A Guide to Explaining to Your Child How Obama the Believer in 9th Month abortion, the former Gang Member and Cocaine User Became President

In barack obama, politics, presidential race on November 17, 2008 at 3:54 pm

When my twelve year old first learned that Barack Obama had become president, he was flabbergasted, he asked me, should I go out and take drugs?  Should I advocate Baby Killing and have my future girlfreinds have abortions?  Is this what it’s going to take for me to be successful in life.  Personally I wondered the same thing, it does seem like the drug addicts, abortion ladies, and alcoholics seem to be winning the game of life.  Unfortunately what the economy has shown us is their wins mean a net loss for the United States in terms of quality of goods, innovations, intelligence and creativity.  Lack of integrity, falsity, and immorality are wrecking our economy.

I explained to my child  that just because things or people are popular this does not mean that these things are ordained by God.  After the election I explained to him about Hitler having a mandate also, and what resulted from his mandate was the holocaust.  I further explained to him that just as the news reported that the United States was experiencing economic distress during our election cycle, Germany was experiencing economic hardships and voted in Hitler.  I further explained to him that if it’s a choice of losing your house and voting for a pro-life issue when you would never dream of having an abortion, or voting for a coke sniffer then most people are going to vote for the person on the party ticket they think will help them personally, and the Republicans had not quite convinced the majority of the United States that earns less than $40,000 that they would be there for them, the Republicans got stuck at $250,000 with Joe the Plumber and they seemed to be against the economics of a whopping 90% of the population so Obama won.  This seemed like a good answer at the time.  It satisfied him for two weeks.

Then he had to ask again, how could God let a baby killer be president of the united States.  I have to admit that the term baby killer is not too strong a word when Barack OBama advocates abortion in the ninth month of pregnancy.  My personal oppinion is if the baby is alive then C-section or induced labor is the answer and there is no such thing as aborting a baby who’s in the womb at month 9.  In any event I had to explain to him that the Bible states that only a remnant of individuals will go to Heaven.  This means an insy weensy bit I explained to him.  I further explained to him that this is the weensy bit of people that The Bible and God felt were truly Godly.  I explained to him those people who knowingly voted for Barack Obama knowing his abortion policies probably will not see God.  I explained to him that God also spoke of Churches that were not preaching the word of God and the leaders of these Churches and their flocks probably would not see God either.  The bible discusses False prophets and any leader of a church that calls Obama or the Obama’s Godly will most likely not see the Heaven that the bible speaks about.  My son saw the flock of Ebeneezer Baptist church rejoicing when Barack won the election.  I had to explain to him that this was not a Godly church even if it was the church Martin Luther King Jr. grew up in, Martin Luther King said not by the color of our skin but the content of our character.  Obama has severe character flaws, I told my son that Obama’s mother had been an athiest and what we learn in the first couple of years of life according to some psychologists is who we are, if Obama could carelessly advocate abortion at nine months then this was most likely because of his upbringing.  Finally I said that Obama was the result of an unplanned pregnancy and his mother may have told him many times I wish you were never born, you destroyed my life, as Obama said his daughters lives would be messed up by an unplanned pregnancy.  Obama may have a secret wish to not be in this world despite his successes and may wish that his mother would have aborted him even at nine months.I told him I loved him and that the goal that he should have in life is to develop a personal walk with God.  He should not be influenced by the evil in the world but should try to walk in the footsteps of Jesus.

  1. Your talk to your son reminds me of talks I used to have with my dad. It’s good that you explain things in detail to him, even though he’s young. He’ll remember. My dad’s talks about Hitler’s appeal to the German masses made a big impression on me, and I realized ordinary people could be turned into haters for a charismatic leader. I don’t know how cocaine use got to be acceptable, but Bush did it and we all knew it. I find these things objectionable, too. What happened to basic values? What happened to horror over eugenic selection of “fit” babies, euthanasia, fueling hatred towards despised minorities?

  2. Huntingdonpost I’ve been thinking a lot about what’s acceptable in this country. I am far from perfect and have major flaws but abortion and drugs are not where it’s at for me. When I think of people actually being able to utter abort a nine month baby. It takes me back to the man that was written about several months ago who kept his daughter below the house for twenty years. This was a horrible crime, but you know what the Austrians said and questioned? They said it’s in our blood? It has to be every time we turn around our normal upstanding citizens are kidnapping and locking people up. This is how America will be if we continue on the path we are on. If we allow babies to be aborted at month nine, this will turn into a country where everyone must lock their doors because we will become a country of monsters. As for Bush, I think the worst thing that Bush did was let the world know that our elections can be bought. Obama will not be audited for where his funds came from because he’s black and unfortunately some non black people believe that as Biden said, if you’re black and clean and articulate you’re good. This is the standard some blacks are held too and if Obama is a crook no one wants to know, and this is why we have such problems in the black community because non blacks allow their favorite blacks to govern above the law creating a crisis at the bottom.

  3. You people need to educate yourself before you speak on subjects you do not understand or have failed to research. Obama did not across the board without conditions condone or advocate abortions for late term babies. Get real people. YOu have been brainwashed.

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