Elin and Tiger Woods Coming to a French Castle Near You

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Have you heard Elin and Tiger woods are moving to a French Castle yeah they are they are coming to a French castele near you.

As Tiger Woods contemplates a move to the South of France for its strict restrictions on privacy , one feels concern, a little bit more concern than one feels because they are in the dark  that Angelina Jolie is motoring two residents down for a tryst with her mistress.  One feels grave concern that Tiger Woods has been solely blamed for a marital problems when it appears that the 6’1 185 pound billionaire athlete was almost beat to death by his golf iron wielding wife.  While marital infidelity is terrible going from a nanny to the wife of a billionaire should be enough to comfort you enough not to harm the golden hen or the golden gulfer.

It is disturbing that Elin Woods did not think about her actions prior to getting in a gulf cart with an iron and bashing in three windows of the couples SUV and maybe getting one in on Tigers head.  What is making the issue almost ludicrous is instead of getting help for both of them Elin with her anger and Tiger with his cheating, they feel the answer to their problems is more privacy.  Personally, when I think of the Woods getting any more privacy I think of a dead Tiger Woods that’s mysteriously missing dead in an Elin fit of anger and burned and buried in some castle undercroft, and  the gorgeous young women of France turning  up missing because they have innocently broken down near the Woods castle and Elin has mistaken them for Santa Reps that say Ho Ho Ho.

  1. I did a post about my take on this whole issue in personal blog. That said the problem all of the way around is no one is thinking – untrue – no one is thinking long term or strategically not taking into account how their actions would affect anyone other than themselves.

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