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Did you Drink the Rice Kool Aid About the Embassy Killings?

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As I watched Barack Obama in his passionate defense of Susan Rice and his going so far to say don’t blame her blame me and if you don’t like what she said about the embassy killings, the buck essentially stops with me.  I felt a little ill about voting  for Barack Obama the whole conference was like psycho Bob on steroids but the defense of Susan Rice by Obama only compared to one thing when he said while he first ran for president; ” I will not tolerate anyone talking about my wife”, oh shit I thought is he sleeping with Susan Rice too, but that’s another story.

In any event one would hope that when one nominates a secretary of state she or he would bring some critical thinking skills to the table.  Upon hearing about the embassy killings in Libya no one in my family of four including me believed that the killings were brought on by a movie.  We did believe that the violence in the Middle East and particularly the embassy killings were caused by several things 1) the anniversary of 911 2) the release of a book by a navy seal describing the killing of Bin Laden and 3) the killing of Qaddafi.  Honestly I miss Qadaffi and his visits to New York during U.N. meetings, especially memorable is his tent in New York.

I am not a policy expert on the Middle East but I know where to find a few.  I do however know that only a fool believed the kool aid about a movie causing the embassy killings versus terrorism that during the firs 911 caused the killing of 6300 people.   When I think of the drivel given to us about what happened in Libya it takes me back to an article I read in Time Magazine which discussed high tech weapons and high tech propaganda,  one tactic was putting a hologram of allah in the air and having the people stop fighting and pray.   The story about the Libya killing and a film took me to that point like someone was trying to run some very faulty propaganda against me.

As for Rice, whatever role she serves to the administration her inability to deduce that the story about BinGhazi was BS makes her most inappropriate to serve as Secretary of State in a cabinet position where the role is to lead and advise.  However if she makes a mistake at the Department of State, President Obama can always say it’s not her fault it’s mine, the buck stops here.  Hmm this is not the second term I envisioned for the U.S. and Obama with him micromanaging the cabinet, at this rate the world may be over by December 21, 2012.  You have to know about this date just like you have to know about 911. the killing of Bin Laden, and that Qaddafi was a lovable character.  Honestly at this rate I will be sending $2 to the Republican Committee to have Republicans take over the Senate in 2014. – NO LIE


Jared Lee Loughner GenY Goes Postal Don’t smoke buddha, can’t stand sess, yes

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The recent assassination attempt on Representative Gabriel Gifford may seem  like some Manchurian candidate who fell from the sky for gun control and toning down competitive speech to win political office for some, being these are the only one dimensional arguments that have emerged in the last couple of days since the massacre and the assassination attempt.    However way before Jared Lee Loughner went postal the jokes regarding GENY had started they don’t like sex, they don’t like money, don’t get high or drink, like the old Adam Ant Song don’t drink don’t smoke what do you do must be something inside, or the Raw Base Song It Takes Two; Don’t smoke buddha, can’t stand sess.

In this blogger’s opinion hate speech had nothing to do with Loughner going postal.  While I am not going to visit his website and read his writings I am going to try to draw a quick instinctual profile of what was going on with Loughner and why and how he could commit such unconscionable acts.    The short answer is that like the middle aged man that goes postal because he’s fired, overwhelmed, and sick of struggling to ultimately lose; Many in Geny feel that there is no hope, that there is nothing there just like the Middle Age men who went postal decades ago.  Parents have appeared on news programs saying they would like their geny’rs who have graduated from college to go to the local mall and get any job rather than going to the country club all day playing raquetball.   Hmm the Country Club GENYS are having problems.

In any event the case of Jared Lee Loughner is a blinding commentary of modern day society and how it failed him.  While some folks may object to my characterizing the heinous acts of Loughner as a political act, the bottom line is the French revolution was bloody and it was gruesome and ironically it centered around the inability of the poor and struggling to obtain scarce resources like bread and housing.  One ultimately wonders if Loughtons individual actions are the first signs of revolution in the United States.  One can not deny that even if as a result of his own actions society had no place for him.

However if one is looking for how Loughton came to this point one should consider the following reasons:

Loughner’s Inability to Chart a Path in Life

While some would say that Loughner was strange, crazy, or just plain nuts.  It can not be denied that he tried, he tried to go to a community college and then he tried to go into the military both attempts were dismal failures and being escorted off a community colleges campus because of acting plain crazy instead of being sent to some sort of advisor shows just a lack of care for a young person that almost says the campus should not even exist.  Even this incident that Loughner had on the college campus is heartless and strange with classmates standing in line to talk about how weird he was, this total lack of empathy brings to mind the same type of students that recorded a gay kiss and put it over the internet………. there is ultimately something wrong with geny in their inability to empathize and know right from wrong.   What makes Loughner a sympathetic character as opposed to the VT shooter is Loughner was not a genius, Loughner was not a star engineering student.  He was a Poor smoch on the side of the road who at the age of 22 had figured out he would never amount to anything and society had made that his fate.

The Anesthetic Effect of Video Gaming

While I know nothing about Jared Lee Loughner I am willing to stake my life on the fact that Loughner was a video gamer and an avid gamer.  While the older folks on TV try to blame guns, rhetoric and whatever else will advance their causes on why Loughner went postal.  The answer is grounded in the fact that if he was an avid gamer he went postal everyday.  Modern games have death counts for how many people have been killed, humans splatter blood on the screen creating an amazing tolerance and nonchalance towards killing.   Modern video games in some cases are live simulations of massacres, some games are just plain killing oops you killed a family or baby so what you got  a point.   The fact that Loughner could kill or try to kill twenty people and then try to reload to kill some more indicates to me that Loughton had made the cross from game simulation to real life and probably the harder life became for him the more he retreated into game land until he was ready to take it live which he did.

The Out and Out Corruption of the Congresswoman

While many will call Gabby nice.  She was not nice she was looking for a vote.  The plain fact is her husband is an astronaut, she got herself appointed to the NASA committee to further the fates of her family which she evidently did.  Congress is attempting to censure Maxine Waters for a Bank visit this woman is on the committee that employs her husband. Meanwhile Loughton cant complete college and can’t even get into the military.  This is corruption and a severe conflict of interest whether it’s acknowledged or not.   Loughton was probably aware of this or not but if he was he knew Gifford was advancing her own fate while he could not even get into the military.

In any event the incident with Loughner brings to a head the generational conflict, misinformation, and frighteninly poor analysis of the Loughner incident and why he did what he did as an X’r I need to see GENXY in the media the older crew with the exception of the 60’s crew is out of touch and self serving and just plain dumb.


Elena Kagan Head of Ministry of Truth (Minitruth) Representing the Republic of Democratia

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As Elena Kagan made courtesy calls on United States Senators last week one wonders what the substance of the conversations she had with lawmakers particularly democratic lawmakers was.  Was it what’s your issue, let me know and if you give me your vote, I’ll make sure I vote for it.  What is particularly disturbing about the nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court is that it is a given that she has no intention of interpreting the laws as a duty set out by the U.S. Constitution.  Elena Kagan, if confirmed will be there to rubbber stamp a clearly partisan agenda.  One would hope that a supreme court justice would be gray in their outlook, and be able to dig into the tome of the constitution and render a decision; but something everyone probably agrees upon to themselves or publicly is it is probably extremely doubtful that Kagan will be capable of interpreting anything unless it is in concurrence with her preconceived ideas or agenda.

The failure to take ideas and follow directions was never so illustrated as with Elena Kagan and the Solomon Amendment and her refusal to allow military  recruitment on Harvard’s campus because of the U.S. Governments don’t ask don’t tell policy.  The Solomon amendment   required schools that receive federal funding to grant military recruiters “most favorable access” to their students or risk losing federal funds.  Kagan citing don’t ask don’t tell barred military recruiters from Harvard Career recruitment offices saying the don’t ask don’t tell policy came into conflict with Harvard’s own policy that said organizations that discriminated against gays could not recruit on campus.  Kagan conveniently forgot that in a federal emergency the US government protects Harvard from all sorts of maladies diseases, terrorism, whatever the Government would be there and she most conveniently forgot that the Federal government gives Harvard university 300,000,000  dollars a year in federal funding.  However despite the Solomon amendment and at the risk of losing 300 million dollars for her university Kagan barred the military from campus and had her decision overturned.  It does not take an education over the first grade to understand Elena Kagan has no intention of interpreting anything and could not even interpret a simple law when 300 million dollars was at risk for her college campus.

“delicate pieces of forgery in which you had nothing to guide you except your knowledge of the principles of ingsoc and your estimate of what the party wanted you to say.” –George Orwell 1984

While the Kagan’s refusal to abide by the Solomon amendment is an example of Kagans inability to interpret a law that put 300 million dollars of government money at risk for her university for her liberal bias as discussed above, the inappropriate interpretation of a law is by no means criminal.  However the Orwellian manipulation of information for the sake of her democratic party gets Kagan crowned the secretary of Orwell’s 1984’s Ministry of Truth who’s main purpose in the book was the falsification and manipulation of data.  Kagan leaned on two medical organizations with the full weight of the President of the United State’s office at the time to replace their wording with her wording as it regarded medical information for citizens of the United States. There are some blind individuals who call themselves democrats who want to argue that the individuals decimating this information  about Elena Kagan are antiabortionists with a grudge.  The honest truth is that after the full weight of Kagan’s and the Clinton administrations actions sinks in with the American People it will be pretty hard for any thinking citizen to believe a word that is issued from government assertions and/or Medical Organizations.  It will be hard for the National Institute of Health to issue a H1N1 warning because Kagan and the actions of the Clinton administration have violated the public trust.  While Kagan argues in her confirmation hearing that, hey little oh me can’t get the GRANDE doctors to change their minds about policy issues and that they made their own decisions. One of her memos tells a vastly different story and that the full weight of the presidential office (Appoints the FBI and CIA directors, HEAD OF THE MILITARY, in charge of Grant Money that funds major research etc.) was launched against ACOG to have the policy changed, The memo states,

“For many months, the folks at ACOG had been unwilling to speak with us about the medical issues surrounding the partial birth ban, but Marilyn Yeager convinced them to do so.”

The President of the United States office had not been calling ACOG  for hours, for days, for weeks, but for months to get them to change a medical policy and assertion that ACOG felt was the best policy statement representing the American people.  The original statement ACOG issued was as follows:

“a select panel convened by ACOG could identify no circumstances under which an intact dilation and extraction would be the only option to save the life or preserve the health of the- woman.”

by the time Elena Kagan finished leaning on ACOG with the  Full Power of the President of the United States she was allowed to write and amend the above  statement to read the following:

“An intact D&X, however, may be the best or most appropriate procedure in a particular circumstance to save the life or preserve the health of a woman, and a doctor should be allowed to make this determination.”

If one has any doubt as to Elena Kagan’s knowledge that this statement was a fallacious  and misleading amendment of the original statement, the following quote from a Kagan memo should let shed light on the fact that Kagan was aware that partial birth abortions just were not done.

“I will spare you all the medical details here. Suffice it to say that we went through every  circumstance imaginable — post- and pre-viability, assuming malformed fetuses, assuming other medical conditions, etc., etc.– and there just aren’t many where use of the partial-birth abortion is the least risky, let alone the “necessary,” approach. No one should worry about being able to drive a truck through the President’s proposed exception; the real issue is whether anything at all can get through it.”

The text in red clearly implies that substantively Kagan knew that as far as ACOG was concerned partial birth abortions were not necessary and she deliberately changed the language for the ideology of the democratic party.  As a United States citizen I would hope that every appointed and elected official feels allegiance to the flag and the constitution of the United States and not to a political party or ideology.  Kagan clearly does not possess the allegiance to the United States and her dogmatism concerning the democratic party is scary.

Finally, as an African American living in the United States I find the comparison that Elena Kagan carries the legacy of Thurgood Marshall extremely offensive.  It appears to me that she and her whole generation are looking to be bigger badder and mightier than they civil rights leaders of the fifties and the sixties.  I have never heard any examples of Thurgood Marshall falsifying and altering documents and I think I never will.  Thurgood Marshall is most famous for the case Brown vs. Board of education which earned him a place on the supreme court.  It was not given because he knew how to lick.

If Kegan is confirmed it will send a terrible message of Partisanship and our nation should be afraid that one party for the sake of a party can not see right from wrong.

This was clear intimidation and the abuse of Public office.  This is not a Kagan issue at this point this is an office of the president issue by which all involved including Kagan should be investigated for intimidating and altering the statement of a medical body.


this is not an abortion issue it is an honesty and ethics issue a supreme court  without a conscious is bound to sink the court into decisions that future generations will find untenable as well as perplexing that such individuals made it to the supreme court, it will further be a blaring blight to future generations because Kagan is one of the first waves of women on the court.

1. Kagans Failure to realize her role as an attorney, ethical human being and an advisor rather than as a get it done partisan politico is extremely disturbing and definitely indicates that she is incapable of interpreting the law objectively.

2. Kagans actions as well as the Clinton administration’s use of the office of President to intimidate and lean on a medical organization to alter facts and the meaning of a policy is criminal whether its ever prosecuted.  Medical advice and knowledge can not be spread by political will or desire.  In light of the technological age we are entering it

3.  is extremely troubling that someone with the political nature of Elena Kegan will sit on the court and rule on cases that are health care and body related and can be extremely divisive.

4. Extremely insulting to me as an African American that certain politicians are saying that Elena Kagan Carries on the legacy of Thurgood Marshall.  Whatever Marshall’s persoanl life was about and he admittedly in his authorized biography never claims to be particularly moral,  his professional life involved the representation of God Fearing moral individuals who aspired to take a moral high ground.  Thurgood Marshall was a civil rights attorney, there were no medical edicts on race,


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Raising The Bar: Whatever You Do, Do Not Vote For R. Joy Walker Chief Judge of Recorders Court For Dekalb County For Superior Court Judge In Dekalb County!

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If anyone has read this blog in the past they may know that after taking my daughter’s glasses to vision works to be fixed last year after a few months of wear, I left the mall and was very falsely accused of stealing a pair of glasses.  I did not have and never have stolen any glasses.  I protested this at the time I was accused because I was afraid and I think if someone will falsely accuse you of stealing something they will do anything to you.  I was charged with disorderly conduct when I became hysterical because I was falsely accused.

Raising the Bar

There is a new show coming out called raising the bar.  I heard about it yesterday and it’s supposed to expose how justice in the United States has a bloody eye and why young attorneys do not want to continue to practice law.  I know what they mean because I have been through it personally, the injustice, and also being represented by a brilliant young attorney who I often think does not deserve the treatment meted out to her by recorders court in Dekalb County.

In the Court of Dekalb County Recorders Court essentially traffic court, there are many horror stories walking through there.  My mother was fined 600.00 for a cat.  I appeared in court years ago and told the judge I did not have the money to pay my ticket and she told me  I would be put in jail until I paid what amounted to a seventy dollar ticket.   I did not have the money. I explained to the judge.  She immediately sent me to jail.  My family came and paid the ticket within several hours and when I got out I wrote the Department of Justice on the Court.  I learned that later that year, they were no longer sending people to jail for not being able to pay their traffic fines.    These are just two of my and my family’s experiences that I thought were rather extreme in Dekalb County Recorders Court.  Here is a link to several blog entries about experiences in Dekalb County Recorders Court as presided over by R.  Joy Walker.

Average Life tells of hearing one fine on their automated system and being asked to pay another, Comments to this blog go into detail about their terrible treatment too.  One commenter talks about receiving a summons to appear at 8:00 pm.  The commenter also states he was carted off to jail for a ticket that he had already paid.

This blog talks about a ticket that could not be found in the system! You have to scroll to find it.

A Man Blogs His Experience with Dekalb County Recorders Court

Southern In-hospitality is self explanatory

Now that you have a true idea of what’s going on.  I’m going to tell you something so shocking that it will make you pull your hair out.  It will make you say, what is happening in the United States and make you seriously question whether some counties and states are bound by the constitution.  I have written the FBI and the GBI because what you will read here is just all out corruption and judicial misconduct.  I appeared before this court on a disorderly conduct charge.  The Chief Judge of this Court is running for Superior Court Judge we can not allow her to have power over people who may go to jail for years. We must preserve some semblance of justice in our court systems and further more we can not afford the embarrassment if she is investigated and found to be corrupt.  Do Not Vote For this Woman!

In any event this is what I want to tell you.  The last message I left for the attorney that represented me on the charge of disorderly conduct who went before the court and had the charges reduced to creating a disturbance, an ordinance rather than a misdemeanor  went something like this.  I’ve called the court and the court is claiming the charges were not reduced, am I crazy, did I just imagine the charges being reduced.  I know I spoke to the attorney that took your place, (the attorney that represents me now practices in a higher court.)  He told me that the judge had agreed that it was a mistake and would change it.  I went to get a disposition of the case  and the woman at the information desk told me that there were now two dispositions in the system, she did not know which disposition to certify.  I had to wait for the judge to get out of court. I waited and the judge stated the charges were never reduced.  Am I crazy I repeated.  I am quite confused now as I ‘m talking to the answering machine.  For them to treat an attorney this way, my brain is swirling, she might be in on it too, maybe she does not remember either.  I ask one more time because at this point I’m going to call the FBI and the GBI if she calls back and tells me that she remembers what I remember.  She calls back a day later and says yes the charges were reduced and the other attorney did speak with the judge about the reduced charges and she has the documentation.  I am floored OK, I am relieved I am not crazy.  The charges were reduced but the court had me plead guilty to reduced charges and then changed the charges back.  I suddenly realize that I am living in a banana republic.  I realize that in the United States blacks are allowed to oppress other people and not held to any sort of accountability because we were once slaves and segregated, and instead of holding certain blacks accountable they are allowed to do anything they want to do to assuage white guilt.  I should not be living in a banana republic.  I live in the United States.  Yet corruption and unfairness rule in my part and color of the world.  HELP I may as well be In Hussein’s Iraq!