The UN Refuses to Fix a Problem it Created By Giving Palestinian Land Away

In politics on November 20, 2012 at 2:50 am

I’ve written before about the Palestinian issue and to repeat myself my view on the Palestinian issue boils down to this.  I turned n the TV, was watching PBS and there stood a forlorn elderly lady in front of a house discussing how she had been living in her house and one day she was told to leave.  She had a deed, showed us, her family had lived there for at least a century and now she had nothing.

At this point the issue of the occupation of Palestine became real to me.  These individuals were not objective savages who were not worthy of consideration.  They were and are real people.  These are people who just on the word of a small group of people were told to leave their homes and their lands.  This is disgraceful and as the occupiers get on TV and try to sell the American people – me the fact that they are a legitimate country it only makes me sick and disgusted to my stomach.

Ultimately neither side on Palestinian lands is responsible, it is the UN that behaved responsibly.  They should have never annexed Palestine in the first place.  It was the wrong thing to do.  It was and is a policy fail.  What makes it so shocking and appalling is the UN and the world refuses to look out for the rights of the people that were occupied.  They are doing nothing for them.  There are so many policy measures that could be put into place to alleviate the pain of the Palestinian people but it’s not being done.

As a person who spent a great part of my teenage years and college years studying the Holocaust the behavior of the Jews in their treatment of the Palestinians is disgraceful.  As I watch the bombings, am exposed to the propaganda of certain folks who put Jewish leaders on TV who talk to justify the bombings of Palestine.  The only thing I see are wings being pulled off of butterflies and an old woman crying for her house.  As for the Jews it always seems to me that their behavior towards the Palestinians  is in some way revenge for the Holocaust.  It’s a concentration camp on a strip of land.  My only answer to that is pick on someone your own size if you want get back for the Holocaust be a man bomb Germany not the Palestinians.

It is ironic people were wronged in Germany people were killed yet that’s not dealt with, the Jews are sophisticated they can go and have coffee with people from a whole country who hunted them down and exterminated many of them, yet the Palestinians are savages who deserve to be bombed because  they want to keep their homes.  I repeat the Palestinians are not the ones who killed millions of Jews the Germans were maybe before killing innocents the jews need to deal with that.


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