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Why Barack Obama is having Polling Problems

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As the polls fall for our Golden Boy Barack Obama, it is tempting for his staunch supporters to argue that Obama is the victim of racists or that the reason things have not totally turned around is because of all the luggage left by George Bush. While these arguments may hold a little sway, the truth is that Barack Promised us change and what we essentially got was more of the same in far left clothing and shall I dare say in a less compassionate package than George Bush Jr.

After Barack Obama was elected it became extremely apparent that he was not going to diverge much from his predecessor George Bush. While some believed that when it was time to appoint cabinet members Obama would appoint cabinet members with the finest credentials Pulitzers, nobels, and other such folks Obama had another agenda on his mind, he made cabinet appointments of people who were his friends, acquaintances and yes men. He essentially used the spoils system when appointing staff just like his predecessor George W. Bush. For example he made the superintendant of Chicago Public Schools the Secretary of Education for all of our students despite the fact that Chicago had one of the highest dropout rate of students in the country; Tim Geithner could not figure out his taxes let alone be expected to solve the economic problems of the nation; a governor appointed to head Health and Services instead of a career professional within the organization made and makes the Obama presidency problematic and leads a rational human being to question his motives and common sense. The reason Barack Obama can not blame George Bush for the problems now affecting the United States is because President Obama left his A game at home failing to realize that his logic and common sense would not be enough. President Obama thought he could choose anyone for the very complex jobs of running the nation because he thought the President could do anything and make up for the short comings of his staff. Gomer Pyle came to town with his sergeant in hand because he was his friend.

This is where the Palin phenomena begins to come into play. Palin is definitely not very smart. This has to be said twice Palin is not very knowledgeable, but she may be smart enough to run a country in knowing the difference between what the country needs and what she may want. She may want Cousin May to be head of Health and Human services but she knows the country needs something more than cousin May, and this may seem a rather extreme comparison when juxtaposed with Palin’s rather basic rudimentary college degree with Barack Obama’s super elite circle Obama’s cabinet appointments boil down to appointing Palin’s Cousin May. As the American people observe this they begin to seriously doubt that change will happen under the Obama administration and look and wait for something different and hope it comes.

Like Bush enormous dollars go out of the United States treasury to various entities but people really believe that the money gets siphoned off to friends as in the Bush administration. I think what has set the last two administrations apart from other administrations are the excesses of money leaving the U.S. coffers and no one knowing where it ends up. The citizens of the United States see constant spending but no effective change, they are not experiencing the trickle nickel effect and are beginning to suspect those nickels are lost in the air. As public opinion starts to go against Barack Obama the folks of the United States are beginning to say they liked George Bush better. This is because many believe that Barack Obama would step on Granny to get across the street. This is because of the caviler treatment of babies, executive orders to continue using them for research, lip service to education, and all that money flowing out for new causes. As time goes on we begin to question if President Obama has a heart. Whereas innately the American people knew that on a personal level the former President George Bush could not face a wrong and let it continue, think the Iraq war was never real to him but a third term baby is real. This is what is lacking from President Barack Obama the human touch while he can recite lofty ideas one ultimately believes that if he saw ya being carjacked he’d keep driving.

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Congratulations Barack Obama and The United States For Your Nobel Prize Win

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Barack Obama has brought International prestige and acclaim to the United States with the winning of the Nobel Peace prize.  While the prize was shocking to many, if the citizens of  United States would close their eyes and remember why they voted for him they would realize that he deserves and earned the Nobel Peace Prize.  I can not say that I necessarily agree or even know clearly the rationale of the Nobel committee for awarding the Nobel Peace prize to Barack Obama but I can articulate why I think he deserves the prize.

Barack and Michelle  Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for first of all being able to transcend themselves.  In a world that frequently says you can’t and in a country that had never had a President of color The Obama’s said “Yes We Can”.   They said Yes We can and Did.  Barack Obama did not come from a two parent home with Daddy throwing him up to the sky every night,   Barack Obama even mentions that he comes from a home where people may have told him they were scared of black men because he was raised by his caucasian grandmother.    President OBama’s history and his subsequent accomplishments are a beacon of light to every child around the world who experiences controversies and problems in their lives.  The ability of Barack Obama to overcome himself and his environment is a world class accomplishment, Nobel Prize worthy because one of the hardest things for people to do is to overcome themselves.  Many great thinkers have written about this Napoleon Hill, recitations of the words of Jesus and others.

Barack Obama deserves the Nobel Prize by helping to prove to the world that the United States is not full of racists who hate black people and that the notion that an American Dream is possible for all is a reality not a notion for whites only.  In a sociology class I learned about the third generational theory that all European racial groups who come to the United States can meld into the fabric of the United States and eventually become white or plain American, whereas people of color Asians, Blacks, Latinos, were subsequently out of luck and could never really melt because of their race into an American characteristic.  Barack Obama and the United State shattered this myth by voting for him as President by actually implementing the words of Martin Luther King “not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”.  The various races of the United States gave Barack Obama a mandate.  Barack Obama was not a president installed by force, given to the United States by some International Super Power he was democratically elected by the American people who said that we don’t care about race anymore just someone willing to work for our interests.

As for the significance of Barack Obama post election we the American People seriously hope that he will use the slogan YES WE CAN to solve our problems as well as take the attitude of YES WE CAN to the world and help solve their problems.      As for what has gone wrong with the Presidency up to know, by and large Obama and the Democrats refuse to ignore the voices that did not elect them.  The only way Obama can keep his promises is to ignore the voices of dissension and keep a straight path and fulfill his promise.

Universal Health Care

Peace in The Middle East

Bill Clinton Nobel Peace Prize

Yes We CAN

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Raising The Bar: Whatever You Do, Do Not Vote For R. Joy Walker Chief Judge of Recorders Court For Dekalb County For Superior Court Judge In Dekalb County!

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If anyone has read this blog in the past they may know that after taking my daughter’s glasses to vision works to be fixed last year after a few months of wear, I left the mall and was very falsely accused of stealing a pair of glasses.  I did not have and never have stolen any glasses.  I protested this at the time I was accused because I was afraid and I think if someone will falsely accuse you of stealing something they will do anything to you.  I was charged with disorderly conduct when I became hysterical because I was falsely accused.

Raising the Bar

There is a new show coming out called raising the bar.  I heard about it yesterday and it’s supposed to expose how justice in the United States has a bloody eye and why young attorneys do not want to continue to practice law.  I know what they mean because I have been through it personally, the injustice, and also being represented by a brilliant young attorney who I often think does not deserve the treatment meted out to her by recorders court in Dekalb County.

In the Court of Dekalb County Recorders Court essentially traffic court, there are many horror stories walking through there.  My mother was fined 600.00 for a cat.  I appeared in court years ago and told the judge I did not have the money to pay my ticket and she told me  I would be put in jail until I paid what amounted to a seventy dollar ticket.   I did not have the money. I explained to the judge.  She immediately sent me to jail.  My family came and paid the ticket within several hours and when I got out I wrote the Department of Justice on the Court.  I learned that later that year, they were no longer sending people to jail for not being able to pay their traffic fines.    These are just two of my and my family’s experiences that I thought were rather extreme in Dekalb County Recorders Court.  Here is a link to several blog entries about experiences in Dekalb County Recorders Court as presided over by R.  Joy Walker.

Average Life tells of hearing one fine on their automated system and being asked to pay another, Comments to this blog go into detail about their terrible treatment too.  One commenter talks about receiving a summons to appear at 8:00 pm.  The commenter also states he was carted off to jail for a ticket that he had already paid.

This blog talks about a ticket that could not be found in the system! You have to scroll to find it.

A Man Blogs His Experience with Dekalb County Recorders Court

Southern In-hospitality is self explanatory

Now that you have a true idea of what’s going on.  I’m going to tell you something so shocking that it will make you pull your hair out.  It will make you say, what is happening in the United States and make you seriously question whether some counties and states are bound by the constitution.  I have written the FBI and the GBI because what you will read here is just all out corruption and judicial misconduct.  I appeared before this court on a disorderly conduct charge.  The Chief Judge of this Court is running for Superior Court Judge we can not allow her to have power over people who may go to jail for years. We must preserve some semblance of justice in our court systems and further more we can not afford the embarrassment if she is investigated and found to be corrupt.  Do Not Vote For this Woman!

In any event this is what I want to tell you.  The last message I left for the attorney that represented me on the charge of disorderly conduct who went before the court and had the charges reduced to creating a disturbance, an ordinance rather than a misdemeanor  went something like this.  I’ve called the court and the court is claiming the charges were not reduced, am I crazy, did I just imagine the charges being reduced.  I know I spoke to the attorney that took your place, (the attorney that represents me now practices in a higher court.)  He told me that the judge had agreed that it was a mistake and would change it.  I went to get a disposition of the case  and the woman at the information desk told me that there were now two dispositions in the system, she did not know which disposition to certify.  I had to wait for the judge to get out of court. I waited and the judge stated the charges were never reduced.  Am I crazy I repeated.  I am quite confused now as I ‘m talking to the answering machine.  For them to treat an attorney this way, my brain is swirling, she might be in on it too, maybe she does not remember either.  I ask one more time because at this point I’m going to call the FBI and the GBI if she calls back and tells me that she remembers what I remember.  She calls back a day later and says yes the charges were reduced and the other attorney did speak with the judge about the reduced charges and she has the documentation.  I am floored OK, I am relieved I am not crazy.  The charges were reduced but the court had me plead guilty to reduced charges and then changed the charges back.  I suddenly realize that I am living in a banana republic.  I realize that in the United States blacks are allowed to oppress other people and not held to any sort of accountability because we were once slaves and segregated, and instead of holding certain blacks accountable they are allowed to do anything they want to do to assuage white guilt.  I should not be living in a banana republic.  I live in the United States.  Yet corruption and unfairness rule in my part and color of the world.  HELP I may as well be In Hussein’s Iraq!

Senate Passes Questionable 850 Billion Dollar Bailout Package

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I heard on CNN this evening that the cost of the bailout will be 850 billion dollars.  The only thing I have to say is vote them out.  According to the Senators in the chart at the bottom of the post are up for reelection this year.   Please be proactive and tell your friends in their states not to vote for them and to give money and votes to the opposing campaign I will be donating a small amount to Guy Davis who is running against Saxby Chambliss the senatorial candidate in Georgia, I will follow up my donation with a vote.   With diebold voting machines we still are not sure that our votes are being counted but have faith.

When Webb of Virginia was up for reelection I made sure I called my homefolk in Southern Virginia and told them that Webb’s Democratic opponent participated in outsourcing.  Prior to this call they were on the other Democratic guy’s team.  However after I explained to them that this particular man’s business was outsourcing they changed who they planned to support.  Some of them had even volunteered for the campaign but immediately stopped volunteering after they received more information about the other candidate and passed the word.  The other candidate won Northern Virginia but lost factory based Southern and Eastern Virginia.   I say all of this to say that the  Senate can not be so arrogant with our support and ignore the will of the people. You can make a difference.   Call your family and friends and tell them to vote against this bill by voting the Senators out who voted for it.  There should be no safe seats. What Bush and Paulson did to the markets was terrible, they essentially played the role of a hedge fund operators by saying something about the market and making it true by fearing investors.  Personally the way the stock market is doing business by responding to fear is rather strange.  It seems pretty clear cut that computer modeling ought to be able to tell you how a company is actually doing.  Oh I forgot some companies are cooking the books so that no one really knows whats going on and Paulson plans to bail his friends out who are doing this by giving them money.  CALL YOUR FRIENDS AND HOMEFOLK!  TELL THEM TO EXPRESS THEIR ANGER WITH A VOTE AGAINST THE SENATORS BELOW!

In any event the list of Senators seeking reelection follows below.  I need to verify who voted for the bill and who did not but please, please, please if you know of individuals in the states that these Senators are from please tell them to vote these individuals out of office, even though Biden will probably be Vice President we need him voted out on the ballot.  Here is the list according to As for Obama, is anyone really  believing that he would not have voted for the war, we are watching what he does and not what he says, furthermore does anyone doubt that he was the one who put in the provision to give ACORN money probably in the Rezco manner of give me some later or give me a high priced gift.  I am still trying to support a democrat for the presidency because the Republican tricks as illustrated by the Bushs’ are just totally outrageous, wasn’t the last Bank bailout when Bush Sr was VP or President.  They have robbing the American people down to a science, even now I’m pretty doubtful that eight years of a democratic presidency can help us recover from this Republican Administration.  Welcome to the Banana Republic of the U.S.

(The El Paso Times has a listing of the roll call vote and how each Senator Voted.)

US Senate Seats Up For Re-Election

Campaign 2008

3 October 2007

One-third of the 100 Senate seats are up for election every two years; on 4 November 2008, voters will select 34 Senators (one special election). These senators will serve a six-year term from 3 January 2009 until 2 January 2015.

The following chart reflects the potential that a seat might change parties in this election cycle; it is based on analysis from several election consultants.

The November 2006 election gave Democrats a slim majority — 51-49 — because two Independents caucus with Democrats. In the event of a tie, the Vice President, a Republican, casts the deciding vote.

Going into this election, the Democrats are at an advantage because most of the seats (22) are held by Republicans. Thus, they have fewer seats (12) to defend.

Eight of the 33 are first-term Senators; only one of these is a Democrat. One, Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ) was re-elected in 2002 after retiring in 2000.

There is one special election, in Wyoming (which will elect two Senators in November).

Five senators have announced retirement. Should Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) not be nominated for President, he will run for re-election. Tim Johnson (D-SD) is still recovering from brain surgery.

  • Sen. Wayne Allard (R-CO, announced 1/15/2007)
  • Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID, resignation announced then rescinded)
  • Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM, announced 10/3/2007)
  • Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE, announced 9/10/2007)
  • Sen. John Warner (R-VA, announced 8/31/2007)

The legend for the chart:

  • Competitive: These races have the potential to become competitive.
  • Toss-Up: These are uncertain or too close to call.

Senate Seats Up For Election In 2008
State Incumbent Outlook 2002
AL R Voted NO! 59%
AK R Ted Stevens
(1968 – )
He will be 85 in 2008; under corruption investigation. Considering a challenge: former Lt. Gov. Loren Leman and former state Senate President Mike Miller. 78%
AR D Mark Pryor
(2003 – )
Considered safe seat 54%
CO R Retiring and Voted No! 51%
DE D Joseph Biden
(1973 – )
Considered safe seat; running for Vice President 58%
GA R Saxby Chambliss
(2003 – )
Considered safe seat 53%
ID R Larry E. Craig
(1991 – 2007)
Resigned. Candidates: former US Rep. and Army Veteran Larry LaRocco (D) 65%
IA D Tom Harkin
(1985 – )
Considered safe seat 54%
IL D Richard Durbin
(1997 – )
Considered safe seat; senior senator 60%
KS R Voted No! 83%
KY R Mitch McConnell
(1985 – )
Considered safe seat; senior senator and Senate Minority Leader. Seat targeted by DNC. 65%
LA D Voted NO! Removed From List 52%
ME R Susan Collins
(1997 – )
State leans Republican. Candidates: Rep. Tom Allen (D-ME-1) voted against Iraq War 58%
MA D John Kerry
(1985 – )
Considered safe seat 80%
MI D Carl Levin
(1979 – )
Considered safe seat; senior senator 60%
MN R Norm Coleman
(2003 – )
State leans Republican. Candidates: author and former radio talk show host Al Franken (D) 50%
MS R Thad Cochran
(1979 – )
Considered safe seat 85%
MT D Max Baucus
(1978 – )
Considered safe seat 63%
NJ D Frank R. Lautenberg
(1982-2001, 2003-)
Considered safe seat; he will be 84 in 2008. 54%
NC R Voted No 54%
NE R Chuck Hagel
(1997 – )
Considered safe seat – has not declared; senior senator. Candidates: Attorney General Jon Bruning (R) 83%
NH R John E. Sununu
(2003 – )
State leans Republican. Candidates: Portsmouth’ Mayor Steve Marchand (D) Katrina Swett running as D 51%
NM R Pete Domenici
(1973 – )
Will not run; implicated in US Attorneys firings. 65%
OK R Voted No! 57%
OR R Gordon H. Smith
(1997 – )
Other Senator a Democrat. Candidates: businessman Ty Pettit (D), Oregon House Speaker Jeff Merkley (D) and attorney Steve Novick (D) 56%
RI D Jack Reed
(1997 – )
Considered safe seat; senior senator 78%
SC R Lindsey Graham
(2003 – )
Considered safe seat. Candidates: businessman John J. Cina (R) 54%
SD D Voted NO! 55%
TN R Lamar Alexander
(2003 – )
Considered safe seat; senior senator 54%
TX R John Cornyn
(2002 – )
Considered safe seat 55%
VA R John W. Warner
(1979 – 2008)
Will not run. 83%
WV D Jay Rockefeller IV
(1985 – )
Considered safe seat 63%
WY R Michael B. Enzi
(1997 – )
Considered safe seat 73%
WY R John Barrasso
Appointed to fill seat of Craig Thomas (2007-2013), who died 4 June 2007. Special election. na