20 Spiritual and Motivational Gurus on Twitter

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Here is a list of Spiritual and Motivational Gurus on Twitter

1.   @deepak_chopra

2.   @wayne dyer

3.   @tonyrobbins

4.  @tom_peters

5.  William Patterson

6.  @Dr. Drew – actually updates

7.  @gtdguy _ Expert Time Manager

8. @sorman – Financial expert and best selling author

9.  @briantracy_ Motivational Speaker and best selling author

10. @lesbrown Motivational Speaker and best selling author

11. @marwilliamson Best Selling authour of Return to Love

12. @J_Canfield Best Selling author and motivational speaker

13.  @markvhanson – author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

14.  @TomZiglar – best selling authour and motivational speaker

15.  @kenblanchard – one of the most influential leadership experts in the world

16.  @debbie_ford – groundbreaking work in spiritual development

17.  paulocoelho –  ground breaking work in spiritual development

18.  @zen_habits – author of the power of less

19.  @AnnetteColby –  inspirational healing author

20.  @louisehay – best selling author and founder of the Hay House

  1. Hey! This is the first time checking out your blog and I like it! Adding to blogroll and a few others from your blogroll.

    I’m always looking for interesting people to follow so thanks for posting this list.

  2. Great list! Thanks.

  3. Wow! Thanks So Much For This!
    I Really Love These Kind Of Spiritual Articles That Get You Thinking!

    I Get Some Amazing Feelings Sometimes Just Looking At My Third Eye (Located Between Both Eyes On Your Forehead)!

    There Is So Much We Are Left To Discover About This World! x

    Follow Me On Twitter, I Follow Back!

    Every Follower I Get Raises Awareness For Madeleine McCann! x

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