Christmas Hell

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This has been one of the strangest Christmases for me.  Instead of riding around buying video games this year I actually had to go into another section and buy other things for my children this year.   This has created an untold crisis   in my life hah hah, not really funny though, when my daughter requested a bike I went into Toys R Us in Lithonia and purchased a simply gorgeous bike for her that had to be assembled.  I asked the  counter lady well can I leave it here until Christmas Eve, an adamant no I received, so instead of picking the bike up in 24 hours I picked it up in 48 hours and boy was I glad I did because I did not bring the bike home.  As they brought the bike to the floor the first thing I noticed was that the tires were dirty, then as I got closer I noticed that there was dust all over the bike and the tires were flat.  I told the man who brought it to me, this bike is used.  No he said it’s not used.  I looked at the handle bar and the black plastic part of the handle bar had a dent in it.  I then looked down and the place between the kick stand and bike chain had some terrible gook in it, it had so much gook in it that I reached my finger in it and could rub it all over the toys r us counter. Oh no I said you’re going to have to give me a new bike not an old one.  Just to make sure that I was not  loco I walked to the back of the store and looked at the display bike, the tires were hard and not soft and the tires were clean.  The mystery was clearly solved,they were not giving me a new bike; they were trying to give me an old and groddy bike to take home and put under the tree.  This was a cruddy take back bike.  The man who brought me the take back bike and had told me the bike was new came up to me and told me that he realized that the bike was old and that he could not tell the difference because he was raised by his grandparents and only knew what a used bicycle looked like but for some reason he know knew what a new one  looked like since I had walked to the back and saw a new one.  He agreed to assemble a new bike immediately unfortunately this did not happen because the man who assembled the bikes walked up to me and told me that he was “not” going to assemble another bike because it was time for him to get off.  The bringer of the bikes guy then asked me to come back the next day and gave me a ten dollar refund for the assembly fee.   When I returned home I saw my daughter  had been taken out by her grandmother to get her hair fixed.  My mother had taken her to Ricks Styles and Cuts.  My mother and I had a conflict I was partial to Dominican hairstylists because of the texture of my daughters  hair, but my mother had a thing for Ricks.  As I walked in the door I started screaming, my daughters hair which is passed her shoulders when straightened from her curly box of hair was straightened to an upper neck bob.  I also noticed that it looked mighty thin.  When the Dominicans fixed it, it was fluffy and full. The one thing the Dominican said to me when I left her to fix my daughters hair is I will treat her like she’s my own daughter and she did.  As I looked at my daughter who had gone to Ricks   I continued to scream not talk but just screamed.  I had braided my daughters hair for three years so when she hit middle and high school her hair could be down to her elbows.  I would take it out for two weeks at a time in three month increments so that it could rest, it was in the resting period and my mother took her to a hairstylist who had just cut it off.  Well my cousin came to pick up my daughter and they returned home the next morning and I started screaming more because my daughters hair had reverted to it’s curly state and the reason my daughters hair had appeared so thin when I first saw it was because the hairstylist had chopped off all of the back of my daughters hair and let the top hang down over the back of her head.   I was floored.  I was in Christmas Hell.    At this point my daughter could not get all of her hair in a bow to the back of her neck.  Honey I said it’s going to be a doo rag day for you and wrapped her head up in a scarf.  Luckily she has a very beautiful face and looked great.  She looked so great that while we were in Wal-Mart an apparently mildly retarded patron walked up and said that ones a girl, you don’t even have to look for her earrings.

As for the bike I had tossed and turned all night and made the decision that if Toys R Us gave us a wrecked bike we really could not trust them to assemble a bike for us.  We went to Target, they were out of bikes, then we went to Wal Mart and though the first Wal- Mart did not have a bike we could use. They were sold out of 20″ bicycles for boys and girls.  We went to our Lithonia Super Center Wal- Mart and they had a bike a wonderful bike that was already assembled that we took off of the rack.  Less Christmas Hell but still mournful of my daughters hair, I think the hairstylist at Ricks Styles and Cuts needs to be put in jail, she’s done worst to my daughter than Micheal Vick ever did to a dog, but Hey That’s Life.


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