Expounding on the Energy Redirection Technique (When Bad Things Happen to Positive Thinkers)

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When discussing the law of attraction sometimes it’s sold as a Manna from Heaven concept that if one absolutely positively controls their thoughts only the sun will shine.  The truth is bad things happen to all people even the fabulous and the successful.  Kornack in expounding on the Science of Getting Rich has written about a concept called energy redirection.  According to Kornack bad things will happen to good people and people engaged in the Law of Attraction must redirect their actions to deflect and compensate even over compensate for the bad.  When people are faced with the loss of loved ones, insurmountable natural disasters and other incidents it may seem odd to tell people to redirect their energies even if it is the right path to take for the sooner energy is redirected the sooner one can continue to live a wholesome and positive life. 

If one has any doubt that it can be done under even the most trying circumstances, one should look at the holocaust survivor Victor Frankl author of the book Mans Search for Meaning.  Frankl writes about his experiences in a Nazi concentration Camp.  One of the key lessons to be learned from Frankl that supports the concept of the Law of Attraction is that positive thinking in the most trying circumstances is enough to make amazing miracles happen.  Frankl states that he believes he was a holocaust survivor because of his ability to redirect his thoughts and constantly focus on what his ideal life would be.  He would actively see himself teaching classes before students in a university, he would imagine himself seeing and doing things outside of the concentration camp and amazingly he watched others marched to the gas chambers but never him.  Frankl states in the book that he felt the main difference between holocaust survivors in his camp versus those who went to the gas chambers was their mind set or in current day terms their use of the law of attraction.  Frankl gives an example of people who would set dates in their minds for when they would get out of the concentration camp, these individuals would be happy and upbeat saying I know we are going to be out by this date, they would stay safe and not be led to the gas chambers but inevitably when the date came and went and the individuals had given up they would be chosen to go to the gas chambers.  Frankl implies that even in impossible conditions the thoughts of these individuals determined whether they would live or die.  Frankl did survive the concentration camp to go and live the mental vision he developed inside the concentration camp. 

Sometimes individuals find themselves in impossible conditions and must use the concept of transmutation or energy redirection.  Victor Frankl has proven that energy redirection can be done successfully in even the most difficult of situations.


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