Lee Daniels and the Circus of the Mind On Empire (Stankpire) STANKY

In black culture, culture, entertainment, tv on November 12, 2015 at 4:41 am

4726626277_c434cb77f0_zLet me Caveat this post by saying one sentence.  I never knew Greys Anatomy had a black writer until I was told.  Now let me begin with the Circus of the Mind.

I tell people that the series Empire lost me with the bad music the one time I saw it. I attempted to look again last night and again the music hurt my ears, but I was watching with my elderly mother and I was enjoying the family time with her so instead of going to bed I watched for about fifteen minutes until I turned it off in disgust.

The story line was so racist against browner sisters that I felt I was looking at an episode of Black in America hosted by the 4c hair chick below Soledad O’Brien.

Soledad O'brienLet me briefly recap this Black in America episode where most of the paper bag colored women had straight permed hair and one afro; and all of the brown and darker women looked like they did not understand what a comb was. Ditto that for Empire last night.  Taraji P. Henson has beautiful hair on her own and the story managed to find the worst wig they could find with her. The other brown chick on the story was a pure ass dyke meanwhile white and paper bag colored women rolled around with their hair in place and obviously employed by the record companies to sing which that does not imitate life at all if we look at the successful black girl groups in the past.  There was a lot of variation in hair, skin tone and body shape, The way Lee Daniels presents it is clown like and ridiculous.


Finally, what caused me to turn it off was as we look at the relationship between Cookie and her man, after three days of sex we find out he’s pretending to like her. Meanwhile all of the black men are obsessed with paper bag colored and white women. If only they would have let cookie have a relationship.  If life imitates art black men are truly pathetic as they are portrayed in Empire.  I finally turned it off and shook my head and thought about how Miles Davis fought to have his black wife on the cover of his album and now how black men are doing the job of stomping on black women that some black men cared to correct in the 60’s.

Finally Finally I just want to make a comment black men and white women seem to want to make a new race of their children, interracial.  People of mixed race were labeled black by white people and the black community the blacker ones were always kind, raised them as black.  Now as we enter a new day.  These people are trying to draw clear untrue divisions between black women and multiracial black women. Black women do know how to find a hairstylist. Not all darker skinned women strive to be men or want to be men. Finally there are enough men for every woman in America to have a man, maybe not a black man but a man. As for a Latino man playing a black woman this has not been my experience.  I dated a Latino man once and the one thing he wanted to do is buy me stuff, he wanted to take me to the mall and buy expensive stuff for me.  I am a browner woman and the only people that have ever pretended to like me were black men.

Furtheremore, I want to add that one time I saw an episode of family feud an interracial couple where the white wife was just as fat as she could be. She had lost herself just like black women do with some black men.  When the show was over he ran to the all white female family to go hug up on them.  It was really ironic. I say this to say that some black men have a problem with themselves not women and Empire is a sad commentary on what is wrong. It was a circus last night.


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