Two Great Business Ideas

In politics on January 24, 2009 at 10:00 am

I hate sharing my stuff. I have ideas and ideas and ideas some of them I write down some I don’t. Here are some ideas I shared with one person so I figured why not tell the world.

Business Idea 1: There is a surge in homeschooling. As a matter of fact I home school via online with my daughter and I am totally impressed and knocked of my feet with the quality of the program.
However before I began the online program I had an idea. Since there are some home school families that are hyper competitive and into test scores, it would be nice to start a business that gave groups of homeschooled students standardized tests together as a group sort of like the SAT and the LSAT bring them to a local college or central location and test them all together four times a year.

The second idea I have is for a tutorial service. Sometimes parents want to know the credential of those who test their children. I had an ideea for a tutorial/ personal teacher service that involved allowing parents to pay for a tutor based on their credential and test scores. For instance if you want a college student who’s made 1600 on the sat you could pay 100.00 an hour for his or her services. if you want an LSAT tutor maybe pay $250 an hour. I think you get the rough picture of my idea.

These are two idea I had, but will not be using maybe someone else can put them to use.

  1. yeah but the problem is most of the times good students dont necessarily make good teachers or good tutors too… what i have personally observed is scoring well in an exam is not a surity to teach someone else superbly in the same, teaching takes some innate skills…

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