Embodying the Already Believing Concept “The Law of Ferrari”

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The Already Believing Concept

Ernest Holmes writes throughout the book Creative Mind and Success that positive thinking is not enough when individuals try to live a life of happiness and prosperity.  They must actually subscribe to the concept of already believing.  You must not pray that you obtain something.  You must thank God and the Universe for giving it to you and actually believe that you already have it, this could be called the Ferrari concept.

The Ferrari Concept

David imagines himself as rich successful person with a Ferrari.  After reading about the already believing concept, the concept of actually almost pathologically believing that you already possess what you desire.  David gets into his 1972 Pinto and imagines that it’s a Ferrari.  David really believes that he’s drving a Ferrari.  As he’s drivinhg his Ferrari down the street he sees a beautiful woman in a cherry red convertible and knowing that he’s in his Ferrari and what girl can resist a Ferrari he manages to catch up with her at a stop sign and asks confidently out of his Ferrari if  he could have her phone number.  She looks at David like is this a joke but confidently David gives her a gleaming I’ve got a Ferrari smile and she sees how cute and adorable he is and gives him her phone number.  After this triumph, David decides to get himself a little breakfast, he thinks to himself I can’t possibly drive my Ferrari through McDonalds I’m going to have my breakfast somewhere where my car won’t stick out so much, so David drives his Ferrari to the Ritz Carlton and orders the continental buffet.  As he is sitting thoroughly enjoying the continental buffet David looks around and sees a major director/producer for a movie.  He overhears the director talking about an editing problem with the script and how he can’t find anyone to translate the script from the foreign language it was written in.  Well the director is talking so loud the lady two tables down from David  says shush.  The director guy looks at David and smiles, David smiles back and says I’m sorry I overheard your conversation but I am fluent in the languages that you spoke about, the director is thrilled and says if you can do what you say you can do I’ll pay you $300,000 dollars if you can do it in three days.  David is now officially Ferrari guy, as he walks to his car it wont start the Director happens to be walking out as David is going back in to the Ritz to retrieve the phone he left and David mentions his car won’t start Director guy in a trusting spirit says I’ll take you where you need to go the Valet pulls up with director guys red Ferrari and promptly takes him to his date with convertible girl who is overwhelmed and takes David home..  THE END

The above is Ernest Holmes illustration that it is not enough to hope you must actually have the already believing attitude because with that attitude comes the benefits of already having, people are not always responding to what others have but the attitude that they embody because of having.

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