Phillip Tracy Smith Part II

In politics on April 10, 2009 at 10:12 am

Since I have last written about Philip Tracy Smith of Ellenwood Georgia. He has contacted me and informed me of the following. He is a Foster Parent and has it good with the Department of Human Services and he has them watching me. He also has it good with the police and has them watching me too. This is really interesting,  he was given a Foster Child and is on the child support registry for non-payment and keeps getting his drivers license expired from year to year. In other words while driving this foster child around he could have been stopped by the police taken to jail immediately and the foster child would have had to be picked up at the police station.   Furthermore I am still a little disturbed that his wife sent me an email from the Center for Disease Control servers to comment on my blog berating me for wanting Phillip Tracy Smith of Ellenwood Georgia to pay child support. She said essentially that it was just change. Change that he refuses to pay. Furthermore if he continues with the emails and putting notes in our mailbox, in our mail box I will have to get a restraining order against him. I am afraid of him and have been afraid of him since he and I were in the car and he was literally shaking and said he had been at David’s house to pick up his things and David was not there. The next day David was dead, a thirty-two year old man died of an apparent heart attack. I have been afraid of him since then and I don’t want him in our mailbox.

Finally I am very shocked at the Foster Care system to place a child with a man who owes child support in two different states Texas and Georgia. I suppose it does not take as much as I thought it did  to be a Foster Parent, just the appearance of goodness. Yes Phillip made a payment, one payment out of an owed seven at this point.

  1. Ok, wow! What a story. Good for you for bringing this to light. There’s so much shady ishh going on out there that never ceases to amaze me.

  2. i wish that i was ongoogle

  3. i love me

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