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Applying Moores Law to Education

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Slowly but surely  a pattern is emerging that Moores Law – the theory that microprocessing power grows exponentially every year is not just applicable to computing but also it appears that the needs of a knowledge worker society and educational needs are also growing exponentially also.  Many individuals are wondering what’s going on and the constant talk of the decline of the middle class is all but a reflection of the refusal of the population to become more educated with the times.

Up until the technological era there was always a recognition that individuals must keep up, must become more educated and knowledgeable to keep up with the changing needs of society.  The U.S. has gone from a country where reading and writing were optional needs to survival, then maybe a third grade education, finally a high school education and then the recognition that obtaining more  education was necessary to  survival was obsolete.  Instead of moving on and pursuing higher forms of  knowledge informally or formally individuals stopped in their footsteps and refused to go any further and have since the late 70’s blamed the government for not maintaining manufacturing  jobs.

While manufacturing jobs may be a small option for some individuals the plain truth is if  you have a brain and it works especially for kids in the educational system the key to survival is using it to the fullest for obtainment of more and more knowledge.  If citizens of the U.S. fail to recognize this the U.S. is rapidly heading towards a welfare state that it will not be able to sustain.  As Moores Law applies to education, the number one priority  the U.S. has is preparing current students for this reality.  The educational needs are not going to slow at this point they will only accelerate and if the U.S. fails to respond it will eventually be a failed state and the risk accelerates every couple of months as we are hurled towards the black hole of the unknown.

At this point knowledge has to be formally and informally obtained, formal education if not done right is not going to do anyone any good.  However those individuals who can give themselves even a quality informal education will survive and be way ahead of the needs of society if they recognize learning is a life long endeavor and at this point a means to survival.

Here are some resources for keeping  yourself flexible and ahead of the game:

MIT Open Courseware


Carnegie Mellon Open Learning

Tufts University

Stanford on Itunes

Free UC Berkely Classes online

There are more free online classes these are just a few.

A quick Google search of Moores Law and education brings up the following:  Nothing resembling this theory yet 🙂

However judging by the number of free educational courses this is a theory that’s out there and very widely belived in to the point where educators are giving courses away for free.


Why Barack Obama is having Polling Problems

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As the polls fall for our Golden Boy Barack Obama, it is tempting for his staunch supporters to argue that Obama is the victim of racists or that the reason things have not totally turned around is because of all the luggage left by George Bush. While these arguments may hold a little sway, the truth is that Barack Promised us change and what we essentially got was more of the same in far left clothing and shall I dare say in a less compassionate package than George Bush Jr.

After Barack Obama was elected it became extremely apparent that he was not going to diverge much from his predecessor George Bush. While some believed that when it was time to appoint cabinet members Obama would appoint cabinet members with the finest credentials Pulitzers, nobels, and other such folks Obama had another agenda on his mind, he made cabinet appointments of people who were his friends, acquaintances and yes men. He essentially used the spoils system when appointing staff just like his predecessor George W. Bush. For example he made the superintendant of Chicago Public Schools the Secretary of Education for all of our students despite the fact that Chicago had one of the highest dropout rate of students in the country; Tim Geithner could not figure out his taxes let alone be expected to solve the economic problems of the nation; a governor appointed to head Health and Services instead of a career professional within the organization made and makes the Obama presidency problematic and leads a rational human being to question his motives and common sense. The reason Barack Obama can not blame George Bush for the problems now affecting the United States is because President Obama left his A game at home failing to realize that his logic and common sense would not be enough. President Obama thought he could choose anyone for the very complex jobs of running the nation because he thought the President could do anything and make up for the short comings of his staff. Gomer Pyle came to town with his sergeant in hand because he was his friend.

This is where the Palin phenomena begins to come into play. Palin is definitely not very smart. This has to be said twice Palin is not very knowledgeable, but she may be smart enough to run a country in knowing the difference between what the country needs and what she may want. She may want Cousin May to be head of Health and Human services but she knows the country needs something more than cousin May, and this may seem a rather extreme comparison when juxtaposed with Palin’s rather basic rudimentary college degree with Barack Obama’s super elite circle Obama’s cabinet appointments boil down to appointing Palin’s Cousin May. As the American people observe this they begin to seriously doubt that change will happen under the Obama administration and look and wait for something different and hope it comes.

Like Bush enormous dollars go out of the United States treasury to various entities but people really believe that the money gets siphoned off to friends as in the Bush administration. I think what has set the last two administrations apart from other administrations are the excesses of money leaving the U.S. coffers and no one knowing where it ends up. The citizens of the United States see constant spending but no effective change, they are not experiencing the trickle nickel effect and are beginning to suspect those nickels are lost in the air. As public opinion starts to go against Barack Obama the folks of the United States are beginning to say they liked George Bush better. This is because many believe that Barack Obama would step on Granny to get across the street. This is because of the caviler treatment of babies, executive orders to continue using them for research, lip service to education, and all that money flowing out for new causes. As time goes on we begin to question if President Obama has a heart. Whereas innately the American people knew that on a personal level the former President George Bush could not face a wrong and let it continue, think the Iraq war was never real to him but a third term baby is real. This is what is lacking from President Barack Obama the human touch while he can recite lofty ideas one ultimately believes that if he saw ya being carjacked he’d keep driving.

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Henry Louis Gates Man Unprotected

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The arrest by Henry Louis Gates by police for disorderly conduct after being accused of breaking into his own home is quickly being associated in my mind with incidents such as the Katherine Johnson case where police wrongly kicked the door down in her home after thinking she was a drug dealer killing her and lying to cover the killing up by saying she had a gun.  The profession of police is quickly becoming like other professions where results are not measured and one can readily blame those you are supposed to serve for why there is an extreme need for your services, ie. in some cases educators blame children for not learning when they are given checks for performing the service of teaching.  The profession of policing is quickly becoming the profession of getting a check and doing anything and saying anything to make sure that check is collected and not protecting.

The irony about Henry Louis Gates and his situation is that his door was jammed in, indicating that at some point a real person had actually tried to break into his house and no one was around.   A reasonable human being and police officer would have noticed this and showed some concern after Mr. Gates showed ID and offered to file a police report.  Instead after Mr. Gates showed ID to the police officer, the police officer called for backup which indicates the officer thought he was being handed a fake ID or did not believe that Henry Louis Gates lived there.  Therefore when Henry Gates entered the porch of his home the police charged him with a trumped up charge of disorderly conduct violating Gates Rights to be secure in his own home a fundamental constitutional right.

More and more the charge of disorderly conduct is becoming skewed with a United States Citizens right to protest, with their rights to freedom of speech, and in the Gates case to be able to reside peaceably in their own home.  The charge of disorderly conduct is increasingly being used to substitute for disagreeing with the police which is not disorderly.  The charge of disorderly conduct is literally rendering American citizens to the role of slaves and the police as overseer who have too much discretion to use this claim when Americans may be tired, hungry, and appaled by  the treatment that is being meted out to them by the “authorities”.

“I Wondered Why they Didn’t Call Back” “Getting Butt F*&%$D by the University You Graduated From

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Let me start from the from the beginning like a writer that hopes to get paid for writing would.

I graduated from University X in the year 2000 married and pregnant.  How could they forget me?  I know if anyone tries to take my degree from me, and I’m to the point where I think people will try to do these things.  No one will forget the big fat pregnant women who walked across the aisle and received a degree in Political Science.

But obviously my university forgets to attenuate their databases and keep the name change that I submitted.  If you are tempted to say maybe I’m lying or maybe I didn’t change my name which the women in the registrars office implied.  On the same day I submitted my documents for a name change to the registrars office, I walked over to the Alumni office and changed my name too.  Guess what the Alumni office still has the information.

Why am I mad?

Do you know how many resumes I submitted?  Do you know how many interviews I had from just a resume only?  There were jobs that I just knew I was going to be hired for, like the job in D.C. because I was vibing with the interviewer we were alike one of a kind I know she’s going to hire me.  NO CALL BACK!

The Only Problem IS…………

I knew this was going to happen.  Based on my history I knew this was going to happen.   What is my history?  Well to beat a dead horse again and again.  I was suspended from a majority African American college for telling a parent your child will probably get a great job if he or she goes here but if you want them to learn some critical thing skills you might want to send them somewhere else. [  This does not apply to all black colleges, the most important thing is to look at the model they are following, if Booker T is their model they are into training you and it’s hard for them to teach you how to think critically they teach you how to kiss butt, if Dubois is their model you will come out being more of what you were before you went there and able to contribute to the world ]The Washington Post and Daily Press of Hampton Roads  covered the suspension as well as other newspapers.  The strange thing is whenever anything strange happens at the University like the confiscation of all student newspapers because they reported on rodents and roaches in the cafeteria of the University and their failure to pass a health inspection my name comes up in a newspaper article, or when a Time magazine editor left the school becuase of it’s atmosphere of oppression. My Virginia family and friends sent me an article from the Daily Press with my name in it, and my first thought was years and years later my name is still being mentioned.  I called the newspaper editor to ask them to stop using my name in articles related to oppression at the school.  In any event this has relevance to the University I graduated from.

I graduated from the second largest University in Georgia at the time that I did the majority of my coursework.  It boasted of having the largest chapter of student Republicans in the country.  When I went there I was appreciative of the courtesy the staff showed me in the business office and the registrars office, everything went smoothly.  I never had a problem.  At that time I did however have academic apprehensions.  I knew when I walked into a room and sat down that I could tell that a professor was going to give me a bad grade just by looking at me.  I learned to make the decision to stay or go based on my internal vibes, and in one case I called my father and asked him to send me the recruitment letter that I had gotten from the secret service because of my high test scores and I remember getting such a bad vibe from one professor I made a copy of the letter and accidentally slipped it in with my report to make sure he knew I may look dumb but I’m not.  If you want to know the type of dumb it is and how I am sometimes perceived, it’s the type of dumb perception that gets you into the secretarial pool versus the executive sales program.  It’s the type of dumb that I noticed when I worked in the financial industry all of the two female brokers would be in suits with breasts sizes no larger than a thirty-two and the secretarial pools requirement was 34. 36. and 38, as a temp I did observe the secretarial pool sporting egg like engagement rings and wedding bands so who’s to say that being perceived that you can only type  is bad.   In any event on one occasion I did believe the professor was treating me like I was dumb and submitted my secret service recruitment letter to ensure that I would not get such a bad grade.  In any event this was the atmosphere of the University I graduated from when I first got there.  It was an excellent business atmosphere with maybe slightly judgmental professors.

At the point I graduated, all of this had changed.  The way the university was physically run as it related to how people were treated had all changed.  The President had done just awesome things for infrastructure and grants and putting the university in a good place where you could be proud to say you went there but in the process of doing this we lost something.  We lost the courtesy and shall I say Southern charm and courtesy the University had once had.  When I took my marriage lic. to the registrars office and saw the person at the desk with the name of a black sorority that almost dominated the black college campus that I had had problems with and some man that was telling someone that he was in the Air Force.  I knew that they were not going to change my name.  Just like the creeps that I got when I knew a professor was going to try to give me a bad grade just by looking at me.  I knew they were going to mess up my records.

I suspected that they were going to mess me up badly.  I called for years to confirm that the name change was there.  It was.  I kept calling because I was sending out mad resumes and not getting any call backs.  I have to admit that my overall gpa was not high though my major gpa was a 3. something and my minor gpa was a 3.5 and I had an average in my psychology courses of a 3. something so I put this on my resume.  My major gpa was pretty different from my overall gpa because I almost did not graduate because of foreign language and my insistence on talking biology and failing those courses as well as one bad semester.

In any event because I was so creeped out by the people at the desk and I am always creeped out by people who wear gang signs in public places not related to their gang, and in Black Atlanta they wear their gang signs as everyday wear. .   I would call and say I want to see if you have me in the database and if you have me correctly.  They would say yes and confirm my name.  Eventually my fears were allayed and I stopped calling.  I suspected that the college was sending other people in my place to interview for the jobs I put in for but this was only a suspicion.  In any event because I could not find a job with my major I decided to take a hobby and get certified in that discipline I became a certified web developer.  Hold on wait a minute I still could not get a job.  I thought it was me, they did not like my designs, they thought I was a bad webs designer.  NOPE my college was now only verifying my maiden name.  I don’t go by my maiden name.  I go by my married name.  I would have never checked until…..

I went into my local bank and asked for a replacement card.  I have one of those little wallets and the wallet had bent every last one of my various cards.  I noticed on the wall a card for my college alumni association.  I went and signed my name to speak with a representative so I could order one.  I told the representative the card and looked at me like “you want that card” I said yes.  I never received it.  Finally I called customer service and they reordered it and I still did not get the card but this time a family member had taken it out of the mailbox and forgotten to give me my mail.  I went back to the bank to reorder the card and I was shocked to see they had taken the university signs down from the bank wall, maybe they had another promotion coming I don’t know.  The fact that they had taken the sign down made me feel rather strange.  I went in and spoke to the bank manager and reordered the card and the way she said that’s the one you want made me feel like she thought that I was trying to pretend that I was an alumnus. I realized that they had my social security number and all of my information and must have called to see if I was an alumni of the school.  I immediately thought back to who was in the office when I submitted my name change and thought they are not reporting that my name has changed or even they are not even reporting me as a college graduate.   I immediately called the school and tried to verify my information as my married name they did not verify it and I was floored all of the interviews and all of the resumes I had sent out and they had not even verified that I was a graduate.  At first I thought well it’s their word against mine and then I called the Alumni association because I had changed my name there at the same time and they had the information.   I finally realized what alumni associations are for and why they are separate from the university.  They are independent record keepers and no matter who’s in the registrars office they can’t take your degree or even your name.