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Applying Moores Law to Education

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Slowly but surely  a pattern is emerging that Moores Law – the theory that microprocessing power grows exponentially every year is not just applicable to computing but also it appears that the needs of a knowledge worker society and educational needs are also growing exponentially also.  Many individuals are wondering what’s going on and the constant talk of the decline of the middle class is all but a reflection of the refusal of the population to become more educated with the times.

Up until the technological era there was always a recognition that individuals must keep up, must become more educated and knowledgeable to keep up with the changing needs of society.  The U.S. has gone from a country where reading and writing were optional needs to survival, then maybe a third grade education, finally a high school education and then the recognition that obtaining more  education was necessary to  survival was obsolete.  Instead of moving on and pursuing higher forms of  knowledge informally or formally individuals stopped in their footsteps and refused to go any further and have since the late 70’s blamed the government for not maintaining manufacturing  jobs.

While manufacturing jobs may be a small option for some individuals the plain truth is if  you have a brain and it works especially for kids in the educational system the key to survival is using it to the fullest for obtainment of more and more knowledge.  If citizens of the U.S. fail to recognize this the U.S. is rapidly heading towards a welfare state that it will not be able to sustain.  As Moores Law applies to education, the number one priority  the U.S. has is preparing current students for this reality.  The educational needs are not going to slow at this point they will only accelerate and if the U.S. fails to respond it will eventually be a failed state and the risk accelerates every couple of months as we are hurled towards the black hole of the unknown.

At this point knowledge has to be formally and informally obtained, formal education if not done right is not going to do anyone any good.  However those individuals who can give themselves even a quality informal education will survive and be way ahead of the needs of society if they recognize learning is a life long endeavor and at this point a means to survival.

Here are some resources for keeping  yourself flexible and ahead of the game:

MIT Open Courseware


Carnegie Mellon Open Learning

Tufts University

Stanford on Itunes

Free UC Berkely Classes online

There are more free online classes these are just a few.

A quick Google search of Moores Law and education brings up the following:  Nothing resembling this theory yet 🙂

However judging by the number of free educational courses this is a theory that’s out there and very widely belived in to the point where educators are giving courses away for free.


Why Barack Obama is having Polling Problems

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As the polls fall for our Golden Boy Barack Obama, it is tempting for his staunch supporters to argue that Obama is the victim of racists or that the reason things have not totally turned around is because of all the luggage left by George Bush. While these arguments may hold a little sway, the truth is that Barack Promised us change and what we essentially got was more of the same in far left clothing and shall I dare say in a less compassionate package than George Bush Jr.

After Barack Obama was elected it became extremely apparent that he was not going to diverge much from his predecessor George Bush. While some believed that when it was time to appoint cabinet members Obama would appoint cabinet members with the finest credentials Pulitzers, nobels, and other such folks Obama had another agenda on his mind, he made cabinet appointments of people who were his friends, acquaintances and yes men. He essentially used the spoils system when appointing staff just like his predecessor George W. Bush. For example he made the superintendant of Chicago Public Schools the Secretary of Education for all of our students despite the fact that Chicago had one of the highest dropout rate of students in the country; Tim Geithner could not figure out his taxes let alone be expected to solve the economic problems of the nation; a governor appointed to head Health and Services instead of a career professional within the organization made and makes the Obama presidency problematic and leads a rational human being to question his motives and common sense. The reason Barack Obama can not blame George Bush for the problems now affecting the United States is because President Obama left his A game at home failing to realize that his logic and common sense would not be enough. President Obama thought he could choose anyone for the very complex jobs of running the nation because he thought the President could do anything and make up for the short comings of his staff. Gomer Pyle came to town with his sergeant in hand because he was his friend.

This is where the Palin phenomena begins to come into play. Palin is definitely not very smart. This has to be said twice Palin is not very knowledgeable, but she may be smart enough to run a country in knowing the difference between what the country needs and what she may want. She may want Cousin May to be head of Health and Human services but she knows the country needs something more than cousin May, and this may seem a rather extreme comparison when juxtaposed with Palin’s rather basic rudimentary college degree with Barack Obama’s super elite circle Obama’s cabinet appointments boil down to appointing Palin’s Cousin May. As the American people observe this they begin to seriously doubt that change will happen under the Obama administration and look and wait for something different and hope it comes.

Like Bush enormous dollars go out of the United States treasury to various entities but people really believe that the money gets siphoned off to friends as in the Bush administration. I think what has set the last two administrations apart from other administrations are the excesses of money leaving the U.S. coffers and no one knowing where it ends up. The citizens of the United States see constant spending but no effective change, they are not experiencing the trickle nickel effect and are beginning to suspect those nickels are lost in the air. As public opinion starts to go against Barack Obama the folks of the United States are beginning to say they liked George Bush better. This is because many believe that Barack Obama would step on Granny to get across the street. This is because of the caviler treatment of babies, executive orders to continue using them for research, lip service to education, and all that money flowing out for new causes. As time goes on we begin to question if President Obama has a heart. Whereas innately the American people knew that on a personal level the former President George Bush could not face a wrong and let it continue, think the Iraq war was never real to him but a third term baby is real. This is what is lacking from President Barack Obama the human touch while he can recite lofty ideas one ultimately believes that if he saw ya being carjacked he’d keep driving.

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Role-playing games | Free exchange |

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Role-playing games | Free exchange |

Rahm Emmanuel is criticizing Paul Krugman, maybe it’s because Krugman should have been head of Obama’s economic team but Emmanual dropped the ball. Gordon Brown’s trip to the United States to talk about the Global economy just goes to show that the man who won a Nobel Prize for his global economic theories should be in the Obama cabinet; maybe the stock market would not fall every time the obama economic team opened their mouth if Krugman were heading the team.

A top economic man who is not smart enough to do his taxes correctly is troubling.  I am also troubled that some Republicans are coming out with a stamp to stamp under the fed chiefs name on the U.S. currency that says tax cheat.  Why doesn’t the current fed chief just resign and let the Nobel Prize Winner in Global economic Theories take the helm.  This is not a game.

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Need to take your child support case to the world try child support tv

Rush Limbaugh Study to Show Yourself Approved

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You know I was sitting here thinking about Rush Limbaugh and his attitudes towards liberals and their efforts to in the least give lip service to helping American citizens in need and at most provide assistance and relief to United States Citizens of all income groups and I could not help meditating on Limbaughs profound misunderstanding of National and World Affairs. 

The first thing that  kept going through my head was the international food crisis that is factually sweeping the world and how smart our government has been to plan for the poor, for the poor are always among us and always will be among us.  I also thought about the base of the Republican party blue collar religious individuals who are in desperate need of the programs and resources that the Democrats are proposing to help them.  Rush’s solution that tax cuts will create jobs and resources for this blue collar base is frankly ludicrous.  What Rush is failing to realize is that the world is increasinglya competitive world, an increasingly capitalist world, and captalists’ are playing on the international playing field not the National Playing field.  The only way to attract capital and capitalists to any Nation or society is to have a skilled workforce .  However according to several sources the quality of the United States Educational system is not competitive, is not even in the top ten of best educations in the world.  According to U-wire:

” The United States is falling when it comes to international education rankings, as recent studies show that other nations in the developed world have more effective education systems. “

” In both studies, Finland, Australia, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Netherlands and the United Kingdom beat the United States, while the Asian nations of South Korea, Japan and Singapore ranked first through third, respectively. “

Now Rush is so fond of the word capitalism, in an increasingly technological world surely a smart capatalist survival of the fittest corporation is not going to bring his capital to the United States for complex jobs when all sources show that this is not the best place to get smart capital.  He’s going where the best capital is and it’s not the United States.  This is what smart legislators and a president realize.  If your human resources lack the skill to compete world wide, a smart government provides assistance so that they can eventually be able to compete. 

Finally I don’t know who Rush represents surely he does not represent blue collar workers becaue there jobs have been gone for a long time and the job losses we are dealing with are the stragglers,  surely Rush is not talking about the middle class becasue they are in need of help too.  Is Rush Limbaugh representing the Very wealthy.  Bill Gates has a foundation that provides food aide to hungry people all around the world and says that he’s grateful to public education and libraries for helping him to reach his full potential.  Surely he’s not talking about Warren Buffet because he says he believes in helping also.  I am a little confused as to who rush is representing.  The only people he seems to be representing so far are the virulent racists who are so prejudice that they will work against their very own interests. 

While yesterday Rush Limbaugh bragged on the fact theat he did not need a prompt to speak and could go on and on maybe Rush should do less talking and more studying  the bible and world affairs.  Below is a little bible lesson for Rush.

The Case For Co Ed Prisons One Social Problem is Leading to Another

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Prisoners likely to take home AIDS

Curiosity Killed the Cat

I have begun a dreamboard.  Today in order to be really thorough about what I was looking for I decided to look for a picture of a penis to put behind  my dream board.  I was a little taken aback to see that I could not find one that was straight or not with a Caucasian in the first several pages of Google.  Even so the gay black penises outnumbered the black penises with Caucasians.   I just finally gave up with an awful awful bad taste in my mouth.  I had to sit there and wonder if black people could sustain a society where it’s beginning to look like a large group of the male population are openly gay or on the DL.

As my thoughts roared through my mind I understood that a percentage of every population will include people who are just absolutely positively homosexual and can’t help it but the male homosexual population seems to be accelerating in the black community like Moores Law, exponentially.  While personally I subscribe some of it to the lack of male role models, economic hardship and exploitation, children without fathers, the water, the chicken etc.  My personal opinion is that the generations and gnerations of different incarcerated men are one of the main factors contributing to the incredible rise and acceptance  of homosexuality in the black community.

According to the American Sociological Association 20% of black men born between 1965 and 1969 had served prison time before they were the age of thirty compared to three percent of white men .  The rate of incarceration for black males went up significantly based upon what level of education they had.  Thirty percent of black high school graduates had served prison time by their early thirties and close to sixty percent of high school dropouts had served time in the Federal Penitentiary by the time they were thirty.  These numbers are just totally unacceptable and indicate a profound problem in the United States of America as it relates to black Americans and black society. With dropouts in recent years reaching close to fifty percent, it is becoming increasingly obvious that if alternatives and solutions are not implemented to help these men that the United States will face a crisis that it will not be able to handle.

As for homosexuality and the prison population, I personally think that a coed solution needs to be implemented immediately while the risks are obvious by making the prison population coed like pregnancy.  An implementation of a coed prison system could be a choice that prisoners make with the agreement that they take injectable birth control monthly.  Obviously the penal system is not doing a good job in controlling sexual intercourse in the penal system, it does not make sense to keep prisons same sex and cause deviant behavior and increase the spread of AIDS not just in prison but out of prison also.  Something needs to be done if prisoners are creating alternative lifestyles that will make it even more difficult to integrate into society we as citizens have an obligation to intercede.

I will be writing my congressman about this issue and idea.  I think it is a sound one that may reduce the numbers of prisoners returning to prison.

The folowing sources reference or discuss coed prisons


The Big House Goes Coed
Stephen Harrigan
Texas Monthly 03/01/74


” It’s a sort of penal mock-up of society, designed to reintroduce people who have been trying to survive in penitentiaries into a bigger world where the definition of survival is more elusive, a world that more often than not throws them and their prison-learned coping schemes off, like a body rejecting a transplanted organ. Nearly half the residents at FCI are in prison on drug-related charges. All are at least two years “short,” meaning they have two years or less remaining on their sentences. When they have six months or less to go they’re eligible for furloughs, community programs, family programs and other chaperoned sorties into the outside world.”


“But violence (judging from both official and resident sources) is sufficiently rare as to be only an occasional individual problem. Homosexual attacks, common in penitentiaries, are rarer still, and according to quite a few of the residents homosexuality itself is almost insignificant.”

Doing Easy Time
Charles Campbell

Fenestra Books

610 East Delano Street, Suite 104, Tucson, Arizona 85705

1587363992 $25.95

Doing Easy Time: Including a Stretch as Warden of a Coed Prison is a personal memoir of fifty years’ work in the field of corrections. Packed cover to cover with stories, some fascinating, some heartwarming

heart·warm·ing or heart-warm·ing  
1. Causing gladness and pleasure.

2. Eliciting sympathy and tender feelings: a heartwarming tale.

Adj. 1. , some with a sobering parable and some tragic. A recurring theme is the crucial importance of human relationships, even in the most stark situations. Doing Easy Time is a very humanistic story, telling of the importance of providing inmates with meaningful work or programming, and reflecting sadly upon prison riots A prison riot is a riot that occurs in a prison, usually when those incarcerated rebel openly against correctional officials. It is usually instigated by prisoners who claim that the administration are degrading them, either by direct physical, or psychological force.  of the era. An inside view of the challenges of the correctional system, aspects that need to be changed for the future, and the struggles of the men and women who live behind bars. ”

Senate Passes Questionable 850 Billion Dollar Bailout Package

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I heard on CNN this evening that the cost of the bailout will be 850 billion dollars.  The only thing I have to say is vote them out.  According to the Senators in the chart at the bottom of the post are up for reelection this year.   Please be proactive and tell your friends in their states not to vote for them and to give money and votes to the opposing campaign I will be donating a small amount to Guy Davis who is running against Saxby Chambliss the senatorial candidate in Georgia, I will follow up my donation with a vote.   With diebold voting machines we still are not sure that our votes are being counted but have faith.

When Webb of Virginia was up for reelection I made sure I called my homefolk in Southern Virginia and told them that Webb’s Democratic opponent participated in outsourcing.  Prior to this call they were on the other Democratic guy’s team.  However after I explained to them that this particular man’s business was outsourcing they changed who they planned to support.  Some of them had even volunteered for the campaign but immediately stopped volunteering after they received more information about the other candidate and passed the word.  The other candidate won Northern Virginia but lost factory based Southern and Eastern Virginia.   I say all of this to say that the  Senate can not be so arrogant with our support and ignore the will of the people. You can make a difference.   Call your family and friends and tell them to vote against this bill by voting the Senators out who voted for it.  There should be no safe seats. What Bush and Paulson did to the markets was terrible, they essentially played the role of a hedge fund operators by saying something about the market and making it true by fearing investors.  Personally the way the stock market is doing business by responding to fear is rather strange.  It seems pretty clear cut that computer modeling ought to be able to tell you how a company is actually doing.  Oh I forgot some companies are cooking the books so that no one really knows whats going on and Paulson plans to bail his friends out who are doing this by giving them money.  CALL YOUR FRIENDS AND HOMEFOLK!  TELL THEM TO EXPRESS THEIR ANGER WITH A VOTE AGAINST THE SENATORS BELOW!

In any event the list of Senators seeking reelection follows below.  I need to verify who voted for the bill and who did not but please, please, please if you know of individuals in the states that these Senators are from please tell them to vote these individuals out of office, even though Biden will probably be Vice President we need him voted out on the ballot.  Here is the list according to As for Obama, is anyone really  believing that he would not have voted for the war, we are watching what he does and not what he says, furthermore does anyone doubt that he was the one who put in the provision to give ACORN money probably in the Rezco manner of give me some later or give me a high priced gift.  I am still trying to support a democrat for the presidency because the Republican tricks as illustrated by the Bushs’ are just totally outrageous, wasn’t the last Bank bailout when Bush Sr was VP or President.  They have robbing the American people down to a science, even now I’m pretty doubtful that eight years of a democratic presidency can help us recover from this Republican Administration.  Welcome to the Banana Republic of the U.S.

(The El Paso Times has a listing of the roll call vote and how each Senator Voted.)

US Senate Seats Up For Re-Election

Campaign 2008

3 October 2007

One-third of the 100 Senate seats are up for election every two years; on 4 November 2008, voters will select 34 Senators (one special election). These senators will serve a six-year term from 3 January 2009 until 2 January 2015.

The following chart reflects the potential that a seat might change parties in this election cycle; it is based on analysis from several election consultants.

The November 2006 election gave Democrats a slim majority — 51-49 — because two Independents caucus with Democrats. In the event of a tie, the Vice President, a Republican, casts the deciding vote.

Going into this election, the Democrats are at an advantage because most of the seats (22) are held by Republicans. Thus, they have fewer seats (12) to defend.

Eight of the 33 are first-term Senators; only one of these is a Democrat. One, Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ) was re-elected in 2002 after retiring in 2000.

There is one special election, in Wyoming (which will elect two Senators in November).

Five senators have announced retirement. Should Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) not be nominated for President, he will run for re-election. Tim Johnson (D-SD) is still recovering from brain surgery.

  • Sen. Wayne Allard (R-CO, announced 1/15/2007)
  • Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID, resignation announced then rescinded)
  • Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM, announced 10/3/2007)
  • Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE, announced 9/10/2007)
  • Sen. John Warner (R-VA, announced 8/31/2007)

The legend for the chart:

  • Competitive: These races have the potential to become competitive.
  • Toss-Up: These are uncertain or too close to call.

Senate Seats Up For Election In 2008
State Incumbent Outlook 2002
AL R Voted NO! 59%
AK R Ted Stevens
(1968 – )
He will be 85 in 2008; under corruption investigation. Considering a challenge: former Lt. Gov. Loren Leman and former state Senate President Mike Miller. 78%
AR D Mark Pryor
(2003 – )
Considered safe seat 54%
CO R Retiring and Voted No! 51%
DE D Joseph Biden
(1973 – )
Considered safe seat; running for Vice President 58%
GA R Saxby Chambliss
(2003 – )
Considered safe seat 53%
ID R Larry E. Craig
(1991 – 2007)
Resigned. Candidates: former US Rep. and Army Veteran Larry LaRocco (D) 65%
IA D Tom Harkin
(1985 – )
Considered safe seat 54%
IL D Richard Durbin
(1997 – )
Considered safe seat; senior senator 60%
KS R Voted No! 83%
KY R Mitch McConnell
(1985 – )
Considered safe seat; senior senator and Senate Minority Leader. Seat targeted by DNC. 65%
LA D Voted NO! Removed From List 52%
ME R Susan Collins
(1997 – )
State leans Republican. Candidates: Rep. Tom Allen (D-ME-1) voted against Iraq War 58%
MA D John Kerry
(1985 – )
Considered safe seat 80%
MI D Carl Levin
(1979 – )
Considered safe seat; senior senator 60%
MN R Norm Coleman
(2003 – )
State leans Republican. Candidates: author and former radio talk show host Al Franken (D) 50%
MS R Thad Cochran
(1979 – )
Considered safe seat 85%
MT D Max Baucus
(1978 – )
Considered safe seat 63%
NJ D Frank R. Lautenberg
(1982-2001, 2003-)
Considered safe seat; he will be 84 in 2008. 54%
NC R Voted No 54%
NE R Chuck Hagel
(1997 – )
Considered safe seat – has not declared; senior senator. Candidates: Attorney General Jon Bruning (R) 83%
NH R John E. Sununu
(2003 – )
State leans Republican. Candidates: Portsmouth’ Mayor Steve Marchand (D) Katrina Swett running as D 51%
NM R Pete Domenici
(1973 – )
Will not run; implicated in US Attorneys firings. 65%
OK R Voted No! 57%
OR R Gordon H. Smith
(1997 – )
Other Senator a Democrat. Candidates: businessman Ty Pettit (D), Oregon House Speaker Jeff Merkley (D) and attorney Steve Novick (D) 56%
RI D Jack Reed
(1997 – )
Considered safe seat; senior senator 78%
SC R Lindsey Graham
(2003 – )
Considered safe seat. Candidates: businessman John J. Cina (R) 54%
SD D Voted NO! 55%
TN R Lamar Alexander
(2003 – )
Considered safe seat; senior senator 54%
TX R John Cornyn
(2002 – )
Considered safe seat 55%
VA R John W. Warner
(1979 – 2008)
Will not run. 83%
WV D Jay Rockefeller IV
(1985 – )
Considered safe seat 63%
WY R Michael B. Enzi
(1997 – )
Considered safe seat 73%
WY R John Barrasso
Appointed to fill seat of Craig Thomas (2007-2013), who died 4 June 2007. Special election. na

In My School of Thought Paulson Gets A Great Big F A three page document in exchange for 700 billion dollars

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Every Time I think of how the country was asked to give 700 billion dollars to the Department of the Treasury from a three page letter I am incredulous.  As a Political Science Major who’s never worked in the field,  with extensive coursework in Public Policy, I know that if I had turned in 3 pages for any Policy Evaluation of an issue or Policy Solution, a three page prescription would have netted me a great big F.  I think the minimum for a decent grade not to mention 700 billion dollars was twenty pages.  As a former debater and a person with extensive experience with crafting public policy.  There is no way possible Paulson could have given any serious thought to why he needed 700 billion dollars with three pages.

As far as debate goes, you can’t even begin to debate adequately with three pages because your competition who has to be familiar with all basic aspects of the issue would tear you apart.  For instance if you were debating the overall aspect of the crashing economy.  You would have to know what industry’s were or would be affected, what would throw the country over the brink into a depression, what solutions were needed to solve the problem, statistics, justifications etc, all buttressed by noted authorities well respected in their field. Finally after the solutions were proposed there would be talk of cost.   The price of entry into debate is being able to SHIT, as one former debater coined it.  T – Topicality – Do you have the ability to even firmly grasp the over riding issues and what’s going on, I -Inherencey – What are the inherent barriers keeping the problem from being solved, ex.  Why is the U.S. facing a depression or in depression, and what is causing the depression?  HHarm – What will happen if we don’t solve the problem?  this is one Secretary Paulson did get, he skipped immediately to pushing our country over the brink.  Finally in debate your solution is called S-Solvency which includes a policy prescription and solutions to the problem.  You will lose if you say give me 700 billion dollars and that solves the problem.  You have to have step by step solutions. I’m sorry to say but a three page letter for 700 billion dollars would get you laughed at.

AS far as formal training in policy drafting and making the same applies.   One wonders with such a large staff why Paulson would deliver a three page document in exchange for 700 billion dollars.  Don’t the American people pay the salaries of policy wonks at the Department of the Treasury to examine broad issues of the economy, and render proposed policies that will provide the solution.  Heck even a computer simulation predicted Hurricane Katrina at least five years prior to it’s happening.  I’m sure their is a computer that Paulson could have used to get some statistics for why he needed 700 billion dollars.  The problem here is that Paulson did not even try to make his robbing of the citizens look good.  Furthermore, I am even wondering if this is his jurisdiction, yes he’s supposed to keep the economy going, but the Department of Commerce is supposed to be the governmental liaison between Wall Street and Main Street.  You know I have only one thing to say, when I graduated from college I sent out hundred and hundreds of applications to government looking for a position as a policy analyst, no one hired me.  It is a little disappointing to see a three page policy proposal for 700 billion dollars.  I can’t even get a micro loan of $1000.00 without a business plan.

Then again just like the Iraq War.,  this situation is just friends helping friends and I believe what the callers of C-Span believe that once the deal is done the money is going to the Caymans and to Dubai.  This is essentially a buyout of Wall Street and they don’t have to put it back into the U.S. economy.  I have to admit that if someone bought my business for 700 billion dollars and I had a nightmare experience of employees faking documents, clients lying about their worth etc.  There is no “way” I would try to come back and do business with the same types of people again.  I would take my loan money to China, and to places where I know the people would pay me back and the people processing the loans were honest. After getting my share of the 700 billion dollars I would leave the country.  The crisis that we are in is because we hire people who ask for 700 billion dollars because of three pages of documentation and “get it” because they threaten us or because we like them.  This is not just a depression this is a disaster with a massively undereducated population that are not assets to the U.S. anymore.  The one thing that Bush did get sort of right was a focus on education, however the high drop out rate is not good for the economy so he sort of got it wrong too.  I heard a speech that Mc Cain gave in 2005 where he had already figured out that we had a crisis in the United States as indicated by his words, he said something like  the following I went and talked to the President of Ireland and I asked him how he had turned his country around from being a place that people were fleeing from to a place where people were flocking to, McCain went on to say that the president of Ireland said that he committed himself to the education of the populace.  I understand that with our Mobile society it is impossible for us to control how long and how children are educated but we must, the health of our country is at stake.

Finally, I suppose since the Secretary of the Treasury can ask for 700 billion dollars with three pages, I have a right to offer my own suggestions in a couple of paragraphs.  First of all I think something like the WPA should be established to give people jobs in this crisis, second of all I believe that Loans and maybe buyouts should be given to Wall Street to firms that go through an application process with heavy documentation “required”,  since Paulson has demonstrated that he could not be objective with his non bailout of Lehman Brothers and possibly Merrill Lynch (Does anyone want to do business with Lynch after being bought by the thieving bank Bank of America, I had three bank accounts prior to Bank of America with Bank Cards only, I never had an overdraft, I had a bank card with Bank of America also and in the first month of use they had managed to charge me over $150 in overdraft fees for an amount less than $25. and no I did not balance my accounts but I did what I did with every other account i  called for the balance and evidently the balance was wrong because Bank of America fleeced me with overdraft fees just from a bank card, so as far as that buy out goes, ordinary individuals need to stay as far away from the New Merrill Lynch as possible, banks 1000 times smaller than Bank of America could manage to accurately reflect my account balance but BofA could not) In any event Paulson has demonstrated in his refusal to give equal treatment to Lehman brothers and Merrill Lynch while in a credit crisis, that he does not have the fairness and judgment to administer 700 billion dollars.  If I were congress I would ask Banks and Investment institutions to create proposals with justifications and needs asking for the money and  expedite the loan or purchase of securities to a day if necessary.  I will repeat this one more time, I would in no way or no how give a man who asked for 700 billion dollars on three pages any money “never”.

Finally I mentioned McCain, I have to mention Obama too, Obama  has showed great judgment in saying no, they can wait a little while longer, he also showed great judgment in actually consulting experts as in plural on the subject. I think our failure in leadership has come about because our leaders believe that they ought to know everything and do not consult or respect the knowledge of others.  As for Mc Cain he showed great judgment in suspending his campaign to work on this issue.  Evidently, he clued Obama in to the fact that he had to stay too, because CNN and Fox are reporting that Obama has not left Capital Hill.  I think even the suggestion that Mc Cain is trying to grandstand politically is ludicrous.   He has been a Senator for a very long time and several laws have his name on them.  He wants to be involved and objective politicians on both sides wanted him to be Involved. Kudos to both men!

New York Times Article on Virginia’s ban on Partial Birth Abortion

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Here is the link to the New York Times article concerning partial birth abortion.  Apparently it is now OK to dismember a baby in the womb as an abortion procedure in Virginia. 

Virginia strikes down partial birth abortion ban “this shows that it will never be OK to Vote for Obama”

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Virginia Strikes Down Partial Birth Abortion Ban

You know I am not a member of the religious right.  I was raised Christian and my most vivid experiences with religion are in the rural Virginia  community of my grandparents at vacation bible school and Sunday School. What I remember most is not bible verses are endless Gospel Songs, but what is most vivid in my mind about this rural Virginia Community and religious experience is that people were just good to each other, they were good to me and they taught me to be kind.  My Grandparents had the type of house that I could consider a lighthouse, anyone in pain or in trouble could count on my grandparents and their children to be the helping hand.  Likewise in Georgia our house has become the house that people “strangers” come to when they are in trouble, when they need food, when they are evicted, when they need money, when they need to use the phone, and one night when a man was mugged on the street next to mine a man said he knocked on over ten doors for help until he reached our house and we opened this door.  As I said at this point in my life I am not particulalry religious, I am not a loyal church goer and may never become one but from my early experiences with goodness I have come to the conclusion that there is a circular nature of right and wrong and my moral code is basically what goes around comes around, if people are mean to you be good to them because it will all comes back to you.   This is why I am against abortion, because literally for me it does not feel right, it feels evil.  In order to ascertain if my feelings are shared by persons of different backgrounds I have had the “abortion” discussion with people of different backgrounds.  I have spoken with muslims and hindus who believethe practice is horrible.  The muslim woman I spoke to was especially vehement that Allah was against abortion.  After speaking with a couple of folks I realized that my abhorrence to abortion was legitimate and probably is anti to most world religions in the world with the exception of  a satanic cult. 

Virginia has stroke down the ban on partial birth abortion.  According to this Washington Post blog.   Virginia has deified a Supreme Court decision banning late term abortion,  which upheld the following and stated the following:

Under this law, “Any physician who, in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, knowingly performs a partial-birth abortion and thereby kills a human fetus shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 2 years, or both.” The law was enacted in 2003, and in 2007 its constitutionality was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, in the case of Gonzales v. Carhart.    

The federal law defines partial birth abortion as the following:

  “An abortion in which the person performing the abortion, deliberately and intentionally vaginally delivers a living fetus until, in the case of a head-first presentation, the entire fetal head is outside the body of the mother, or, in the case of breech presentation, any part of the fetal trunk past the navel is outside the body of the mother, for the purpose of performing an overt act that the person knows will kill the partially delivered living fetus; and performs the overt act, other than completion of delivery, that kills the partially delivered living fetus. (18 U.S. Code 1531)”

The Washington Post has a past article that defines partial birth abortion as the following: 

“It involves partly delivering the fetus and then crushing the skull to make removal easier. It is this procedure that Congress made a crime. Opponents say it is a form of infanticide, because the fetus could be viable at the time. It made doctors who perform such surgery subject to up to two years in prison.”

While the states may not prosecute a physician for performing a partial birth abortion.  It is my assumption that if a physician performs this procedure they may not go to state prison but they will go to Federal prison because it is against Federal Law. 

The presidential candidate Barack Obama and his wife have raised funds and even sent out an “abortion letter” highlights of the letter discussing a procedure that makes up less than ten percent of overall abortions were that women need to have the right to partial birth abortion because, denying them such a right affirms societies right to pay women less, beat women and give them substandard   all around the world.  You know Catholics are against ll forms of abortion but their good works all around the world are legendary.  Barack Obama in this run for president does not even support Universal Health Care for all women, does not support lowering the gas tax for families and women so they can support themselves and their families.  At this point in the fame it has not become clear what the motives are for supporting partial birth abortion so ardently, is it because it’s 1. a procedure Barack Obama has paid for in the past or 2) A procedure that Michelle Obama hs had in the past and needs to keep legal to assuage her guilt and the 10% of the 90% of individuals (abortion ladies as Anne Coulter calls them) that have participated in the procedure or 3) Is it a political tactic to show how loyal they are to what Anne Coulter calls the Church of Liberalism.  I have no idea why Obama supports these people or this cause but the Virginia defieance of the Supreme Court Decision and Federal Law lets me know that a snowball will live in flames before I ever vote for Barack Obama and if things continue as they are Hillary either. 

Finally in my disgust let me tell you what really goes through my mind about liberals.   I think the price of gas is do high because the liberals are plotting to save the environment and want to reduce emissions so they have jacked the price up so   hat only folks with shiny new low emissions cars can drive for leisure.  I watched moveon accuse George Bush of blowing up the world trade center.  However, Barack Obama is open friends with liberals who have admitted to plotting to blowing up buildings.  In essence I believe that the liberals could have engineered this whole horrible economic catastrophe we are going through so they can get elected.