Attention America it’s not the affair it’s the Psycho he had the Affair With

In politics on November 12, 2012 at 11:55 am

As I watch the morning news my stomach turns at the indignation that the press expresses about the resignation of Petraeus because of as they are implying a little old affair. While I really really don’t care that Petraeus was having an affair or who he sleeps with. I do care that who he’s sleeping with is going to harass a family friend for weeks with dozens and dozens of emails over different email accounts. As a human being, as a citizen I care if Hobo #9 is cheating on his wife and the woman he’s cheating with starts harassing hobo #2 because she saw hobo #9 what talking to someone else. I think what the media is refusing to see is the sick insane attitude of the mistress of Petraeus for threatening an obvious friend of the general’s wife. “see picture below of Holly Petraeus and the woman who received threatening emails, Jill Scott and her husband, notice the woman in the background she’s cute too, was the mistress going to bring a bomb to the party ‘not kidding’ ”

In choosing this woman to have an affair with Petraeus used poor judgement and put the reputation of his agency at risk as well as the United States.  This woman’s obsession superseded everything but herself and is and was very dangerous.  This is the issue, as well as the safety of the woman who received the emails.  There are not supposed to be little I’s and big I’s in the United States and the family friend is worth having her safety protected.  It is not a joke in the real world charges of harassment would have been brought against the mistress but because of who she was sleeping with it got a giggle and a wink.  Jill you are valuable to me and I think the FBI did the right  thing by investigating threats being sent to a Department of State Liaison.  You are worth it, and his wife is worth it too, there is no telling what psychobelinda is capable of !

  1. Goes to show you never know people as well as you think you do.

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