It’s Getting Weird Up in Here A view from the Independent World

In politics on November 17, 2012 at 2:58 am

As I go about my daily life I hear both sides of the news since I am somewhat of a news junkie.  The things I hear are pretty unpalatable on both sides of the political spectrum.  I am particularly horrified by the attacks of Rush Limbaugh on practically everyone which psychiatrists would argue is due to his being short fat and pasty and all of the huge attacks hide a deep set inferiority complex ,and when you see his listeners those who are willing to be on his side you can always identify some physical characteristic that would lead them to listen to and follow him.  I found myself as a single parent lividly tweeting Limbaugh after briefly turning on the radio and hearing him talk about minorities downloading babies and never even being capable of supporting them.  This really hurt my feelings as a single never divorced mom, personally in this life there does not seem to be any help coming from anywhere that is reasonable and legitimate.  I guess looking at the whole Petreaus issue when a government official told me to promise get on my knees and I would have a job in five minutes I should have done it.  When I became friends with a media executive who came to my home. told me he could fit two of my houses in his and to get on my knees I should have.  Unfortunately, that’s not me.  I say all this to say that as Rush attacks single mothers and women in general, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that what some people do to get ahead is not going to help others.  To go further go on a tangent as I look n the going ons of Jill Kelley the woman who reported the mistress of the CIA head for sending her inappropriate emails, I know what she was doing, she was looking for a job by volunteering, interacting, planning parties etc.  and all she got for her efforts were a revoked ID card and dirty emails and CNN prying into her finances.  I say all of this to say that as Rush attacks women there is a problem with employment for all women regardless of their marital status.  The honest truth is that as the Romney’s of the world and the Limbaughs attack the unemployed and the underemployed they are really not sincere about solutions, never so emphasized as when Romney cut off the credit cards of his staff the same night of the election, despite the fact that the election staff has to honestly work putting up, taking down and preparing whether there is a victory or not. He threw psychically at that point the people that were most loyal to him on the street, just for kicks. because he was hurt. This is the climate we are dealing with people, rich people that want to control and own others.

While I basically consider myself a progressive my Rural based Christian upbringing prevents me from becoming a cultist at the alter of progressives.  Lately they’ve been placing people on TV who essentially are saying Obama won that means the Americans have chosen him and everything he wants he should get.  “wrong” many people chose Obama as the lesser evil to a man who would lose an election and cut off his aides credit cards because he lost an election.  These folks probably have no knowledge that we are a representative democracy not a winner take all democracy and people who express opinions that are not supportive of the president are not sore losers but people who disagree with him.  Furthermore as we get further into Obama cabinet appointments from 2008, it looks like someones got some splainen to do.  What is so disturbing is that the United States did have a terror alert system put in place that was scrapped by an Obama appointee.  While it does not take a rocket scientist to know that terrorists will come out on 911, it obviously does.  Personally as it  regards binghazi  I don’t think it’s watergate I do think it’s the failure to recognize that terror is real, one kill of Bin Laden or even taking out all of Al Qaeda does not mean that terror is over.  Terror has been here through at least four administrations and the Bush administration has to be commended for being the first administration to actually tackle it; only to have the Obama administration minimize it or destroy it.

This time I did vote for Obama as the lesser evil but personally I would like for him to think seriously about who he appoints to cabinet positions.  I repeat what I said the last time maybe cabinet leaders should be appointed from within and from academics with specialized knowledge.  While progressives have had a feast on Condeleeza Rice this week the facts are she specialized in Russian Studies and served in Bush Sr.s Administration when communism fell, she has and had a stellar academic reputation in her field. Condi was the best that could be gotten like Eric Holder at the State Department she was committed to a path and she should not be used to justify someone else’s employment, whatever mistakes Condi made she was able to come back the next week on her own and correct them.  She was never Poor little Condi or someone a liberal had to save.  Condi walked so tall it was secretly whispered she gave Baby George so much advice she may as well have been president, she stands tall.


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