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Taxpayers Fund a Losing Political Process

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My young adult son constantly barrages me with political questions while giving a lot of historical facts that are amazing.  For example I asked him why are some of the Irish so dark.  He said Spain. Why are the Indians from India so dark? He said Persia, and on and on and on. Today I had to tell him that black people might protest themselves into apartheid because they will not vote.  Ferguson is a huge example. Instead of voting in and voting out proper and improper political representation the citizens of Ferguson let a situation simmer and than burn out of control.

It is easy for me to say that citizens don’t vote.  However as I pondered this explanation, the core reason is citizens don’t vote because the United States funds two political parties that don’t really want people to vote. The party that is the guiltiest is the democratic party as the former first lady treats the presidency like a dog with a bone and the democratic party supports it.  In a fair world this first lady would be gracious and say I’ve been in the white house for eight years and I want my legacy to be helping another woman to get into the white house. Not in the two party system we live in. Not where politicians have almost scotus credentials in elected political offices.

If tax payers fund political parties the U.S. should mandate that parties engage in political educational activities,publicly post meetings, and have a minimum of four candidates on ballots. Furthermore, elections should be clearly announced and efforts should be made to recruit people of all backgrounds. At this point the United States is stuck on something not resembling democracy because of the selfishness of the politicos in office. It needs to stop and it needs to be regulated.


Did you Drink the Rice Kool Aid About the Embassy Killings?

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As I watched Barack Obama in his passionate defense of Susan Rice and his going so far to say don’t blame her blame me and if you don’t like what she said about the embassy killings, the buck essentially stops with me.  I felt a little ill about voting  for Barack Obama the whole conference was like psycho Bob on steroids but the defense of Susan Rice by Obama only compared to one thing when he said while he first ran for president; ” I will not tolerate anyone talking about my wife”, oh shit I thought is he sleeping with Susan Rice too, but that’s another story.

In any event one would hope that when one nominates a secretary of state she or he would bring some critical thinking skills to the table.  Upon hearing about the embassy killings in Libya no one in my family of four including me believed that the killings were brought on by a movie.  We did believe that the violence in the Middle East and particularly the embassy killings were caused by several things 1) the anniversary of 911 2) the release of a book by a navy seal describing the killing of Bin Laden and 3) the killing of Qaddafi.  Honestly I miss Qadaffi and his visits to New York during U.N. meetings, especially memorable is his tent in New York.

I am not a policy expert on the Middle East but I know where to find a few.  I do however know that only a fool believed the kool aid about a movie causing the embassy killings versus terrorism that during the firs 911 caused the killing of 6300 people.   When I think of the drivel given to us about what happened in Libya it takes me back to an article I read in Time Magazine which discussed high tech weapons and high tech propaganda,  one tactic was putting a hologram of allah in the air and having the people stop fighting and pray.   The story about the Libya killing and a film took me to that point like someone was trying to run some very faulty propaganda against me.

As for Rice, whatever role she serves to the administration her inability to deduce that the story about BinGhazi was BS makes her most inappropriate to serve as Secretary of State in a cabinet position where the role is to lead and advise.  However if she makes a mistake at the Department of State, President Obama can always say it’s not her fault it’s mine, the buck stops here.  Hmm this is not the second term I envisioned for the U.S. and Obama with him micromanaging the cabinet, at this rate the world may be over by December 21, 2012.  You have to know about this date just like you have to know about 911. the killing of Bin Laden, and that Qaddafi was a lovable character.  Honestly at this rate I will be sending $2 to the Republican Committee to have Republicans take over the Senate in 2014. – NO LIE

Jared Lee Loughner GenY Goes Postal Don’t smoke buddha, can’t stand sess, yes

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The recent assassination attempt on Representative Gabriel Gifford may seem  like some Manchurian candidate who fell from the sky for gun control and toning down competitive speech to win political office for some, being these are the only one dimensional arguments that have emerged in the last couple of days since the massacre and the assassination attempt.    However way before Jared Lee Loughner went postal the jokes regarding GENY had started they don’t like sex, they don’t like money, don’t get high or drink, like the old Adam Ant Song don’t drink don’t smoke what do you do must be something inside, or the Raw Base Song It Takes Two; Don’t smoke buddha, can’t stand sess.

In this blogger’s opinion hate speech had nothing to do with Loughner going postal.  While I am not going to visit his website and read his writings I am going to try to draw a quick instinctual profile of what was going on with Loughner and why and how he could commit such unconscionable acts.    The short answer is that like the middle aged man that goes postal because he’s fired, overwhelmed, and sick of struggling to ultimately lose; Many in Geny feel that there is no hope, that there is nothing there just like the Middle Age men who went postal decades ago.  Parents have appeared on news programs saying they would like their geny’rs who have graduated from college to go to the local mall and get any job rather than going to the country club all day playing raquetball.   Hmm the Country Club GENYS are having problems.

In any event the case of Jared Lee Loughner is a blinding commentary of modern day society and how it failed him.  While some folks may object to my characterizing the heinous acts of Loughner as a political act, the bottom line is the French revolution was bloody and it was gruesome and ironically it centered around the inability of the poor and struggling to obtain scarce resources like bread and housing.  One ultimately wonders if Loughtons individual actions are the first signs of revolution in the United States.  One can not deny that even if as a result of his own actions society had no place for him.

However if one is looking for how Loughton came to this point one should consider the following reasons:

Loughner’s Inability to Chart a Path in Life

While some would say that Loughner was strange, crazy, or just plain nuts.  It can not be denied that he tried, he tried to go to a community college and then he tried to go into the military both attempts were dismal failures and being escorted off a community colleges campus because of acting plain crazy instead of being sent to some sort of advisor shows just a lack of care for a young person that almost says the campus should not even exist.  Even this incident that Loughner had on the college campus is heartless and strange with classmates standing in line to talk about how weird he was, this total lack of empathy brings to mind the same type of students that recorded a gay kiss and put it over the internet………. there is ultimately something wrong with geny in their inability to empathize and know right from wrong.   What makes Loughner a sympathetic character as opposed to the VT shooter is Loughner was not a genius, Loughner was not a star engineering student.  He was a Poor smoch on the side of the road who at the age of 22 had figured out he would never amount to anything and society had made that his fate.

The Anesthetic Effect of Video Gaming

While I know nothing about Jared Lee Loughner I am willing to stake my life on the fact that Loughner was a video gamer and an avid gamer.  While the older folks on TV try to blame guns, rhetoric and whatever else will advance their causes on why Loughner went postal.  The answer is grounded in the fact that if he was an avid gamer he went postal everyday.  Modern games have death counts for how many people have been killed, humans splatter blood on the screen creating an amazing tolerance and nonchalance towards killing.   Modern video games in some cases are live simulations of massacres, some games are just plain killing oops you killed a family or baby so what you got  a point.   The fact that Loughner could kill or try to kill twenty people and then try to reload to kill some more indicates to me that Loughton had made the cross from game simulation to real life and probably the harder life became for him the more he retreated into game land until he was ready to take it live which he did.

The Out and Out Corruption of the Congresswoman

While many will call Gabby nice.  She was not nice she was looking for a vote.  The plain fact is her husband is an astronaut, she got herself appointed to the NASA committee to further the fates of her family which she evidently did.  Congress is attempting to censure Maxine Waters for a Bank visit this woman is on the committee that employs her husband. Meanwhile Loughton cant complete college and can’t even get into the military.  This is corruption and a severe conflict of interest whether it’s acknowledged or not.   Loughton was probably aware of this or not but if he was he knew Gifford was advancing her own fate while he could not even get into the military.

In any event the incident with Loughner brings to a head the generational conflict, misinformation, and frighteninly poor analysis of the Loughner incident and why he did what he did as an X’r I need to see GENXY in the media the older crew with the exception of the 60’s crew is out of touch and self serving and just plain dumb.


Don’t You Want Me Baby “Wake Up You Were Our Nirvana” “We Transcended”

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The Fundamental problem with the Obama presidency is that Obama fundamentally believes until he became president we were a country without direction, without pride and without accomplishment.  This is fundamentally summarized in First Lady Michelle Obama’s comments on the night her husband won the democratic presidential nomination.



What the Obama’s have failed to realize is that though the United States has problems; the radical change sought by President Obama is not the change we so wanted craved or needed.  The change that the United States needs in the next two years and that any president entering office should realize is that the U.S. is in need of incremental change and enforcement of existing laws and the use of existing resources.  While Obama was elected for change it was not for radical change but literally to increase the change in the pockets of U.S. citizens.

Obama was not elected to implement some shadowy scary  liberal agenda.  What bothers this pundit most is that President Obama had a set agenda in place prior to his inauguration and is doggedly attached to it.  Obama insists on telling the American people that he has made us and we are nothing without him.  In Obama’s 2004 convention speech he emphasized there were no varied America’s not a blue one or a red one but a United Stated of America.  However under his presidency we have never been so polarized since say the civil rights movement.  Is it the Tea Party? Is it the Republicans?  or Is it that a sitting president  would campaign for his political party like the 48% of people who did not vote for him are not deserving of representation.  Or is it that we all know that if the democrats remain in power they will continue to unbalance the separation of powers allowing the executive branch to out do and supersede all other branches of government our founders put in place so the U.S. could be the protector of all of our rights.

While it is easy for Obama and his supporters to blame the funny little tea party and the republicans for their problems, they fail to realize that they are dealing with thinking intelligent beings in the United States that were able to push through the minutiae of  the past and present to elect a black colored man to office.  While Obama mires himself in what we are not; all we have to do is look at the Obama’s and know what we are.  We are the USA where we transcended to elect him a black man to be our president.  Finally if he did not think he could solve our problems in four years he should not have signed up for the job.

At this point the only thing I want from Barack Obama is for him to govern and frankly to stop defining himself as a democrat but as a human being and the president of the United States.  To be frank I don’t want to toss and turn at night thinking Obama will turn our country into some sort of Stalinist regime and I do.  If only Obama could love the United States, if only he could love us and not try to change us so much, and stop telling us that without him and the dems we are nothing.  I could sleep well at night.  Unfortunately at this point the whole political situation looks like a catch 22 between The Dems as Pinky and the Brain:


and the Tea Party and Republicans as inbred backwoods zombies creating a thriller of a situation for the American Public.




Finally all I want to say is “they don’t really care about us”




{Personally,  the major problem in the United States is the educational system.  Our kids will continue to be mis-educated as long as there are class differences, income differences, and racial differences in the U.S.  There are plenty of high skilled jobs in the U.S. but not enough high skilled workers in the right areas.  We will fall if this is not dealt with.  As for no Child Left Behind the spirit of the law has been changed to give each child an equal shake and an equal opportunity however under Obama in the county I live in this has turned into children participating in the program being legally segregated.  The facilities are literally separate and unequal but that’s another story. We have never seen as much elitism and favoritism in this country ever we may as well be living under a monarchy or aristocracy}