Ben Carson Time and Place

In politics, presidential race on November 9, 2015 at 2:46 am

Let me caveat my post by saying that I am a Bernie Sanders supporter and I will be voting for him.  Just like Kanye West plays the race card for Kim Kardashian and how her dad was the lead attorney on the OJ Simpson case.  Let me say, I think he’s not guilty, just read a little to find out who did it.  I play the Bernie Sanders race card for all who will listen.  While I am not a supporter of the Israeli state. Taking people’s land and putting them into an apartheid state is not cool. I do know that Jewish people were on the buses that were bombed when blacks fought for civil rights.  When there were dead bodies found of civil rights protesters a Jew was among them.  When Bernie Sanders stated that he had been a civil rights protester in the 60’s he had my vote by fiat (let it be). In all seriousness outside of Bernie the relationship between blacks and the democrats is outright pathological.  Vote for a democrat and you will get to smoke pot until you don’t know your name, and your sperm count is low. Vote for a dem and you get to kill the baby in your stomach at nine months. Vote for me and I will arrange for all the bad kids to go to the Ivy League, good kids fuck off.  Cough never mind about the job, as for Bill you don’t need welfare or a job.  Hmm maybe I can get the pretty unwed mothers a job as a hooker…. says Bill.

In any event, BEN CARSON….. A liberal abortion paying for reporter has started to delve into Dr. Ben Carson’s background and call him a liar.  I even heard one pundit say something about well they don’t give scholarships to West Point it’s free.  It’s free.  Well i suppose a scholarship is a paid for gift, it’s free. I think if you are accepted to any military academy you receive a scholarship.  It’s pretty desperate of the Hillary supporters to say that a scholarship is not a scholarship even if every one in the school receives one.  It’s down right sickening, next….

Ben Carson said he was admitted to West Point.  He spoke to someone and they said he’s in.  That’s how they did things in the 60’s with a promise and a handshake and a make it happen. That’s not how they do things today……. Does the current media know the difference between then and now and how culture has changed. NOPE

If they don’t let’s work in their Paradigm Dr. Ben Carson graduated from Yale which has a current acceptance rate of 3 percent. West Point has an acceptance rate of 9 percent.  Wow itty bitty media figure that out.

Next, he lied about hitting his mom….. Oh really, Why would he do that? I don’t think that when he wrote the book he was aware that democratic constituents were pot smoking, baby killing, mother/wife beaters…. very desperate what are you trying to say about YOUR constiuents

I can’t wrap my brain around anymore minutae.

Dr. Ben Carson is a hardworking black man who wants a better world through his perspective and I have no problems with this.

Trump Update: He’s learning a softer side and it’s impressive. Watch out!


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