Roman Polanski Child Rapist

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As the world watches and debates over Roman Polansky and his recent arrest over a 30 year old child rape charge, it is becoming pretty obvious that Roman Polanski was part of a clique, it could be a wild clique that drinks smokes pot and has sex with underaged girls with their consent, but it’s not.  It’s becoming pretty obvious that Roman Polanski is part of a clique that emotionally ravages, rapes, and preys on underage children.   This is increasingly looking like a Hollywood clique that ravages women and innocent children.  The recent revelations of Mackenzie Philips just confirms the disgraceful behavior of this Hollywood clique and makes it imperative that Roman Polanski give society their justice.

The reaction of some in the international community and in the film community is rapidly giving credence to the conservative cries that the entertainment industry is filled with libertines and there are some foreigners who don’t share our world view.  The name that is frequently mentioned as being outraged about Roman Polanski being arrested is Woody Allen.

Connecticut Magazine writes the following:
The Mia Farrow-Woody Allen relationship first exploded in January 1992, when Farrow found photos of her adopted daughter (13), Soon-Yi Previn, posing naked in Allen’s New York City apartment. Later that year, in August, Allen was accused of molesting and sexually assaulting his 7-year-old adopted daughter, Dylan, at Farrow’s Bridgewater home.
Initially, the complaint was filed with New York authorities, but they took no action. Paul Williams, a Caseworker of the Year for New York City’s Human Resources Administration, tried to bring the case to Family Court (against the orders of his superiors) and was fired for “unethical conduct.” Seven months later he was reinstated as a supervisor, a position he still holds.

While Woody Allen was not convicted he did marry his very young adopted daughter.  This is scary stuff and these are scary people.

Next the current Prime Minister of France Sarkozy, isn’t he the one who divorced his wife in office and brought his swim suit model mistress into the presidential home.  This is not behavior we want to Model  in the United States.   We respect ourFirst Ladies and sometimes they are the deciding factor in the election of their husbands.  We respect and revere women and children in the United States and to not convice a child rapist is against everything the United States stands for ask the ones in jail.

Francois Mitterand argues that Roman Polanski was a holocaust victim and therefore should walk on the charges on drugging, sodomizing,  and raping a 13 year girl he said he wanted to photograph.  To make the argument that just becasue someone was a holocaust victim is just as strange as letting the nationstate of Israel terrorize the Palestinians .  It is unfortunate the Holocaust happened but it is not an excuse to go on a crime spree.

As for the others I am no aware of the others defending Roman Polanski, my only hope is that it’s not Quentin Terrintino because I absolutely love him and may have to stop watchingif I belive the pro-women movie maker supported the rapist Polanski.

Finally, I think the countries who do support this rapist should be evaluated by the UN for how they treat women and children in their countries.  Rape is a human rights issue.

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To be Continued


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