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There is an active incarceration order out for Phillip Tracy Smith and because of this the office of child support enforcement refuses to perform any other child support enforcement actions.   Unfortunately, even if he is stopped by the police of DeKalb County County they will not bring him in because they willfully ignore  any incarceration order concerning the Family.  They like to abuse and rough up women in this county and I think they actively hate them.

At this point the Governor’s Office refuses to intercede usually the first point of contact after child support refuses to do anything.  When I wrote the Governors Office someone contacted me and asked me did I have the SS# of Philip Tracy Smith this can only mean one thing as soon as we have a transition in government they are going to throw the file away and never require him to support the child ever.   The Governors office has been very supportive up to this point but ie.  the child support office refused to get the NC’s SS# even though I gave them his job address and home address THEY SAID THEY DID NOT KNOW HOW TO GET HIS SS#.  The governors office called and the woman called me back  within 15 minutes and said she found the SS#.  At this point they said they’ve issued an active incarceration order out for Phillip Philip Tracy Smith and can do nothing else, like freeze his bank account, suspend his tags, suspend his passport, suspend his DL,.   They will do nothing.  One day I went into the child support enforcement office which has become rather chaotic since they no longer have a security guard stationed at the door and there are women supportive of parents who owe verbally attacking parents seeking enforcement.  At this point I am slightly afraid to go into the office after a woman and her sons followed me to my car after she started railing against a young woman who was not connected with her sons at all and I causally asked her why are you here with your 23 year old son?  What’s wrong with him?  I asked her very calmly but when I left the building they followed me to my car and said nothing.  Another time  I spoke with a man who told me they had an incarceration order out for him for ten years and he continued to work as an engineer up to this point because he finally had problems after the child became an adult and had hired an attorney to get rid of what he owed from the past, unfortunately the message was not relayed to child support enforcement and there he was trying to clear it up and according to him he did without having to pay back pay.  Did I mention he followed me to my car too and asked me to take him home?   In any event, there is no security at the Child Support office and its scary.  Below You will find what Child Support Enforcement told me:

Finally the last time I heard the NC parent Phillip Smith Philip Smith is a Mortgagee Broker you may not want to do any deals with him because since there is an incarceration order out for him the deal may not be valid.  It’s your risk.

Seven years later I have just learned that this man has been stalking me for years. He is a a silent stalker that uses his fraternity to stalk the woman who raised his child without his help.  Philip was not allowed to see his son anymore because he took him to the pool and the kid almost drowned and had to be saved by a life guard. The next week he said he was going to take him to the river I fully believe he was trying to kill my child. Philip is a very dangerous ill human being. He has not sent one birthday present, no graduation present, no congratulations “NOTHING” to this kid that attends an elite college versus the one with him who had to switch to a lower ranked college…. I am not gloating I will all of our kids luck but with a father like that it’s a miracle he’s in college. Phillip has custody of this kid because I said I was not dating a dead beat dad and he preceded to get custody of the kid. He was a mean selfish dad. He would throw stuff on the floor and make the toddler clean up after him. The babysitter had to buy the kids shoes because he only had sandals.  I am going to be legit with you. I met this guy that deliberately got me pregnant and has left and I have found out he has ties to phillip smith. This is how very evil this man is.

The man I am pregnant by asked me not to use birth control he had it under control. He than proceeded to ejaculate in me at which time I put in my VCF. I showed it to him and he was upset and mentioned philip by name. THIS IS SHIT! PURE SHIT!


Phillip Tracy Smith Stop The Negative Comments to My Blog

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Hello Phillip recently because of you I had to stop open comments to my blog.  This is something that I don’t believe in.  I believe that anybody who wants to comment can. However I had to delete your comments because they were so full of lies.

In addition your wife proceeded to make comments also,  by that time I was holding comments for moderation. Because of this your wife’s work url was revealed.  If you all continue to write negative comments to the blog.  I will have to fax the comments to her employer and request that their employees cease commenting to my blog. Furthermore in your wife’s comment she mentioned that what has to be paid is such a small amount.  If  it’s so small then why don’t you pay it.  It’s not so small now since you’ve missed 4-5 months though.   ” PAY IT”

With that said I am releasing comments to no-moderation because frankly I don’t want any-ones information emailed to me. I want people to be able to make totally anonymous  comments.

This started because Phillip Smith you have not paid child support.  You have not paid child support for the last 4-5 months.  No one seems to care that you have not paid.  Usually by now a court date would have been established like it has been for the last several years but this year someone has dropped the ball and is letting you get away with not paying.

I find it rather strange you are not paying.  Your daughter in San Diego is now 19 and you no longer have to pay child support for her so you should be able to handle this child support payment to your son.

If individuals are looking for background on this issue, please refer to this blog entry

Furthermore Philip Tracy Smith I left a message with your mom that your son had Pnemonia two weeks ago and noone from your family could call and see if he’s OK.  This is pathetic that you can comment to my blog but you can not enquire about your child.  Let’s refer back to what your mom said when I met you she said you were a nice guy and asked me to please be nice to you.  Your family can’t even inquire about a child with their blood, yet they are asking a 23 year old women to take care of a 43 year old man.   This is disgraceful.

Furthermore, when your son was ill when he was little my mother was at a supposed friends house and she said you called this friends house who you had met at your sons christening.  I did not believe her until I saw where your wife worked.  I know this friend has gotten jobs at this place for many of her relatives especially the ones she pulled strings for to get them into  undergrad and then medical school after they flunked out of a famous military academy.  So if you see this mutual friend tellher I said hello becsue I’m pretty sure she pulled the strings to get your wife this job.

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Need to take your child support case to the world try child support tv

Phillip Tracy Smith of Ellenwood Georgia Refuses to Pay Child Support again this Year(Fact) Part II

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You know I insist on airing my dirty laundry on this blog as it relates to Philip Tracy Smith. It is not how Philip Tracy Smith of Ellenwood Georgia has treated me it’s how he has treated our son in many ways.

As I stated in a prior post Philip Smith originally of Valejo California  called his mother and asked her to tell me he was a decent person because I did not have much interest in him.  Mrs. Smith told me a 23 year old woman the her son a 43   year old man was a decent person.  What she failed to tell me was that he had a daughter that he was not supporting, I had to find that out while going through his mail, mail he encouraged me to go through because he wanted me to know everything about him.  What she did not tell me was that when Phil was 17 he and his mother took his girlfriend to an abortion clinic and her parents never found out.  This is what he told me when I told him I thought abortion was disgusting.

His mother on his encouragment told me that he was a nice person and asked me to be decent to him and then he nor his family can be decent to my child.  I called and asked if they would relay a message to him that it was very important that he pay child support this Christmas since he has never paid child support in December he always skips November, December, January, and February and then we go to court in March.

Well, when I called his house because I have always been cordial to his family to ask that they tell him to pay his saster Karen said: Don’t bother my mother about this this is between you and Phillip.  Well I had not meant to bother anyone I just wanted a message delivered to my child’s father that he needed to pay child support for Christmas.  I was a little taken aback considering my parents are very generous grandparents and know that Philip Tracy Smith has not paid.  I suppose even though his mother told me that her son was “decent.  She did not care to deliver a message regarding her grandson to her very very decent son.

You know there are some other things that I may wish to say like that he was fond of wearing pink shorts to Piedmont Park and sitting where the homosexuals sit but I won’t say that.

A Guide to Explaining to Your Child How Obama the Believer in 9th Month abortion, the former Gang Member and Cocaine User Became President

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When my twelve year old first learned that Barack Obama had become president, he was flabbergasted, he asked me, should I go out and take drugs?  Should I advocate Baby Killing and have my future girlfreinds have abortions?  Is this what it’s going to take for me to be successful in life.  Personally I wondered the same thing, it does seem like the drug addicts, abortion ladies, and alcoholics seem to be winning the game of life.  Unfortunately what the economy has shown us is their wins mean a net loss for the United States in terms of quality of goods, innovations, intelligence and creativity.  Lack of integrity, falsity, and immorality are wrecking our economy.

I explained to my child  that just because things or people are popular this does not mean that these things are ordained by God.  After the election I explained to him about Hitler having a mandate also, and what resulted from his mandate was the holocaust.  I further explained to him that just as the news reported that the United States was experiencing economic distress during our election cycle, Germany was experiencing economic hardships and voted in Hitler.  I further explained to him that if it’s a choice of losing your house and voting for a pro-life issue when you would never dream of having an abortion, or voting for a coke sniffer then most people are going to vote for the person on the party ticket they think will help them personally, and the Republicans had not quite convinced the majority of the United States that earns less than $40,000 that they would be there for them, the Republicans got stuck at $250,000 with Joe the Plumber and they seemed to be against the economics of a whopping 90% of the population so Obama won.  This seemed like a good answer at the time.  It satisfied him for two weeks.

Then he had to ask again, how could God let a baby killer be president of the united States.  I have to admit that the term baby killer is not too strong a word when Barack OBama advocates abortion in the ninth month of pregnancy.  My personal oppinion is if the baby is alive then C-section or induced labor is the answer and there is no such thing as aborting a baby who’s in the womb at month 9.  In any event I had to explain to him that the Bible states that only a remnant of individuals will go to Heaven.  This means an insy weensy bit I explained to him.  I further explained to him that this is the weensy bit of people that The Bible and God felt were truly Godly.  I explained to him those people who knowingly voted for Barack Obama knowing his abortion policies probably will not see God.  I explained to him that God also spoke of Churches that were not preaching the word of God and the leaders of these Churches and their flocks probably would not see God either.  The bible discusses False prophets and any leader of a church that calls Obama or the Obama’s Godly will most likely not see the Heaven that the bible speaks about.  My son saw the flock of Ebeneezer Baptist church rejoicing when Barack won the election.  I had to explain to him that this was not a Godly church even if it was the church Martin Luther King Jr. grew up in, Martin Luther King said not by the color of our skin but the content of our character.  Obama has severe character flaws, I told my son that Obama’s mother had been an athiest and what we learn in the first couple of years of life according to some psychologists is who we are, if Obama could carelessly advocate abortion at nine months then this was most likely because of his upbringing.  Finally I said that Obama was the result of an unplanned pregnancy and his mother may have told him many times I wish you were never born, you destroyed my life, as Obama said his daughters lives would be messed up by an unplanned pregnancy.  Obama may have a secret wish to not be in this world despite his successes and may wish that his mother would have aborted him even at nine months.I told him I loved him and that the goal that he should have in life is to develop a personal walk with God.  He should not be influenced by the evil in the world but should try to walk in the footsteps of Jesus.

Mattel head of the Doll Mafia (MGM must pay Barbie 100 Million Dollars)

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Several days ago I heard that Mattell  had won bratz, barbie , mattell a suit against MGM the maker of the popular seres of Bratz dolls.   To say that I was shocked is a light way of putting my reaction to Mattel’s lawsuit against the beloved dolls, videos and books that stress a bratz way of life creative, nonconventional, and realistic.  

Mattel won 100 million dollars from MGM by stating that the creator of the Bratz dolls came up with the idea while working for Mattell.  I suppose this goes somewhere in the non-compete clause where you agree to not compete with your employer while working there and for a number of years after.  I am not sure of the wording but the two dolls are so dramatically different it is questionable in my mind whether MGM competed with Barbie or just created a totally different idea that happened to be a toy and happened to be a doll. 

The Bratz filled in a missing component in American culture and World culture that was missing, and that was the belief that one had to be a white to be beautiful.  Sure they had black Barbies, Black Barbies with Chocolate icing on them but it was always understood that Blonde Barbie was the queen and there would be no other competitors, everyone came in second.  A Barbie only society was and is like a reinforcement of shall I say it white supremacy.  MGM however changed the rules of Game, along came the Bratz with their flirtatious looks, their racial varieties, their attitudes and their international worldview.  Furthermore, for those people into doll studies, it no longer became the color of the skin that mattered but the features also, my daughter who is black looks like the Asian Jade and on the Bratz video game plays as the character Jade.  While color became important the Bratz series has presented a multidimensional options for young girls and parents appreciative of the Bratz.

With the Bratz, the Doll world no longer has one queen but has suddenly become a democracy without a president only a congress.  Barbie has been sent to Buckingham as a ceremonial queen, and meanwhile the world has moved on into a good old American Democracy in Bratz land. 

The question must be asked in Mattel’s suit of MGM Bratz were their motives pure, did they just wish to say that the MGM capitalized on an idea that they would have used or is this an attempt to maintain a monopoly on the doll industry.  The fact is Barbie does not need MGM to put big lips on a doll, or to give them funky clothes, or a funky attitude.  They have not done this, therefore it is my opinion that Mattell’s motives are only to maintain a monopoly on the doll industry and therefore they should be sued for this.

Obama Smoking Gun Video: He supports Infanticide- Scroll to the Bottom and Watch the Video

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Everyday I grapple with who to vote for in the upcoming Presidential election. As an African American far gone are the concerns that I am voting for someone because they are solely African American.  I know if I vote for someone, its because I think that they can best represent my interests and those of the country.  Personally I seek a reduction in mindless, ill conceived police and authoritarian harassment that I experience in my own community.  As noted in this blog I was falsely accused of taking a pair of glasses I purchased from Vision Works and took into the store to get fixed.  As I sit here now the receipt for these items sit beside me now.  In my heart I honestly believe that I was falsely  accused not because the store worker believed that I had taken the glasses but because she felt she had the power to intimidateme by having the store security block my car in and keep me from leaving the mall. 

 I say this to say that when I think of voting for a Republican their cries of law and order reek of a totalitarian regime where individuals can at will be stopped at the whim of anyone.  In addition the vast erosion of rights that have occurred under the current Republican  Baby Bush are appalling and have all but nullified the constitution.  It would seem pretty clear that Barack Obama would be the smart choice.

However, there are issues that I have with Obama.  It is being revealed that Obama is turning out to be an almost pathological liar, egomaniac, and backstabber.  Seeing the way the presidential election is playing out is like watching a beautiful woman (eva braun in the movie caligari) seduce a group of men with her flattering words when what really lies inside is an evil heart.    We are used to politicians lying but Obama has taken it to a new level. 

As I watched the past presidential candidate conversation, I was especially struck by one lie.  The lie was that Obama did not support partial birth abortion.  I knew that this was a blatant lie as I heard him utter the words.  I had read a letter by Michelle Obama calling partial birth abortion a simple medical procedure between  a woman and her doctor.  The letter is here.  When I spoke with a friend who is an Obama supporter about this letter.  Their response was that Michelle wrote the letter Barack did not.  “Whatever”

  In any event the portion of the presidential conversation that totally shocked me was when Barack Obama was asked to say something truthful that he wanted voters to know and he said essentially that there would be no reduction in energy costs and Americans were going to have to learn to conserve energy and basically swallow it.  This struck a sharp discord in my head because the main reason I am voting for anyone is to get some energy relief which John Mccain said that he would provide in some form or fashion and Obama may intend to provide it but still expects us to pay high prices which  I am sure the American people do not want to do.  After hearing this statement, I put Obama in the rich and climbing category and became convinced that the oil industry is going to arrange to get to him a mysterious cash donation.  However still I was not totally for Mccain, what kept me tuned in was the absolutely awesome clothes his wife wore , a shallow reason but it’s the truth.  What repelled me were the republican surrogates and thei9r extreme views.    I don’t care who marries who.  I do believe if anyone has sexual relationships with someone for years and lives in the same house and attends social events with this person they are entitled to legal rights like a spouse.  In the case of the dissolution  of a relationship assets should be equally divided and support should be paid if one person supported the couple.  There were some other issues that disturbed me about Republicans but they are too numerous to name.  Finally since I am prolife the deal breaker with me for John McCain came when I heard he was choosing a pro-abortion running mate.  I thought I may as well choose Obama. 

However Obama is rapidly fading as an option as it is being hammered into me what he did as it related towards babies.  A series of videos and articles that I’ve read have convinced me that I want  no part of Obama and while watching the video below, it almost looked like the people who were supporters were evil demons from hell and after viewing the video my first thought was I would be embarassed to see my face or my hand holding an Obama sign.  The video follows:

Polygamy, An Ode to Gemini, Bad House Keeping, and a Challenge to Feminists and Feminism

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 I have tried to avoid blogging about the Texas Polygamy case, the case where 400 children were taken from the FLDS ranch.  I am far from the perfect parent, to emphasize this, let me inform you of what’s going on in my house these days.

 My daughter is refusing to get her hair combed.  Every time I touch it she screams and runs away.  Well yesterday I had to take care of an urgent matter with a friend and I had to take my daughter and her uncombed hair out the house.  I noticed upon her getting in the car that she had not put her shoes on, and I said a silent thanks to God that she would not try to get out of the car because she had no shoes.  Well I was the one who ended up with egg on my face yesterday, as we were waiting for my friend to take care of her issue, my daughter hops to the front of the car and begs me to go into the very nice building that we are in front of.    She has tied matching bath towels to the bottom of her feet and says she’s made herself some shoes.  At this point I am afraid that she’s going to bolt for the door and run in the place in all of her nappy headed bath toweled feet glory. I say no honey and tell her your hair is not combed, and bath towels on your feet are not shoes.  At this point I think it is a good time to mention that the lady at the local hair supply place has given my daughter the name of Flavette after Flavor Flav because after leaving Ross department store with a fluffy pink bathrobe one day, my daughter put it on, refused to take it off and walked around pompously, earning her the name of Flavette.  I managed to keep her from running in the building but I knew when we were about to stop for gas that I would not be able to keep her out of the convenience store.  She ran in.  I tried to wait it out so I could pretend she did not belong to me, but she took too long and I became worried so I went into the gas station to check on her and saw her at the counter.  I was very tempted to go to the back of the store and pretend that I had not seen her but relented and stood in line to pay for the gas and hoped that she would ignore me.  She was having a discussion with the cashier and told him she did not have enough money.  The man hollered did any one havethirty-four cents that they could give this little girl.  I immediately piped up with she’s mine and refuses to get her hair combed, was told not to come in the store with bath towels on her feet and is not allowed to get anything.  It must not have soaked in, a lady said I have 34 cents. I repeated myself.  My daughter left the store with no candy, and when we finally did get home she asked me to comb her hair. In addition my daughter’s main goal in life is to be a movie star she was born on Clint Eastwood’s and Brooke Shield’s Birthday, which was sort of ironic because Clint is my former husbands favorite movie star and he was fanatical about Clint and football.  Football season was what clinched the fact that we no longer wanted to be together.  In any event, my daughter was born on Clint Eastwood’s birthday, May 31 and this makes her a Gemini.  So you can get a clue of what I’m dealing with, the following celebrities are Geminis:Naomi Campbell, Angelina Jolie, Sir Laurence Olivier,  Stevie Nicks,  Henry Kissenger,  Josephine Baker, Tupac Shakur, Pam Grier, Marilyn Monroe, John Rivers, Prince, Miles Davis, Austin Powers, Sandra Bernhard,  Lisa Left Eye Lopes,  Melanie “Scary Spice” Brown, Donald Trump, Johnny Dep, and Paula Abdhul, I think I ‘ve named enough names for you to understand why the attendant at the local gas station asks me every time she sees my daughter is she still bad, because my daughter in her younger days used to manage to lay out in the middle of the outdoor gas station screaming, hollering, and kicking if I did not buy her a treat. Yes in her younger days she was bad, picnics where I hoped to network were spent prying my screaming daughter away from the attractions, because well the picnic was over and the people were trying to pull down the kiddie attractions.  In any event she is bad, she is a BADDDDDDDDDDDASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSlike the list of Geminis on the list above.  Finally she is also a literal genius in math and language arts. She scores at the top of the percentiles. 

I also hesitated to write about the FLDS because I am an awful housekeeper.  I can’t get anyone to do anything in my household.  Since our dishwasher decided to die I hand wash dishes, we have the circulon brand of pots, it’s the starter set but let me tell you circulon is much better than calphalon, I bought a calphalan muffin pan and baking sheet and after about four uses calphalan was no longer non-stick. I have had cirulon for about 6 months now and it’s still amazing.   In any event we have the circulon starter set which has two sauce pans a little one and a big one.  The other day I washed the larger sauce pan three times because every time I washed it my son would come and use it, it’s like he was waiting for me to wash the pan so he could mess it up.  Finally I just gave up trying to cook what I was going to cook a twenty five cent box of macaroni and cheese with tuna and peas dumped in it with plenty of butter and pepper.  I say all this to say I am a terrible house keeper. However my son is a good son, he is a sagittarius so he displays the male Sagittarius unique characteristic of ass kissing and being an ass-hole at the same time, in any event several famous male sagittarians are Brad Pitt, Donahue, John F. Kennedy Jr, Jay-Z, Bruce Leee, and Samuel Jackson. 

I hope it is understood why I would hesitate to discuss the FLDS case.  I have tried to ignore it but the final straw was seeing a photo on the Nancy Grace Show of their leader marrying and deeply kissing a girl that appeared to be no more than ten  at their apparent wedding.    I thought how disgusting I just knew that the Texas Supreme court was going to overturn a lower court decision to return the children back to the ranch; but they did not and are sending the children back to the ranch with the understanding that some limitations can be imposed and decisions can be made on a case by case basis.  The problem for me is that Jetts is a deity to them and when your deity is shown molesting a child, this must follow that FLDS members have no problem molesting children since this is the man they worship, he’s on the wall of their compound.  Children are therefore in an inherently dangerous situation by being there. This view is fully expored in this CNN Commentary  by Sonny Hoskins.

Furthermore the Supreme Court ruling that prepubescent children can be returned to their families is just not in line with current law which states that child sex offenders can not be around children period.  If they will molest an 11 year old with her period it’s also likely that they will molest a womanly looking seven year old.  It is my strong opinion that the children should  not be returned unless the women agree to move off of the ranch and not leave town and this is a condition I think the Supreme Court will uphold as a condition of their getting their children back. 

My big question in this issue is”Where are the Feminists who say they work for women’s rights?”; Where is Gloria Allred, the big time Feminist?  Are we only to see them when it involves an abortion issue, a woman hollering rape against a celebrity or a big name figure.  For me personally this is a feminist issue, one that they should be financing, sending attorneys to and watching very closely.  What happens with FLDS will affect all women and girls.  It will also determine the direction our country is taking in regards to women’s rights.  FDLS is fundamentally arguing that a woman does not have the right to her own body, her own Chasity and can be given to a man at any time.  FDLS is arguing that women and girls are at the mercy of men and have no option and choices.  Feminism will be a failure if feminists do not step in to make sure that young girls are protected and not left bare foot, pregnant, trapped and option-less in a world with so many possibilities.   This is a case where people who call themselves feminists should descend on the state of Texas and provide financing to take this case to the U.S Supreme Court if nescessary.  This case prevents far more of a threat to women then the right to an abortion.  The FLDS case threatens every woman in so many fundamental ways, such as the right to even have a child belong to you, the right to property , the right to vote etc. 

****According to the Chicago Tribune A state stutute can not be appealed to the U.S. Supreme court; I am sort of questioning this because some of the men putting the children in danger live beetween states, therefore making it a Federal issue; but I am not an expert.