  At this point in the fame it has not become clear what the motives are for supporting partial birth abortion so ardently, is it because it’s 1. a procedure Barack Obama has paid for in the past or 2) A procedure that Michelle Obama hs had in the past and needs to keep legal to assuage her guilt and the 10% of the 90% of individuals (abortion ladies as Anne Coulter calls them) that have participated in the procedure or 3) Is it a political tactic to show how loyal they are to what Anne Coulter calls the Church of Liberalism.  I have no idea why Obama supports these people or this cause but the Virginia defieance of the Supreme Court Decision and Federal Law lets me know that a snowball will live in flames before I ever vote for Barack Obama and if things continue as they are Hillary either. 

Finally in my disgust let me tell you what really goes through my mind about liberals.   I think the price of gas is do high because the liberals are plotting to save the environment and want to reduce emissions so they have jacked the price up so   hat only folks with shiny new low emissions cars can drive for leisure.  I watched moveon accuse George Bush of blowing up the world trade center.  However, Barack Obama is open friends with liberals who have admitted to plotting to blowing up buildings.  In essence I believe that the liberals could have engineered this whole horrible economic catastrophe we are going through so they can get elected.