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Palin as a member of Feminists For Life Leads by example not by words

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I think one thing most people can agree on is that democrats try to claim the lead on being concerned about people in general.  They have made this their niche.  The world barely knows that Cheney rose from steel worker and union man to Vice President of the United States.  Meanwhile in the democratic party, unless you are black these Horatio individuals barely arise.  The same thing applies to helping people.  As Obama expounds on the poor and the downtrodden, his brother sits behind shanty curtains looking as if he and his child barely get enough to eat.  There is a saying Charity begins at home.  As the democrats speak about how low the Republicans are and how awful they are to individuals.  The current sitting president has initiated record setting initiatives to help the world in their various issues as it relates to women, children, and AIDS. 

The VP nominee for the Republican party Sarah Palan is a member of an organization Feminists for Life that embodies their concern for women of all social stratas.  While they do not subscribe to the Feminist issue of abortion, they do subscribe to women friendly issues such as equal pay for equal work, are against violence towards women,  and many other issues that draw a common thread between women.

Palin may be a formidable foe for OBama in it that she is an actor and and initiator not just a bag of wind.  I have not failed to notice that every promise that Obama has made he has gone back on.  Obama promised  to allow a roll call vote for Hillary Clinton by state.  This never materialized, instead there was a back alley deal where Hillary Clinton gave all of her delegates to Obama.  I know that this could not have been Hillary Clinton’s idea.  All of the promises that have been made by Obama I am sure that they are “Just Words” and will not be kept.  Trust me Obama is for sell.


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Virginia Ban on Partial Birth Abortion Part 2, Reuters Offers a different Perspective

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According to Reuters the Virginia Ban on abortion still makes the procedure known as extraction and dilation illegal which is the procedure where the baby is delivered vaginally and then killed.  This is still illegal in Virginia. Reuters is stating that the law is designed to enable a women to still have an abortion during the second trimester without penalizing the woman having the abortion and the doctor giving it.  In addition reuters is emphasizing the word procedure and implying that the supreme court decision banning partial birth abortion did not exactly apply to the third trimester but applied to the procedure of extraction and dilation.  Personally there is serious word play going on in this decision.  A doctor could give a woman medicine that will kill the fetus inside of her, then it will be dead and then it can be extracted.  The Reuters reporter is obviously engaging in serious word play that the 4th circuit must have agreed to.  In other words the 4th circuit is saying if you can kill a fetus in any other way besides delivering it or make it dead before it comes out of the womb then  even the ninth month of delivery  can be legally aborted.  This is my take on the issue.