Atlanta Men Premature Babies and the Hip Hop Culture

In blacks, culture, ethnic culture, hip hop culture on November 10, 2015 at 5:34 am

Atlanta s the hip hop capital.  However, if you want to know what you are importing into your home when you listen.  Think about this among ethnic and the economically challenged the “ATL” receives a flat out F for prevention of premature births in the city, the state of Georgia received a D from the March of Dimes, but the “ATL” a flat out F.  What this implies is that there are plenty of boys willing to get a woman pregnant but there are no men willing to be fathers and care for the pregnant mothers.

Since the article came out days ago I have wanted to blog on the issue but I honestly can not find the words to articulate how I’m feeling.  What preempted me to write this was a series of nasty messages I received from a man I had said nothing wrong too.  I thought hey these messages to me embody the type of men who are in Atlanta mean flat out evil individuals who find women just like them to support their actions. The messages can be seen on my twitter account.

Why are these babies being born premature? The obvious answer is because of the stress that they are experiencing which in the case of Atlanta I put at the feet of black men who are impregnating these women.  Personally speaking I have had all sorts of negative things said to me by black men in Atlanta in a professional and personal since. In my professional life I have been told that I’m too dark to sit in a chair by a black man not white people,  I’ve volunteered for a political candidate and had all of my work stolen by a group and at the end of the day what I got was cursed out by a black man. While everyone knows I did the political work. I made the calls. I arranged the events. I made the forms for my activities.  This is a little group that invited me in, only to take my labor and to have a black man act wild eyed and nasty towards me,

As for my personal life I have been there a pregnant woman abandoned by her lover and husband.  Even when all love was lost I thought wow these men are not even there for their kids.  I have been a pregnant woman who habitually had flat tires changing a flat tire and obviously pregnant but not one black person would help me change my tire it was a black neighborhood.  My mom used to often lament that when she had car problems not one black person would help, that’s still true. But back to the grade of F for premature babies.

One reason Atlanta is mean to women is because it is basically a homoerotic city. I am not gay bashing. I am referring to mean who are married or play straight but are straight up in the closet homosexuals.  Think Eddie LongThink Buster Barnett. One can not live in an environment where a majority of men are pretending to be straight but are gay.  There in the closet homosexuality starts to manifest in other ways such as being exceedingly mean to women, saying nasty things, and even having a contest to see who can be the meanest to women and patting each other on the back for being so mean.  It also shows in other ways.  For Black music Atlanta is mired in hip hop,  I often think that closeted homosexuals are listening to the music daring a woman’s voice to come on especially when they are with their lovers because they don’t want their lovers to think about a woman to not even hear their voices because they are briefly out of the closet and when not with their lover they want to create an environment of an all man world.  I think of it as a Cultural Castro. Castro is a district in San Francisco where there are mainly just men there who love other men.  They are in restaurants eating together. They are walking down the street holding hands.  It’s a literal gay man planet.  While Atlanta does not have a gay man planet, the culture of hip hop is a virtual gay man planet whose lyrics and style are heard all around the world disrespecting women, playing up man culture, encouraging disrespect for women.

The F grade to Atlanta by the the March of Dimes is a validation of hip hops hate for women. Atlanta is the hip hop capital. If anyone ever thought that music was benign and just words and rhythm that crosses the brain, it’s not.  It’s a destructive mantra of hate towards women.


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