Can Security for Barack Obama be Anymore Lax

In black blogger, black bloggers, Black Women Bloggers, female blogger, female bloggers on December 24, 2008 at 5:47 am

Barack Obama’s recent trip to Hawaii came with photographs of his naked torso and tight abs.  Nice picture for a president, the glam man but whoever protects Obama does not need to be protecting him, and if  Obama is the one who persisted in staying beside a public beach and being accessible to the public.  I urge him to remember Benazhir Bhutto who it looked like to me got her head shot off, but Pakistan says not, who insisted that she be a woman of the people and is know promptly dead.  Obama’s handlers must take security seriously.  We know he’s cute and all that  fanatics don’t care about cute and will find a way to get their business done.  Obama protect yourself, treat yourself and your family like all the other presidential families and keep security really high.  It’s OK if we only see a glimpse of you.  We don’t know if the picture of your abs were leaked or if it was a picture that someone actually got of you, but if it was a taken picture that you knew nothing about you should really revamp your security because it could have so easily been a bullet Protect yourself, no one wants Biden and nobody wanted Biden for president except you!  Protect Yourself, we know you want to be a man of the people but hopefully at not the expense of losing your life.  Envision a long life!


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