CNN Promotes Racial Conflict

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It appears that one of CNN’s main purpose is to keep the racial pot stirred.  They don’t even make it a stew they only want to report on one race “the black race”.

I have previously reported on Soledad Obriens negative attitude towards black women.  She has said and I quote “maybe now that Michelle Obama is First Lady, they’ll get some self respect for themselves. ”  This followed a segment of insults to black women that for me personally is unprecdented.  Well guess what Soledad is slated to do another segment on Black America.

Well CNN guess what I will be reviewing the transcript from CNN’s black women segment and making a complaint to the FCC for defemation and the spreading of black lies about Black Americans.

With CNN the insults and the attacking of Black Americans is so insidious the early morning coverage of the innaguration of Barack Obama had a White Anchor who at the beginning of the coverage looked out over a sea of black faces and said all these people have come to see Barack Obama will have to return home to no jobs.  I had to laugh because I knew that if you even took a $400 bus trip to the National Mall you had to have a job.  The anchor later redeemed herself by singing like she was with her best friends with a group of women from Lousisiana; therefore proving what I always knew that there is always someone like you in every race.   She meant no harm.  She was a likeable sort, and she was willing to come to some sort of racial understanding. Unlike Soledad Obrien, who will never come to an understanding of black people, who has built her whole identity and career on potraying the seemy side of black life and has eesentially become a racial pimp, pimping her career on black people. The prior anchor redeemed herself.  Soledad will  never redeem herself.

During the King/Inauguration coverage Soledad Obrien was  in character.   She thinks she’s  an expert on Black America  and therefore since she’s never heard all of the King I have a dream speech she assumes no one has especially Kings fellow black folks . She walks up to a woman and screws up her face and says have you heard all of the I have a Dream Speech.  The woman says yes, Soledad’s face falls as if to say your’re a smart “one” coon.  She quizzes her and has to move on becasue this woman is just too smart. She does not rest until she finds a balck person as dumb as she wants them to be.

In the mean time, an anchor interviews a white girl who is so obviously with a white guy who’s tall, his face is fresh, and he’s chomping at the bit to be on the news.  The girl keeps talking about he and him and he did this.  Well the anchor identifies her him, it’s a black man who isn’t even in the shot. The white woman says no it’s him and points to the white guy.  I suppose this particular anchor thought that the only reason a white woman would be out there in 18 degree weather is because she’s with or trolling for a black man.  NOT TRUE!!!!

I suppose I truly realized CNN has race problems when this morning they are continuously running segments stating that blacks are shall we say fanatical about Barack Obama.  They think he’s can do anything they are saying, keep their houses from being foreclosed on, give them a job, give them a job. Well ummmmmm  isn’t this the platform he ran on.  Isn’t this Obama’s own platform hope, jobs, stopping foreclosures.  This is what he promised he would do for all Americans and this is why “all” americans voted for him.  CNN keeps stirring the pot.       All Americans are putting the same hope into President Obama.

Leaving us with the statement that set it all off:

“It’s not a Black America, It’s not a White America, It’s the United States of America”

Barack Obama

Maybe CNN in their Mocha Latte World missed this!   The problem just may be the culture of CNN and not the “United States of America”


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