Jared Lee Loughner GenY Goes Postal Don’t smoke buddha, can’t stand sess, yes

In Assassination, civil rights, Congress, elections, National Security, political corruption, politics, Presidential Election, Sarah Palin on January 12, 2011 at 10:33 pm

The recent assassination attempt on Representative Gabriel Gifford may seem  like some Manchurian candidate who fell from the sky for gun control and toning down competitive speech to win political office for some, being these are the only one dimensional arguments that have emerged in the last couple of days since the massacre and the assassination attempt.    However way before Jared Lee Loughner went postal the jokes regarding GENY had started they don’t like sex, they don’t like money, don’t get high or drink, like the old Adam Ant Song don’t drink don’t smoke what do you do must be something inside, or the Raw Base Song It Takes Two; Don’t smoke buddha, can’t stand sess.

In this blogger’s opinion hate speech had nothing to do with Loughner going postal.  While I am not going to visit his website and read his writings I am going to try to draw a quick instinctual profile of what was going on with Loughner and why and how he could commit such unconscionable acts.    The short answer is that like the middle aged man that goes postal because he’s fired, overwhelmed, and sick of struggling to ultimately lose; Many in Geny feel that there is no hope, that there is nothing there just like the Middle Age men who went postal decades ago.  Parents have appeared on news programs saying they would like their geny’rs who have graduated from college to go to the local mall and get any job rather than going to the country club all day playing raquetball.   Hmm the Country Club GENYS are having problems.

In any event the case of Jared Lee Loughner is a blinding commentary of modern day society and how it failed him.  While some folks may object to my characterizing the heinous acts of Loughner as a political act, the bottom line is the French revolution was bloody and it was gruesome and ironically it centered around the inability of the poor and struggling to obtain scarce resources like bread and housing.  One ultimately wonders if Loughtons individual actions are the first signs of revolution in the United States.  One can not deny that even if as a result of his own actions society had no place for him.

However if one is looking for how Loughton came to this point one should consider the following reasons:

Loughner’s Inability to Chart a Path in Life

While some would say that Loughner was strange, crazy, or just plain nuts.  It can not be denied that he tried, he tried to go to a community college and then he tried to go into the military both attempts were dismal failures and being escorted off a community colleges campus because of acting plain crazy instead of being sent to some sort of advisor shows just a lack of care for a young person that almost says the campus should not even exist.  Even this incident that Loughner had on the college campus is heartless and strange with classmates standing in line to talk about how weird he was, this total lack of empathy brings to mind the same type of students that recorded a gay kiss and put it over the internet………. there is ultimately something wrong with geny in their inability to empathize and know right from wrong.   What makes Loughner a sympathetic character as opposed to the VT shooter is Loughner was not a genius, Loughner was not a star engineering student.  He was a Poor smoch on the side of the road who at the age of 22 had figured out he would never amount to anything and society had made that his fate.

The Anesthetic Effect of Video Gaming

While I know nothing about Jared Lee Loughner I am willing to stake my life on the fact that Loughner was a video gamer and an avid gamer.  While the older folks on TV try to blame guns, rhetoric and whatever else will advance their causes on why Loughner went postal.  The answer is grounded in the fact that if he was an avid gamer he went postal everyday.  Modern games have death counts for how many people have been killed, humans splatter blood on the screen creating an amazing tolerance and nonchalance towards killing.   Modern video games in some cases are live simulations of massacres, some games are just plain killing oops you killed a family or baby so what you got  a point.   The fact that Loughner could kill or try to kill twenty people and then try to reload to kill some more indicates to me that Loughton had made the cross from game simulation to real life and probably the harder life became for him the more he retreated into game land until he was ready to take it live which he did.

The Out and Out Corruption of the Congresswoman

While many will call Gabby nice.  She was not nice she was looking for a vote.  The plain fact is her husband is an astronaut, she got herself appointed to the NASA committee to further the fates of her family which she evidently did.  Congress is attempting to censure Maxine Waters for a Bank visit this woman is on the committee that employs her husband. Meanwhile Loughton cant complete college and can’t even get into the military.  This is corruption and a severe conflict of interest whether it’s acknowledged or not.   Loughton was probably aware of this or not but if he was he knew Gifford was advancing her own fate while he could not even get into the military.

In any event the incident with Loughner brings to a head the generational conflict, misinformation, and frighteninly poor analysis of the Loughner incident and why he did what he did as an X’r I need to see GENXY in the media the older crew with the exception of the 60’s crew is out of touch and self serving and just plain dumb.



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